10 fictional darlings


Olivia tagged me with the '10 favourite Screen Characters Tag'! Thank you, old sport. I'm one of those delightful little creatures that has tons and tons of favourite fictional characters, so, as other people have done before me, I won't pick my ten favourite characters - I'll pick ten of (mark the of) my favourite characters. It'll be fun.

By the way, the first five will be male and the last five will be female. Just, in case you can't see the difference between the two. Or just in case you scroll down and meet only men for awhile and don't understand why there aren't any females - they will come.

#1. Lionel Logue
(Geoffrey Rush, The Kings Speech)

Lionel Logue is Awesome. I just love him. If I had a pick a father of the Period Drama world, I'd pick this one, without a doubt. He's childish. He's funny. He's serious. He's smart. He loves people and he has flaws. He's definitely one of my all-time favourite screen peeps. I want to spend an afternoon with him and give him a big bear hug. I basically want him to exist.

#2. Bertram Wooster
(Hugh Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster)

Ah, Bertie. I have devoted an entire post or more to him, but I had to add him. Because, to be frank, he's that one character that cheers me up and I can never have enough of. He must be so much fun to doodle around with. Just imagine going for a walk with Bertie Wooster at your side - I really want to do that.

#3. Tevye
(Chaim Topol, The Fiddler on the Roof)

What even is Tevye's last name? Or is that it? What is his first name then? It'll always be a misty unknown-ness to me, it seems. Anyway, about him. He's just AMAZINGLY funny and awesome. I just love him. I even love how he shouts and loses his patience after five seconds of waiting and how he mumbles and kicks the chickens. He's just hilarious and one of the best characters, ever.

#4. Roger Hamley
(Anthony Howell, Wives and Daughters)

Roger Hamley is one of my favourite heroes and, to be naomi (well, my name isn't Frank, is it?), I don't understand why more people share my love for him. He did fall for Cynthia, yes. But he felt sorry for it afterwards and he's super kind and sweet and handsome. He can even pull of a beard.

#5. Mr Knightley
(Johnny Lee Miller, Emma)

I did think of adding Mr Palmer in Sense and Sensibilty or Sparkler in Little Dorrit but then I remembered Mr Knightley and all thoughts about the grumpy hilarious Hugh-Laurie-role and the Sparkler-ideas vanished. I LOVE Mr Knightley. Yes, love as in love. He's the kind of man I want to marry one day, if you see what I mean. He's just SO kind and good and wise and so handsome-especially-when-he's-super-angry. He'd also make a really good father, don't you think? He's my favourite hero, period.

#6. Beatrice Potter
(Renee Zellweger, Miss Potter)

I love Miss Potter. Aside from she being a huge animal-lover and me not that huge, I relate to her a lot. We both love to write, we both love to paint and have a super artsy bedroom. She's quirky and special and does things. 

#7. Elizabeth Bennet
(Jennifer Ehle, Pride and Prejudice)

BECAUSE SHE'S AMAZING. How can you not love her? She's just the nicest character. Quick tongue, pretty starry eyes, sweet smile, witty one-liners, kind kind heart. She could be my friend, please. I will never tire of her. Indeed, there is not a tiry bone in her body - one can be entertained by her for hours in succession. Lovely heroine.

#8. The Dowager Countess
(Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey)

Oh my goodness, how can she not be everyone's favourite Downton character? She definitely is mine. She just SUCH a character. I want her to be my Grandma so bad. Is it possible to have three Grandmothers? I want her to be my third. (Want, want.) She's HILARIOUS. Everything she says - every little syllable that whisps out of her body - is hilarious. Her facial expressions are hilarious. And what makes it even more hilarious is the fact that she's the most serious character at the same time.

#9. Melanie Wilkes
(Olivia de Havilland, GONE WITH THE WIND)

She deserves more friends. She loves everyone. She never sees wrong. She's almost soppy. But yet I love this beautiful darling doll. She's so sweet. Olivia de Havilland did her so well. What does annoy me about Melanie is the fact that she so adores that witch-Scarlett. But still, I can't dislike Melanie. She's just a pot of shining gold. I always cry when I read her death scene.

#10. Maria von Trapp
(Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music)

Starting off as a wild, getting-into-trouble, big-hearted, challenge-accepting, problem-solving tomboy. Ending as a mature wife, darling mother, beautiful-smile-owner. I just love Maria von Trapp. She's a lovely nanny and a lovely mother. Exactly what Geog and the children needed, I should say. And she's funny too, isn't she?

Have you seen these movies?
Do you enjoy the same characters as I?


  1. BERTIE!!!! I adore him!!! Sadie and I have recently been watching a lot of videos of Bertie playing his silly songs (including 'Forty-Seven Ginger-Headed Sailors, which I can now sing in its entirety-- you would be proud, dear friend), and now I reeaaaaally want to see more of the show. He's just, the funniest person ever.

