4 Things in a unified 1 Post.

This post consists of four things: 1. A random Call the Midwife The New Christmas Special picture. 2. A story snippet of some random thing I started to work on last week which involves a proposal and a refusal. 3. A random picture of Trixie Franklin looking glamorous as usual, and 4. Very deep life advice.



         One autumn day – in fact, last week – when he had greeted me with his usual “Hello, Holly Mae Webster” after I had visited the post office, I turned to him and told him, “Excuse me, sir, but there is no need to repeat my full name every time you greet me. I am fully aware my last name is Webster.”
         I should not have spoken of last names. He took it as a resounding hint and an unambiguous begging for a proposal.
         “You are fully aware?” he asked.
         “Of course! Who is not, pray, fully aware of their own name?”
         “I bet you must be,” he smiled nicely, “As a young girl. I bet young girls are always extra aware of their last names.”
         The inward groan I made at that point could have risen dead from their graves, but before I could properly process what was going on, he had grabbed my hand and said, “I could change your last name for you!”
         And this is where I finally addressed matters.
         What I said to him then I cannot fully remember, but I shall write down what I remember I (and he) said, rely on my imagination and then elaborate somewhat. I do fully remember that it was on the public road and that we happened to be wearing matching outfits which, he pointed out innocently, was another sign – sent from heaven!
         “Mr Smith,” I said, “I am eighteen years old – why would I be interested in you?”
         “Why – why – we’re both writers! We’re of the same sort! We’re the same kind! We understand each other!”
         Very much offended by this jaunty remark I proceeded to say that no, I did not understand him.
         “But we’re both writers!”
         “Napoleon and Wellington both led an army but they managed to be each other’s biggest enemies.” (I admit I was proud of this slick response.)
         “You should be thankful,” Ben Smith said.
         “What? Thankful? Yes, I am thankful for many things but that does not include your proposal to me, Mr Smith.”
         At this point, he started to get angry. “I am RICH! I am a famous, PUBLISHED author! You’re just a little magazine writer!”
         “Oh and? That will make me jump off my feet for joy, will it?”
         “Yes! If you marry me –” (in which I shudder inwardly) “– I could, why I could make you a famous author! Your books would be in the shops.”
         “Excuse me, Mr Smith, but becoming a famous author is not –”
         “You’ve seen my house! I have footmen waiting on me, chandeliers dangling from my ceiling, and bedrooms by the dozen! I host the towns’ biggest parties; I own dozens of farms; I employ tenants and I could offer you wardrobes bigger than the Titanic.”
         “I don’t want –”
         “Why, I have seen your house! That little bucky old thing. You have a small attic room. Your father is a mere – pardon the blunt talk – a mere merchant.”
         “I’m afraid I am not convinced or attracted in the least,” I dryly said, secretly outraged by his comments on my house. My house, dear readers, is a beautiful little brick thing with charming turquoise windows and a turquoise front door. It is home and I cannot imagine life without it.
         “Also, I want to marry you because I love you.” He didn’t sound sincere at all, but for a fleeting second, I felt bad for him.
         “Well the attraction is not mutual, Mr Smith.” I eyed him angrily. “That is all.”
         Then I marched home.



Make week resolutions rather than year resolutions (better still - daily ones; hour-ly ones... because those are actually keepable), get excited for Call the Midwife Season six, email random emails to people, read Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker and try not to cry when Frank stammers his love and when Cliff is no longer Cliff (WHYYYYY), eat healthy, and listen to the following two soundtracks because I just(ish) discovered them and I love them: La La Land Soundtrack and Top Hat Soundtrack. The former is an exquisite ice-cream on a blossoming spring evening and the latter is chique thirties with rythms and waltzies to make you pine for better dancing shoes. Highly recommend both. Although they might make you wish your life was a musical. Maybe.

(Bonus life tip: Read Psalm 19. It's beautiful.)


  1. Maybe once you stop fiddling with your layout and header I can comment on how lovely it is, haha. ;D (Well, what it CURRENTLY is I consider to be perfectly darling, although you may change it again - you've done so three times that I've seen. ;))

    So, keeping up with the theme, I may as well comment in 4 points:

    1. Call the Midwife looks like fun. ;) I'll be putting it on my never-ending TV show to-see list.

    2. I liked your story snippet. :) I don't normally read ones where the girl refuses, haha! Also your original phrases and metaphors never cease to amaze me.

