8 Mini Stories

Hello readers. I hope you are well on this rainy, haily (if that's not a word now it is :-P), dark, autumn day here in Belgium. I feel like some creative writing challenge, so I'm going to challenge myself and write tiny mini stories based on pictures I found on pinterest. Stories don't have to be long; you can often fit a whole story in just a few words. They're stories. Mini stories. Hope you like them.

Mini Story 1

Her name was Millie and she was my sister. She died when I was seven; she was seventeen. She died falling off her motorbike when she was on holiday with her boyfriend and his sister. She died wearing her favourite summer frock; the white one Mama didn't like her to wear because it was see through if the sun shone from behind her. Mama cried when she died; Daddy sobbed and sobbed. My brother ran away from home for a week because he didn't want me to see him cry. I went to Millie's bedroom and I hugged her pillowcase. It was green with purple flowers. I took it to my bedroom and slept with it.

Mini Story 2

"Why, Sarah, why," Jonie asked. Only, she didn't really ask it. She said it, like she wasn't expecting a solid answer.

"Why what?"

"Why do you want to sit down and eat with me? Why did you buy me food? I literally took your boyfriend away from you."

"I didn't own him," Sarah said. "And it's just chips."

Jonie smiled her beautiful smile. "Chips are good, though."

"And so is Jonathan," Sarah nodded. "I am not blaming you for wanting him. Besides, he prefers you. That is not your fault either."

Suddenly Jonie hated Jonathan for leaving this sweet girl to be with her.

Mini Story 3

Mama always told me I shouldn't pass notes to people in school, but when someone passes you a note, what else can you do but except it? Especially when it's specially written for you. It's not every day that you get a note written for you. The teacher was explaining about African tribes and Christopher Columbus but I stopped listening to her to open the note. 

You're stupid and ugly, it said.

It was the first time someone had written it instead of saying it. Now it was written down, it became a fact.

Mini Story 4

Dear Diary, 

We are married. We got married in the mountains; it was just us two, and Bets and Dorian, and the pastor. Bets took pictures, Dorian played guitar, the pastor married us. Joe and I, we just smiled and smiled. Our cheeks hurt from happiness. Maybe when our parents see how happy we are, they will give in. Maybe they will be okay with us being husband and wife. Maybe one day. But even if they never do, we have each other. And we have these mountains and we have Michael Jackson cd's and a Bible. We will be okay. I am so happy my heart could burst. I must leave; my husband awaits. 

Yours truly, a wife.

Mini Story 5

When you have a crush on your brothers' roommate, you visit your brother often.

"Oh, hey sis," my brother would say.

"Oh, hey bro," I would say, but I would look over his shoulder and look at him. He was always at his desk, writing. Poems, books, pieces of future classic literature. He had a cup of coffee next to him and the radio played orchestral music he couldn't hear because he was so absorbed into his writing. Oh, but he looked so good in his brown waistcoat and messy hair. I was sure I could stare at him for ages.

"You're too obvious," my brother whispered.

"Apparently not," I whispered back. He didn't even look up when I came in anymore.

My brothers' roommate put his pen down and looked at me. "Yes, you are," he said. He was smiling.

Mini Story 6

Where there are large families, there are messy halls. Where there are messy halls, there are plenty of shoes. Where there are halls with plenty of shoes, there are large families. Or, of course, a single lady with an unhealthy obsession with buying shoes.

But when such a single lady comes to live with a large family; then, and only then, things get offhand. If you think your house contains too many shoes, you have not visited the Pickfords. The Pickfords' house was ninety percent shoes, ten percent other. The Pickfords had nine children, their two parents, and now, their jolly aunt Priscilla Pickford. She had two hundred and thirty two pairs of shoes and counting, and Mr Pickford felt suicidal whenever he looked at any single one of them. So one evening, when Priscilla Pickford went out to buy another pair, he held a huge bonfire in the garden with his children. 

They couldn't find any wood for the bonfire, so they elaborated with two hundred and thirty two objects they found lying around in the house. Objects they didn't think they really needed.

Mini Story 7

It had been six years ago since I'd seen her. She had put me out of the house when I was sixteen. "You don't need me to feed ya anymore," she had said. I had asked her, what do I do on my own, and she had said, go find your father. And she had closed the door in my face. I went to my Grandma. My mother didn't even know who my father was; how would I know? I was now both fatherless and motherless. Both didn't want to know me; and that was how it stayed for six long years.

But here she was. I saw her, she was standing at the side of the music floor, looking at the ground in deep thought. I stared at her through all the couples slow dancing between us. My heart beat wild and fast. It was her. The same curly hair. The same thin, white arms. The same dark eyes. Only, she was older; she was sadder. She looked weary.

"Jesus." I prayed. "Jesus, you forgave me. I am going to go to my mum and forgive her."

Mini Story 8

"You know grandma, I've always loved your fridge," Annie smiled.

"You mean all the magnets?" Phoebe asked.

"Yes, they're cool. I mean, it looks cool."

"When I was a young girl," Phoebe said, her old hands wrapped around her cup of coffee. "I once made a long journey around the world. I was hopelessly in love with this guy, but because I thought I would never have a chance with him, I went on this journey to try to forget him. Well, every country I was in, some stranger randomly came up to me and gave me a magnet. When I came back home the next year, it turned out he had given them all to me."

"That is so cute,"Annie gushed.

"It was the sweetest thing someone ever did to me."

"Did you date him?"

"Darling, he's grandpa."

Which Mini Story is your favourite?
(For the record this is so much fun to do. My favourite is 5, because he looks like Gilbert Blythe and you can't go wrong there.)



