My 4 favourite Christmas Albums + New Christmas blog look!

Thanksgiving is over, which means I can officially start posting Christmassy posts without getting a scolding from Emma. Although, I've got to say, I have a good influence on her cuz two weeks ago she admitted to me she was really looking forward to Christmas too. So yes. Really, honestly, no-one is complaining. It is starting to become the end of November (waaat? It was literally January yesterday, I'm serious I'm dead serious) and therefore DUH WHAT DO I DO?


ALSO. I AM SO PROUD OF MY CHRISTMAS BLOG LOOK. I will stop freaking out after I've reloaded the page about ten-thousand times and viewed it from all the different angles my neck can manage. It looks hashtag legit and I have snow. (If only I had snow in REAL life and that my real life was legit, but oh well. Online life is all that matters, haha. :-P) Tell me if you approve of this blog look or if you're sad that I'm becoming all fancy-shmancy and that my blog look no longer feels like 'the old one.' (The only thing *I* don't like is something about the comment section and the labels at the bottom. But otherwise I'm really happy with how this turned out. :-))

Back to Christmas Albums: Here are my top four-favourite Christmas Albums.

4. Michael BublΓ©

I have said it before and I say it again: Michael BublΓ© voice is velvet. Dark sateen burgandy velvet. Silky scarlett velvet. Whatever. IT IS VELVET. I love his voice to bits and this Christmas Album is top notch beautiful and feel-good. I approve most strongly indeed. (And now I'm going to use the new blogger emoticons to express my love.)

3. Libera

Slightly more traditional, this one, but there's nothing wrong with that! (Nothing.) This is officially the beautifullest boys choir in the entire world and their Christmas Album is SILVER. (I am so into metaphors, hadn't you noticed?) The voices are so pure and beautiful and just... zero glitches. How do these children do this.
(Now I've started with the emoticons, I might as well find one to describe each album. ;-))

2. Celtic Woman

I used to be obsessed with this album. AND LET'S BE REAL: I STILL AM. Definitely my my most-listened-to Christmas Album (I'm only putting it on no.2 because my current favourite is the following one) and definitely GOLD AND TOP NOTCH. Their voices are divine and the versions are different, fresh and still really dignified and beautiful. And the violin. Ahh. I love this album to bits and pieces and I've listened to it so many times.

1. Pentatonix

I discovered these amazingly talented people last year, and I was immediately hooked, from the first song I listened to. When I went back to them several weeks ago, I was re-gobble-smacked at the awesomeness of their Christmas Album. All the sounds are made by humans (so yes, the backing track at the back, is someone human) and it sounds amazing. I love the twist they put on the songs (a Gospel version of Hark the Herald, for instance! Yus.) and I just can't get enough of these.
(This is actually the 'ok' emoji, but for me it's the 'wow that was soooo clever' sign.)

Okay, now you tell me! What is/are your favourite Christmas Album(s)? Are what emoji/sign would you use to describe it? (Answer this question in the comments. I can't hear you if you just whisper it to the screen.)

And tell me if I'm too early about the whole Christmas thing. I don't think so.


  1. Great album choices! I love to listen to the Pentatonix one!
    I love the new design!

  2. THAT MARY AND MATTHEW PICTURE IN YOUR HEADER. It gave me chills when I first saw it. Awwww. Her FACE.

    And I like the rest of the Christmas-y look, including the snow.

    Hmmm, as far as my favorite Christmas album, I like Pentatonix and Michael Buble and anything else playing on Pandora.

    By the way, do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Belgium? I know "they" don't in Canada, but I'm curious about other countries.


      Aren't Pentatonix and MB amazing? I can't get enough of them.

      No, we don't. Sadly. :-/

  3. The only thing that I could pick a fault with is the same thing you said yourself - the comment thing... you have to manually click on the thing just to see how many comments are on there. (And I couldn't but help giggle when the thing said "0 people made me happy by commenting!" Haha. Oh dear. We made you angry. :P)

    I only am familiar with the first CD... so I shall have to check them out.
    ... oh that Libera video is beautiful. It's simple and beautiful and soothing and calming. The harmonies are amazing!
    ... can't go wrong with Celtic Women. ;) It's gorgeous, too!
    ... I originally thought I hadn't heard the Pentatonix, but I realized just now that I DO know them - I've heard their cover of "Mary Did You Know?" many times. (That's a really cool song. We've sung it a lot of times during our Christmas play for the extended family each year.) However, I haven't heard any of their other songs, I don't think... the first part is so easy listening, and the rest just makes me wanna get up and dance! :D

    These are my four current favourites:
    4.Erin Paine's CD "Comfort and Joy" completely instrumental (I persuaded Mum to buy it last year when it came out :D)
    3.Gaither vocal band Christmas CD
    2.Celine Dion's "These Are the Special Times" CD (NOSTALGIA ALERT)
    1.Michael Buble's Christmas CD

    I would use the emojii with heart eyes to describe my favourites Christmas CD's, naturally.

    ~Miss Meg

    P.S. Love the snow!

