Cranford - Very Long And Picture-Heavy Review

Cranford is one of 'the' Period Dramas in our house. Or, as my seven-year-old sister aimiably puts it, it's one of the 'Naomi-movies.' (I plain love that she calls British Period Dramas 'Naomi-movies.' It's accurate, to say in the least.) It gets re-watched occasionally, and the inside jokes about Cranford have long been running and going. (The inside jokes are so stupid, I dare not mention them for fear of embarrassment. Deborah would not have agreed.)

I have to say though, as much as I love LOVE this movie and as much as I yearn to visit 'Lacock Village' (we might visit it soon, actually - eeeeep.), Cranford is not in my top ten Period Dramas. (Well, maybe it is. I need to make a list to see.) Cranford has it's boring parts, even. Fun Fact Of The Day: My dad can't watch it without falling asleep.

I will TRY, for the sake of some of my viewers who have not had the pleasure of viewing this lovely miniseries (Miss MEG, for instance, has not yet had that pleasure), to warn you when there's a spoiler coming. But do not RELY on it. I can easily slip something out of my tongue (I know I'm writing, hush. This is a metaphor.) or a picture might give some things away.

So I'll try to warn you, but don't RELY on it. :-P

Another thing: All the screencaps in the post are screencapped by me. They are all from the last episode. Just for your interest. (Yes, there will be quite a few screencaps from the gorgeous wedding at the end. I could not help it, it was irresistible. Sophie and Frank are too cute for words.)

Now, without any further ado, zee review may start.

I'm going to be very pessimistic and start off with the things I do not like about Cranford:

1. Miss Matty.
*waits for the whole world to throw sucked oranges at me*

Miss Matty is a kind-hearted, good lady. I GET IT. She's a darling! I'm not saying she's not. But she is also, frankly, rather dreadfully dull. That is to say, the scenes in which she makes an appearance are often my least favourite scenes. I can't EXPLAIN. I LIKE Miss Matty, but she's just not interesting enough for 100 scenes about her. Miss Matty just drives me batty. (I am a poet, and you did not know it.) (Hush. It's the custom to say that.) Maybe it's because I'm not a big fan of Judy Dench. To be honest, I've never seen her as such an amazingly good actress, much to the shock and grief of the world in general. Maybe it's because I'm not very interested about constantly hearing what 'Deborah WOULD HAVE done' and what "shocking" thing Peter did. Maybe it's because I'm not interested in tea shops and Mr Holbrook's profile. I don't know.

Oh. Now we come to another character that drives me crazy.


I normally love cute old couples in love, but there is no cuteness between Matty and Mr Holbrook. None whatsoever. They just gaze whimsically at each other and talk about poetry. I don't ship them. I just... don't like their scenes. (Michael Gambon isn't my favourite actor, either. I like him as Mr Woodhouse, but his role as Mr Holbrook is definitely not my favourite.)

3. Lady Ludlow. UGH. HER SCENES MAKE ME SNORE. Lady Ludlow really annoys me, and I just don't care about her scenes. She's always moping and moping about Septimus and that white pony. Like, stop feeling so sorry for yourself - brace up, SMILE. And her face is white as a chalk. (I suppose that's mean of me. But she could go out in the sun now and then instead of staring out of the window in her dark and grey house.)

Lady Ludlow WAS nice in some bits, and I liked her slightly more in the end, especially when she starts to see that Harry has potential. But all in all not a favourite character of mine. I can understand why Septimus (ghastly name, by the by) doesn't want to come home.

(I sound very harsh today. These characters aren't that bad.)

Isn't her hair pretty? (Heh. Heh.)

4. There are, in my opinion, slightly too many deaths. Elizabeth Gaskell is a big fan of killing off characters. She likes to create them, and she often doesn't know what to do with them. So, because it's fun, she decides to kill them. Cranford has quite a few deaths. While it's not half as bad as North and South, it's still a bit... Well - SAD. Sometimes.

It breaks my HEART when (spoiler alert!!) dear little Walter dies (WHAT'S UP WITH THAT NAME), and dear Mr Carter dies. (spoiler is over for the time being.) Thank goodness it wasn't too bad, the deaths. Captain Brown dies in the book, but since Elizabeth Gaskell later on acknowledged she regretted his death, Sue Birstwhistle and the Cranford makers decided not to kill him off. (Thank you.)

