My favourite Period Drama Fathers

I haven't done a Period Drama post like this one since last year! *gasp* Anyway, I thought I'd take you through some of my favourite Period Drama Fathers. (And no, it isn't Father's Day here where I live- I just felt like writing this post and therefore I wrote it. My body works that way.)
I know. I like Mr Banks the whole way through, but of course he isn't a good father in the beginning. But in the end... ohmyword, I LURVE how he's such a lovely father in the end. When he goes and flies a kite with a hole in his hat, singing on the street with no ashamedness whatsoever.
Dear Mr Bennet. How you amuse me continuously! Of course, Mr Bennet is Benjamin Whitrow; (I don't need the huge-toothed-pirate from not-P&P, thanks.) Mr Bennet in P&P is hilarious. Honestly, hands down, my favourite character in Pride and Prejudice. And that - you must be aware of - says SO much, because P&P has loads and loads of darling complex characters with interesting personalities. So firstly, let's talk about his character.
He is DRY. (No, of course not in the nappy-sense. Ahhem. Vulgarity is no substitute for wit, Naomi Bennet.) His sense of humour, I mean, is SO ridiculously, hilariously, DRY. Sarcastic, I suppose, that is. Sardonic, sarcastic, humorous, teasing. And he always knows what to say - his Lizzy inherited it from him. This makes practically every syllable he utters part of a one-liner which makes and re-makes people laugh when ever the watch and re-watch him calmly say them. His quotes are therefore Hilarious. My favourite will always be the 'an un-happy alternative' one. If you don't know what I mean about 'the un-happy alternative' one, RE-WATCH P&P. Or you can ask me in the comments and I'll write down the whole quote for you. I know, I'm in a good mood today because it's Saturday.
Also, I know it ain't important, but I love how Mr Bennet looks like. I believe Jane Austen pictured him exactly like Mr Whitrow - twinkly amused eyes, kind of messy hair and a tiny smile always lankering around his thin lips.
Of course, we all know that Mr Bennet isn't the best father in the world - he's kind of not-interested-in-his-children (if her name isn't Lizzy, haha.) But still, I just can't help but love Mr Bennet. He's just an adorable teddy-bear dad. Not at all perfect, takes delight in nerving his wife (is that a verb?) but still, I LOVE HIM. Mr Bennet is definitely one of my favourite Period Drama daddies. (why does blogger put a red squiggly line underneath 'Bennet'? No, blogger. You won't make me spell it with two T's. YOU WILL NEVER CONVINCE ME.)
Poor Nels Oleson.
He has a snickery, bickery, peckery annoying wife who domineers him like a dog, and two children (Nellie and Willie) who never listen to a word he says because his wife spoils them like mad. He's continually embarrassed in front of strangers, as you might imagine. Most of the time, he stays kind and calm -- people know he's 'the good Oleson'. I just love him... he's so sweet and I feel so sorry for him.
He's a good dad --- or would be if it weren't for his wife.
Continuing in Little House on the Prairie, Mr Edwards as a dad... is priceless. In the beginning, one never expects he could be a father, ever, but then he marries, adopts three children, and does SUCH a good job.
Captain von Trapp, when he changes, is such a lovely dad. Of course, always a bit on the strict side, haha, but still - I like him as a father. I love how he mostly remains serious, but sometimes goes and does something funny with the children. Like when he tickles Kurt, and carries Marta. Oh, and in the scene where the children tell him they've been berry-picking... PRICELESS.
The Lionel Logue character is the best character there ever is. You probably won't believe me, but Lionel Logue is one my favourite characters of all.time. He is just such a lovely, kind person. At first people think he's rude, weird, childish, very weird. But he has such a heart of gold. HE IS SUCH A LOVELY CHARACTER. Honestly, how can a worldly character get any better? And of course, Geoffrey Rush acted him so well.
But anyway, talking about him as a father -- he's an amazing dad. The family Logue scenes in the Kings Speech are my personal favourite ones in the movie. His wife is acted by ELIZABETH BENNET (I shall never get over that, I really shan't. It's quite pathetic the way I'm still so excited about that) and his three sons and their relationship with him is quite priceless. For example, how he performs some play for his youngest son and how his middle son, Valentine, behaves more grown up than he. I can't explain how I love the son-father relationship Lionel has. Because you see, he's so childish in some ways, it's like his two oldest sons are more sensible than he. In a sense.
Whatever. I'm brabbling. (I didn't use the word 'rambling.' ;-p) Just watch the video. It's so sweet. I'm sorry about the Spanish subtitles -- but then, you might learn something because of it so I'm not sorry. :-)
So there you have Lionel Logue - probably my favourite Period Drama dad of all time.
What's one of your favourite Period Drama fathers?
Is it on this list?


