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I heard of this super cool idea via Anne-girls blog, who said it was going around the blogosphere. And I can see why, because this is just the coolest thing ever. A writing wish-list. Just. What a great idea, peeps! What this is, is you're supposed to write down all the books you want to write in the future (but you haven't started yet). *rubs hands* Let's start!
A modern Little Dorrit
After writing a modern Anne of Green Gables and really enjoying that, I think I shall modernise more classics in the future. After I watched Little Dorrit, and thought I might, one day. It's a lovely story, but it would be a lot of work. But still, I really want to do that one day. 
A really sparkly, pinky, sugary book
I've once attempted this one, but it's really hard, and I only got past two paragraphs when I promptly gave up and started something different. One day I'd like to write a book where every sentence has a sparkly, sugary, pinky, fluffy word in it - where it simply drowns in gorgeousness. You know, a zizzy, zazzy blinky story with bling and glim and everything like that. And with loads of cakes. And luxury. And mirrors. And pink gown with furbelows. And lace frims, and all that.
Something like the screencaps of 'Marie Antoinette' (which I haven't seen, but it looks gorgeous):

A story where childhood friends fall in love
I've always loved that idea, you know. Especially after I watched Emma and Mr Knightley - which is just too adorable for words. Of course, I would need another plot on top of that one, but I'd like that idea in one of my future books somewhere. It's just ADORABLY SQUEEFUL. And then, they look back and remember their childish squabbles and giggle over that together in a romantic way... sigh, how lovely is that?!?
A story about the von Trapp children before Maria came by
Heehee, I've been wanting to do this for quite some time. I once started it, and made Louisa (who's for no particular reason my favourite von Trapp child) the main character. I started off by making her climb up into the current governesses bedroom with a jar of spiders in her hand, haha. Now I don't have that story anymore (lost on laptops - and besides it was very short and badly written) but it's always there, at the back of my head. I'd love to write a book about the von Trapp Children and all their pranks on the governesses.
"You were lucky. With Fraulein Hilda it was a snake."
"I haven't had this much fun since the day we put glue one Fraulein Ogla's toothbrush!"
Mr and Mrs Bennet's love story
THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE. I know it's impossible. Well, it sounds impossible, right? But still, I'd like to try that one day. Now, that would be fun challenge.
A story about a British girl who gets evacuated to America during the Second World War
I love evacuation stories. They really fascinate me. I once read a book which was about a girl who came back from America after being evacuated there for six years, coming home to British as a teenaged girl and finding her real family much different than she had remembered. The book wasn't that good, but the idea fascinates me. I'd love to write a book about an evacuee... firstly, how she copes with leaving, secondly how she copes with her new American Family, and thirdly about going back and coping with the changes in her real family, as an older and more mature girl. I'm going to do this one day, and make it as fat as Gone with the Wind. Wouldn't that be thrilling?

A story about a lady who falls in love with someone, not realising he's a prince
Alright, I must say this idea doesn't originally come from my brain - there's a Christmassy Hallmark movie with that same idea (starring Jane Seymour as the pince's mother, Emma), but still - I want to try this one day. I recently stayed up really late imagining how I would react if I suddenly were as famous as Kate Middleton, and I think it would be fun to write.

This one
I'm not writing this whole one in the title, because long subtitles look plain weird.
It's: 'a story about a young woman who's on her way to visit a random friend, loses her bag which had the money and phone and everything, and is completely lost in the city. She goes to a cold Church and spends the night there. In the morning a young man *cue squeals from the girls, because he looks like Dan Stevens* finds her, almost dead, carries her in his arms *I KNOW, RIGHT* and nurses her to health. He's a perfect gentleman, and she's a perfect lady, and they slowly fall in love.'
Don't steal this idea (or any of these others, thanks (unless it's a really unoriginal one, of course, like 'childhood friends who fall in love'), it's mine and I'm going to use it. Soon. It's just so sweet, even though I say so myself.

Just because.


  1. Lovely ideas! :) These are all the kinds of books that I love to read, you know, the childhood friends fall in love (Anne of Green Gables), the secret prince/princess (have you ever read Arabella by Georgette Heyer? It is sort of like that, a little), and the back stories for the Von Trapps and the Bennets. :D When would the Von Trapp book end? The arrival of Maria or maybe the acceptance of Maria? Or sometime before she arrives? I want that book to exist! :)

  2. My novel has a romance between two childhood friends. :-) It made me happy when I saw that on your list.

    Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's love story. Okay, not even gonna ask. ;-P

    And YES YES YES to the one about the British girl during WWII. Sounds so AMAZING. You must do that someday. Yes, make it even longer than GWTW. And you won't even have to pay me to read it. No, seriously. :-)

    This is a cool idea. I might do it, except for the fact that I like to keep my stories under wraps and all that....you know ALL about my thoughts on that subject. *wink*


  3. Hannah,
    Hey, no I haven't heard of the Georgette Heyer book. I enjoy Heyer, though, so I'll check that one out. Well, I haven't thought about where the von Trapp book would end, seeing as it's just this back-of-my-mind idea. But if I had to decide, it would be when they see Maria first time. And it ends with something like, 'Ah. There's our new governess. Let's see how quickly we'll get rid of *her*.'

    YOUR NOVEL HAS A CHILDHOOD FRIEND ROMANCE!?! Man, I want to read your novel. Please, send me it, or something. Via email, even. I'll bear reading on a screen, for a childhood friend romance, haha.
    Would *you* read the Bennet story? If I ever write it, that is, because yeah -- I don't really know how, heehee.
    I know, I really want to do the evacuee story. After my two current novels, though, which... which... yeah, not for some time yet. Ha.
    Yup, I know your thoughts on that subject. *wink back*

    ~ Naomi

  4. Naomi, great idea! And also, I think you'd like Arabella. :)

  5. Oh, I love these story ideas, Naomi!
    I'd list my favorites but they all sound so good I can't quite decide! :)
    So, I take it you enjoyed Little Dorrit? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

  6. Natalie,
    Thank you!
    Oh my goodness, YES, I enjoyed Little Dorrit! It was completely and utterly amazing. Although I must say it wasn't perfect because of... eh... this certain villain named Blandois. But in the whole, definitely one of my favourites. Thanks for recommending it to me! (together with loads of other people, that is, haha.)

  7. Naomi,
    I'm so glad you liked it!
    But ugh, YES, I totally agree. Blandois is the creepiest villain I've ever seen in a movie! I was SO happy when he died....
    Aren't Arthur and Amy such an adorable couple? They're one of my favorites! :)

  8. Natalie,
    Me too! I was SO relieved when he died!!! I was waiting for his death ever since I saw him, ha. It took quite some time, but he finally did. :-)
    Arthur and Amy - oh my goodness, aren't they SWEET. It's like puddles of love swarm around their heads when they look at each other - they are that adorable. (Huh, weird metaphorical description there.)

  9. Naomi~
    I know! They're just sooo sweet and perfect. Haha, that made me laugh-"puddles of love swarm around their heads.." But it's kind of true! :)
    I did feel bad for poor John though. :( He was really sweet...just not for Amy. I hope he meets a nice sweet girl someday! (Here I am talking as if Little Dorrit just happened in 2014 haha!)


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