5. Caroline Tompkinson annoyed me sooo much. But let's be honest, Cranford wouldn't be the same without Caroline Tompkinson in the plot, her 'Oh Sister!'s, her fake swoons and ridiculous grins.

But she's a bit of an EWWW character. And her hair annoys me so much I can't even.

6. The ending was far too rushed, too. I wanted MORE of an ending.

Now. Time for zee positive list. Which, I assure you, is long and rambly and by far exceeds the negative list. I love this miniseries to bits. It makes me cry a lot, it makes me laugh a lot, and it gives me squeeful little feelings inside - you know the kind. It's colourful, old-fashioned, appropriate and just GOOD. Ahh, I do love a good British BBC miniseries. I will always have an  un-diminishing fondness towards them. Forever and ever.


*Takes deep breath and begins*

MISS POLE. Oh my goodness. Is she hilarious or what? (Don't say what.) If it weren't for her, many of the 'old-ladies-of-Cranford-scenes' would be rather pale and insipid and boring. But she just makes the show. She's a genius. Ugh, the way she performs her lines, and the way that ridiculous feather on her hat bobbles around whenever there's some delicious news of gossip.

She's HILARIOUS. From her continually spreading grossly exaggerated gossip in enormous, entertaining gusto, to her friendly spirit and leading character. Gah, I love Miss Pole. I would love to spend a weekend with her, although I'd probably have enough of her by the end of it. I love that she's annoying and ridiculous as well as friendly and goodhearted. She's a dreadful gossip, but she means so well, doesn't she?

And she has some delicious lines. "My father was a man. I think I know the sex." That's my favourite. :-)

And then we have the adorable and cute Mrs Forrester. Awww. Just AWW. She's so sweet. She's absurdly emotional, but so sweet and just ADORABLE. Like a three-year-old toddler, but then even cuter. She's a bit silly, but she means so well, and we all love her. You can't just NOT like Mrs Forrester. The cat-and-lace incident was hilarious ("there is LACE at stake!!"), and the Bessie-Dearest incident always makes me laugh.

And Bessie's PYJAMAS. "There's a flap underneath."

When she makes that little speech in her front garden, and basically apologises for being poor, my cold heart tares a bit for her. Poor lil' human being, you shouldn't apologise! Here, let me give you a big, long squishy hug. As Miss Pole wisely said, 'Control your emotions, Mrs Forrester.' :-P (*Wine glass falls*)

Something  *I* find odd is that Miss Matty and Miss Pole and Mrs Forrester neither of them have even a hint of grey hair under their caps. Surely, they all must be nearing sixty? Miss Pole perhaps not, but Mrs Forrester...?

Then we have the Tompkinsons, who were a bit annoying. I could've smashed them up because of their treatment towards poor Dr Harrison. Tomkinsons, CAN'T YOU SEE he is NOT interested in HER. Thank you, and now buzz off. No, Caroline, you are NOT ill. You are not pale. You are only IMAGINING it. And stop weeping over that SILLY Valentine.


I just love their little community, though. These ladies have grown up with each other; they are like one big, busy family. They help each other, they lose their temper with each other in brutal honesty. They talk about muslins and silks and the latest 'shocking' news. I want to live in Cranford.

Oh, there are two ladies I haven't talked about yet. Miss Deborah, first. Who (spoiler) dies rather soon. (spoiler over for the time being.) Miss Deborah was rather sour-faced, and goodness so STRICT about everything, but she was funny. She has little musical talent though, I'm sorry to say. Tinking a teaspoon during Loch Lomond isn't a terribly musical thing to do. Frankly.

I liked the way she talked though.
"We shall go to our rooms and consume our fruit in solitude."
"I suddenly have a headache of phenomenal dimension."

And then there's Mrs Jamieson, who loves to show off that she's slightly richer than any other person in Cranford by dressing her dog in outfits as ridiculous as her own, and by looking through a glasses-on-a-stick-thing. (That indicates wealth.) Mrs Jamieson wears silks and bright stripes and doesn't have her frock crumpled because she has her own carriage. Many of the Cranford ladies - Miss Pole in particular - are envious of her silks. But then they'd rather die than admit it.

