Little House Blog Party - The Tag!

It has started, over at A to Z, the party of vanity cakes and lemonade. I am really excited for this party, because Little House has and is and always will be a big part of my life. Happy was my brain then, when voilĂ , lo and behold, Ashley had prepared a list of questions for anyone who wants to to answer. (For the list of questions, and the kick-off post, click here.)


1. How did you discover Little House?

Little House is one of those things that I never really seemed to discover. It was always... THERE. I do remember getting them for one of my early birthdays, though, and I thiiink that's when I got introduced to them. My uncle bought them for me (nope, just joking, my mum bought them and my uncle paid them) and I think my mum discovered them through a friend of hers... or whatever. I should ask her.

Basically, I've always had 'em. The loyal things. *Hugs books tight and close*

2. Which Little House series have you read? Which are your favourite? (Laura, Martha, Rose, etc.)

I've read all of them (but ONE outroarously expensive book in the Caroline series - On Top of Concord Hill) and ohhh, I love them. (I had to say that, to show you I really AM a fan, and not just a person who wants to be a fan and therefore does anything to pretend being one.) The Martha and Charlotte years are not my favourites - so that leaves me with the Caroline books, the Laura books and the Rose books.

I CAN'T. (Choose. I can't choose.)

I'll have to go with Laura's. 'Cause they're all so fat, and they're all the classic ones.

3. Have you read any "extra" Little House books? (books not "canon", cookbooks, song books, craft books, little kid books, etc.)

Yes. You bet.

We own several 'Little House books for kids' - you know, those disgustingly adorable ones, illustrated by Renee Graef - and I own the 'Little House Cookbook' (which I've never used for a recipe; shame, shame), 'The Little House Guidebook', 'Laura's Album' (love), 'Little House Sewing book' and 'Little House Crafts Book.' That's all. I think. (Oh, and I've read them all.) (Although skimmed most of the recipes.)

4. Have you read any nonfiction works about Laura or any of the Little House girls?

Non fiction. Oh, so books about the girls but not THE BOOKS. :-P I get it. Well, I've read 'Laura's Album' which basically goes through all the possible photographs and letters and visual scraps of the Little House girls (and it's GREAT - I love it to bits.) And then I've also read a magazine on Laura Ingalls once - I cut it all out when I was about twelve. (Why did I do THAT.)

And oh yes - Laura's Diary! I've always classified this as book number 10 of Laura's books, actually, because it was part of the Dutch Little House Box Set I got. The tenth book in the box set included  an introduction by Rose Wilder Lane, Laura's Diary and then a long, but interesting commentary on Laura and co, by some man or the other. (It might have been Garth Williams, but then I might be making this up.)
Laura's Diary isn't long - it basically tracks their journey to Missouri. You know, the one the first Rose book is based upon.

5. If you could be in any character's place, who would you choose and why?

OHH. Fun and hard question, this.

OH OH. I KNOW. Polly. Polly Ingalls. (No, not because I absolutely love Henry Quiner.) Basically because I absolutely love Henry Quiner, and I'd love to be Charles' sister, and Caroline's friend. 
(I'd also like to be Mary Power, Laura's schoolfriend. She just sounds really cool, and plus. She goes to school with two of the Ingalls girls.)

6. What's your favorite Little House ship? (AKA couple)

CAROLINE AND CHARLES. I love the two of them, and 'A Little House on their Own' is just so 'to-be-drawn-all-over-with-hearts-able'. I'll be guest posting on the adorable-ness of these two some day this week on Ashley's blog, so stay tuned for that or something.
I also love Rose and Paul. But, oh for crying to sleep, that never turned out. The ship, as they say, sank.
Almanzo and Laura, despite the awkward age gap, have an adorable courtship... and I love the two of them to smuggles and bits.
And then I'm pretty much obsessed with the two minor characters in the Caroline years - Polly and Henry. THEY ARE CUTE. Or what.

7. What's your favourite Little House book? Cover?

My favourite Little House book... a TIE between 'The Little Town on the Prairie', 'Those Happy Golden Years' and 'A Little House of their Own.' If I had, had to choose one, probably the former. (But I'd only choose one if someone forced me with a knife and everything.)

My favourite cover? The Happy Golden Years one. It's so yellowy and summery and I'm still in love with Laura's pink dress. (And Almanzo's cute.)

8. If you could invite any secondary character from any of the Little House books over for dinner, who would you choose and why?

