The ugly + The beauty

We all have flaws. Some of us stumble with saying words that start with vowels. Some of us get consonants mixed up and say things like the 'rong load' instead of the 'long road.' Some of us have crooked teeth that require a lot of money and dentist-trips to need fixing. Some of us have loads of red acne. Some of us have birthmarks, beauty spots or moles in places that might seem awkward. Some of us have bushy eyebrows, or pointy chins - you name it. We've all got things. Some of us have weird habits like re-reading emails for typos after clicking the 'send' button rather than before. Or weird habits like biting fingers whenever you're bored. Or scratching one's forehead whenever there's an awkward silence. Some of us get offended by random strangers winking, others laugh at the hilarity. Some of us have clumsy feet. Some of us just cannot sing nicely. Some of us have squints. Some of us have bones sticking out in awkward places like at the sides of the elbow. Some of us don't know how to answer the question 'how are you doing?' Some of us have odd-looking toes. Or odd-looking ears. Some of us can't seem to do dainty things with their fingers. Some of us have never won a game of tennis or badminton. Don't even get me started on the ability to find out what x means in algebra questions. Some people can't for the life of them string pretty sentences. Some of us can't pronounce words like 'January' and 'heroine' without making an effort. Some of us have wobbly knees. Some of us get nervous when people ask random questions. Some of us have to wash their hair every day in order for it not to look greasy; other people have beautiful clean-looking locks for three weeks without washing it. Some of us have weird spots. Or uneven skin.

But you know what? We, all of us people, are all made in the image of God.

Some of us have calm soft glows in their eyes. Glows that reflect gentle waves and silver stars. People have beautiful crowns of gold hair. Or adorable freckles like pixie stardust and brown summer sand. Or the ability to sight-read piano pieces from grand old composers like Mozart and Brahms. Some of us sing like nightingales and some of us get A-stars at Maths tests with ease. Some of us are good at surprising people; or leaving cute little notes. Some people don't need to follow recipes to create delicious meals; they just sense what will taste good. Other people can spin gold tales with pencil or ink. Some of us can draw faces that seem to come alive on the paper. Some of us can make babies stop crying. Some of us can play the violin so beautifully that people listening get emotional. Some people wear high-heels without wobbling. Or they can cartwheel and strike ballet poses like they've always done it. People have sweet smiles and steady handshakes. Some people make phone calls not awkward. Some have clear articulation and the ability to whistle with their fingers. Some people can wiggle their ears, which is cool. Some of us squeeze people's hands in sympathy. Some of us hold doors open for strangers. Some of us have adorably twisty smiles that writers put in books. People have rosy cheeks and beautiful dimples and dents. People have ways with words and ways with music. Some people cheer everyone up; they just shine with happiness. Some of us can make a whole room laugh till they cry. Some of us will stand at the side and whisper with one close friend. Some of us can make wedding dresses fit for a princess; some of us are into pottery. Some of us run as fast as some animals do. Some of us make beautiful pictures and videos; some of us listen, observe and give wise advice.

Some people think they have nothing in them. Which is nonsense. Everyone has something which reflects our God. Whether it be their vibrant, beautifully colourful smile, or their strength to say 'sorry' when it's the time to say sorry. Whether it's their talent to pick up a crying child and make it smile in less than two minutes or their talent of passionate dance. There is good in everyone.


  1. Beautiful post, Naomi. You're definitely one of the ones who has a way with words. :)

    This sentence made me laugh. "Some of us have weird habits like re-reading emails for typos after clicking the 'send' button rather than before." Haha. Sounds like something I would do. ;)

    YES! We were all made in the image of God! And "everyone has something which reflects [Him]" So true! Preach it, sister!!

    1. Awww, you're so sweet. <3
      I do that too!! Like, THE WHOLE TIME. Why?! Why.

  2. I just don't know what to say! This is absolutely the most beautiful post I've ever read!

    I agree with you. We are all different, but in our own way beautiful. As I said before, you're a good writer!