    1. Oh, about that yeah that's sort of annoying, I know. I can't change it though. Sorry. (Haha, I KNOW. ZERO PEOPLE MADE ME HAPPY HOW DARE THEY.)

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh PENTATONIX'S VERSON OF MARY DID YOU KNOW. It is amaaaazing. (I just listened to it and *dies*)

      I'll check out yours! Oh yeah, you told me you bought Erin's cd. And she emailed you. ;-P #braggingright

      ~ Naomi


  5. I am forced by my rigidly traditionalist dictator of a husband to not do any Christmas decorating or listen to any Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. Which is today. Yippee!!!

    (Okay, he's not a dictator -- he's actually very nice and remarkably compliant. But he is also whiny, and he will complain endlessly if I get my Christmas on before Thanksgiving, and so I've learned it's easier just to listen to my Christmas music when he's not around until today.)

    My middle child and I are enjoying your Christmas music! Thanks for sharing. I should do a post like this, as I own lots of Christmas music and definitely have favorites.

    1. Hahaha, you and Cowboy are so cute. :-)
      You should do a post like this!

    2. I just might! Maybe with pics of Christmas decorating around the house or something. I've done some new things this year so far that I'm really digging.

  6. Oh my goodness, your new blog design is beautiful!!! The header and the Christmas-y colors and the snow and just everything. I love it!

    YES to Michael Buble's Christmas album! It's wonderful. :) Another favorite of mine is Ella Fitzgerald's "Swinging Christmas" album. It's so festive and classic, and it always gets me in the Christmas mood.

    Nope, it's definitely not too early for all things Christmas, now that Thanksgiving is over! I mean, Christmas only comes once a year, so why not listen to Christmas tunes and watch Christmas movies as much as possible, right? :)


  7. It's so FANCY! I can't wait to listen to Sara Evans and Idina Menzel's Christmas albums.

    (Oh wait, it's after Thanksgiving, I can do that now. Haha.)

  8. What a pretty blog look! How in the world did youu get it to snow?! It is lovely!!!

    1. Thanks! It's actually REALLY easy! I just googled 'how to get snow effect on blogger' (or something like that) and got some simple tutorials.

  9. Naomi!!! Your new look is fantastically festive! Love the little touch of snow :)

    My favorite Christmas album right now is Peter Hollens new album, but I am a fan of Pentatonix, too.

  10. Pentatonix is awesome! They are one of my favorites! Have you heard their cover of Hallelujah that came out in their new Christmas cd? #love
    Hee hee...like the. day. before Thanksgiving, I'm like "NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC ALLOWED!"
    Then the day after I'm like "JUST HEAR THOSE SLEIGH BELLS RINGILING TING TING TINGLING TOO!" I'm totally already in the Christmas spirit! XD

      (ALthough psst I started before thanksgiving, not going to lie.) (I'M NOT AMERICAN DON'T BLAME ME. :-P)

  11. Okay but woooooow this new design IS BRILLIANT IT LOOKS SO GOOD ASDLKJSDF. Nice work!

  12. Beautiful Christmas look! Love it!
    My all time fave Christmas album is Home for Christmas by Amy Grant. It was recorded in 1992 and is still for sale. It is absolutely in a class by itself. The music is gorgeous and better than most Christmas albums. Breath of Heaven, Emmanuel and Grown up Christmas List are awesome songs I never get tired of listening to.
    Pentatonix is my fave group- great choice for #1

    1. Ohhh I've never heard Amy Grant BUT I WILL. :-)


      Remedy this defect immediately, m'dear. She's fantastic.

  13. Your new theme is so very lovely!! It's making me feel even more Christmassy, and came at the perfect time, I think ^_^ {Advent begins tomorrow,and I've been holding out 'til then to start listening to Christmas music xD}

    Oh, isn't that Celtic Woman album STUNNING? Everything they do is perfect, really. Have you heard their newer Christmas CD, "Home for Christmas"? I think I like it even better :) My MOST favourite Christmas album though is Hayley Westenra's "Winter Magic". It is the most enchanting, sparkly album and I recommend it to the moon :D

    From, A Long-Time Follower but never Commenter, Gwyn :) {Your blog is so beautiful and fun!}

    1. Thanks!

      WAIIIT WHAT. HAYLET WESTENRA HAS A CHRISTMAS ALBUM?!?!?!? *runs off to listen to it*
      (Thanks for telling me!!!)

    2. Ooh let me know if you like the album! My personal favourite song on it is "The Little Road to Bethlehem", but they are ALL so pretty and magical...

  14. Naomi, I listened to Hark the Herald Angels Sing and realized that was on the first Christmas album by Pentatonix. I'm sure you know they have a new one out this year! The song Hallelujah gives me chills!!!!

  15. NEVER too early for Christmas and ohmywordy your blog is DELIGHTFUL! =D I'm working on mine too as we depart for our home for a month NZ on December 1st which means I've got to get all my Christmas posts done! Errrrm favourite Christmas Music, well mum puts this on every year

    and the emoji is the same as yours. Have a beautiful day friend!

