7 Period Dramas that have those Spring-vibes

Hello hello hello hello. It's a beautiful, sunny spring Sunday morning. Hello.

I love Spring. Everything bursts into fresh colour, new tints, happy life. Little flowers peep their heads into the sunlight, giving the garden patches of pink and white and yellow. The streets are crowned with pink candy-floss blossom and the mornings actually involve sunlight. It's too hot for winter coats, too cold for short sleeves, it's a time of nature being happy, and us humans being happy alongside it. As much as I love my winter with the cosy stormy days, spring makes me freaking happy. I love the boost it gives. The odd sense of excitement.


7 Movies that have those Spring-vibes
(in no particular order)

1. Emma 2009

Emma has its winter scenes (yes, I am thinking about the adorable one where Mr Knightley teases Emma about her pickety etiquette ideas at the Christmas party) but the whole movie reminds me of sunlight and summer bonnets and dresses with little flowery prints and painting in the garden so BAM SPRING.

2. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

I'll admit, just because of the 'Spring Spring Spring' song. Ha. So original, right, Naomi? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has quite a lot of snow scenes (*swings axe to the ground*) but you know, it ends with everyone singing about spring and it has those bright dresses and an outside dance so watch this to celebrate spring, okay? Good.

3. Heidi 1993

This movie screams SPRING IS HERE. I have so so many memories of this film. It was one of the only movies I saw as a young girl and aside from being unhealthily petrified of the grandfather and that midnight scene in Frankfurt where Heidi's sleepwalking, I loved it to death. The mountains and the Swiss summer frocks; the goats and the flowers and the birds... Spring heaven.

4. Pride and Prejudice 1995

Let's be real, I'd add this to any list of Period Dramas haha, but no really, this brilliant mini-series is filled with wood walks, pastel regency frocks, chilly weather + sunlight, and Bennet sisters picking flowers while talking about young men they either hate or love. Still the best film ever. I stand firm.

5. Bright Star

Terrible movie in my opinion (no really, I didn't even finish this. The costumes are nauseating and the characters complete weirdos and the couple isn't even cute together despite their extreme sappiness) but I've got to mention it because it's filled with bluebells and butterflies and spring being in the air. So thus the mention. But don't watch it. :-P

6. Cinderella 2015

This is spring in a fairy-tale. Beauty and the Beast is going to be wintery, but Cinderella was spring. The light colours, the horse-back scenes, the yellow curls, the flowers in the garden, the exciting midnight clock in the warm night... it's a springtime fairy-tale and I'll always love it.

7. Anne of Green Gables.

Think about the White way of Delight, the garden party where Anne and Diana saw Josie fall in the pond from their little boat, Anne putting pink flowers on her hat before Church, Gilbert coming to rescue when Anne was 'fishing for lake trout'... both the book and the movie have such spring vibes. I love how Anne loves spring and how she's so in love with the blossom tree in front of her window. Marilla is like, 'blossom fiddlesticks.'

You know, it's been too long since I talked about Period Dramas on this blog. I'm still quite as in love with them as I was when I started blogging, don't you worry. Mama and I are currently watching Season 6 of Call the Midwife and yes Tom and Barbara are engaged yes yes yes they're cute yes yep. Okay, I'll stop saying yes. But yes about Tom and Barbara. They're the CUTEST YES.

Happy spring, everyone.

Not that I'll have time to watch any of these movies or any of your recommendations, but for conversations sake and the to-watch lists' sake:
what are your favourite spring movies?




    (No, but really? It still feels like summer.)

    Well, I've seen all of these but Bright Star, and by your recommendation I shan't be watching THAT one any time soon, if ever.
    But I agree, they do all remind me of spring.


    Out of all of these, yes, Cinderella tops it with reminding me of spring the most. (And Beauty and the Beast is definitely winter. I'm excited for it, no matter what people say. I'm going to see it on Thursday, if all goes to plan. :D)

    Hmm... spring movies... I like the movie "Second Chances", that reminds me of spring. Not sure if you'd love it though - it's got a bit to do with horses and rodeos and stuff, and it's more a little kids film, although I still like it. :D Ehh... I really can't think of many. Maybe the Sound of Music... (it's 10:30 PM, ok. My brain can't think in a straight line.)

