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According to my Improvement Questionnaire, Nonsensical Rambling posts are your favourite kind of posts and Costume posts, Tag posts and Reviews all come together as second. I thought it's been quite a fair amount of time since I did a costume post, so here's an update on my latest favourites.
I've completely and officially fallen in love in with Cinderella's blue ball gown by looking at the amazing pictures of this movie I'm yearning to see. Lily James' tiny waist is an amazing contrast above the full, sweeping, big ball-hoops. And have you noticed all the little butterflies on the tissue-paper-like neckline? It's as if there are truly butterflies resting on her shoulders and oh, the effect is heart-wringingly gorgeous. And then we have all the tulle and the little sprinkles of glitter on the skirts to top it all off... I APPROVE.

But I also love, love, love her first dress - the one her mean stepmother tore and was supposed to look like something to be ashamed of. It's simple maybe, and not as glamorous as her blue beauty her fairy godmother created for her, but I personally find it absolutely charming and beautiful. To be honest, if I had to wear one of the two Cinderella dresses, I'd choose the pink one. It seems more natural and comfy, despite it not being so glamorous.


Hey, it's no secret. I may use caps if I wish.

The pink dress (and the fact that they both come down the stairs and consider it not-perfect) also really reminds me of Meg March's pink dress in the old Little Women version. Another darling, darling dress, by the way!

Has anyone here seen 'Cheerful weather for the wedding'? I recently discovered it and I think it looks absolutely amazing by the look of the 1) cast 2) trailer and 3) costumes! I've not a clue though about the appropriateness or the goodness of it, so if any of you guys does, please make sure to tell me in the comments. Because yeah, I really love the look of it. Felicity Jones, Elizabeth McGovern, Barbara Flynn... yup, I want to see it.
And as I said, the 1930-ian dresses in there are absolutely lovely. Felicity Jones also gets to wear some lovely summery blouse-and-shorts-outfits and picnic dresses. There's a lot of flowery, chic stuff which I'm dying to see in action. :-)
So yeah, let me know whether you've seen it.

I also thought the dress in Cheerful weather for the wedding looked a bit like Ruth's lovely ones in Fried Tomatoes. Only, the ones in Fried Green Tomatoes look somewhat more shabby and lived-in, I suppose; but they have a charm too.
I have a confession to make: I am not a big fan of Georgian styles. A Georgian-style gown has to be REALLY good to make me like it. Barbara Spooner's purple outfit managed to captivate me, and so did Dido's rose-embroidered dress. I haven't seen Belle 2013 yet, but yep, I'm dying to.
I also really like the gown of the lady next to her, despite the low neckline. The colours are positively beautiful.
Now that I'm watching Downton Abbey Series Five, I'm all back into them Downton gowns, this time especially eyeing Rose's wardrobe - which is elegant indeed, but with some practical pieces in between. I'm on episode seven, so I haven't yet seen the lovely lace-collared blue costumes picture above, which is one I just ADOOORE. I looove the embroidered orange flower popping up out of nowhere on her shoulder, and ZEE HAT.
I really love Rose now. She used to be very annoying and flighty, but now she's more mature and very outgoing to the poor and less wanted. And Atticus is such a nice fellow - so sweet and kind. I can't wait to see more of him, and them as a couple! :-)
Downton Abbey Series Five starts off really bad, but as it goes on IT IS SO GOOD. I'm just loving it like mad right now.
Yes, today I AM kind of focusing on costumes in movies I haven't yet seen (but want to.) I haven't seen 'The Theory of everything' (not counting, the trailer of course, which I've seen about twice... or yeah, maybe a bit more than that, heehee) but I noticed via pictures that the costumes are lovely as anything!
You know, I used to really strong dislike clothing from the fifties, but now my mind has changed. I especially love the light-blue dress in the picture. Not to mention that the elegant clasp, and long gloves finish the ensemble beautifully. Felicity Jones is SUCH a beautiful actress. :-)
There you go! Some of my current favourite Period Drama costumes!
Are there any dresses that have been eying your attention lately?
Leave me beautiful-costume-links and tell me whether you have seen/approve/recommend these movies mentioned in this post. :-)


  1. Yes yes yes!! I Love these!!!!!!! :D

    Rose is awesome! She's one of my fav charrie's now.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I always love reading your gushing about pretty costumes. And looking at pictures. GAAAHHHHHH. Isn't it wonderfully fun to swoon over pretty dresses? :-)

    I'm not really crazy about seeing Cinderella, but those dresses are lovely. I like the blue one best. Imagine what fun it would be to wear a skirt that big! Ohhhh!!!