    1. Thank you so much Rose. :-)
      (Also, you must have accidentally clicked 'enter' a lot of times to make that blank space, ha. Never mind! I've done it as well. :-P

    2. I see. My computer did a bit strange... I'm sorry!!

  3. You ALMOST made me cry (I literally got tears in my eyes.) :-)

    And of course, you're right (as always ;D).

    I have hyperhidrosis and struggle with it daily, but I also have many different kind of talents, none of them greater than the other. I can draw, play the piano, cook, write, and they're all gifts from God and should be treasured!

    Thank you for the post ♥


    1. Aw, I'm SORRY. :-) And I'm sorry you have to struggle with hyperhidrosis - it sounds tough. You are DEFINITELY an amazing + talented being (and you have the best book taste, ha.)
      You're welcome - thanks for commenting. <3

  4. You know what, Naomi? This has got to be one of my favourite posts that you've ever written... perhaps THE favourite. (This is saying a lot, understand. ;))

    Honestly, I read it as slowly as possible, because it was so beautiful. I love the way you wrote it, but I especially love WHAT you wrote. I don't know why, but I'm always supportive of people in general, and that everyone has good in them, and everyone is interesting and special in their own unique way. "There is good in everyone." I do believe that. :)

    Honestly, I just want to comment on every single sentence you wrote but, that's kind of... time consuming. There were parts that made me laugh softly and parts that made me feel very emotional. It was just amazing. So thank you. <3

    ~Miss Meg

    P.S. Seriously, though, some of these I could REALLY relate to. (I was told the other day I had bushy eyebrows... just like my dad. WELL THANKS. :P) Also, I totally relate to people getting offended/laughing at strangers winking at them. Once one of my sisters burst into tears when a guy winked at her, and when he later winked at me, I winked at him back and grinned. ;P (I was 10, okay?) Oh, and that part about some people have never won a game of tennis or badminton - I feel that on a deep level.
    Oh, and I can wiggle my ears. :D

    1. Oh my GAAAWSH THANK YOU. :-O

      Just thanks, Miss Meg. :-)
      (You can wiggle your ears? I knew you were a special cookie.)

  5. NAOMI!!!! This is so absolutely beautiful. It really cheered me up today and I just wanted to say thank you for writing it! :)

    1. Aww, ANNA THANK YOU. I was hoping this would 'cheer someone up.' You're welcome - it was an absolute pleasure to write. :-)

  6. These are such wise words!
    ''There is good in everyone.''
    I think this was the best post I ever read in my entire (blog) life.
    Your words are well-thought and this post was really good!
    My dad can whistle with his fingers and I have an uncle who can wiggle his ears. It's really funny to see!

  7. This is so beautiful, Naomi. It's so encouraging, and GOOD.(Also I think I've said this before but your writing is magical. Really.<3)

    "Don't even get me started on the ability to find out what x means in algebra questions." Yeah me too. I feel your pain.;)

    Thanks for this!

    ~Rilla Blythe

  8. This is SO lovely, wow. Everytime I come to your blog I fall more in love with it. ♥

  9. Amen.

    Best post ever.

    I love you, Naomi--you're awesome. <3

  10. TRUUUUTH!!! Thanks for the lovely reminder!!!

  11. This is why you are one of my absolute favorite bloggers. <3

  12. That is just so beautiful! And so true! We all have our talents and foibles and special things that make us beautiful in God's eyes!x

  13. This was beautiful, thank you so much for posting this!

  14. Thank you everyone, for all the sweet things you said. :-) Like, ohmygosh THANKS.

  15. *bawls*

    Okay, maybe I didn't actually cry, but this post is beautiful to bring tears to my eyes if I wasn't feeling kind of blah and sick right now. :P Seriously. One of your best posts, I think.

    I think because I've hardly ever been around people my own age, I don't worry much about 'fitting in' or how I look or hiding certain interests 'cause I don't think other people will 'get' them, but I do tend to judge other people based on looks alone (like, when I see people walking down the street, or whatever) and I need to STOP doing that. We're all made in God's image, we're all unique, and we're all special in His eyes. <3


  16. This post is so beautiful. It helped bring some things in a new light for me. I actually have tears in my eyes as I write this. You certainly have a way with words, Naomi. Thank you for this.



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