5 good movies I have the feeling no-one knows about

#1 Goodbye Mr Chips
First off, we have 'Goodbye Mr Chips' (2002). We watched this movie quite recently, with the whole family, and we adored it. It was one of those movies that just touched my inmost soul. Yeah, I know that sounds Anne-of-Green-Gables-ish, but I am like Anne. And besides, it did touch me in a very personal way. I laughed, I cried. I cried a lot. It's a beautiful, beautiful movie and I'd recommend it to anyone. I truly do not understand why it's so not-famous.
It's about a teacher (Mr Chipping, later nicknamed as 'Mr Chips') who, in the beginning, starts teaching Latin as a fairly young man. Some of his pupils are naughty and bullies, but he has clever tricks and manages to keep order (this is great fun to watch.) He eventually marries a very sweet lady (acted by Victoria Hamilton, who we recognised as Ruby Pearl in Lark Rise and Harriet Foster in P&P95). Together, they both strive against bullying and making the school's attitude a nicer, better one. Mr Chips goes through many trials, including the death of his wife and son, the first world war etc.
Oh it's just epic. Go buy it. Or, you can watch the whole movie here.
My favourite quote:
"Now, we know the Chronicles of the Romans were written by a scribe with first-hand knowledge and experience - to whom do I refer, please gentlemen? Yes Collin? And Collin please do not say like you usually do, 'Well sir, it wasn't me.'"
#2 Treasures of the Snow
Oh, this one will make you cry too. Definitely. The book even makes me cry. I personally think the book is even better than the movie, but the movie is really sweet and heart-rendering. It's suitable for the whole family, and we tend to watch it every year, with Christmas. There's a beautiful Christian message in this story.
The story is about a boy (Lucien) who has never got along well with the neighbour's girl (Annette) and always tease each-other. One day, Lucien finds Annette's little brother picking flowers in the mountains, and, to tease Dani (the little boy) he grabs his kitten and pretends that he'll let him fall over a ravine/cliff. ACCIDENTLY he really lets go of the kitten. Dani resolutely goes climbing down, to get the kitten who's stuck on a rock. Before Lucien can stop him, Dani has fallen down.
Dani will be paralysed for the rest of his life and everyone blames Lucien - everyone dispises him, Annette will never forgive him.
The rest of the story is for you to find out! You can watch the whole movie here.
Oh yes, the music is beautiful and the scenery priceless. The actors could be better, but it's an adorable movie all in all. Highly recommended!
#3 Just William
Some of you may have read my review here.
If you haven't - well, this movie is funny. Not dramatic or emotional and not the best movie in the world, but it will really cheer you up. The adventures and stupid things William does are hilarious. It's... just William.
#4 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
I have to admit this is not my favourite movie, but I have seen it more than twice so it can't be that bad. No, I do like it. It's great fun, and there are some adorable costumes and very quotable lines. Again, this is not an emotional movie. If you looking for a good cry, you should watch the first two of my list. If you are looking for some sensible humour, choose this one.
Basically what this movie is about, is when 'Flying Machines' came 'in'. It's about this world-wide competition who all go flying a certain distance with their Flying Machines. It's very funny to see all the different countries - this movie does have very strong opinions about countries, and some people might be offended. The American guy though, rest assured, is the hero. There are some GREAT characters in here.
We watched this film with the whole family, and we didn't have to skip any scenes. There is however, talking of unsuitable stuff, but it's over in a jiffy. I'd not say it's high on my favourites list, but it's an enjoyable watch.
Favourite quotes:
As I said, this movie is very, very quotable.
American chap: "You punched me when I wasn't looking."
British chap: "My dear fellow, if you continue to pursue a certain party I shall take the greatest pleasure in punching you when you are looking."
American chap: "Well, you are going to have your hands full, because I'm going to marry that certain party."
British chap: "Well, I'm afraid that's going to be rather awkward old chap, because I'm going to marry her also."
"Got a cold, Guv'nor?" (asking someone who's just been punched on the nose/ This is another punch- yes there are some :)
"Buzz off, Courtney!"
(After someone just kissed his daughter.) "That's the problem with these international affairs - they attract foreigners."
"No more flying!"
"Yes, father."
"And no more riding motor cycles!"
"Yes father."
"And that includes the one you keep hiding in the garden shed."