Does her dog have a name? Is it mentioned? Because if it's not mentioned, I'm calling him/her Bernadette. It just seems to fit. #random.

Enough about the 'older ladies of Cranford' now. At this rate I will be typing away at this review all week! (It's taken up my whole morning already. Heh.) Now I will talk about Miss Mary Smith. Who has an adorable crooked smile, odd spectacles, two dresses and who's an absolute peach. Mary is, in my opinion, the heroine of the story.

It is Mary who solves the whole Valentine-Mr-Harrison-sent-to-Caroline-error. She writes to Jack Marshland. She goes to the Tompkinsons to explain.
It is Mary who writes to Major Gordon to tell him that dear Jessie Brown regrets turning him down. It is Mary who asks him to bring home Peter Jenkins.

Mary's a GOOD sort. She deserved some kind of a reward.

We all wish these two got married. But Return to Cranford hints otherwise. I'm not a huge fan of Return to Cranford. I prefer to stick with simply Cranford. I LIKE RtC, and Tom Hiddleston is adorable in it, but Cranford is indubitably better. In my opinion, that is.

ANYWAY. Now we had a picture of Jack Marshland, I suppose I may address him. He ANNOYS ME SOOOOO MUCH, except in the last episode. I like him in the last episode. I even think he's handsome in the last episode. But I really really DO NOT like the fella in other episodes. He's just a nuisance, and I don't like his singing 'talent.'

Mr Carson Captain Brown was a very good sort of character - he really MEANT so well. His sideburns are dreadfully huge, but he wears them well. And I love his line; "I defy you not to roar."

Moving on, there's the Mr-Carter-and-Harry plot, which was a plot I really enjoyed, despite the fact that Lady Ludlow is often involved in it. (I don't like the said lady. Scroll up for my explanation if you skimmed it earlier on.) I love Mr Carter. He barks a bit sometimes, but he never bites. He has a good heart. AND HE BROUGHT MISS GALINDO FLOWERS. That kind of was kind of cute.

I LOOOVE how he takes care of Harry. He's doing a million times better job than Mr Gregson's doing, just sayin'.

Harry was such a good lad. The way he said 'Dada' instead of 'Daddy' was kind of aggravating, but at least he didn't say Par, like Laura Timmins does. Dada sounds slightly cute, and Par does not.
I was very impressed with the acting of the boy who acted Harry; especially when he read the poem in front of a certain dead body and then cried while reading it. That made ME cry. Well, thanks.

Harry was adorable and had far too much responsibility for a boy his age. I loved him. "Just a sixpence then. Sorry sir." (And the smile Harry smiles after this line is so adorable I could eat it.)

OH. AND WE HAVE JULIA SAWALHA. I love this actress so much. I don't know why, there's just something about her that makes me so fun to watch, giggly role, wise role or 'sad' role. Jessie Brown's an absolutely sweet-heart, and my heart always beats a little faster when a gentleman's voice joins hers while she sings Loch Lomond for the second time.

SHE SO DESERVED THAT ADORABLE HUG. Ahhhh. *wipes happy tear* I'm sure she and Major Gordon had a lovely married life together, in India, overseas, or wherever.

I also loved seeing Julia Sawalha in 'the making of Cranford', in which she said, "I love costume dramas. I just find it all really thrilling, because I just love dressing up. It's as simple and shallow as that." (I would be exactly the same, if I got a chance to be in a Period Drama.)

While Martha was a bit annoying sometimes, I looooooved her and Jem together. (Haha, I wrote Jam first. You know, like the spread.) Jem is such a good sort. I like Jem. I love Jem.

I like Dr Harrison too - I like him more every time I watch Cranford, actually. Still though, he's not in my list of 'favourite Period Drama gentlemen.' I don't love him to bits - nor do I think he's really terribly handsome. (He's not badlooking, though. I love his blue eyes. And compared to his role as Mr Bingley, he's IS terribly handsome.)

But yes, Dr Harrison is a good man. I feel SO SO SO sorry for him at the end of episode four. LIKE SO SORRY. I even added him to my post 'Seven Period Drama Characters I feel Sorry For.'

