Ten random little things I like about 'The Sound of Music.'

The Sound of Music? One, if not THE, my favourite musical. I love basically everything about it. I won't mention the music, the scenery, the lack of bad words... blah. Those come naturally. In this post I'm going to share with you ten random little things I like about the Sound of Music (as you might have gathered from the title.) Ten things which you might not have thought about. Just. I'm curious to see whether you happen to like these ten little things too.
Coincidences and 'hey-I-thought-I-was-the-only-one's' happen a lot in the blogging world, I've recently noticed. Especially at my confessions blog, haha. I love the blogging world. It's far more interesting than the real world, I think. There's something really mysterious and, I don't know, weird, about it.
At Christmastime, we always rewatch 'The Sound of Music.' This year, we're actually going to do it on Christmas day. I made this post to get me in the mood. :-)

Georg's LOOK.
When he realises those children on the trees were actually his children.
 I love Kurt's snicker in this scene.

He's like, 'Heehee. Oops! My dad found us singing like lunatics and now he's going to be really angry! Gosh, this will make a nice scene! Fraulein Maria will conquer him. Ha, this is fun. Oops, I have to change my giggle into a cough so that my dad won't notice. Ahhhhem.'
This place.
This is my favourite spot in the whole movie. It's by no means my favourite scene, and definitely not my favourite song, but the spot... I ADORE IT. I love it more than the pretty glass house and the romantic lake, and the hills and the So-Do-La-Fa-Mi-Do-Re bridge (oh come on, you know what I mean) and any place in the movie. That spot has captured my heart. Simply, naturally, beautiful. And I love the way Maria walks through it.
Talking about this scene, I personally thing 'The Hills are Alive' is a... well, yes - boring song. I used to like it much more than I do now, but it's seriously wearing off me. When she ends her song with, 'And I'll sing... once more...' I'm like, 'No. I've had enough.' I guess that's what you get when you watch a movie every single year at least once.

I think the Edelweiss bouquet Gretl gives the Baroness is so pretty. :-)
The Captain and Maria as a couple.
I won't pretend this is my favourite couple ever, because honestly, there's Darcy and Lizzy, Emma and Kightley, Amy and Arthur and all those priceless ones, but Georg and Maria together as husband and wife is just so gorgeous and cute and lovely and melting.
I love how they compliment each other -- Georg makes a serious, more-sensible person of Maria, and Maria makes a funny and more-cheerful person of Georg. Adorable couple, those two!
Liesl's eyes.
When I was I little girl, I adored Liesl's eyes. And eh - I still do. They are just so light and blue and glassy and pretty. GORGEOUS PAIR OF EYES.

Frederich's facial expressions.

Frederich von Trapp - the 'impossible' one - has some lovely and also quite adorable facial expressions. I love his smile... and especially the one he puts on when Gretl does the 'ahhhh' in the scene where she asks why her name is always last, and his almost lovey-dovey look when Maria yodels on. I always look out for them. :-)
Kurt's kiss.
KURT'S KISS. Bwhhahahahaaa.
No seriously, it's hilarious. What is he doing, actually? Kind of lingering near her check with his and not knowing how to approach her's the right way, or what? And... ha, the way the Captain finally tells him that he can run off and play. You know, Kurt never kissed her. :-P
I love that pink lemonade. You know, there's something I love about bright pink drinks. :-)

Maria's blanket.
Honestly, THOSE BLANKETS. Or just blanket, I don't know. It seems to have several layers, but I'm not sure. I don't really care for the goldy colour, but the sinkable, swoonyness of it really makes me jealous! I lurve that blanket.
Of course, I have loads more random little Sound of Music things I just plain enjoy and like rewatching and noticing - these were just the first ones that popped into my head. Do you like these 'things' I mentioned? Are there any other particularly favourite ones? Tell me in the comments, please!


  1. Yay! Randomness, lists, and the Sound of Music- my first obsession :D

    I love the blogging world too! I love finding new people who like the same things I like!

    Hahahaha I hadn't noticed his look before!! I'm dying!!!

    I love the white tree forest too! It's so random! In the middle of that field and all!

    I love Maria's yellow suit in that picture (at least the back of it!), and yes, they are perfect for each other. I love how they rely on each other too!

    I need to watch Friedrich more!!

    The bed looks sooo comfortable!

    I like the nuns when they break the Nazis car. They are like "Forgive us Mother!". It makes me laugh!!

  2. *deeeeeeep breath*

    *Dances around*
    One of my FAVOURITE movies!
    Long comment time!

    Bwhahaha! That get's me every time
    He's like thinking to himself "Yes there are children up a-Wait WHAT?!"

    Hehe, Yes indeed!!

    Oh my! I didn't realise it was Edelweiss!

    I agree fully! I love Georg and Maria!! :D

    Hehhe I love everything!

  3. Ashley,
    Sound of Music- Obsession... sounds like something I have, haha. I know, those white trees are so random... in the middle of all the hills and mountains. I luuurve it. :-)
    Yes, me to! I'm normally not fond of yellow clothes, but she wears that yellow suit magnificently.
    Yes Ashley! Next time you watch TSoM, watch Frederich... he has loads of really cute expressions.
    Oh yes... the nuns and their confession. You can see they're actually not at all sorry, haha.

    I know, at first he doesn't realise those monkeys are his children and then all of a sudden he's... wait a minute...
    I only know those flowers are Edelweiss because the Baroness says it in the scene... otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue.
    I love everything too! :-)

    ~ Naomi

  4. Haha! You must have jumped into my brain or something because even those things that I didn't think anyone else even noticed (like the blanket and Frederich and Leisl's eyes) were the things that you mentioned! :D I also love Maria's turquoise blue dress that she wears when she returns to the Von Trapps. And Leisl's "I am sixteen" dress. You know those scenes in movies that you watch growing up that for no particular reason, you remember more than more popular scenes? Well, the lemonade scene was that for me. The first thing that pops into my head when I think about this movie is, "Not too sweet, not too sour. Just too, ah, pink."

  5. I have always wanted that eiderdown quilt of Maria's. So very much. It looks soooooooooo soft and cushy. I want to lie on it and read books.


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