If Period Drama Characters had Internet Bios #3

(Back with this again. ;-))


@Cordelia_Shirley My life long sorrows include my red hair and people spelling 'Anne' without its last letter. I love long words and I relish in nature, kindred spirits and beautiful bedrooms.
@GilbertBlythe if I tease you, don't take it badly I was just playing around cuz you're awesome. // Major in English
@MatthewCuthbert Anne, what should I write here?
@Marilla Stop whining, be useful. Life is short, there is no time for useless furbelows.
@That_Rachel Yes, I'm the lady who knows. #secondjeeves Love knitting and chatting. Neighbours are my friends.
@Diana_Barry Raven black hair // Actually, it's slightly less black than the colour of ravens.
@Fredwright Hi.
@JOSIEPYE heyyyyy there i'm an aspiring actress and i have the best beau okay so i'm pretty much wonderful. follow
@Jane_Andrews_1999 Avonlea high school.
@RubyGillis5 Lyfe is short so be nice to everyone and have loads of beaux because duh!
@MoodySpurgeon i'm that kid with the mouse who laughed funny and with ginger hair. that's bout it.
@Charlie_Sloan @Cordelia_Shirely welcome to Avonlea! lol #crush
@PrissyAndrews I LOVE school. I'm really bad though and I kneed loads of help. But its ok!
@MrPhilips Ys I was that tachr and thn I lft. (Fill in the e's.)
@Miss_Stacy Honoured to teach in Avonlea. I love my children. Also, tea!
@MrandMrsAllan Working in the ministry. Whatever you do, do it well.
@Josephine_thegreataunt I live in the great city. I pay NICE girls for their music lessons. Nice girls do not jump on beds.
@Mrs_Barry Children must be not seen + not heard. Besides, the outside air is good for them.
@MinnieMay account run by my mother.


@Margaret_Hale Helstone girl stuck in the busy life of Milton. Be kind to ALL people, no matter how different they are from you.
@JohnThornton Mill owner. Stick to the rules or the whole system collapses.
@Mr_Hale Theology and language. Do you want to come to my class? Starts at 8:00 PM tonight, do join!
@MrsHale Life is hard, why did we leave Helstone?
@Thorntons_Mama My boy John is my ROCK and he does everything so well! #sticktotherules
@FANNY_thornton i can't live without a piano. i hate stickinthemuds. i am rich. am i?
@Bessy_Higgins Well, I suppose you can go through this thing called life with a laugh.
@Boucher I must give in bc i need to help my family. i have six kids; help plz!!!!!!!!
@Dixon12 I've got @MrsHale's back and I wish her the best. But I do need some help with the ironing.
@Fred_Hale Spain . Dolores . British boy . Innocent . Ssh .
@MrBell The godfather who had a more important role than people realise. I'm where the money is.
@HenryLennox London and @Margaret_Hale and that's it I think.
@CousinEdith Send letters to your loved ones! // Happy wife // Just became a mother!


@MrIngalls_Charles Everything's gonna be just fine. My beautiful wife and daughters make me the luckiest man alive.
@Caroline_Ingalls Selling eggs for my living // Homestead Mama and Wife // Used to teach // John1:1
@MaryIngalls The saying blondes have more fun isn't exactly true when one has younger sisters.
@the.Laura.Ingalls If I had a remembrance book I would write about Jack, Pa, my own window, and the beautiful prairies.
@CARRIE_ifell running in prairies is harder than it looks. also, being the youngest is unfair!
@Albert_Ingalls Adopted son number one. Coincidentally, I look like @MrIngalls_Charles! Also, Laura and I have the best adventures.
@MrEdwards ol' dan tucker was a fine ol' man / tobacco + Santa and I are best buds!
@MissBeadle I love my pupils and I love a good doze of lemon verbina. It's the little things!
@HARRIET_OLESON I run the Oleson's Mercantile; without a doubt the best store anyplace near Walnut Grove. My children are DARLINGS and I love them.
@NelsOleson2 I run the Oleson's Mercantile with my wife. Father of two. Candy is bad for your teeth.
@THE.NELLIE.OLESON Town-girl through and through. Got a real doll for my birthday. It's like, the 20th doll I own. I have a remembrance book. #blondesDOhavemorefuninmycase
@WillieOleson55 pa, ma said i could be online so there! and candy is good. who cares about teeth!
@MrHanson I run the mill // Swedish //
@Reverend_Aldan I sometimes use metaphors in my sermons. Onwards Christian soldiers!
@Doctor_Baker I'm a dentist, an optician, a herbal adviser, a physician, a vet, you name it. (But not a farmer)
@Manly_Wilder dude, it's cool! I love horses and food and girls who call me Manly! (The name Almanzo sucks.)