Sophie Hutton was an absolute SWEETHEART, on top of being gorgeous and having the most pretty silky blonde hair I've ever seen. (And I want that blue dress. And her room. Just look how adorable everything about her is.) I love Sophie so much, I think we could be great friends. (Let's meet up, Sophie. I'll come to England, or you come to Belgium? You choose.) She takes such good care of her family, and she's just so SWEET. No wonder Dr Harrison fell in love.

I WAS rather disappointed that Sophie didn't THINK for a moment, about Dr Harrison. Does she not trust him? Can she really see the man she loves proposing to two other women? Anyway.

Helen and Lizzie Hutton TOTALLY deserve a paragraph of their own, because they absolutely saved their sister's life by running to Dr Harrison's house and tell him to come. I have to say though, when Helen (the brunette - the queen of the May Day) yells, 'What would mother say?' to Lizzie, who's running ahead... isn't their mother dead? Is that an error? (I hope so. I love spotting errors. I feel very clever doing so, and I rarely feel clever. :-P)

Anyway, yay for Lizzie and Helen. I love you girls.

This is probably my favourite scene EVER EVER. Ughhhh. THESE TWO ARE DISGUSTINGLY ADORABLE. I am going to go through all my favourite Sophie-Dr Harrison scenes. No, I'm going to go through all the Sophie-Dr Harrison scenes. Period. (Spoiler ahoy.)

1. SO. When they meet first. Practically love at first sight, but it's ADORABLE and it's WELL DONE. Dr Harrison is young and charming, and wears a red coat, Sophie is blissfully gorgeous with her blue dress and yellow curls. Plus she takes such good care of Walter, and she brings him cherries.
2. Then he buys a rake and a purple gloves, just so he can say hello to Sophie in the shop. (That always reminds me of Matthew Cuthbert buying a rake and twenty pounds of brown sugar.)
3. Then they have these adorable cute moments at Lady Ludlow's garden party. Mainly just smiles and talking-with-or-about-Walter, but still really, really cute.
4. AND THEN THE BLESSED LITTLE BOY WALTER DIES AND IT'S HEARTBREAKING. They have a little break-up. Just a tiny one. It's a very sad break-up.
5. But then it's Valentine's day. And Sophie receives flowers with 'the compliments of Dr Harrison.' Much to the delight of Lizzie and Helen (who I love because they ship the two of them from the start.)
6. And THEEEEN. Dr Harrison goes to talk with Sophie's father, Reverend Hutton (who's annoying as well as nice), and that makes their romance kind of official.
7. They have an adorable walk in the garden. And they don't even hold hands because Reverend Hutton is probably looking at them secretly through the window.
8. Dr Harrison watched Sophie teach a group of black-cladded girls to dance for May Day, and he falls all over in love with her again. He hoped for a private ride with her, but alas, Lizzie and Helen must go as well. Then have an ADORABLE talk between blue bells (gahhh) and they ALMOST kiss. (It got interrupted before it began by two said sisters.)
9. At least that date ended with adorable giggles and laughs.
10. But THEN. Bam bam bam. There's the scandal. And all hopes and dreams are shattered to pieces. But Sophie's illness is a blessing in disguise, Dr Harrison saves her life just like a hero must, and before we know it...


(Spoilers over. Kind of.) We all know that Sophie and Dr Harrison WILL get married. That's not a spoiler. So bask in the gorgeous screencaps of their wedding. I LOVE THEIR WEDDING.

Sophie, clad in Miss Matty's muslin from India (am I the only one who finds it really weird how Miss Matty and Sophie suddenly seem like best friends in the end?), makes the most STINKING GORGEOUS AND ADORABLE BRIDE EVER. And Dr Harrison wears a blue coat, which becomes him exceedingly well. (I love this couple.)

Is not their wedding adorable?!!! The smiles and the HAPPINESS and the Cranford-ness. I love it to biiiiits. (And you can spot Jessie on Major Gordon's arm in the back, and Jack and Mary grinning to each other, and Mrs Rose on Doctor Morgan's arm. (Mrs Rose chose the good doctor the second time.)) I let the pictures do all the talking. I'll hush up.

And now I sign off with one last picture. To say goodbye.

Have you seen Cranford?
What do you think of it?

PS. Oh, is this movie suitable for children? Well, yes. There's a scary amputation scene - we just turned off the sound for a few seconds (movies without sounds aren't scary at all) - and then there's the scene where Jem gets wounded. His wounds look very scary, but it's not filmed up close. We watched it with the whole family.