    Topol has a first name! Cool. Never knew that. But apparently Tevye doesn't...or Tevye is his first name...you're right, it's confusing. I like it when he's talking to God about his mule being lame. "You give me three daughters...I don't complain! But was this really necessary?" Haha. ;-P

    Oh, Roger. Yes, I share your love of Roger. I sort of forget about him sometimes, but I really do have a special fondness for him. And oh my, can he pull off a beard! (That sounds weird-- pulling off a beard. Like ripping out someone's beard. Oh dear.)

    And Mr. Knightley. OF COURSE.

    The Dowager is legendary. Hey, I want her as my third grandma too. :-)

    Great list! I'm glad you got tagged with this too. :-)


  2. Emma, you can sing 47-sailors!!!! WE MUST SING IT TOGETHER MY DARLING. Isn't it STUPIDLY FUN!!!!!???!!! Yeah, Bertie is just THE funniest person EVUH.

    Oh yeah. How he talks he God. It's funny, although I do think it's a bit disrespectful sometimes. But he really loves God. :-)

    HAHA. I didn't think about it that way. Ripping the beard off. UGH THAT'S WEIRD.

    Well, the Dowager can be our mutual imaginary grandma. That sounds nice, doesn't it?

    Thank you for your lovely comment, Emma? Isn't it funny how you're always the first one to comment on my posts? I love it. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  3. Yay, you did it!:D

    All these characters are fun:D

    Lionel Logue! *sniffle* He's just the best. I love when he's playing Shakespeare with his sons, "That's such a sad thought!"

    I know how you feel about Bertie cheering you up. It's basically impossible to feel down when you're reading those books:D

    Roger's such a sweetheart. I mean, he's an idiot too, but he gets over it, like you said:) (Well, to be naomi…that's funny!)

    I don't really watch Downton Abbey anymore, but I certainly remember the characters, including Granny! She's just epic. "I doubt we shall be seeing each other again." "Do you promise?" XD

    Okay, stopping now:)

  4. Roger Hamley!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! He and Molly are so cute together!! And of course Maria!!

  5. Love Roger Hamley!! He is so sweet to Molly. Though I was disappointed that he went for Cynthia first. Why is it that so many men do that??

    Mr. Knightley!!!! I didn't realize how much I loved Mr. Knightley until I watched Johnny Lee Miller's portrayal of him. He is just so kind, caring, sweet etc…

    And I've always loved Elizabeth Bennett. When I was younger I always wanted to be her when I would take the Jane Austen Quiz. I've gotten over wishing that but she is still great :)

  6. iv'e seen most of these movies and Roger Hamley is THE best!!!

  7. iv'e seen most of these movies and Roger Hamley is THE best!!!

  8. Oh my! Isn't it so hard to decide which favorite characters to include? There are SO many good ones!

    I've seen all the movies you mentioned except Gone with the Wind and Jeeves and Wooster. I'd particuarly like to see the last one. Bertie sounds like a very entertaining character. :)

    As for Mr. Knightly. He is one of my favorite characters, too! And yes, I'm positive he would make a very good father. He's always playing with his nephews and neices. And that scene where he's holding baby Emma! So sweet.

    The Dowager Countess is definitely amusing. You're right, too, it's hilarious how she can be so funny while all the time being so serious! :)

    Lizzie...Maria...you've got a lot of good characters on this list!

    Great post, Naomi!

  9. Well, I haven't seen Lionel or Bertie or Tevye, but I totally agree with Roger and Mr Knightley!

    Roger is one of my all-time favourite heroes because he's so sweet, and yeah, I love him. After all, it was the "hypothetical" Cynthia! :) He and Molly are just perfect - I knew it ever since they met in the garden after her father told her he was getting married. :)

    I have also always loved Mr Knightley - his facial expressions are the most hilarious things. When in their argument Emma says something about Mr Martin, he looks around as if to say "Where? I don't see him!" and we crack up! :) He is also witty (wonderful quotes!) and still nice and kind and serious when he needs to be.

    Miss Potter is indeed a wonderful character - and the fact that she pushed on despite the fact that every one (even her own mother) ridiculed her! She became incredibly famous and still is years later.

    Elizabeth - yes, who doesn't like Elizabeth? She was always my favourite P&P character, mostly because she's the main character, but also because she reminds me a little of myself - again, witty, and sometimes not very tolerant, and liking a good joke! She and Jane (and Laura and Mary Ingalls) remind me of me and my older sister :)

    All I have ever seen of the Dowager was once when Mum was watching and I saw
    Son: blah, blah, work, "And then, I shall always have the weekends."
    Dowager: "What is a weekend?"
    Father: "Perhaps we should talk about this later, I think we're boring the ladies."

    That's how I remember it, anyway. I always thought it was funny how she looked so blank and ignorant "What is a weekend??"

