Some discombobulated thoughts on Call the Midwife season 6

(First a picture of Barbara because she's my favourite.)

(And a gif of the gals having fun on the beds. I always love those scenes.)

Hello there!!!! Happy April, people. Hope your March was good. My March included me and my mother watching Call the Midwife season 5's Christmas Special and Call the Midwife season 6. We have one more episode to go tonight and we have the Christmas Special to go, too, but I consider myself a Season Six know-it-all already.

Thus, here are some discombobulated thoughts. With spoilers, subjective opinions and unladylike squealing thrown into the mix. (Of course.)

The Christmas Special was really good. At first I thought them going to Africa was a desperate call for something different, but the change of setting and scene did Call the Midwife good, I think. The difficult situations in the poor country such as the lack of water gave the story some extra grit (not that call the midwife doesn't have any in Poplar.) I liked that Trixie bought her nail polish along; that was funny. Like really; you're going to Africa and still #priorities.

And I LOVE FRED. He's the best. He was helping the birth under the tree with such sincerity, the dear old chap.

Mannnn, let's give Trixie a shout-out. She did a Cesearan section by HERSELF and wow that scene was tense. The way she dug her hands in the belly was weird (the belly was weird... you could easily see it was a prosthetic belly - I mean, I've seen pregnant woman and their bellies don't look so triangular when lying down) and it annoyed me that they didn't mention sewing the belly back together again (did they?!) but man, Trixie. She's so strong. I loved the scene afterwards where Trixie sits down speechless, like, "Wow. What did I just do?" and Barbara told her she deserved a cigarette.

Tom and Barbara's engagement scene with a blade of grass was freakin' cute. As was that teeny scene where they take a picture of Barbara kissing Tom's cheek and she laughed and said, "ugh you smell." D'awww. I mean, what do you expect guys. (I will do some proper Tom + Barbara squealing later on, of course. I simply do not write CTM blog posts without doing a thorough Tom and Barbara appreciation paragraph. :-P)

I do not condone the Patsy + Delia romance plotline, but I need to give Pats a shout-out because her fashion taste is pretty stellar. Also, I love Delia's hair. She always looks adorable. Patsy leaves to Hong Kong to help her dying father and I have to say, I was happy about that because it meant less Patsy and Delia scenes which I need to skip. But having said that though, Patsy is a cool gal and I hope she's doing well over there. But I also hope she stays there a while.

Mannnnn, Nurse Crane is a darling. (Yes, I wrote down Queenie first because this actress always will be Queenie to me. It's like Michelle Dockery. She's Lady Mary.) I felt for her so badly when the accident happened - I want to hug her. She's not my favourite character but I like her a great deal better than I did at first.

Also, I love Sister Winifred. Her cheerfulness and youthful glee is adorable.

Trixie looking good, as always. Her hairstyles and outfits hardly ever let me down.

 Okay, so this dude? (I'm not going to paste a full-face picture because I don't like him. :-P But if you want to know what he looks like, here's a picture of that cheesy dentist.) TRIXIE WHY DO YOU PICK THE WRONG MEN. Trixie is like the Edith in Downton Abbey when it comes to men, and I hope that one day she'll find her Bertie Pelham. And I refuse to accept that this Christopher divorced-dentist-creepy-flashy-teeth guy is him.

Christopher annoys me. No. I do not like this plot line at all. Go. Shoo. (Seriously when I heard he was divorced I was like noooo he annoyed me already but now it's worsened.) Trixie comparing that to her alcoholic problem bugged me too.

Yeah, so I'm looking forward to that plotline leaving. Hopefully soon. (Also he's not even handsome.)

Sister Monica Joan is far less annoying in this season than she was in the others. (By annoying I mean: she-needs-less-screen-time-cuz-she's-not-that-interesting.) I liked her little plot line with the television; that was funny, and I thought her shock about Cynthia being in the mental illness place was extremely well acted. And I liked that scene of the gifs above. :-P

My wooord, the Cynthia plot THE CYNTHIA PLOT. My heart is breaking for her. Her inner struggles are beautifully acted and I hope so badly she'll get better soon. Sometimes I think of the old Cynthia, when she was laughing with Trixie and Jenny and Chummy in her red midwife cardigan and my heart just breaks because I miss her like that. I want her to be better. MAKE HER BETTER, SCREENPLAY WRITER HEIDI THOMAS.