PSS. Go check out a Little House related post I wrote at Ashley blog, will you? Thaaanks.


  1. This was very entertaining, Naomi! And your screencaps...they're gorgeous!! (By the way, how do you make screencaps?)

    So you think some of Crandford is boring, too. Oh, good. That makes me feel much better. My overall feeling of this series is that it's boring, but reading through your post I was reminded again that there were some storylines which I enjoyed. Harry and Mr. Carter's for one. Also, I liked Mary because she was everybody's friend and was always helping to fix befuddled situations. (I didn't care for her as much in the sequel, though.)

    All the deaths! You're so right! There ARE a lot of people who die in this movie. I like what you said about Elizabeth Gaskell. "She likes to create them, and she often doesn't know what to do with them. So, because it's fun, she decides to kill them." Haha! SO funny!!! :D

    Aww. Your sister calls Period Dramas 'Naomi-movies." That's so sweet!! And, by the by, I like your little fun fact! My dad would probably fall asleep, too. :)

    Okay, I'm pretty sure there was something else I was going to say but I have a lot of other things I need to get done today, so I'd better cut it short.

    I'm off to check out your Little House guest post now. :)

    1. Thank you, Miss March! Well, I put the DVD disk in my computer, and then you can either 'snip tool' the entire screen, or you can click 'SysRqPrtSc' (NO idea what that means, but it's one of those small buttons at the top of the keyboard. At least it IS in my case.) Then you can click 'Ctrl C' (copy) and the a cap of the screen will be copied onto whatever you copy it too. Then you can save the picture. :-)

      Yeah, Cranford definitely HAS boring parts. No, I agree - Mary isn't that good in the sequel, but at least she's THERE!

      Hahaha. Our dads. :-) My dad loves Period Dramas actually, but he doesn't love Cranford.

      ~ Naomi

    2. Cool! Thanks, Naomi! It sounds rather confusing, but it will probably make more sense once I actually insert a DVD. I found the 'SysRqPrtSc' button, only in my case it's two different buttons and the letters are all in caps. I'll have to try it sometime and see what it does. :) *Copying your comment for future reference.*

      Does he? That's so neat! My dad loves Period Dramas, too! P&P '95 is one of his favorites, as well as Little Dorrit and Emma '09. Actually, my whole family likes Period Dramas, which is fun because then we get to enjoy them as a family! :)

      ~Miss March

    3. Yeah same - my whole family likes Period Dramas too! (I've educated 'em well. :-P)

  2. Hm....I have not seen Cranford, although I do love period dramas. I think I will have to see about watching it sometime.

    1. You should! It's a must for all period drama lovers. :-)

  3. Cranford is such a lovely, lovely show. :) The dog's name is Giuseppe (at least it is in Return to Cranford - isn't it the same dog?). Miss Pole. Too ridiculously hilarious. :) The feather. The bossiness. The gossiping. Le cage. (I know. That's from RTC, but I'm including it anyway. :) ) She is a hoot.

    1. GIUSEPPE. That's it.
      Ohhh yes. LE CAGE. I love that bit. :-D

  4. I've never seen Cranford--but this was fascinating and fun to read anyway! I loved all the screencaps :-)

    To be perfectly honest, though, I don't think this is a movie/miniseries I'd particularly enjoy seeing. I can't explain exactly why . . . it just doesn't sound like my "type" of thing? I guess? Maybe all the deaths--yeah, I think that's it, actually. Depressing films are Really Not My Cup Of Tea.

    You don't like Miss Matty? Huh. I've never seen her (obviously), but I always thought she sounded like fun . . . But we have different tastes, I know. Like, I honestly don't think I'd enjoy Miss Pole too much, if I DID watch this film. I think she would overwhelm me, sort of. So . . . yeah. Everybody's different, and that's cool :-)

    Ohhhhhhh . . . those photos of Sophie and Dr. Harrison's wedding are just TOO GORGEOUS. Like, really. THAT BONNET, THOUGH. I love that color--sort of ivory/cream. And her smile is so beautiful :-)

    1. Actually, Cranford doesn't have a 'depressing' feel to it at ALL. North and South, yes - that is rather dark (and not 100% my thing, too), but Cranford has a cheerful ring to it; and it's hilarious in some parts.

