Debunking 'Deep Inspirational Quotes'

(Dr Suess' quotes are good. Even I will admit.)

Why do you bake cookies and cook bacon? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Hello readers. I hope your day is fine and dandy. If it is and you feel ready for it to be less dandy read a WW1 romance novel and your heart may be crushed for the following week. (Rilla of Ingleside by LMM or Remembrance by Theresa Breslin are two I would advise.)

Today I'm going to look up "deep inspirational quotes" - (you know, those phrases that teenage girls put in their instagram caption to appear very philosophical and inspirational when they really just took it off pinterest and added an emoji like ๐Ÿ’žor ✨ or ❣ in an attempt to appear creative) - on Google images and I'm going to make them ridiculous. (I know. It's really cruel of me. But I rather enjoy it. It is the Adler Davidson in me.)

Do not take this post too seriously. It is supposed to be all in good fun. (Can I just say how nice you all are? You are all good sports. Hate comments are not a thing here.) (I don't write posts about Narnia anymore.)

"I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead."

Okay, this one is stupid. What if you're looking for a slice of pizza? Is the advice you give me become a pizza?! Seriously. Dude. No. If you want a good life, you can't just magically BECOME A GOOD LIFE. You have to go and look for it. You have to go and earn money or go and make continued attempts to be a good and kind person. That's called looking and searching.

Replace this quote with: "Seek and you shall find. (Matthew 7:6)"

"Old ways won't open new doors."

My way of opening doors is reaching the door handle and pushing it down while simultaneously pulling it open. It's the old way and it always works. (Of course, some new doors just slide open.)

"Ahh but it's a metaph" - oh of course of course. But still. Sometimes old ways are good. What if you've always been a punctual person? That's good. That may well give you new opportunities. DON'T CHANGE THAT OLD WAY.

"Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting."

Plagiarising a turn of phrase from Matthew 5, I see. Only, it's not plagiarism because this one is silly. That is, I am genuinely confused. What is so good about giving without remembering and taking without forgetting? Remembering what? Forgetting what? The object? I remember giving my sister a present yesterday for her birthday. That does not mean I am all fluffy and prideful about it. I simply remember it. Apparently I am cursed.

"Only dead fish go with the flow."

It's okay. I'm not dead. And I'm not a fish. And even if I was, going with the flow isn't always a bad thing.

(Also, only black pictures and with white words get into google images.) (Hypocrite.)

"It's not about getting a chance, it's about taking a chance."

But dude, how can you TAKE it when you don't GET it? Like, right now, I don't have a chance to eat pizza, so I can't take pizza. There is no pizza. However, I do get a chance tonight because we're going to order some. So dere. It's all about getting a chance, bro.

(Looking forward to the pizza, btw. The pizza I will GET and then TAKE.) (Or whatever.) (Ugh.)

"To heal a wound you need to stop touching it."

Actually, you need to disinfect it, bandage it, press it, and do all sorts of things for a wound to heal properly.

(I'm not even a physician and I know that.)

"If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it."

We're back with the black-background-white-wording, I see. It's so inspirational to see people be different.

Okay so this quote is a good piece of advice in some situations but in many situations it is not. What if my baby sister wants to be the first toddler to visit the moon? What if that's all she thinks about? All her work won't change a thing. (No offence, sis.)

"I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, eating your favorite decadent desserts and traveling a lot."

According to this quote millions of people do not have a life. 

I think life is a whole lot deeper than that, Palermo. I wish you knew about it. (Man these quotes are missing out on Jesus. It's honestly quite sad.) (Life is about shopping?! No.) (Basically this quote is saying life is about money and also a hot bae for the instagram pics.)

"Let your smile change the world but don't let the world change your smile."

OHH CLEVER CLEVER CLEVER A REVERSE PHRASING QUOTE THAT'S SO CLEVER. (These capital letters you just read were sarcastically inclined, by the way.)

Also, I doubt a smile could change the world. Smiles merely bare teeth and sometimes they don't even do that. Actions are more likely to produce some kind of change. So do something. (And honestly, if the world doesn't change your smile sometimes, I'm worried for you. The world has some horrid things going on. Stop smiling for a second and pray.)

"Maybe life isn't about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it's about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it."


