I which I prove that Mr Darcy smiles a lot

We finished watching the annual Pride and Prejudice 1995 this evening. I'm heart-broken. Honestly, I could watch it all again right now. Well, this time, what I noticed was how Mr Darcy keeps on doing those teensy-weensy smiles. Sometimes he barely moves his lips, but his eyes twinkle and that's his smile.

Who ever said Mr Darcy doesn't smile?!! Today I shall prove you wrong.

This took quite some time to put into each other, so enjoy it. :-)


  1. Now I must give one smirk, and then we may be rational again. ;) Such a lovely post, and I'm glad there is someone else out there who realizes that M. Darcy does NOT have a sour expression all the time. I love his little half-smiles!

  2. But...
    He saves the absolute BEST smile for the end. For his bride. :)
    One of my favorite scenes is his gaze at Lizzy while she plays the piano. It's soooooooooo sweet!

  3. Reyna, Haha, yes. I love that Henry Tilney quote. I'm glad you too know that Mr Darcy smiles. =)

    Hannah, I know, and it's SO worth the wait. HE ACTUALLY SHOWS HIS TEETH. Oh, me too - that's just the most lovely gaze ever. *swoons*

    ~ Naomi

  4. Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can truly appreciate the vast amount of time this took.....but it SO needed to be done and I'M SO GLAD YOU DID IT, NAOMI!!!! Thank you!! At last a rebuttal (with evidence) to that frightful rumor floating around!

    Interestingly, the last couple times I saw this, I actually got thinking that if he smiled any more it would make his character too soft....because if you're watching carefully, his eyes are often so pleasant and yes---smiling---even early on in the story.

    So as it stands, I consider it all practical perfection! ;)

  5. Oh dear Heidi! You are very welcome indeed, and thank you for your kind words! It was totally worth the work... I know, right? His eyes smile a lot. I say that he who knows the Darcy smiles a lot, knows Darcy well. :-)
    ~ Naomi

  6. Um, that doesn't really look like a smile to me, but okaaayyyy....


    No, I can see it. Yes, he does smile. He has a very nice smile. And I am sitting here staring and enjoying this collage, because I know it must have taken you a very long time. :-)

    I'm sorry you have to wait a whole year to watch it again! Oh well, that makes it all the more enjoyable. Imagine if you watched it every day. Or maybe you'd like that. *imagines watching Hornblower every day* No, I think it's better this way.


  7. HOW DID I KNOW YOU'D WRITE WHAT YOU WROTE. Hahaha. No really, I just KNEW you'd write something like, 'You call that a smile?'
    But I'm not angry, 'cos you made up for it by admitting that he has a nice smile. :-) Although I personally am capable of thinking of a better adjective to describe it. :-P
    Yes, I knowww. I'm SO sad. Well, well, at least I can scare at screencaps and listen to soundtracks. (No, watching it every day would be a waste of time. Haha.)

    ~ Naomi

  8. Very interesting! I myself prefer the '05 version, but we all enjoy a Mr. D. smile. : )



  9. I always heard (and thought so myself the first time I saw it) that Darcy never smiled until the end but the more I watch it I catch more glimpses of him smiling or just seeing his eyes sparkle.

  10. YES!! Every time I read someone saying, "Colin Firth's portrayal was excellent, except that he didn't smile as much as he does in the book," I want to (almost) scream, "No! He DOES smile throughout the movie! Hasn't anyone ever told you that you CAN smile without showing your teeth? Goodness!" Haha. So well done!

  11. Yay! Love this post! I love that you took the time to point out all the times he DOES smile-and not just with his mouth. Sometimes, his mouth isn't smiling at all but you can see his eyes are. :)
    And oh yes, the smiling at Elizabeth over the piano scene. :) -happy sigh-


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