      Haha. I think Miss Pole would overwhelm you. I love watching her though, but I think she'd drive me crazy if I had to watch her EVERY DAY. :-)

      Yessss, her smile is gorgeous.

    2. Maybe I'll check it out, then :-)

      Sort of like Lydia Bennet, maybe--she's pretty hilarious, but one can have too much of her . . . ;-)

  5. I've not seen Cranford . . . but good review, Naomi! That's so sweet, that your sister calls period movies "Naomi movies"!

    1. I know, I love that she calls 'em Naomi-movies. :-)

  6. cool post Naomi! i love Cranford (or as we call it, Cranberry Truck) and Return to Cranford is cool too. I love Mary! she is sooo my favorite and Jem is really cool too. =D
    i think when Helen yells "what would mother say" she means what would she say if she were alive. so i reckon it isnt an error.
    =D =D =D

    1. Cranberry Truck?!! That's awesome. :-)
      Yeah, I suppose. She MIGHT have said 'What WILL mother say', though - and that IS an error.

  7. Haha, thanks for the spoiler alerts, Naomi, I made good use of them. ;)
    Oh, my, this looks better than I realized! :D (Stop doing that to me, Naomi. Now I have LOTS of movies that are bumped up to the highest places on my to-see list.) Sophie and the doctor look ssooo cute!! (I already knew they got married, but I skipped your big paragraph on them too. But just by the pictures...aw...) I don't know why, but I've always thought it would be SO ROMANTIC if I got dreadfully sick and this handsome doctor nursed me back to health, and then we fell in love and get married. *chuckles* Blame it on too many movies I've seen where that happens.... ;D Haha.
    I recognize A LOT of these actors (/tresses) although, it IS BBC...what do you expect? ;)
    Oh, and *I* like Judi Dench and Michael Gambon's acting. Hehe. :D
    Anyways, I greatly enjoyed this, and now I can't wait till I can watch it. Just have to finish Lark Rise first. ;)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Sophie and the Doctor ARE really cute - Oh my goodness, I've ALWAYS wanted this handsome doctor to nurse me and then fall in love with him. SAME. SAME.

      Yeah, finish Lark Rise first. :-)

  8. FINALLY. I have found a chunk of time big enough to properly read and digest and enjoy your lovely long review. (Because it IS lovely, and I didn't want to just skim it. You're welcome.)

    Haha, 'Naomi Movies'. I love that. I'm going to call them that too. :-)

    *GASP* You don't like Miss Matty?!?! WHAT?!?! Okay, Naomi, have a seat. We need to talk about this.

    I'm kidding. I guess that's alright. (Well, of course it's ALRIGHT.) It's just that I think Miss Matty is perfectly adorable an naive and sweet and caring and DAAARLING. But I know what you mean -- the way she's constantly worshiping Deborah, and sometimes letting people trample on her. (She's just so humble.) I love her though. Mr. Holbrook, however, I agree with you there. When we watched this years ago I was expecting him to be, like, one of the main characters, so then I was really surprised when he came and went so quickly. I like Michael Gambon a lot, but this isn't my favorite of his roles.

    I don't like Lady Ludlow either. But I love imitating the way she says 'Septimus,' cuz it's ridiculously fun.

    Mr. Carter is AWESOME. (Although I will ALWAYS ALWAYS see him as Mr. Hobbes from Hornblower. I'm scarred for life.) And Harry -- oh, the darling child! "Sorry, sir" -- I REMEMBER THAT LINE!!!! (Even though it's been, what, three years?) It's so adorable I could eat it. Yes, yes.

    Mary Smith is my favorite character. She's just awesome. Actually one of the best period drama heroines, in my book. I never though Jack Marshland was right for her. (Though he is kinda cute. And unlike you, I like his singing voice.)

    Wait, did I say Mary Smith was my favorite character? Because I think Jem Hearne is. (Or Jam Hearne, as I hear his nickname is.) The best thing about Return to Cranford is that Jem Hearne has a ponytail. (Don't argue with me.)


    And so are Sophie and Dr. Harrison. (Who IS handsome.) You've said everything, so I don't need to go on further. Oh, but you forgot to mention my other favorite character -- Miss Galindo! I guess I have a thing for sort-of-lonely middle-aged women characters who rely on their intelligence to get by, but I've always admired Miss Galindo. (Plus the actress's name is Emma, which is sort of cool. Not really.)