  1. My favorite is 5, but I also love 6, 7, and 8!

    And... Just wanted to say that I think your blog is really beautiful! =)

  2. I love every single one! Number three and seven being some of my favorites. This is a cool writing prompt Idea. I think I'll have to give it a try(:

  3. 5 is definitely my favorite too. I love this idea, it's great for roadblocks as well as mini stories!



    Loved this post and ugh you're such a good writer can't wait till we read your published novels in zee future:D

    ~Rilla Blythe

  5. I loved these! Especially 8--my favorite--which was so adorable! <3

  6. All of them are amazing!! I. Can't. Choose. One!!


  7. Oh, this is so fun! I love doing things like this... my little sister and I used to get 3 pictures off google images and include all three in a short story and write it for each other. That was always fun. :)

    Yeah, number 5 is my favourite. (Who can not like someone resembling Gilbert Blythe?!)

  8. I loved #1. It was very sad and it spoke to me. I loved it <3

    I also loved #4, the one with the beautiful happy couple :-)

    YOU'RE A GOOD WRITER OKAY. Keep writing so I can keep reading what you write, darlin'.

    1. Thank you <3 I'm quite fond of number one, too.

  9. I love your writing style! The characters come through so strongly even in those tiny excerpts. Think I liked the shoe one best - reminds me of my hallway at home :)

    1. I have nine siblings, so yep it reminds me of my hallway too. :-)

  10. My favourite is 5, but 8 comes close second.
    Your writing is amazing!

  11. Oh my GAAAAAHHHSH. I love, like, all of these. My favorite is maybe 5. Or 4. Or 7. Or 2. Love, love love. Such sweet, sad, and humourous stories.

  12. Yup, 5 was my favorite! (And yes, he does look like Gilbert ;) )

    I liked 6, too. That sounds like it would be a fun story to read.

    Naomi, have you ever done NaNoWriMo? You'd be so great at flash fiction!


    1. No, I have never done NaNoWriMo... I'd love to but I don't have the time unfortunately. 😐

  13. 8 has to be my favorite one-it reminds me of my grandmama that I miss a lot

  14. This post was awesome!! :D

    My favorite mini story? Um, I think I'm gonna have to go with number five...because that one was adorable! *grins* The shoe one was always quite funny. Oh and number 8. SO SWEET!! <3 <3 They were all good, okay?

    Mini story #2: Did you call those things in the picture "chips"? Ahem. Those are french fries, my dear. Heehee. ;) (No but seriously, is "chips" what you call them in Belgium?)


    ~Miss March

    1. Aw thanks ❤

      Haha yes, of course they're chips. You guys with your French fries. *shakes head* :-P

  15. Personally, I'd say No.s 2, 5 and 7, but 5 wins the round for me, too.



  16. I liked Mini story 4 and 5! They were all so cool though. It would be so cool if you compiled a couple hundred or so stories like that in a physical book. I would totally buy it and read it!

  17. I enjoyed them all! I think my fave is #5, but I really liked 1-3 and 8. #3 reminded me of 4th grade. I went through puberty early, (which was very embarrassing) and a girl passed me a note that read-"Maria has big bobs" (spelled wrong). Well, my male teacher saw this and told me to bring the note up front to share with the class. I literally almost died! The whole class cracked up when I read it and I wore a jacket to class every day after :(

  18. These are SO GOOD, Naomi! I especially liked 2 & 3, but I enjoyed reading every one of them. They're all so different. :) Also I love the one with the shoes.

  19. I loved all of these, but yes mini story 5 was my favorite, too!! I loved how he looked up at the end and said "yes, you are." Totally didn't see that coming. xD (And looking like Gilbert Blythe is alllways a plus. :P)

  20. Ah, Naomi! I just got around to reading this; I love this post so much I think I will cry. :)
    I know I'm such a troll, but I have a lot of thoughts, so do bear with me as I ramble in your esteemed comment section.
    Story 1:
    So sweet. And sad. But I like it like that. Life is not much different.

    Story 2:
    I AM SO AMUSED THAT YOU GUYS CALL FRIES 'CHIPS'. It is simply adorable. I love it.

    Story 3:
    Oh, oh oh. *shakes head* So real and raw. *wipes away melodramatic tears*

    Story 4:
    Oh, the excitement of being married. Not that I would know. I am but a single unmarried peasant.

    Story 5:
    THIS ONE IS SO ADORABLE AND CUTE AND SWEET. And I want this to be a whole book. Please. There now, you have your orders. WRITE IT FOR ME.
    (p.s. YES, it does look like Gilbert. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw it. :)

    Story 6:
    And what a bonfire I'm sure it was.

    Story 7:
    *sniff* I always pictured that pin differently; but I like your interpretation of it. It is quite sweet. #hooray for pins

    Story 8:
    Aw. Grandpa. :) How sweet. I know my fridge is covered with magnets; but no such romantic story brought them there. More like a junk-collecting family.

    I love your writing style! My dear, I hope you write heaps of books one day. I would buy all of your books to completely and utterly devour them.
    I like this idea for a post too. I've been trying to think of a story-related post for my own blog lately, because I haven't done one in so long.
    Would you mind greatly if I were to perhaps take inspiration from your idea? It would take me awhile to write it though, I'm sure.

    Anyways. Sorry it took me so long to comment!
    I hope you are doing well. :)

  21. Do I have to pick a favorite?
    Well, then...since I have to...No. 5. Definitely. Nos. 6 and 8 come close, though. And this has given me ideas, if you don't mind my blatantly stealing them :)

  22. I love flash fiction! I just stumbled across your blog and it's sooooo pretty!!

    I love the first three best! Can't choose. Maybe #3. shoes one is cute, too. #5 made me laugh, love it!



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