 Avoiding bruises still sounds like a solid thing to do though.

"One day or day one. You decide."

One day. I decided.

(Okay, I actually kind of like this one. Got to say.)

"Life is short. Break the Rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss SLOWLY. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret ANYTHING that makes you smile."

Mark Twain hated Pride and Prejudice, so I knew I couldn't trust him. This is stupid life advice. BREAK THE RULES? You want me to go and rob a bank, dude? You want me to go and do drugs because it'll make me laugh uncontrollably? NO.

(Sometimes you have to regret things that you laughed at before. Be mature.) (And P&P is a good book. So shut up.)

"Don't forget to live before you die."

I won't, but thank you for the reminder that I should do something that is in every way impossible not to do.

This is all for now. I love doing this. :-P (What do you think of these quotes? Would you like me to debunk more?) (ALSO DON'T FORGET TO LIVE.)


  1. Haha, I could TELL you loved doing this. :P

    So, three things:
    1. I think we can all agree Naomi has pizza on her mind. ;P (I'm jealous, though. We had curried fish. Curried fish can't even compete with pizza.)
    2. I'm normally a sucker for these "inspirational quotes" but some just fall flat. All of the above could go into that section, except the last one - I rather like the last one. :D
    3. I did enjoy this. It's the type of sarcastic post I enjoy when I'm feeling grumpy or mad. Haha. Just kidding. I enjoy people debunking senseless things.

    Now I'm going to go to sleep. (IS SLEEPING LIVING???)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. 1. The pizza is eaten. It is no longer in my mind. It was GOOD.
      2. Hahaha, I know, I like some inspirational quotes too but man, I also love making them ridiculous. :-P
      3. Glad you liked it, honey.

      Sleeping is essential to living. duh.

  2. Naomi, Naomi,on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want pizza right now? ;)

    This was pretty cute, dear, especially the Adler Davidson reference. Heehee, I could see the similarity right off ;) You made me smile!


    1. Hahaha, I just ate TONS so right now I don't want any! :-)

      Adler Davidson is my fave. I aspire to be like him when it comes to deep inspirational quotes. Minus the hot dog costume. :-P

  3. "Hate comments are not a thing here. I don't write posts about Narnia anymore."



    I actually think #1 is really sound advice, depending on how you interpret it--"I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead."

    You're definitely right, I think, in one sense--we always have to look for "the light" outside ourselves, because God is the source of light and He's outside us. That's very true. But in another sense, God has given us the responsibility to turn around and actually BE "the light" for the rest of humanity: "You are the light of the world. A city upon a hill cannot be hidden." And, in that sense, we can't look for the light in others. We can't wait for other people to take up the responsibility of being the light of the world. We have to step up and become it. So in that sense, I agree.

    (Sorry. I couldn't help debating just a TINY bit. I'm in a debating mood ;-) )

    1. Of course, #1 IS good sound advice - I get what it was saying. (And I DID think of it from your point of view which I 100% agree with, girl.) I just like making them look ridiculous. Like I said, all in fun. :-P

    2. (Although of course, before we can become a light of Christ, we HAVE to look for it. We can not by any means do it by ourselves.) :-)

    3. Yes. Absolutely. We look for it in God--we just can't look for it in other people.

      (Okay: Random: I just finished a book that made me CRY REALLY HARD, and I haven't done that in years. Not over a book. The last time it happened was "Little Women," and I was like 13. Ten years ago. Like . . . wow.)

    4. (Well don't just NOT tell me what the book is!!!!!)

    5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . sorry!!! "The Chosen," by Chaim Potok. MUST. READ. FOR. EVERY. HUMAN. BEING. IN. THE. WORLD. I kid you not.

  4. Hi Naomi!

    I read you blog all the time but I don't comment. Now I will :)

    Thank you so much for your cheeriness and the fun you put onto the internet. You always are uplifting and encouraging and your posts always brighten my day.

    That's all I wanted to say :)


    1. Awww, Elise, thank you so so much for this! xxxx
      Thank you for commenting... this made my day. :-)

  5. This is fun, my sisters and I loathe "deep" quotes and love to laugh at them, especially those things that show up on Pinterest from the Whisper app. They are feel-good, shallow, self-righteous statements. When trying to be deep, people usually show how shallow they are. That's not supposed to be the aim.

