My favourite Emma09 scenes

My posts 'favourite P&P95 scenes' seemed quite popular last week, and one of my lovely commenters suggested I'd do a post of my favourite Emma 2009 scenes. What a good idea, I said. :-)
As with Pride and Prejudice, I basically adore every single scene of this movie. But of course, there are some particularly personal favourites. Be warned though, I will gush a lot during this post. And mention the word 'love' a lot. Because yeah, I love Emma 2009.

Knightley: I've always thought it a bad friendship for you, Emma. But now that I think of it, I think it is worse for Miss Smith. Men of sense do not want silly wives. And most men of family will be afraid of the disgrace that they get caught up in if and when the mystery of her parentage is revealed. You let her marry Robert Martin, she's respectable and happy for ever. Set her sights higher, she may end up at Mrs Goddard's for the rest of her life.
Emma: We think so differently about this, I think we should stop talking about it. And as for my letting her marry Robert Martin, it is impossible. Harriet has refused him. She must abide by her decision. I do not pretend to have that much influence, just a little. But really, his appearance was so much against him and his manner so bad that if she ever were disposed to favour him, she certainly doesn't now.
Knightley: What nonsense.
Emma: I really think it is time for tea and yet it has not appeared. Do you think I should call Father in?
Knightley: Well, I suppose it is no great loss - for Mr Martin, that is. He will get over her soon, I hope. But I know that your love of matchmaking means that you are more to do with this than you so modestly deny.
Emma: That is the real reason you are annoyed.
Knightley: I gave my advice and you gave yours, but it was mine that prevailed and you do not want to admit it.
Emma: I am so pleased you have come back, for we will always be friends.
Knightley: I came back to say this, Emma. As you make no secret of your matchmaking, I assume that you would not have taken this drastic step unless you had another suitor in mind. And as a friend, I will just hint to you that if Elton is the chosen man, Elton will not do. He knows he is a very handsome young man and will never marry cheaply. I've heard him speak with great animation of a large family of young ladies who all have 20,000 apiece. Harriet and Robert are not your playthings, your dolls, to be told what to do and to marry under the table at your bidding. They're flesh and blood! And one day, you will bitterly regret your meddling.

The Argument scene. Why do I love this scene so much? Emma's beautiful dress? Partly. Mr Knightley so awesomely angry? Partly. The pretty wallpaper and flower bouquet? Partly. The fact that those two have such interesting arguments? Yes. Partly. This scene is just a joy to watch! I love it!!! :-D
Knightley: There you are!
Emma: Oh, you are angry with me?
Knightley: With you? No. Why would I be?
Emma: I thought you had a look about you to scold me, as you used to.
Knightley: Oh. Time, Emma, will heal the wound. Abominable scoundrel! They will soon be gone to Yorkshire. I feel sorry for her!
Emma: You are talking of Mr Churchill and Miss Fairfax?
Knightley: Mmm.
Emma: I, er I must put the record straight. You are mistaken if you feel I am in need of your compassion. No, honestly. I was blind to their attachment, and I blush when I think of some of the things that I said and did but please believe me when I say that I have no other reason to regret I did not know their secret earlier.
Knightley: I have to confess, I was not quite sure how far you were entangled. However small your regard, he did not deserve it. He is a disgrace to the name of man.
Emma: I am ashamed of my conduct. My vanity was flattered. When he first came back, I thought I was attracted to him, but I have been examining the workings of my heart and I can, truly, say this. He has taken advantage of me but he has not injured me.
Knightley: Frank Churchill is a fortunate man. He finds an ideal mate, his aunt is in the way, his aunt dies. He has used everybody badly, yet they are all desperate to forgive him.
Emma: You speak as though you envied him.
Knightley: I do envy him, Emma. His secret is out at least. You will not ask me my secret? Yes, you are wise, but I cannot be, - so I must tell you.
Emma: - No, please, don't tell me! Take a little time to think of what you are going to say. For once said, it cannot be unsaid!
Knightley: I will obey you.
Emma: Wait. Wait! Please, stop! I am sorry. We are old friends. I will hear anything you want about anyone. And I will tell you exactly what I think, as your friend.
Knightley: I don't – Friends indeed! I do want you to be honest. So, tell me. Have I no chance of succeeding? My dearest Emma! For that is what you always have been, and you always will be – My most beloved Emma. I cannot make speeches. If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more. But you know what I am. I have lectured you and scolded you and you have borne it as no other woman would have.
Emma: Can this be true?
Knightley: You'll get nothing but the truth from me. So tell me what you think.
Emma: I find I do not know what to think.