    Autumn's probably my 3rd favourite season. Spring and summer are first and second, and now they're far away. *sniffles* I don't really like cold weather, and it doesn't even get that cold here in Australia. But oh well, I'll have to find something good about it. At least I like peppermint tea now, that's a plus. Oh, and I have boots. (What's wrong with me - peppermint tea and boots?! I should have nothing to complain about!)

    ~Miss Meg

  2. Yes! I agree with all these. (Except 2,3,& 5 which I haven't seen) I particularly love watching these in the spring. You know, if spring ever arrives in this part of the world.

  3. Great list - would also add Larkrise to Candleford (or is that more summer?) I've got very very behind in Call the Midwife somehow, but Barbara and Tom were on the front of the TV times together the other week - I was like WHATTTT but he's with Trixie!!!! Will have to catch up, haha (thinking about it they seem much better suited)

    1. Lark Rise is spring-y, you're right. :-)
      Hahaha, when I heard Barbara and Tom would be a thing I was shipping Trixie and Tom! But they ARE better suited together than Trixie and Tom would have been. It's all good now. (Seriously, Tom and Barbara are THE CUTEST.)

  4. I grew up on this version of Heidi. And I mean I watched it ad nauseum. We reenacted the falling off the cliff scene on our slide; what I now (only in the last few years) know are commonly known as "milk-maid" braids, we always called "Heidi" braids; I had a pair of boots I liked because I thought they looked like Klara's; I had a massive crush on Peter. I haven't seen it in ten years (when one sister and I watched it with a super sensitive younger sister, having forgotten Peter's grandmother dies, oops).

    Cinderella is one I hope my someday little girls will grow up with, I love that movie.

    Haha, your Bright Star description is hilarious. I haven't seen it, and I guess probably won't.

    1. Oh my gosh, same! I always called them 'Heidi braids' too! Still do. :-P I haven't seen it recently either; I should. :-)

  5. I really love this post Naomi!! Spring is my favorite season and I really love period dramas. So this post is perfect.

    All of your descriptions are so spot on.


  6. This is such a gorgeous, "springful" post! I'm here in Australia where it's technically Autumn, but the weather is so lovely and it feels like spring most days, so it felt right reading this sunny list and thinking of all those gorgeous blossomy films ^_^ I agree with them all! (of the ones I've seen :) I always watch that Emma in Summer because it's just so golden and floral and gorgeous! I usually re-read (and watch :) Anne of Green Gables in Autumn because that's when I first read it, so it's nostalgic for me, but it IS so very Spring-like for a lot of it and it's perfect for then too!

    I'm obsessed with doing everything "seasonally" - reading certain books, listening to certain music, etc. - so I adored this post :D

  7. You're making me want to watch that Heidi again! I always loved her red spotted dress.

    1. Oh my, I loved that dress too. I loved her entire wardrobe.

  8. I KNOW ALL THESE MOVIES!! (Except "Bright Star", of course, but then ignorance with regards to that is a good thing, right? ;))

    Yeah, there's definitely a lot of winter in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but that Spring song and all the brightly colored costumes and everything totally turns it into a Spring-like movie. It just does. :)

    Pride and Prejudice 1995. ALWAYS.

    So true what you said about Cinderella. And that picture is just about the best picture you could have chosen for this. Spring vibes all over it. I love their flowered dresses!! :D

  9. SPRING. <3

    My mom and I are actually watching P&P '95 right now. :) It is DEFINITELY a springtime movie.

  10. YES it's spring!!!
    1. I totally agree. All the pastel-y colors and the strawberry picking and all--yes.
    2. Oooh, yes, for sure!!
    3. It's been forever since I've seen Heidi!
    4. YES, P&P is the best movie ever!!! And I agree that it's spring-y. I thought of it when I saw your title...but then, like you, I would put it on any list of period dramas. Hahaha.
    6. Yes, for sure!!! And the butterflies and all!!! So sweet and spring-like.
    7. Yes, I agree about AoGG!! Perfect.

    Love this post!!! Spring is here!!

  11. It's funny you said that about Beauty and the Beast, because I watched it last weekend and it really made me think of SPRING, not winter . . . I mean, sure, there's a lot of winter in it; but the main theme is about winter-turning-to-spring and so my lasting impressions were all of springtime and flowers. Anywho.

    GREAT film, by the way. You're going to love it so much.

  12. This post is such a gem. :) It's right up my alley and I loved it and it was so nice to read. :)


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