Announcing... Downton Abbey Week!

T'is decided; I'm going to DO it! :-) My 'week' for this year, 2016, is going to be Downton Abbey based. And it's going to be a whole lot of fun; even for you girls and boys who haven't seen this glittering TV masterpiece yet. (I will make you watch it. Just you wait and see, boys and girls. Just you wait and see.) I will talk about my darling characters, the swoony outfits, the HOUSE, and  a lot of Matthew Crawley. I haven't got any posts written yet, but I have so many ideas - and it's going to be so much fun!! 

Let's do this: Spread the love with the buttons!! Give them a little space in your sidebar, with a link to my blog, will you?
Coming on the 21st of August is... the Downton Abbey Week!

(Aren't they pretty? I'm quite proud of them.)
(Now off to write blog posts... :-P)


  1. I can't wait! Never seen the show but I love all of the outfits, I need to watch this show!!!!!

  2. Well, this looks positively lovely and I know you'll do a great job and those buttons are gorgeous! (But I haven't seen DA so I won't participate, but that matters not.)
    By the bye, I tagged you on my L. M. Montgomery blog. http://lmmkindredspirits.blogspot.com/2016/07/kindred-spirits-tag.html

  3. Oh my goodness! Your buttons are SCRUMPTIOUS! How am I supposed to choose?? :D

  4. Gah gah GAH THOSE BUTTONS! :D I cannot wait! :D

  5. You're gonna do it!!! YAY. I'm almighty glad to hear this. :-) And the buttons are GORGEOUSNESS.

  6. OF COURSE you went ahead with it. ;)

    The 'buttons' are very pretty!

    I think there will be a family birthday and things on that week for me, but anyways, I think I'll manage to find time to read stuff. :D

    ~Miss Meg

  7. I'm rewatching the series now, actually! Just got done with season 3...*sniff* :( I took one of your buttons; they are so pretty I wish I could post all of them!

  8. I can't wait! Such beautiful buttons! I want to watch season six so badly.

  9. I was fighting my urge to watch the series and concentrate more on studies. But now! What have you done, Naomi? :D May be, I will watch one episode a day, to keep the struggles away ;)

  10. I've only seen the first half of this series, but it looks fantastic, and yes, the costumes ARE gorgeous!!! :D

  11. Yay, I'm so excited for this! I'm going off to college right in the middle of that week, but I'll definitely write at least one blog post! (Because, Downton. How could you not?)

    All the buttons are just lovely! THIS SHALL BE SO GRAND.

  12. Are you accepting submissions? (Your buttons are GORGEOUS by the way!) If you are then I'd like to write about Tom Branson. He started as one of my least favorite characters and ended as my top favorite character and I think it would be fun to try and map that transformation.


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