    Alright, looks like you've succeeded in making me really want to watch this again. ;-) Great, review, Naomi!!!


    1. YAY. Emma has written a Long Comment. :-)

      I know, I know - Miss Matty IS a sweet and humble darling - but seriously, don't you think some of her main scenes are kinda... boring? Like, when she and Mary talk together in the parlour... it IS kind of boring. ADMIT IT.
      I'm glad you agree about Mr Hoolbrook, though. AND LADY LUDLOW. (I laugh at her saying 'Septimus' way to much. Haha.)

      Mr Carter was in HORNBLOWER?! I forgot that.

      No, of course Mary deserves something more than Mr Marshland - but I still want them to be a couple, because the movie HINTS it and I want the hints to blossom into truth. Mary IS awesome, although nawh, not the best period drama heroine. There are loads even better. Just saying.

      I WILL ARGUE WITH YOU. I hated Jem's pigtail. (Yes. I CALL IT A PIGTAIL.)

      I can agree that Dr Harrison is handsome though. He's just not TERRIBLY handsome. You get my reasoning.
      Ohhh, yes, I really like Miss Galindo. I like her better in RtC, actually - she was kind of 'blank' in Cranford, sometimes. And her hair's ugly. :-/

      ~ N

    2. YES! He was Mr. Hobbes, on board the Renown (in the Mutiny and Retribution). Mr. Carter is sooooo much nicer.

  9. I'm trying to convince my little sister to watch Cranford with me but she's resistant. :( I am pretty positive she'd like it though! I haven't seen Return to Cranford yet but I'd like to at sometime.

  10. I've seen both Cranford and Return to Cranford once, and I promptly bought my own copy because wow, I want to live in Cranford. Also, I laughed a good deal over them both :-D

    I heartily enjoyed your post, as usual :-) I didn't agree with you on all points, but I did on many!

    Oh, and I think the little sisters yelling, "What would mother say?" was perfectly in keeping with their mother being dead -- I expect they spent a lot of their lives trying to live up to what their father and older siblings thought their mother would have wanted or said or thought. I don't think it's a gaffe at all.

    1. That's true. The more I think about it, I don't think it's a gaffe either. (Although they might have said 'What WILL mother say'. And then it WOULD be a mistake.)

  11. Wonderful review, Naomi! It's so impressively LONG. Wowza. I can never get reviews that long xD

    I've only seen Cranford once, and I'll admit it wasn't my favorite either. But there are some delightful moments :) I LOVED Ms. Pole's lines! "There is LACE at stake!"

    And Jessie and the Major-guy! I loved that scene when he came back and the hug. Just gahh.

    You know, now that you mention it, there are quite a few rather irritating characters in this one :P But oh, I know, I loved how Julia Sawalha explained why she acts in period dramas in that bonus feature! It made me happy too :D

    Excellent review!

    1. Thank you so much, Olivia! :-)

      HAHA. There ARE some irritating characters. BUT YET I LOVE IT. :-)

  12. Ahhh, I'm so sorry it took me so long to comment on this.

    But this was a great review! I don't have time to write a long comment but I love that you love this series too. :)

    Miss Pole!! She is so hilarious. Mrs. Forrester is just the cutest thing! And Miss Matty-gasp. You don't like Miss Matty? Shame on you, Naomi. (actually, it's okay. I think she's super sweet and I love her, but I can see why you think she's a bit boring ;))

    I never LOVED Dr. Harrison and Sophie as a couple but they are incredibly adorable and sweet. :) And awwww, Jessie and Major Gordon. Ever since watching Cranford, I've fallen in love with "Loch Lomond". It's such a beautiful song. :)

  13. I know I'm late to the Cranford party but I want to say thank you for taking screen caps and writing about Cranford!
    I found your blog by looking for screen caps/videos of the couples of Cranford.
    I was surprised on how many deaths happened in this miniseries/movie. So unexpected! (Unlike in North & South) And was delighted to see Lesley Manville in Cranford too. I was also very distraught when Mr.Carter died because I loved his softness with Harry and being a great mentor to him. Now I'm off to watch Return to Cranford!


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