Some Things the Little House books taught me.

1. It's possible for a newlywed couple that the husband can put his wife's waist between his hands.
2. There's nothing better than vanity cakes.
3. Blonde hair fits with blue ribbons and brown hair fits with pink ribbons.
4. The Church gives the best Christmas presents.
5. And the Christmas presents are in the Christmas tree.
6. If your house doesn't have a roof yet, you can use the wagon cover. For a door, you can use a quilt, if Pa hasn't made the it yet.
7. You can make a good, sturdy door without actual, store-bought nails.
8. Houses with three rooms are huge.
9. Never let go of the washing line when you have to go and do the chores outside in the snow. You could get lost and die.
10. Grasshoppers ruin everything. Everything.
11. Mr Edwards and Santa Claus work together. They're jolly good friends.
12. Red mittens are a frequent Christmas presents - no, really, it's a thing.
13. Candy-sticks are only available in two colours. Red and White. (Yes, I had an urge to write RED AND BLACK.)
14. There are two Laura's at a Christmas party, and at the said Christmas party, there's a bed filled with babies, and they don't cry.
15. The buttons on Ma's dress look edible.
16. Whatnots are the latest fashion.
17. And so are journals.
18. And so are namecards. Namecards are the real latest fashion.
19. If you're blind, someone might secretly fold some money into the folds of your dress. It's for the blind school.
20. Blind people can play organ.
21. If you lose your youngest sister, she'll probably be found among the violets.
22. Mice can eat your hair in the night.
23. Your least favourite teacher might end up becoming your very own sister-in-law. You've been warned.
24. Always listen to Indians when it comes to weather forecasts.
25. Buggy rides are super awkward if it's you, your maybe-beau, and your school rival.
26. Be careful to go away from home to teach. You might face knives in the night, and students older and way taller than yourself.
27. But then you might get cool sledge rides. Very unromantic ones, but sledge rides nonetheless.
28. If your parents go away and tell you not to eat all the sugar, you can eat almost all the sugar, and they won't whip you.
29. Pigs are adorable pets, but their teeth might get stuck with candy.
30. Farmer boys are always hungry.
31. The best way to make a pumpkin grow is by giving it milk instead of water. (Rest assured, you'll still get first prize; it isn't cheating.)
32.  Some Indians can run faster than horses.
33. Singing school is romantic.
34. Be careful if you decide to go out with your sister in the evening. You might see a wolf or two.
35. When your fur cape has a muff, and your enemy's fur cape doesn't, all is right in the world.
36. Christmas horses are da bestest.
37. Life is unfair when your sister's pocket doesn't rip off, and yours does.
38. The first four years are terribly hard. But then you're farmers.
39. Christmases always get better and better.
40. One winter day in spring, you might find yourself waking up with snow all over your bed. Stay tuned.
41. Don't do the laundry around Christmas, you might find a poetry book (aka, a potential birthday present) hidden in the linen. (Oops. Too late. I just read one.)
42. Bangs are in the fashion. Even if you cut them yourself.
43. If you run out of firewood, you can make sticks out of straw. It's not as hard as you think.
44. Quick! Sew those button holes!
45. If you loose your dog, don't worry - he'll come back. (He'll look a bit like a wolf from a distance, so don't panic.)
46. Pa's green nature book is the most popular book in the house.
47. If your fiancé wants to get married right away, but you don't have a wedding dress yet. It doesn't matter. Black weddings dresses are okay.
48. A saucer, a scrap of calico, a button and some grease = A lamp. (No, really.)
49. Blind people hear everything.
50. Need to whip a last minute present for your baby sister? All you need is Ma's button collection and a string.


  1. AH THAT PICTURE. AAHHHH CARRRIIIIIEEEEE!!! The gorgeous bundle! I just want to squish her in a big hug.
    I really ought to be going to bed, but can I just say this - I haven't read the books in goodness knows how long, but I 'got' almost every single one!! I'm so proud of myself. ;D
    Oh, and that last one had me smiling broadly! ;)
    Loved this, and it made me remember so many things about the books I'd forgotten! (And that's a very good thing.)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Carrie is sooo cute. THE LIL' FACE.
      I'm proud of you, too. :-)

  2. I love these!!!!! Also, I recognized every single one. Be proud of me. ;-)

    Man, it's been too long since I read Little House. I need to start doing that again.

    #8--I KNOW, RIGHT??? I can't believe how much we take for granted that they didn't have.

    #23--Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

    #30--You better believe it. (And the quickest way to fill one up is to make him a huge dish of apples n' onions.)


    1. *pats jessica's back proudly*
      Haha. "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind."