You can't just ask me that! Well, maybe Ida Brown. She's such a sweetheart, and I've always wanted to be her friend, and hug her. I've always loved her brown eyes and her sweet personality. (Ida is mentioned the most in 'Little Town on the Prairie.' For those of you who wondered.)

9. Have you watched the Little House TV show? If so, do you enjoy it?

Indeed I have. Many times, many episodes. I used to be a huge, ginormous fan: but now I'm indubitably prefer the books to the TV show. The TV show still gives me warm fuzzies, and it will always hit home, and I there are so many good good episodes, but goodness - all the inaccuracies! A beardless Pa. The Ingalls's ADOPT THREE KIDS. I can't even proceed.
(As I told a friend of mine recently: From series five and onwards the TV show gets rather bad. But the first four series are really good, if you don't think about the books while watching them. (If you do think about the books, you might get crazy.))

10. If you could watch a YouTube miniseries on any Little House book or series, which would you choose and how would the basic plot go?

I've thought of this before, actually, and I'd love to find one one day. Of course, it would have to be with a teenager-Laura rather than a five-year-old-Laura. (Five year old girls uploading Youtube videos? Nope.) Maybe it could be a video series of 'Little Town' and 'Golden Years' (yes, yes, my two favourites) with Laura sending videos to Mr Edwards, who she lives far away from. And then Nellie hacks her account and makes some videos, which starts their rivalry. And then she goes to teach and sends videos to Pa, of her being homesick and then bam, Manzo comes in the room and saves the day WHILE FILMED. (Impeccable timing alert.)

Go check out ZEE EPIC WEEK!

Hope you enjoyed my answers... :-)


  1. Yay! Thanks so much Naomi! I loved this. And that picture at the top!!!!!
    Laura cuz they're fat! Hahaha yes, the more pages, the better!
    The Little House kids books are soooo adorable!!!
    I think I've read Laura's diary. It was really interesting!
    I just love Polly Ingalls!
    I can't wait to post your post :D Polly and Henry are so cute, and Rose and Paul.*cries self to sleep*
    I love the last few Laura books and that cover is so beautiful!
    I thought about picking Ida too. She's such a jolly friend!
    Well, beardless Pa doesn't look too bad though... Do you have any specific episode recommendations?
    I LOVED your description of the web series. WHY haven't people done this yet!!! It's soooo obvious!
    Thanks for filling it out and linking! Have fun this week :D

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I would watch that Little House web series in a heartbeat! Somebody needs to make that! All these literary web series have made me think "how could this be a we series?" while reading books. I was reading An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott and thinking about it :D and I love love love the little house books so much so that would be amazing!

  3. Little House!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

    These books were the first "big kid" books I ever read, I think. I was like 6 or 7 when I first read the original Little House series. But--would you believe it?--I wasn't allowed to borrow them from the school library. Because I was "too young." So I went and borrowed them from the public library and read ALL OF THEM. Ha. SO THERE. ;-)

    I love Charles and Caroline. Like, SO. MUCH. I will never get tired of how sweet they are. I love Laura and Almanzo too, though . . . Even though there's an age gap, I don't really worry about it 'cause that was so normal for the frontier at that time. Plus, they just UNDERSTAND each other so well. I ship them pretty hard.

    I have to tell you, when I first heard you were such a big Little House fan I was a teeny bit surprised . . . because I had sort of thought of them as an exclusively "American" thing. Like, I guess I didn't realize that they were popular at all outside our country. (Ha.) I should've known better. ;-) But they ARE such a huge part of American culture (like, no kidding), I suppose it was natural for me to associate them only with America . . . Anyhow. Rambling.

    When you visit America someday, please do try to visit Laura and Almanzo's farm in Missouri. You'll love it. I've been twice and I want to go again. It's beautiful.

  4. I've never really thought of Little House on the Prairie being popular outside the United States either. I think it is definitely in the category of rather classic girls' literature. I guess I am still getting used to the idea of it being loved internationally. Well, I am sure there are more things that I will be surprised to learn from a blogger on the other side of the world, things I only thought were American. :)

  5. Ashley, I know, isn't Polly fun? Haha. "Beardless Pa doesn't look bad." :-D The Pilot episode is the best following-the-books-wise, but I think you've seen it? I personally love the episodes which include the Olesons. :-P So, 'Country Girls,' 'Bunny', 'Town Party Country Party' and 'Troublemaker' are my favourites. :-)

    Anna, wouldn't it be FUUUN?!!

    Jessica, Haha. "SO THERE." :-)
    Yes, Almanzo and Laura are really cute. I ship them, too.