#5 Berkeley Square

And last but certainly not least, we have the Mini-Series (it has 10 episodes) called Berkeley Square, which we are currently watching. As we are only on episode three, I can perhaps not make a proper judgement. But judging from the three first episodes, this must be one of my favourite films ever. It's really, really good. Why has no-one heard of this?
It's basically about three very different ladies all coming to work in Berkeley Square (which is a road, not one house).
One, Matty Wickham, is kind, generous, but sensible. The scenes involving her are probably my favourites, because I think she's terribly sweet. She looks after three children (one is a baby), two of them, Thomas and Harriet, getting the most screen-views. Lydia Weston is generous, but very naïve. She comes from a large farmer-family, and loves adapting to city life. Finally, we have poor Hannah Randall, a single woman with a baby (we don't here much about it- so far scenes have been suitable), trying to keep that a secret. She looks after a very sweet boy during the day time, and often sneaks away during the night to look upon her secret baby, who's under the care of a kind, old Polish lady.
 All the episodes are available on Youtube. Happy watching!

Have you heard of these?
Have you see them?

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  1. The only one I've seen on this list is Just William. I love it! It's so funny and we also have quite a few of the books and enjoy listening to the audiobooks as well. :) You could say we quite like the William stories. :)
    Goodbye Mr. Chips looks very interesting! :)

  2. I LOVE your new header! I just noticed it. It wasn't on the poll was it? I think it's my favorite so far!
    We've seen Treasure in the Snow a few times a long time ago, but I don't really remember it. Berkely Square and Goodbye, Mr. Chips both look really good, and the other two look really funny. We'll have to watch them sometime.
    Btw, I've been liking your signatures lately. Btw, I don't usually use such modern abbreviations, I don't know why I did today.:)

  3. I haven't seen any of these, but I have read Treasures in the Snow. I love Patricia St. John's books! These Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines looks really good too!

    P.S. Your comment about the American being the hero made me laugh :D

  4. My mom and I just started watching "Berkley Square"! I love it though there are a few not so good scenes :/ I wish there were more than 10 episodes (We are on #8)

    I have seen "Treasures in the Snow" but can't remember it a lot as its been a long time.

    The other ones you put up look really good! I'm always looking for something new to watch :)


  5. Vellvin,
    Yes, Just William is very funny ideed. The books are too-- I really like them as well. :-)

    No- this new header wasn't on the poll. I wan't totally happy with my previous one and I decided to make a new one. :)
    Haha - that comment about 'btw' made me chuckle. It's nice to have you commenting again, Sadie!

    Yes I think you'd like Those Magnificent Men - it's an older movie, and I know you like those.

    Oh dear- thanks for the warning. Do they come up really unexpected or is it fairly easy to see when they arrive?
    Thanks! I'm glad this was useful.

    ~ Naomi

  6. Naomi,

    No, they don't come very unexpected :)

  7. I watched Berkeley Square last year and enjoyed it very much! I always like adaptations about servants and their employees.

    I indeed haven't heard about the other movies, but I'll put Goodbye, Mr Chips on my list. It looks like a really interesting story with good actors too

  8. I've heard of most of these... But I have definitely seen 'Just William', and although it didn't have quite the right tone (The books were too good), and the theme tune got a bit irritating, I really enjoyed it. :)
    Please write about 'Berkeley Square'! It has been on my to-see list for a while now!!! :)

  9. The only one of these I've seen is Goodbye Mr. Chips. Such a good movie!
    There's also a 1939 version with Greer Garson in it. Have you seen that one?


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