  16. Okay, I will be totally honest and admit to you that I am a little bit sad about your blog looking so different from how I first knew it. But on the other hand, it's GORGEOUS! So what can I say? I like that you've got a period drama header again. All the pictures are scrumptious. And the snow effect is so utterly cozy. I LIKE it!! :D

    "(If only I had snow in REAL life and that my real life was legit, but oh well. Online life is all that matters, haha. :-P) Hahaha. You're hilarious, Naomi. Did I ever tell you I love your sense of humor? (Okay, I probably did, but it's worth repeating anyway.)

    Oh, I don't think you're too early for Christmas. Besides if you're going to go through all the work of decorating your blog for Christmas you should give yourself as much time as possible to enjoy it, don't you think? :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Thanks for admitting it, Miss March - and I'm sorry it makes you a little bit sad. I can see why it would. Hopefully you'll get used to it! *I* am still the same person, I'm just endlessly creative in how I want my blog to look. :-P I'm glad you like it though; thank you!

      Haha, thanks.
      AMEN YES.

    2. Oh, I'm sure I will get used to it! Don't worry about me. I'm just being a sentimental old fool, that's all. :P Your new design really is lovely, and I'm so glad you're able to be creative in this way. You definitely have a talent when it comes to blog design! :D

  17. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! You did a splendid job.
    Also, I noticed that my header style is similar to yours--let me assure you that was not intentional; I only noticed after I saw yours. They say great minds think alike, so there you go! Besides, yours is by far more fabulous so maybe I shouldn't even presume to say mine is similar. :)
    I absolutely adore Christmas, and I can't wait either! You're definitely not too early...now that Thanksgiving is over. Hahaha. #American
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas season!!!

  18. I love, love, LOVE Pentatonix!!! They're epic. End of story. Also, they do a beautiful cover of one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs, "Little Drummer Boy," so that makes it even better . . .

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm not sure if I have a favorite album, per se, but I definitely have some favorite Christmas songs:

    Whitney Houston, "Do You Hear What I Hear"
    Enya, "Silent Night"
    Enya, "One Toy Soldier"
    Charlotte Church, "Gabriel's Message"
    "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" (basically any version)
    Pentatonix, "Little Drummer Boy"

    And many, many more :-)

    (Thanks for reminding me that Christmas is coming, by the way--it's so easy to get caught up in the routine of college work and not realize that HELLO IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS VACATION :-) )

  19. EEP YOUR NEW DESIGN IS JUST GORGEOUS, GIRL. <333 I'm soooo excited about Christmas coming up! (I even redesigned my blog like a week ago for winter because I was too excited to wait, hehe ;P)

    Oh...I should probably introduce myself. XD My name is Mary, and I just followed your blog the other day. Already in love. <3

  20. You SHOULD be proud of your new blog look! It looks great, and although a part of me misses the old Wonderland Creek look, I definitely support innovation and creative exploration. And the day after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start posting about Christmas! Although you won't see anything from me until December 1st...:)
    I LOVE the Celtic Women album too! Their voices are amazing. I also really like Michael Buble. One of my favorite Christmas artists is Mannheim Steamroller. Their music is hard to describe, other than really cool! I also recently discovered this really cute album called Noel a Deux by Marie Eve Janvier. It's in French, and adorable! ;)

  21. Beautiful Christmas blog design, yet again! :D (May I ask how you got the snow?! I would love to have kit snow in my little corner of the world. ;) )

    I'm so looking forward to all the Christmas posts this season and can't wait to do a bunch myself!


  22. I love your new design + new look! Know I haven't commented in 46 years but I keep up with you! Your blog is one of my favorites!

  23. YOUR NEW DESIGN. Naomi, I need you to redesign my blog. :P
    Michael Buble......<3 Love him. :)

  24. Ooh, how on Earth did you make your blog look so lovely? :) Yes, I LOVE Pentatonix! I'm a bit boring though, I mostly just listen to the classics.

  25. I love your new blog look! It's Christmassy, but not clichΓ© at all.
    Here in The Netherlands the Christmas season usually starts after Sinterklaas has left, so at December 6. And I immediately started listening to Christmas music, yay!

    I also discovered Pentatonix last year (they were really going around then!) and love them! They also have a new Christmas album out this year, though I haven't listened to that yet.
    I also love Celtic Women, but maybe, just maybe, I listened to them a little bit too often, so now I'm a bit 'over' them....
    What I'm really into right now is Kate Rusby's Christmas songs. She's a British folk singer and makes some lovely toe-tapping Christmas music and has original songs.
    And do you know the Dutch Christian singer Kees Kraayenoord? He also did some great modern renditions of classic Christmas songs.

    1. Thank you, Birdie!
      Same in Belgium, actually, but I just make my own rules. Sinterklaas is on the 6th here. :-)
      Same about Celtic Women - last year and the year before I listened to them NONSTOP so now I feel like listening to other stuff. I haven't heard of the ones you mentioned! Well check them out. :-)


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