    Jessica and Sarah, Well, you're right - Little House isn't that famous in England and Belgium (although many people know of them) - but the TV show was on TV when my mum was little. (She watched them all in French!) We also have several American friends, sooo. I think the Little House books are pretty much world famous. :-)

  6. Loved your answers!!
    All those "extra" Little House books sounds wonderful, why have I never heard of them?
    Little Town On THe Prarie and These Happy Golden Years are my favourites too, I just love teenage Laura to bits.
    Yes, the series is really lovely as long as you don't think about the books. (Have you seen the movie that precedes the series? It's actually a quite good adaption of Little House on the Prarie)
    And that webseries concept sounds brilliant! I would so watch it!

  7. I like Little House, so this'll be fun. :D
    I know, my answer to #1 is exactly the same, I don't remember a time when Little House wasn't there. It's a very sentimental, nostalgic topic for me. ;) Although, even though I read through the books more than once (and was FOREVER colouring in the pictures photo copied from the book, and using the books for copy-work passages!) I'm mostly talking about the television series, because we watched them ssooo much!!
    My second oldest sister has paper dolls of the whole family, and their little cottage. I used to be SO jealous, but she DID let me play with it a lot, although, most often I had to play with Carrie. :P (And they were all the original looking characters. You'd be happy - Pa had a beard. ;))
    "Across the Rolling River" (and the picture you have is the copy we've got!) is the only one about Caroline that I've read/we have. But I loved that one. :D
    Yep, CHARLES AND CAROLINE FOREVER AND EVER. They're SO cute and funny and go SO well together, and are so loyal to each other and get through so well together....oh, I just love the pair of them. :D
    Oh, I vaguely remember Ida Brown. :)
    Aww, that picture of them at the bottom..... I always really badly wanted Carrie's boots. :P (I've ALWAYS wanted boots of my one. I never got to pick any out, although I did get some scruffy hand-me-down ones, that Didn't Cut It. ;P) And for the record, I like Michael Landon's Pa. ;) And I agree, they certainly deteriorated as time went on....as do most things. :)
    ~Miss Meg

  8. How fun! Being homeschooled, I grew up with Little House and they're a definite childhood favorite : )

  9. Ahhh! This party is going to be so much fun! I grew up with the Little House books too. They were always just THERE, as you put it . . . I loved them so much. And still do, of course. I think I've probably read each book at least six times. Which is definitely saying something!

    Charles and Caroline are awesome. Oh, do you ship Cap and Mary Power? Because I never have. Just wondering :P

    Your miniseries is an amazing idea!! I can't think why no one has done it yet. Goodness!

  10. Oh Naomi, this was so sweet!!!! I loved your answers, these books are so precious!! And I am now going to steal the tag. Ok? Ok. :)

  11. I loved reading your answers, Naomi! :-)

    I just found your BEAUTIFUL blog and quickly followed. It's so darn adorzzzzable!!!! And so, I have to ask, where did you find those precious pictures in your cute, vintage-y header? (Particularly, the one on the bottom right?)

    1. Aww, thank you, Faith! :-) The pictures are from random places (the bottom right one is from the TV series 'Downton Abbey') - most of the ones on the header are from "http://icapturetheperiodpieces.tumblr.com/"

    2. Ah, okay. I really should watch Downton Abbey sometime... Thanks! :)

  12. Ohh, I can't wait to request all the LH books (Martha, Caroline etc.) from the library and read them ALL. In order. It's on my to-do list. :)

    I pretty much grew up on the Little House show (along with the books) so I too have a soft spot for it. Did you see the very last episode in the last season? If you haven't please DO NOT watch it. It's horrible. Simply and unutterably horrific.

    Your idea for a youtube series is PERFECT!! I want somebody to make it now!

  13. Lovely answers, Naomi!! :) I'm really out of it when it comes to the Little House books, as you probably know by now, but I enjoyed this post very much indeed. It's so sweet how these books have been a part of your life for so long, and how special they are to you.

    My sister has the 'Little House Cookbook', 'Craft Book,' and 'Sewing Book.' I've always really enjoyed the craft book and the sewing book. We also have a Little House Treasury book which I find VERY interesting. It has drawings of the inside of each home the Ingalls family lived in, and I think it's neat to see how they fit their family into the space available to them. (Some of their homes are SO small!)

    "(No, not because I absolutely love Henry Quiner.) Basically because I absolutely love Henry Quiner..." Haha! That part made me smile. :D

    ~Miss March


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