The Proposal scene // The AWESOMEST scene ever!!! I have to scream. I just have to. Let me scream. AHHHHH. There, I feel better now. This scene. is. just. SOOOO filled with gooey cuteness and adorbsness and... I have to scream again. I can't tell you how much I love this scene! I can quote it practically line by line. My favourite part is, of course, when Mr Knightley does his famous 'If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more', and I also love when he says, 'Yes, I do envy him - Emma.' The way he adds her name to the end of the sentence makes me literally MELT. This couple is zee sweetest ever!!!
Harriet: Oh it is a riddle!
Emma: Exactly, a love poem. He said it was to add to our collection, but I think we can guess it relates to his regard for you. I must say, I do wonder it has taken him so long to make his feelings known.

"My first displays the wealth and pomp of kings."
"Another view of man, my second brings, the monarch of the seas."
"Thy ready wit the word will soon supply."
"Oh, dear, I can't decipher."

Well, well, look here. "The wealth and pomp of kings." "Kings", what does that suggest? Perhaps court? The monarch of the seas. "Seas"? Maybe a ship? Ship? Court?
Harriet: Ship-court! Is that it?
Emma: Try again. What might "ship" and "court" signify?

Harriet: No. Courtship!

Emma: Courtship. See here, and here.

Ship-court scene. It's just so funny. Harriet is seriously a little empty in the head, don't you think? But it makes a funny scene. I always have to giggle when I think about it!
Knightley: If only you were as sensible with those outside the family and not subject them to your fancy, we would never disagree.
Emma: Ah, of course, and I am always in the wrong.

Knightley: Well, I was your considerable superior in years when you were the age of little Emma here.

Emma: And I am sure that you were by far my superior in judgement when I was. But surely we have grown closer in judgement as the years have passed? Well, I had the advantage of not being a pretty woman and a spoilt child.

Knightley: Come, let's be friends, hmm? And say no more about it. Tell your aunt, little Emma, not to renew old grievances.

Emma: Very true, little one. Grow up to be a far better woman than your aunt. Be infinitely cleverer and not so conceited.

The baby scene is another Emma/Knightley one that just makes me melt. These two are just such an adorable couple!!! And I love how they both coo at their little niece... I have the feeling both of them are thinking of their own family in the future... you know, it's just so... ah love it.
Knightley: Who will you dance with?
Emma: Why, you, if you will ask me?
Knightley: Will you dance, dear Emma?

The Dance Scene. Again, absolutely overflowing with gorgeous sweetness, this scene is. 'Will you dance, dear Emma?' AWWWW. And then they dance... and you feel the tension between them. This is like their first romantic-ish scene and it's SO SWEET.
 Basically, all the scenes with Mr Knightley are my favourites... and all the other ones are my favourites too. Heehee. Yes, I love this movie sooo much!
What are your favourite Emma 2009 scenes?
Are they mentioned in in this post?


  1. Kindred. Spirits. (But then you knew that already, right???? ;)) LOVED this post Naomi, dear!!!!!!! :) :) And oh, you've made me want to see it again very soon. ;)

  2. Naomi, you have done it again! Loved everything in this post!

    I have another one to add on my favorite scenes (though I LOVE every scene in the movie)

    . When Mr. Knightley is walking through his house and he thinks back to him and Emma dancing. (melts my heart every time!)

    Love the argument scene! Everything in it is perfection.

    Emma's facial expressions are just priceless!

    In short...I love everything about the movie :)

  3. Ooh I just LOVE these scenes! I also love any scene with Emma's father, he's the perfect mix of adorableness and humor. :)

  4. Awww! I recently watched this movie for the first time, and I loved it!


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