Favourite and Least Favourite Scenes in my Favourite Movies

So sweet!!!

Today I'm going to talk about my favourite and least favourite scenes in favourite movies of mine. So here goes...

Pride and Prejudice 1995
As you all know, this is my all-time-favourite-movie (and it will always be!) so it's very hard (very hard indeed!) to choose a least-favourite scene, because you see, I just love them all!
Choosing a favourite scene is easier...

And... er... is your family in good health?
The scene where Lizzy realises that Mr Darcy is a normal man. The scene where we all have to love Mr Darcy.
Or any ball scene...
Don't you wish we still had balls?
But to choose a least favourite scene? Well maybe the scenes with Caroline Bingley. Heehee, yes she's so annoying.
Emma 2009
I just love this move! There are so many lovely scenes and again it's so hard to choose! So I've picked two favourites...
Emma and Mr Knightley kiss

Their lovely dance
I basically like all the scenes with Mr Knightly :P My least favourite scene is the scene where Frank Churchill puts his head on Emma's lap. It really annoys me when he does that! What on EARTH does he think he's doing?
Downton Abbey
Choosing a favourite was the easiest thing in the world!
A proposal in the snow... could it be more romantic?
I just adoooore that scene *dreamy sigh* I do feel sorry for Mary with her bare shoulders in the snow. Must be cold. But of course, Matthew's presence made that problem nothing. Oh Matthew! Why did you have to die!!!
A least favourite scene?
Any scene with Thomas. :-) Or the scene where Matthew dies. Oh I hate that scene!
Oh yes... here's another lovely Mary and Matthew scene... their wedding!
Here comes the bride...
Wives and Daughters
Ah it is easy to pick a favourite scene. The proposal in the rain. Normally I'm not for over romanticising scenes (*thinks of P&P05 rain scene*) but here it's just sweet.
I'm singin' in the rain!
And my least favourite scene is the one where Mrs Hamely or Osborne dies. That's just too sad.
I love the Sophie Hutton and Dr Harrison scenes and I also love the cow scene. It's just so funny.

And my least favourite scene is the amputation scene *closes eyes firmly till scene is over*
North and South
I am sorry to say that I have quite a lot of 'least favourite' scenes in this movie. You see there are seven deaths in this movie and I don't like scenes with deaths in them. My least favourite scene of all is the Boucher death scene. Not that I have ever seen it. I always close my eyes firmly when that part comes (or my dad stands in front of screen).
But I like the scene where Mr Thornton and Margaret finally shake hands:
Learning manners
You're probably surprised that I have not chosen the last scene as my favourite scene. Well I haven't, because it isn't. I think the kiss is a bit- well, it is a bit over the top, isn't it?
Sense and Sensibility
Again, my favourite scene isn't the one people expect. That is, Edward's proposal scene in this case. I like that scene a lot, but what annoys me is Eleanor's crying. To me, it doesn't sound very realistic.
My favourite scene is the 'I wish YOU would stop' scene :)
I wish Miss Pole wouldn't crumple my newsletter!
And my least favourite scene is the scene where Colonel Brandon talks to Elinor about his past and so on. That scene is just a tad boring and joke-less.
The Sound of Music
The hills are alive! (No they aren't)
My least favourite scene is the 'Climb every Mountain' scene. You know, where the Reverend Mother sings. That scene just bores me to death. Sorry.
But as for my favourite scenes.... (there are lots!)
Did you know that Gretl nearly sank in this scene?

Don't we all?


I want Liesl's dress!
So you see, I have lots!
Anne of Green Gables
Well I LOVE that slate scene. Well I do- I can't help it- I think it's funny. Oh and I love it how she writes an E after Ann, which her teacher wrote on the board.

And my least favourite scene... the scene where Matthew dies (I believe I have said that earlier on in this post:) *thinks of all the lovely Matthew's dying in movies*
What is/are your favourite and least favourite scene(s) from your favourite movie?
I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Haha, I love this post!
    I nominated you for the Sunflower award! The details are on my blog. :)

  2. Lovely post, Naomi! :-)

    I absolutely adore that gif of Matthew and Mary! That may be my favorite scene in the entire 2nd season. Or maybe even the entire show. It's soooo romantic. (By the way, I've stolen the picture from you. Just so you know. :-P)

    Yes, that part when Frank puts his head on Emma's lap really annoys me too. WHAT was he THINKING? Talk about historical inaccuracy. Let's hear it for DECORUM, people!

    Yes, I love that scene in S&S when Mr. Palmer says that. :-P You don't like Eleanor's crying in the proposal scene? WHAT?

    By the way, where do you get all these gifs (or as I call them, moving pictures)?

    I enjoyed this muchly, m'dear! :-)


  3. Thanks for commenting ladies!

    Nathalie, thank you so much for nominating me! That's so sweet of you!

    Emma, yes of course you can steal that picture. It's too pretty not to steal :P
    Yes I DO like the proposal scene in S&S, but I think Eleanor's crying is a little bit unrealistic. You know what I mean?
    Well, I just typed in 'Downton Abbey gifs' and clicked on images, and there were lots of them! They're so cute!

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  5. Lovely moments, all of them! The gifs of Mary and Matthew are so darned sweet…*sigh*…

    THANK YOU for pointing that out about N&S! I absolutely love that movie, and all in all I do love that scene, but the kiss is kinda…um, really? I mean...


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