    I've never heard of Cheerful Weather For a Wedding....it sounds interesting, though. I've seen the trailer for The Theory of Everything, but I'm not planning on watching it. Though I do like Felicity Jones, and I'm sure her dresses are lovely.

    I'M GOING TO WATCH BELLE SOON!!!! I'm so excited! You know I LOOOOVE Georgian costumes-- they're not my favorites, but I have a special fondness for them, and the period in general. *coughcoughHornblowercoughcough* Ahem. Yes.

    Yeah, season 5 starts out AWFUL. We'll talk about that later. ;-P

    Beautiful post!!!! :-)


  3. Oh my, I loooooove those first three particularly! :) Meg's dress is probably one of the first "period drama" dresses I ever started loving (at the tender age of seven or so ;)) and those top two are delicious!! The fluffy pink one? And the blue with its poufy swirl of a skirt and butterflies and SPARKLES????!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!

  4. Evie,
    Yes I thought you liked Rose when I saw your new profile picture. :-) Thank you for commenting!

    Emma Jane,
    Heehee, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Yes, the pictures, of course, are the best parts. :-P
    No same here, I'm not CRAZY to see Cinderella, but I DO want to watch it. Especially because of Lily James and Sophie McShera.
    Why don't you want to watch Theory fE? I think it looks really amazing; although, again, it's not the first on my to-see list.
    I'm so excited about you gushing about Belle in the emails/blog. :-)
    Okay, I'm SO glad you agree about the first episodes of Season Five. Have finished it all already? We still have one more episode to go and I CANNOT WAIT. Yup, we'll talk. :-)

    I thought of you when I remembered Meg's pink dress, because you were the one who showed it to me! Actually, I still haven't seen that Little Women version. :( My first dress I admired was Liesl's pink dress. :-)
    I know! Aren't they looovely? I'm so glad you enjoyed this post!

    ~ Naomi

  5. Swoon! That Cinderella ball gown is delightful! Nice post:)
    Naomi xx

  6. Ooh, I love these posts!
    I can't decide between Cinderella's two gowns. I'd like to wear them both, the pink one for a smaller party, and the blue one for a Grand Ball. :)
    I've heard about Belle, and I hope maybe I can see it sometime. It sounds pretty good!
    And ooohhh....the last picture...so pretty. I love that outfit and yes, Felicity Jones is such a beautiful actress. I love her in Northanger Abbey!

  7. Naomi, swoon indeed! I still haven't got over the Cinderella ball gown. :-)

    Natalie, Same here- the blue one is indubitably more suitable for a Grand Ball. :-) I really want to see Belle! Yes, I like Felicity Jones in Northanger Abbey too - it's actually the only movie I've seen her in... or no, I also saw her in Anne Frank.

    ~ Naomi

  8. It's fun to be a girl--even when you're 52! My daughter and I love the costumes on Downton as well. She has discovered some quilting fabric made by Moda for Downton fans.

  9. Lovely costumes! Oh, I KNOW, I cannot WAIT to see the new "Cinderella." I'm thrilled;)

    YOU MUST SEE BELLE. 'T'is amazing:D But yes, the downer of the otherwise-beautiful gowns are that they are sooo low-cut. Especially a gorgeous magenta-pink dress Dido wears - it's lovely, but its neckline…*groan*

    That picture of Felicity Jones is beautiful!:)

  10. I really want to see the new Cinderella movie!!
    Solely for the reason of Lily James and that gorgeous blue gown. Somebody has to come up with a pattern and sew up that dress because it is GORGEOUS!

  11. Smashing post, Naomi! Costumes are fascinating. Cinderella's gown is one of the most unique and intriguing film dresses I've seen. All the layers of yumissima fabric in unexpected colors coming together to make the prettiest of blues! MAGIC.
    I myself have seen 'Cheerful Weather For The Wedding'! My sister and I found it on Netflix. While the costumes and the scenery are beautiful and it is exciting to see Elizabeth McGovern as someone other than Lady Cora, I would not recommend it. It seemed to me, very lacking in character development. As if I was watching an unfinished version of the film. Also, if I'm not mixing memories, there is a scene that made me and my sister uncomfortable.

    If you decide to watch it, hopefully you'll be more fond of it than I was!

    Miranda Jo


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