  1. When is Father's Day where you live? Ours is in June.

    Mr. Banks, yesssss!! He does creep me out a little though :(

    I didn't know Mr. Edwards adopted!!! He must have made a wonderful dad! He's one of my favorite characters!

    Captain von Trapp, yes, everything you said, yes!!

    That video of Lionel Logue was awesome!! I need to watch that movie!!

    I also like Mr. Hale and Mr. Gibson. And Pa from Little House on the Prairie!!!

  2. Yes, Captain von Trap!! I agree:D


  3. Haha! Your thing on Mr. Bennet is really fun! I agree on the big-toothed pirate thing; he isn't the real Mr. Bennet at all! And the "unhappy alternative part" is one of the best in the whole book/movie! :)

  4. I agree with abosutely everything! Now I want to do a post like this on my blog tooooooo. Could I? :-)

    Captain Von Trapp I've always loved and same with Mr Banks. Logue is just epic! Fun fact: Geoffry Rush is my friends uncle. :O

  5. Ashley,
    Yes, I think it might be on the same day as yours. We don't do much for that in our house (not, I hasten to add, because my dad isn't worth celebrating for) so I don't know the exact date. It might be March though, or maybe in June.
    Yes, Mr Edwards marries Grace Synder (the post office women) and they adopt three siblings. HE IS AN ADORABLE WEIRD FATHER. :-P
    Yes dear, watch The Kings Speech. It's such a beautiful movie.
    I like Mr Hale, but I don't really like Mr Gibson that much. And yeah, I'm very strange, but I'm not a 'Pa-fan'. I just don't like the way Charles Ingalls is portrayed in the movie--- although I love Pa in the books.

    I know, right? The Elizabeth and Darcy reunion was just TOO MUCH FOR ME TO BEAR. Aaaaaaaaaa.

    Abby P.,
    I agree. The best P&P part is the unhappy alternative scene. And yay! You don't like the Donald Sutherland Mr Bennet either! I honestly can't understand how some people prefer his performance. :-O

    OH MY GOODNESS YOUR FRIENDS UNCLE IS MY (one of) FAVOURITE MALE ACTOR (s)!!! Oh yes, he's Australian! So you might be able to meet him one day? That would be SO cool!!!! (I would be so jealous, haha)
    Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed this post - yes, do make one of your own! I'd love to read it.

    ~ Naomi

  6. My favorite is probably Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors) from the TV western The Rifleman. He's a single dad raising a young (adorably sweet) son, ranching, and saving the townsfolk of Northfork, TX, whenever necessary. Which is pretty much every week. He's stern but kind, brave, loyal, wise, and wonderful.

    I would also add Matthew Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables. He also never expected to be a father, but made such a kind and wise one.

  7. YES!!! But I think you must add to the list Mr. Gibson in Wives and Daughters, Captain Brown in Cranford, and the hilarious Mr. Woodhouse. :) My favorite on your list is, of course, Mr. Bennet. :D

  8. Yes Naomi!!! I couldn't believe it either! Kate was like oh yeah he's my uncle.. me :O WUT


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