The Blue Castle - A Review

Don't you just love the cover?
I know I'm posting too much, but I'm an enthusiastic beginner, and I have so much I want to talk about. Anyway... here I am... reviewing one of my favourite books... the Blue Castle!!!
This is Montgomery’s only adult book, and I think it’s her best. (I think it's very suitable for children too, although they might not understand a major part of it.)
Many of you might never have read this, and if you haven’t my first message for you is ‘GO NOW AND READ IT’ because, my dear readers, this books is deliciously lovely. (Do you hear me, Emma Jane and Nathalie? Read it!)
Lucy Maud Montgomery is (after Lynn Austin) my favourite writer. Her descriptions of views are filled with the loveliest words- it is a sheer delight to read!
And the plot is amazing too. There are many unexpected twists and turns and the ending made me amazed and practically speechless.
Before I start rambling on about the nice-ness and amazing setting of this book, I shall talk about the normal things one does when reviewing a book.
Another lovely cover. That dress is to die for!
The story-line. Of course. I don’t want to say TOO much- (because I don’t want to spoil it for you when you read it), but I’ll say some things.
Valancy, the main character, (by the way, don’t you just LOVE the name Valancy?) is a twenty-nine year-old lady. The book starts with her twenty-ninth birthday- and oh what a miserable day it is! Valancy has been teased and treated in an embarrassing and childish manner by her mother, cousin and a heap of annoying uncles and aunts for all her life. (ALL the books have annoying uncles and aunts. That’s what books DO. It’s like an ending- in almost all the books they end well.)
We read about Valancy’s miserable childhood and strict rules of her mother. Her life is boring and listless, and has always been so. And on top of that all, Valancy seems to be feeling pain in her heart.
So, without telling her mother, Valancy sneaks of to the doctor, who a few days later send her a most painful and unexpected letter. It tells her that she will soon die. Isn’t that terrible, readers? The poor girl/lady, who has never really lived her life now gets the news that she will die!
But, I’m telling you this, the doctor mixed her with another client. Really, her illness was nothing serious at all.
But Valancy didn’t know this, and she believed that she would be dead in a few months. So she decided to make the next month’s worthwhile and filled with things SHE wanted to do and NOT her uncles and aunts and selfish mother. (You tell ‘em, Valancy!)
So Valancy goes (everyone at home is in hysterics) to be a maid. She earns her own money and buys the first nice clothes she has ever owned in her whole life. A green evening dress with beads, a crinkled little hat to match and a foolish beribboned and belaced nightgown. (I just love the paragraph where Montgomery describes her clothes.)
I have always imagined that dress like this one: (but then in green of course)
I love this dress!
It’s set in the Downton Abbey time! (Emma Jane wants to read it now!)
Anyway- back to the story- Valancy wants to make it REALLY worthwhile and she asks a man called Barney Snaith (again, such a special name) who has a bad reputation in town (but Valancy knows he has a good heart) to marry her. Yes she asked him.
They marry- Valancy’s annoying uncles and aunts and mother are in over hysterics now. I love reading these parts- and live in a little house which Valancy calls her ‘Blue Castle’.
That’s all I can say… the rest you must read for yourself.
Someone should make a movie of this book! It’s would be so lovely! I think Laura Carmichael (Edith) would be suitable for Valancy. Valancy is not supposed to be a stunning beauty, but she’s supposed to be sweet-looking. And I think the make-up artists could make Laura look 29, don’t you? What do you think, fellow Blue Castle fans?
So… I just love this book and I highly recommend it! If you want to order a copy… click here.



  1. Oooohhhh yes!!! I loooove Blue Castle!!! (Though, like I said, I have to be careful not to read it too much or some of it starts coloring my attitudes too much. ;-)) But I love the atmosphere! And the core of it: how Valancy begins to fully live, entering into the reality and wonder of life - the daily glory and beauty of it. :-)

    And then there's Barney...but I probably shouldn't get started on Barney. :-) His fly-away, mismatched eyebrows...and his whimsical smile...and his delightful humor...and his knack of saying things without saying anything at all...and his-well, occupation-what he actually does in his study all day :-) (not to give any spoilers :-)). He's right up among my top five favorite heroes-along with Darcy and Aragorn and Faramir and George Bevan (from Wodehouse). :-)

    "Ever dream of ballooning?"

    "Piffle, said Barney."

    "I only asked out of curiosity." ... "Then I won't tell you. I never satisfy curiosity."

    "That sounds John Fosterish" ... "What have I done that deserved a slam like that?"

    Okay, all right. I could go on indefinitely, but I'll pull myself to a stop. :-) I'm just completely thrilled to have found another completely thrilled Blue Castle fan!! :-)

  2. Emma Jane wants to read it now. :-)

    Ohhh, this book sounds soooo good! I never knew the story at all before, so thank you for giving a nice summary of it. It sounds very unique and charming. I am definitely putting this on my to-read list.

    I looooove that second cover! The dress is SO gorgeous.

  3. Heidi,
    Oooh! It's sooo nice to find a Blue Casrle fan! I just love all those quotes! I'm so familiar with all of them!
    Yes, I just adore Barney! His tawny hair and whimsical smile.... ah!
    ... oh you sweet little thing! Sometimes I think you're just too good to be real....
    I could go on quoting for a long time! Thanks for your lovely comment!

    heehee, yes I hope you didn't mind me saying that ;-)
    Yes I know! Isn't the second cover gorgeous! Although Valancy doesn't have a pink dress in the book :-)

  4. Hahaha, I will, I will! I only wished my library has it....I'll have to wait to find it from Goodwill bookstore (where I get 80% of my books).

  5. Nathalie, I know how it feels to want to read/watch something but can't get hold of it... it's so annoying, isn't it!!

  6. It is!!! :) It's definitely one of the most annoying things!

  7. Yes! Some one needs to make a movie of this book.
    And Laura would be perfect!

  8. Heehee. Here I am, 2 years later and I've FINALLY read it. :D


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