  1. Hehehe thanks for the chuckle dearie!

  2. Yesss, you did The little house on the Prairie! I really enjoyed it! Anne of green gables was also very funny! I love this serie :-)


  3. Hilarious! "#blondesDOhavemorefuninmycase". I would love a Les Mis or Scarlet Pimpernel one!

  4. Yayyy, I even know ALL of these!!! :D (Although I've only seen N&S once ages ago... it's a bit hazy in my mind.)

    Excellent yet again, m'dear. ;) My favourites:
    From Anne of Green Gables, the ones I got the most 'kick' out of were the last two - Minnie and Mrs. Barry! HAHA. Perfection!!

    From N&S, my favourites were Mr. Hale and Mr. Higgins (ugh he kinda gets annoying like that :P)! Sums up their whole character. ;)

    From Little House (there were ssooo many good ones in here though!), I loved Charles's, Mr. Edwards's (!<3!), Miss Beadle's, basically all the Olesons and Doctor Baker's and Almanzo's and just all of them okay?!!

    ~Miss Meg

  5. Love this! I tried to pick a favorite one, and failed because I can't choose!

  6. Yay! So glad you're doing these. Mr. Bell's is perfection. "I'm where the money is."XD

    ~Rilla Blythe

  7. Haha! N&S and AoGG are the best you've done yet!

  8. Haha bahaha! I love these posts to death!!!!!!!

  9. Woops, darn spell check! I did not mean to say bahaha

  10. I laughed out loud at the Mr. Edwards one. HE IS A FAN OF DAN TUCKER.

    1. Yeah right. It's like, his no 1 fave song! :-)

    2. He also has a particular favorite shirt. :P (Sometimes I sing the Dan Tucker song.)

    3. Yes! The red-and-purple-checked one!! ALWAYS. :-) (Me too.)

  11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . . . Anne Shirley's is so LONG!!!!!!!!!!!! I see what you did there ;-)

  12. MR. PHILLIPS' IS THE BEST. It took me a second, but that was BRILLIANT!!!! It made me laugh so much. I'm laughing more now. Hahaha.

    And I LOVED all the others' too!!! These are brilliant.
    (I haven't actually seen the Little House TV series, I've only read the books, but I still got most of them. :)

    1. Haha, so glad I made you laugh!!! :-) That makes me so happy to hear. :-)

  13. This is great! Especially @Marilla 's!

  14. Lol, I literally watched Anne of Green Gables yesterday!
    I liked Josie's

  15. THIS IS THE BEST, NAOMI. Mr. Phillips made me bust out laughing, and Nellie Oleson... oh my. "I *have* a remembrance book." :D

  16. I just love these so much! And I'm so happy you did North and South and Anne! I haven't ever seen the Little House movies, just read the books, but this makes me want to go find and watch them 😊

  17. Finally AoGG!! :) It was so funny to read those since there were some people who actually created twitter accounts for their YouTube series of AoGG!

    Laura's is perfect!

    Great job again!

  18. Ahahah, these were so fun to read!!! You should do a Sherlock Holmes one!!!!

  19. @RubyGillis5 Lyfe is short so be nice to everyone and have loads of beaux because duh!
    Life is short. Dear Ruby.
    And Mr. Philip's because he left the "e" off of Anne. Always spell Anne with an "e".
    Lovely post as always.




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