    1. Hahaha, Pinterest has some cringey ones. :-P

  6. Hello Naomi. I was looking through your older blog posts, and I really like your Period Drama Gifs ~ Game. I was wondering if I could use the fifth gif from that post in a gifset. I used a reverse image search to try and find the original to no avail; I also tried to find the scene from what I thought was the correct movie (the 2005 Pride and Prejudice), and also came up with nothing. You would receive credit for the gif.

    1. I don't need any credit; I just found it online! Of course, take it. :-)

  7. Making things look ridiculous is way too much fun!! And you're so good at it, too. This post was awesome! Thanks for making me smile. :D

    I'd like to point all the things that were especially amusing but I'm afraid it would take too long. So just thank you for all the great advice. I'm off to do a lot of traveling, eat a lot of desserts, get a lot of bruises, do everything in a new way and yeah, maybe do some research on the possibility of becoming a pizza. HAHA. ;) Sounds like a delightful existence. :P

    1. I know it and you know it! So glad you liked this, Miss March.
      I know, wouldn't you love to become a pizza? So much fun.

  8. Lovely post Naomi! Enjoyed reading it.

    Beautiful quotes.

  9. Hahahaha This was GREAT Naomi XD

    2. This one made me laugh XD
    6. Yeah don't these quote writers know anything! XD
    8. Oh dear. I don't have a life either :P
    Your last answer cracked me up also! This was fun! I enjoy a good sarcastic post every now and then :D

  10. "It is the Adler Davidson in me." xD This is going to be good....

    I LOVE how you replaced that first quote with a Bible verse.

    That "blessed" one IS confusing. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    Yeah, I don't like bruises, either. :P

    HAHAHA. Your response to Mark Twain! Love it. :D (The never regret anything that makes you smile part....wow.)

    This post was fantastic, Naomi. Great job! You're making Adler proud. :)

  11. Eeeep, I loved this post so much! You are so funny and I love your blogging voice. Also tearing apart the logic of other people is quite fun. I could do it professionally, I think. :)

    Okay, so "old ways won't open new doors"... I GET IT?? Like in theory, I understand that doing the same old, same old not-working-very-well thing isn't going to get you anywhere and you need to stop being stubborn maybe and try something DIFFERENT. BUT I also agree with you!! It's become really popular to be all "out with the old, in with the new" and I think we need to hang on to some of the "old ways" and traditions - they are nice!!!

    I think it should be "to heal a wound, you need to FIRST stop touching it." :)))

    WHOA I LOVED YOUR ANSWER FOR THE SMILE ONE!!! Yasss, let's DO stuff instead of smiling and maybe cry sometimes cuz of the bad stuff, right??

    Yeeeeaaaahhh, that Mark Twain quote is NOT my favorite. I mean, I liked his books, but ew. Don't regret anything that makes you smile?? That's messed up.

    I kiiiiindaa like that last one, but you had a point.

    Thanks so much for such a fun post, Naomi!! And sorry it took me sooooo long to get around to commenting on it!!!

  12. Ha. This post was hilarious, Naomi!!! I enjoy mocking other people's "deep" or "inspirational" sayings as well. We should just be professional mockers, yes?? :)

    Okay so the one about "old ways won't open new doors"... I GET it??? Like in theory, I understand that sometimes doing the same old, same old not-working-very-well thing won't get you anywhere and that you need to maybe stop being so stubborn and try something new. But I also like what you said... It's become really popular to be all like "out with the old, in with the new" but some old things are good and we need to keep them.

    I think that quote was trying to say "to heal a wound you need to FIRST stop touching it." :))))

    WHOA YOUR RESPONSE TO THE SMILING ONE. So true. Let's actually DO something instead of just smiling and also cry occasionally for the things that break our hearts.

    I actually really like the bruises one. :D

    Whoa, Mark Twain! I liked his books, but that quote just grossed me out. Ugh. ANYTHING that makes you smile??? No, sir. Incorrect.

    Bahaha. Kind of like that last one too, but you have a very good point.

    Most of these SOUND good but don't make much sense if you attempt to be literal at all???? :D

    Thanks for a hilarious post, Naomi!!! And sorry it took me so agonizingly long to get around to commenting on it!!


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