  3. Ahh! So much fun!! I recognized every single one - you had me grinning the whole way through :)

    #1 - Always scares me.
    #11 - I love Mr. Edwards!!!
    #37 - This one made me giggle :P
    #45 - Was like my favorite part in the WHOLE BOOK :)

    Oh, and what about "Need a lamp in a pitch-black room? Use a saucer, a scrap of calico, a button, and some grease!" Ma's resourcefulness was something wonderful, no? :)

    1. Thanks, Rosie!!
      Ohh yes, Ma's 'lamps.' Ma does have some amazing creativity, I agree. :-)

  4. Oh! These books sound so cozy and delicious! Edible buttons, red mittens, candy sticks? Ahhh!

    I enjoyed reading through all your points, and I could comment on a lot of them, but I particularly liked #11, #23, and #35. I just love the way you phrase things! "...They're jolly good friends." "...You've been warned." "...all is right in the world." Haha! SO good!

    1. Aww, thank you Miss March! The books ARE cozy and delicious. :-)

  5. You gave me a smile today. : )

    1. Oh, I was just reminded about a post someone had on their blog relating to Little House on the Prairie. It is really neat. I don't want to give it away, but I'll let you read it yourself. : ) http://www.edelweisspatterns.com/blog/?p=2774

    2. Yes, I know about that blog. SO JEALOUS. :-O

    3. It is so funny how blogs get around. :) Everyone seems to know everyone in the blogging world.

  6. This is the cutest thing!! I laughed so hard with the first one. I honestly couldn't believe you could possibly be THAT thin!! lol!! I was rambling these off to my mom too. ;) I am kinda a huge Little House Lover.. I went through 2 years where that is literally all I read... OVER AND OVER again! I loved the Caroline years soooo much. And, it is just me, or was "The Bachelor Girl" (Rose series) just SO UPSETTING?! I was like, Rose, you are a spoiled B R A T. lol!!
    BTW, how long did it take you to write up this post?? It's great!! <3

    1. I KNOW. Isn't it scary? Pa must have had big hands, though. I hope. :-O
      YESS. THE CAROLINE YEARS. I love them too. <3
      UGH. I AGREE. Bachelor Girl was such a disappointing ending to all the Little House books. WHY DIDN'T SHE CHOOSE PAUL?!! Paul was perfect for her.
      Ummm - not too long. Probably around 30-40 minutes. (I don't look at the clock. :-P)
      Thanks, Julia!

  7. Oh, I love these! :)
    Here's another one: If your fiancé wants to get married right away, but you can't afford and/or don't have time to make a wedding dress, you can always wear your best dress. Even if it's black. xD

  8. Do you realize your numbers go in order until #46, and the you skip to #50? ;)

    1. Oops! Thanks for telling me, Faith. I've added some others to make it really 50, including yours. ;-D (Hope you don't mind. :-P)

  9. I have been looking forward to this all day!! BTW I love that picture. It's my favorite Little House on the Prairie episode (and basically the only one I've seen).
    The waist between the hands thing always had me a wee bit skeptical...
    Church does give the best Christmas presents!
    So. Many. Mittens.
    The baby bed was awesome!
    I love whatnots, journals, and namecards so much!
    Don't remind me about the mice!!
    Ewww I keep forgetting Laura and Eliza's relationship!
    Awkward buggy rides can be fixed by spooking horses tho...
    How dare you call the sledge rides unromantic!!
    I need to research this pumpkin thing...
    Christmas horses!!
    The straw sticks were also fascinating!
    I loved this so much! Thanks for participating!

    1. Yay, Ashley - I'm so glad you liked this!
      I KNOW. Don't remind me about the mice. :-/
      Yeeeess. Spooking horses. :-P
      Hahaha, well, the sledge rides WERE pretty unromantic. Laura told Rose herself in another book - remember?

  10. I haven't read those book in quite a while, but I understood every single last one!

  11. These are adorable. :-) It's been so long since I read most of the books that I don't remember them allll, but some of them I do -- and some of them from the tv show.

    Oh, NAME CARDS! I wanted name cards SO BAD after Sadie and I read 'Little Town' (actually I still do). They should come back into fashion. I love it when Almanzo gives Laura his card. ;-) And then helps her with her coat, and takes her home....ohh, THEY ARE JUST TOO RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE.

    1. I've ALWAYS wanted Name Cards too. Once I even made some for myself. :-)

  12. This was so sweet and adorable Naomi! Loved it!!:) Farmer Boy!! Don't they eat the BESTEST MOST SCRUMPTIOUS THINGS!!! I always get hungry reading it.
    Having a hard day, but you made it better, Naomi! Thank you. Sending you a virtual hug!:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  13. Oh my, these are all so perfect!!! I can't even pick out ones to highlight because they're all so great. Good job coming up with this list! :D


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