Books I'd love to read. (+ chocolate.)

Hello, my dear apples and potatoes and chocolate-chip loving human beings, how is life? What's your new favourite word and are you reading any book of the Bible in particular? (My answers would be 'crumbs' and the gospel according to Mark.) Can you say 'Irish wrist watch' five times at a fairly fast pace? (After a lot of practise, I have succeeded.) (Yesterday was national tongue twister day, did ya know?) (Also, my big bro became freaking twenty yesterday. I had chocolate cake. And Maltesers. And more cake. And then a carrot to make me feel good about all the sugar.)

Today I'm going to talk about books that I want to read very badly. Some of these, hopefully, will be gifts for Christmas (eek!) (squee!) (yay!) but ya know, it's fun to talk about books and to read your comments on them. Tell me if any of these are terrible, so I can change my mind about them and not buy them after all. I might not listen though, but these all look dang good. (Also, some I'm just so curious about. I must read them all.)

Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin

This is definitely the first in my list of BOOKS I YEARN TO POSSESS IN MY BOOKSHELF. So far all the reviews seem to be glowingly positive and the synopsis at the back seems so riveting. At first I didn't like the cover, but now I just want to hold it in my hands and GAZE at it.. bahhh I want to read this so bad. :-P I love the sound of it and I love the names of the characters and I love that the main character is Dutch. Also, it's Lynn Austin + historical fiction, which ultimately means excellent new favourite book

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

I've heard of this book a lot. Many bloggers have recommended it glowingly and many Goodreads friends have rated it five golden stars. I want to read this real bad. (Especially after the two bookish Mind the Gap episodes: 1 / 2 /) (Also, 'real bad' sounds so Southern American, ha.) I always love a good inspiring book and I've recently yearned to read a great faith-based book - sometimes I feel like I should read more than just fiction. ;-)

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

I don't want to read this BUT YET I DO. It's so deliciously controversial and so deliciously famous and I yearn for more Scout Finch. I feel like my bookish inside-self can't settle down peacefully before I can claim to have read this book. But, of course, before I do, I must reread the MINDBLOWINGLY BRILLIANT To Kill a Mockingbird which I will love till I die. Also, I love Atticus. And I don't want to not to.

84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff

Someone recommended this to me after I once raved about The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society, saying that this book has a very similar concept, what with the letter-form and strangers becoming friends in random circumstances, and all that. Obviously, this makes me want to read this book because obviously and obviously. Oh and obviously. (Did I say duh?)

Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon

The only thing that stops me from buying this darling (apparently ridiculously inspiring and drive-the-creative-ness-inside-you-mad-ing) is that it's not very LONG and therefore might be a disappointment. However, I still REALLY want to read this. I can just imagine how much it'll make me want to be crazy creative and judging from the amazon sneak peaks, it is adorable and darling and so inspirational.

The Complete Journals of Lucy Maud Montgomery

I WANT TO READ THIS SO BADLY. A sneaky peak inside the life of my favourite authoress? More sentences and words spun by this beautiful writer? Yes please yes. Unfortunately it is SO expensive to buy though, so I can't see this being in my possession any time to soon. But it's definitely high on my to-read list.

(Also, all these books. Give them.):

VoilĂ , a couple of gems I wish to devour. Do you have any books on your Christmas wish list? Tell me about them. Maybe also give me some words of consolation because after I hit publish I'm going to go downstairs and watch Downton Abbey Series 3 episode 5 which is the episode where the nicest character under the roof dies. SOMEONE HELP ME. SOMEONE HOLD MY HAND.

I sincerely hope each and every one of you is enjoying this confusing and beautiful and bronze month, and that you're keeping yourself busy and inspired. I recommend making jokes about awkward things and keeping firm hold of the amazing word of God. God is amazing. I love Him. I also recommend Michael Buble songs and Doris Day songs and chocolate hazelnut bars and big sweaters. Have a great night darlings. Remember that you're sleeping under beautiful silver stars.