(Speaking of sisters, sister Julienne deserves a round of applause because she generally is wonderful and motherly and amazing. I love her.)


Suffice to say I'm happy she's gone and I hope she never returns again.

I have a confession to make: The Turners annoy me.

Listen, in Season two they were pretty much my favourite plotline - you know, Sister Bernadette un-nunning into Shelagh and then the widowed Patrick asking her to marry him... it was all so special and beautiful and I cried many happy tears over their story. But now it's like... BLEH. I REALLY DON'T CARE ANYMORE. (Wow, my caps sound fierce. But really; I am super sick of them.) They're always so sappy and cheesy and seriously, every Turner family scene goes a bit like this:

*Shelagh puts her hands on her belly*
Shelagh: I want this baby so badly, Patrick.
*Patrick does his head-cock-smile-thing*
Patrick: You have to rest, Shelagh.
Shelagh: I know, Dr Turner.
*they smile as if it's all a private joke*
*angelic-big-brother Timothy comes in with a quiet cute Angela*
*Patrick and Shelagh watch them and smile*
Timothy: We are a happy family, aren't we?
Patrick: We definitely are, son.
*Shelagh says something similar including a line about her new baby*

... Do you know what I mean?!!? It's so incredibly... plastic. (I'm afraid I think it's called bad acting.) The Turner scenes are so unrealistic and cheesy and just eww, they're becoming so cringe-worthy I'm starting to roll my eyes every single time they're on screen. How many times a day do couples talk about how happy their family is?! (Every . single . episode .)

I'll let other people be fans of the Turners. I'm spending my energy on Barbara and Tom.

OH TOM HOW I LOVE YOU. *insert heart-eye emoji* I'll publicly admit Tom is a bit of a heart-stealer. I love practically every scene with him in it. He's every inch the gentleman and I have very little complaints concerning the man. I loved the episode where he gets involved in the adoption plot of the lady and her cousin; and also, of course, every single scene ever between Tom and Barbara. GAHHH.


I don't know what it is with these two but THEY ARE SO ADORABLE. I cannot wait for their winter wedding (yes, I have seen all the pictures I have found and yes I have admired her wedding sparkle and yes I will enjoy the upcoming Christmas Special with great immenseness I am sure) because if it's half as beautiful as their proposal it's gonna be good.

Barbara is pretty much my favourite character in the entire show, by the way. She's so kind and purposeful and genuine. I love how she still messes up and has some clumsy scenes because it reminds me of how real she is. She's so elegant and she and Tom are the best pair can I get an amen?

What do I think of the new midwife, Miss Valerie Dyer? Yeah, she nice. Not my favourite - and her constant chirpy smile seems rather fake to me - but she proves to be a good midwife after the very dramatic and tense birth scene of the Muslim lady.

My favourite episode (so far) in season six is definitely episode five, where Fred (THE DEAR CHAP) (I repeat: THE DEAR CHAP) and his lovely wife, Violet take in Reggie after Reggie's mother dies of a sudden heart attack during a Church service. In the end they find a lovely home for Reggie, but goshhh this episode made me cry so much. Reggie is the sweetest lad ever.

The thalidomide episode made me cry so much too. THAT PLOT LINE IS SO MUCH. Susan's mother is the best actress ever and the scene where all the mothers affected by the thalidomide pill come together to talk about their kids was #cryingparty.

So yes. I'm enjoying this greatly. Basically.

Anyone else able to join me with Season six squealment? Do talk with me about it in the comments. What are your thoughts on the Turners? Are you offended by my perhaps-harsh words on them? Do you love Tom as much as I do? And would you like to be adopted by Fred and Violet Buckle?