    Ahh, Maria! She's so lovely to the children and really wins over the captain - she's so sweet!

    I think I like most of the characters you do (the ones I know, at least) :)
    and I agree more people should like Roger if they don't already - he's definitely in the top set of my favourite period drama characters (Along with Mr Knightley, Dan Steven's Edward Ferrars, Lizzy, Molly, the Cranford ladies and (if they count) most of the Les Mis characters (MOST, cos who wants to meet the Thenardiers, and who doesn't want to meet the Barricade Boys, right?))

  10. I just saw the King's Speech recently (new favorite :) and I thought Lionel Logue was a simply fantastic character.
    I've seen a few of the movies referenced...Maria, the Dowager Countess, and Elizabeth Bennet are among my favorites too.
    Such a fun, diverse list you have!
    P.S. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

  11. Ahhhh spoilers! I'm reading Gone with the Wind right now! I'm not supposed to know she dies! It's okay though. ;) I'm normally picky about spoilers but I'm not actually that concerned about that one for some reason. :)
    I love your list and your heroes are great picks! I agree with them all! I mean who can match Bertie? He's just so hilarious and Hugh Laurie acts him to perfection!
    And of course Mr. Knightley! Don't we all want to marry a Mr. Knightley? ;)
    And Roger! Yeah he made a mistake with Cynthia but we all did in a way.
    And Tevye! Ahhhh! I could go on and on! Your list makes me happy. :)
    P.S. I'm reconciling myself to your new layout. ;)

  12. Great picks! Lionel Logue was my number one character too.

  13. Hi! I recently found your blog, and I love it! You write really nice posts.
    I really enjoy and agree with the characters you chose.
    Tevye has the best facial expressions! He doesn't have to say anything, and I am already laughing.
    I love the Dowager! She has the best quotes. Would you mind if I your third grandmother was also my third grandmother?

  14. Oooooh I jusst ADORE these characters! I've completed it on my blog too :-).

  15. Wow! All zee delicious, lucious comments everyone! I'm finally answering them now. :-)

    Olivia, OH MY, YES. When Lionel plays around with his sons he's just - I love him the most then. With the humpback, hahaha.
    And that's porbably my favourite Lady Grantham part - "Do you promise"?!! Haha. I quote that a lot when one of my brothers say 'I will never talk to you again' or something. :-)

    Ashley, oh good that you like Roger too. Team Roger!!!

    Kristalyn, Oh yeah - that was stupid of him to go to Cynthia. But he learnt a lesson, and I appreciate that in heroes. :-)
    Mee too! I never really liked Mr Knightley until I saw the 2009 version!

    Ainsley, Well, you've obviously got a good taste in movies and heroes!

    Miss March, oh yes! You must watch Jeeves and Wooster - it's so funny.
    AND YES THAT BABY SCENE IN EMMA. Probably one of my favourite scenes in the entire movie!!!!

    Emily, Wow, thank you for your long comment. :-)
    Yes, Mr Knightley's facial expressions are SO funny! I love it when he says the 'where' thing. :-) I also really love his relationship with Mr Martin.
    EXACTLY. Who doesn't like Elizabeth? (My younger sister next to me right now just said 'I don't' - so I guess there ARE a few in the world. Oh dear.)
    That Dowager Countess quote about the weekend is probably her most famous one! Good for you for not missing it.
    Oh yes! The Cranford ladies. Definitely counts. :-)

    Mary, Isn't the Kings Speech superb?!! Man, I LOVE it. Thank you!

    Lois, OH DEAR I AM SO SORRY. Yes, she does die - oh dear, I feel guilty. :-P I'm glad you don't mind *too* much, though.
    Hugh Laurie IS Bertie, and that's all there is to say about it. :-)
    Yes. *Sigh* I suppose that's true. We all want to marry a Knightley. No contest, everyone. :-)
    Thank you for your lovely comment - I'm glad you're slowly getting used to the new layout! :-)

    Ivy Miranda, yes I saw that you chose Lionel as one of your favourite characters. Great minds think alike, I say.

    Ekaterina, My! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy my blogs.
    That's true - Tevye has hilarious facials. HIS EYES twinkle and boom - it's funny.
    Nope! I don't mind. She can be your third grandma too. :-)

    Evie, Thank you! Yes, I DID read your post, m'dear. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  16. Oh my! Yes absolutely!!! I love your picks, especially Tevye, Mr. Knightly, and Maria Von Trapp. Great minds think alike, you know! :P


    1. Hahah, I love that song. :-)
      No, though, Reb is Yiddish for 'Mister.' There are other Reb's in the movie too. It's not his name.

  18. Oooooohhhh, I am so embarrassed. I didn't hear anybody else called Reb Anywhat, so I didn't know... gah, why didn't I research that first.

    1. Hahah that's okay, it sounds like exactly something I would do. :-P


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