(It is evening as I write, so therefore it is evening for all of you. ;-P)


  1. CHARING CROSS ROAD IS SO GOOD!! It will make you smile. And you will love the journals! Buy used copies. Come on, lad. Also, Go Set a Watchman is intense, but I really liked it. By the end.

    I should do a post like this...

    I love what you say about holding fast to God's word. Smile. x

    1. I think it was you who recommended it. (And I would, but even the used ones on Amazon are expensive!)

      You should...
      And thanks. It's true. x

  2. The drop-dead gorgeous clothbound classics, though! Yessss! My faves. <3 Lovely blog btw!

  3. That episode! :,( Well, Twenty One Pilots, and Taylor Swift has been on my playlist for the last two days. :p What even am I turning into??? Also, Gaiman is a HUGE favorite of mine, but caution with his tales as they are definitely not for the innocent reader. YOU SHOULD TOTALY READ THE BOOK SERIES BY WILLIAM JOYCE THOUGH CALLED THE GUARDIANS BECAUSE IT IS A BEAUTIFUL BOOK SERIES THAT NO ONE EVER KNOWS ABOUT WHICH IS THE SADDEST THING ON THIS EARTH!

  4. Thanks so much for the cheery happy post :-) I needed it . . .

    I don't think I want to read Go Set A Watchman, myself, but I'd be interested to hear what you think of it! :-)


    (Seriously tho. I am dead.)

  5. We just finished The Crown.. ohmywordy!!!! Email me when you do see it, I'd love to do a joint gushy post.

    Also THAT Episode of DA *hands tissues and chocolate*

    Books! Well funny you should mention that I'm off to the bookstore with mum to get christmas books so SQUELP!

    I totally agree about Go Set A Watchman. I couldn't finish it cause of my beloved Atticus (Finch not Aldridge although I LOVE them both) .. Mum read it though, so each to their own I guess.

  6. I WANT ALL THOSE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

    btw, so glad to be friends on Goodreads with you ;)

  7. The next time a thousand dollars falls into my lap, I'm going to buy every single book from that last picture, and then buy Waves of Mercy with my spare change. ;)
    Life is alright, the only problem is that people ask me how I am or how's life and the answer is I Don't Know! And I feel like I should know; it's a fairly basic question, but I can't even tell how I feel! Which is lame. :P My favorite new word...petrichor, maybe? Or yearn. I've been flipping around Isaiah recently, looking for a good yearbook quote. I CAN say Irish wristwatch 5 times fast. 6, if you'd like! :)
    Isn't it so cool and weird when your siblings get older? I mean, you're happy and all, but it means that time is moving on and things are always changing for the rest of time...I'm being too philosophical, aren't I? That's probably why we eat chocolate cake in the first place; to keep our minds off of lofty thoughts!;) I had to look up maltesers; they look good!
    I long for amazing books for Christmas, I just don't know which ones! And you have my empathy for watching Downton Abbey!
    There: bet you didn't think I'd actually answer every question in this post! Hopefully this makes up for all those times I read your lovely writing and don't say a peep about it! I generally mean to, truly, but as you said, I AM keeping myself busy!
    Have a lovely evening (and don't get too sad about you know who on Downton Abbey!)

  8. My computer ate my comment. >.<

    That first quote... = MY LIFE.

    I don't believe I've ever been called that, but it IS very accurate! I do love apple and potato and chocolate. How'd you know? ;)

    I said the word 'physically' about 5 times today accidentally, so I guess that's the one. I finished Ruth this morning (now onto 1 Samuel) and I'm also reading the gospel according to Matthew. I just tried saying 'Irish wrist watch' and couldn't even say it once. (And also half died while stifling my giggles.)

    I haven't read any of these, so, um, all you'll be getting from me is 'I WANT TO READ THAT TOOOO'. Sorry. :P

    I just wanna read a Lynn Austin book in general. (A particular certain one that I can't seem to get my hands on, *cough cough*.)