  1. I still haven't seen this show, but I enjoyed this post very much anyway. Methinks I recognize Mrs. Clennam and Mrs. Meagles from Little Dorrit. Two of the nuns? Am I right?

    Hahaha. I don't know anything about the Turners but your description of them was pretty hilarious. And if that's the way they really are than I'm pretty sure I'd be as annoyed with them as you are. They sound very trying to one's patience! :P

    Awwww. Tom and Barbara look like a REALLY cute couple!! :D :D What's up in that first gif with Barbara showing Tom her ring? Is that her engagement ring? Because if it is, now I'm really curious to know why he looks surprised to see it. (Just watched that gif again and gaaahhh! They both look soooo sweet!!)

    Thanks for this post, Naomi! It was such fun to read. :D

    1. Yep! You spotted Mrs Clennam. However not Mrs Meagles? Who did you think was Mrs Meagles?

      Hahahahah yep.
      THEY ARE ADORABLE. Ah, so Tom proposed to her in Africa with a strand of grass, promising her he'd buy her a ring once he had enough money. He doesn't have much money, and they were going to go to a church parish 'party' thing where everyone would ask to see the ring, so he felt really bad he couldn't buy one, so Barbara went ahead and bought one herself. :-)
      I know, the gif is adorable.

      Thanks for your comment!

    2. Oh oops!! I didn't mean Mrs. Meagles!! Got the names confused. What I meant to say was Mrs. Gowan. :P And I was referring to the picture right above where you said, "However, LET US NOT SPEAK OF SISTER URSULA." That totally looks like Mrs. Gowan, doesn't it? :)

      Awww. How sweet!!! Thank you so much for explaining that to me. Now I really want to watch Tom and Barbara's story. :D

    3. Oh yes, I forgot about Mrs Gowan. That's her. She also plays Fanny Dashwood in the 1996 version of Sense and Sensibility. :-)

  2. I must watch season six quickly!!! Have seen all five season, but not the sixth.

    LOVE Tom and Barbara. They are so cute together.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post very much, even though I don't know very much about CTM (besides what the characters look like, of course) :-) Africa--WHEW! That's a big change-of-scene for a British TV show . . . but I'm glad they did a good job with it.

    Eh. I don't know anything about the Turners actually, so I can't say--all I know is Mrs. Turner (Shelagh) looks just like my mom and so I like her regardless :-)

    Is it bad that I find Tom's face super annoying? Because I do. Soary. :-P

    1. To your last question.... Yes. That is bad. Definitely very bad.

    2. I'M SORRY. He's just a leetle bit TOO good-looking for my taste . . . it Bothers Me, for some reason. He looks exactly like a real-life Ken doll, and that gets on my nerves. *shrugs apologetically*

  4. Send me an email.. like now or when you can? I'd love to squeal about it with you, although I have to admit I love The Turners! *dodges tomatoes*

    1. Evie, we can squeal right here in the comments! :-) It's more fun than email.
      I know you love the Turners... and I love that you do. :-) What was your favourite Turner scene in season 6?
      And don't you want to give Phyllis Crane a hug?
      *warm fuzzy feels*

    2. SQUEAL (sorry I was at choir and then we went away)
      Hhehee I think my favourite Turner Scene was when they were singing as Shelagh was expecting the baby and it was just so beautiful. Heck I loved it all.
      Oh yes that episode made me cry so much!
      *fuzzy feels*

  5. Um...I haven't seen Call the Midwife (yet) but I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you over at my blog. :) (https://classicsandcraziness.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/tag-im-it/) If you want to do the tag, that's fine...if not, that's fine, too. :) Just thought I'd tag you!


  6. I just watched the last episode of series 6 yesterday and now I'm sad it's over for another year. But, luckily, we can talk about it at least!
    I don't mind Christopher that much, I think we need to get to know him better before I make up my mind.
    The Turners are very dear to me, although I do understand what you're saying about their scenes, but it didn't bother me too much.

    I liked that Phyllis got some more stories this season, I really hope they also give Sister Winnifred some more stories of her own next year.


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