    3. Wow. Pixie's outfit is on point. ;P I want her sunglasses.

    4. Week resolutions - I LOVE IT!!! I'm totally gonna do that. :D Hmm... I'll have to think up some good ones. Also eat healthy (and get/stay fit) is kinda my new year resolution. SO many people say that but I normally stick to my resolutions, for the most part. Besides, I often think about those things, so it's not like I'm going to forget, and I am pretty determined. ;D Hopefully I'll get to those soundtracks soon! And Psalm 19 is pure poetry. <3

    ~Miss Meg

    1. HAHAHAHA I KNEW YOU'D SAY THAT ABOUT THE CHANGING HEADER LOOKS. This is what I'm staying with right now. I like it. It's cute. :-P (I did sooo much fiddling, phew.)

      1. Indeed, it is splendid.
      2. Thank youuuuu. :-)
      3. Her name isn't Pixie! It's Trixie. And she always looks that swell; she rocks.
      4. I want to, too. Good for you for sticking to 'em. :-P Psalm 19 is AMAZING.

  2. I totally agree with you on setting CLOSER resolutions, hence one of the reasons I fell in love with bullet journaling!

    Isnt LA LA land just the dreamiest? The way you describe it is perfect. I will definitely have to check out Top Hat now, too. :)

    1. La La Land is SO DREAMY. I MUST SEE IT. :-)

  3. First, I love the new look! And I, too, like the suggestion of weekly/daily resolutions.
    By the way, your story snippet was such a pleasure to read, and I wish you did more of those :)

    1. Aw, I'm so glad you enjoy story snippets, because I love posting them. :-P

  4. I clicked over from Bloglovin' and, WOW was your header pretty!

    I liked the story snippet too, I'd like to know more about "Holly Mae Webster" :)

    And yes, definitely daily/weekly resolutions are much better than yearly. Or at least, finding concrete ways every day to get closer to a New Year's resolution, instead of saying it in a general sort of way.

    Hope you're having a lovely New Year so far!

    1. Thanks, Mary!
      Holly is awesome - I hope I finish writing her story sometime soon. :-)

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mr. Smith sounds HORRID. I don't ship them AT ALL!!! I'm glad she refused. (Sorry if you intended for them to get together later on ;-) )

    You should try the "Moana" soundtrack, too! It's marvellous and magical. I love it. (I went to the theater this week with some friends and we saw it and it was SO MUCH FUN.)

  6. Oh my gosh. Naomi, I don't know how or why or anything at all, but your posts are just so... Ugh I can't find the word! They are just calming and pleasing and pretty and beautiful and they just make me feel happily melancholy and.... Agh! It is so hard to describe!!! But seriously, girl, it is amazing! Don't ever ever stop!

    1. YOUR COMMENTS... they are honestly way to kind. :-P THANKS GIRL.

  7. Also hehe I know what scene that is with Trixie, it's quite funny!

  8. I love the new header!!
    That is such a good psalm. I needed that!
    Hm, I'm thinking what with all the raving reviews that I ought to start Call the Midwife...

    1. Thanks!
      Call the Midwife is very good - Season Two is the best - so yeah, recommended! (Although if you don't like screaming women, maybe skip some scenes.)

  9. Today marks the one-year anniversary since I discovered your blog and haven't commented to introduced myself so.... Hello! My name is Aoibheann (Ay-veen) and I like chocolate and musicals (I LOVE FRED ASTAIRE AND GINGER ROGERS. THEY ARE TOO CUTE) and vintage hair styles and reading and swimming and many other things. Your blog is lovely and so inspiring! I'm a bit nervous pressing publish but here I go...

    1. Aoibheann (Irish name?), THANKS FOR COMMENTING!!! And thanks for reading my blog for a year! Really appreciate it. Fred and Ginger are adorable and I LOVE them.
      Thank you for the comment. :-)

  10. I was awfully impressed with the story snippet. Your writing is so COZY.

  11. Your story snippet is SO good! Seriously, Naomi, you need to be a published author someday. Your writing style is so unique and refreshing. :)

    AND YOUR NEW BLOG LOOK IS DARLING! Love the header! :D

  12. I love your new blog design (LOVE) and that snippet is both incredibly witty and delightful and simply lovely. :D (If you ever want to share the story it belongs to, well, I'm volunteering. :P)

    1. Thank you Natalie... I just started the story, but I'll keep that in mind. :-)

  13. I tagged you over at my blog. You've probably done tags similar to this before, so no pressure. I completely understand if you want to skip it. :)
    Here's the link: http://marchramblings.blogspot.com/2017/01/a-period-drama-tag.html

  14. Love it!
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha that proposal/refusal scene. LOVE. (How dare he insult her house which sounds perfectly charming!!)


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