    OH MY GOSH YES YES YES AND YES!!!! I'm EXACTLY the same! "Crazy Love" is HIGH on my to-read list and I've looked everywhere for a free copy... (libraries etc) nope. :( I will definitely keep my eye out for it. I just REALLY want to read it... I've read quite a lot of faith-based books, actually. :) Another one I REALLY want to read is "To Live is Christ" by Matt Chandler.

    Go Set a Watchman is on my to-read list. :D

    Steal Like an Artist looks SOOO GOOODD!!!!

    I don't actually have any books on my Christmas wish list (or birthday)... I don't normally BUY books before I've read them, as a rule. :P I am seriously considering buying some second hand copies myself, but I honestly don't have the money right now, so I've had to put it off. :(

    Make jokes about awkward things. Tick. (That's pretty much every night with me and my sisters.) God is amazing. AMEN. (I climbed aloft our treehouse during golden hour and wrote in my journal and thought about how amazing God is.) Michael Buble = <3 <3 <3 (I really love "I Just Haven't Met You Yet"!! :D Actually, I'm gonna go watch the music video of that right now. Cya.)

    Sorry, but when it's weather like this, big comfy sweaters are NOT what I'm feeling right now. ;P
    Good guess! It IS evening as I currently type this - 7:30PM. ;)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. It's been so HOT! Hasn't it!? Also how did you go in the storm?!

    2. Uh-huh! Especially for SPRING! I think today and yesterday have been better though. :) Pretty sure we got 37 degrees last week... and, WHICH storm? :P We've had heaps, but mostly tropical storms, with heaps of lightning and thunder but little rain. We had nothing serious, though. It greened the place up. Yay! :D

      ~Miss Meg

  9. I haven't read any of these yet (not even the LA one, I know, don't hurt me) so I can't say much about them, but I hope you get them for Christmas! (Heehee.)

    Wow, that's a lot of sugar, Naomi.

    I also recommend Doris Day songs and big sweaters. And now I feel like going and listening to Michael Buble and eating chocolate. :-) This was fun!

  10. Oooh!!! These look lovely!!!
    YES to the Journals of L. M. Montgomery. I have wanted to read those ever since I heard about them. That would be marvellous!!!
    I always love the little paragraph(s) you close your posts with. Brightens my day. :)

    1. "I always love the little paragraph(s) you close your posts with. Brightens my day."
      << Awww, you just brightened mine. :-)

  11. Steal Like an Artist is awesome! Just saying.

  12. Nice list! It was interesting to see what you want to read!
    I just recently read To Kill a Mockingbird, and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I really liked all the characters, especially Atticus. I loved how good of a person Atticus was, and what a great father he was. And that's why I don't want to read Go Set A Watchman, as I've heard a bunch of controversial stuff about it involving Atticus, and I just don't want to ruin my experience of reading TKAM by reading a book about the same characters that I most probably won't like.
    -Jollygirl @ Reflections of a Jolly Girl

  13. Guess what?? I JUST GOT "WAVES OF MERCY" FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! :) I haven't read it yet because I'm so busy studying for my college courses...but Thanksgiving Break, here we come! I will be devouring the pages very soon! ;) Not to make you jealous or anything, I hope you know.

    By the way, I found something online that I thought you would like: https://www.litographs.com/collections/pride-and-prejudice/products/pride-scarf

    I know, it's probably strange that I thought of you when I saw it, because I don't even know you. But I kind of DO know you, at least in an over-the-internet sort of way. I actually thought of buying the scarf (from the link above) and sending it to you for Christmas...but then I realized I didn't have your address, BESIDES the fact that I wouldn't want to creep you out. So. I didn't buy it for you after all. Sorry. ;)


      That's so so sweet that you thought about me when you saw that scarf. It's a very cool scarf indeed. (Although actually not that pretty from afar off, only till you start to read it, haha. ;-P)

  14. 84,Charing Cross Road is a good book! Helene Hanff also wrote two sequels to the book.

    There is also a good movie based on the book with Anthony Hopkins and Ann Bancroft.


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