We ARE amused... said queen Victoria

The only picture of Victoria smiling aka the only picture where Queen Victoria didn't do what the photographer told her to do.

'We are not amused' said Queen Victoria.
At least, it is SAID that she said that. But in reality, we are pretty sure that she did not say that. Quite the contrary, her diary is filled with phrases such as 'I was very amused' and 'I was very much amused.'

That girl looks so much like Diana Barry
Anyway... now I come to the point...
It is the same with pictures we see of Victorians. Always looking sour and strict, colourless and sober. (Well, the colourless isn't their fault.)
Look at the above picture. (btw. The girl looks like a Diana Barry, don't you think?) I found this picture- this is a girl in the Victorian/Edwardian time and she is smiling. The girl is just a normal girl, like us. (That is if you, my reader, are a girl, which I think you are). She's a teenager, fashionable (just look at the scrumptious hat in the far right picture) and she loves having fun. Well, judging by the look of these four pictures, I imagine she loves fun.
Same with the above picture! This girl looks alive. Up until now I had never realised that Victorians could smile. Pictures of Victorians smiling are just so rare! Un until now I had never properly realised that Victorians were people- real ones, like us.
Well, I did know it, but I never really knew it.

Another example of smiling Victorians (left). The first picture is pretty 'normal' for Victorians. Then there's an embrace and giggles. They both seem to have burst into laughter.

Victorians loved doing silly things, like us. Ahem.
Now that's just romantic.
I really think hats should come back into fashion. Hats ought to be essential.
I'm just SO inspired. Victorians were REAL people, just in nicer clothes, that's all. They are PEOPLE. Not historical THINGS. The smile changes everything.

You look so much prettier by putting a smile on your face. It just changes EVERYTHING. Now I know why I always thought Victorians were ugly.
So.... WELL DONE and a pat on the shoulder to the Victorians in these pictures for not listening to the photographer and smiling in the photo.

PS. Sorry for signing with such a mournful picture.
PSS. Another sorry for posting twice on one day.


  1. LOVE the pictures! I love the "serious" ones too, but a smile does all of sudden make them seem so much more "real". :-) Very fun indeed and thank you for sharing!!!

  2. I love this! Yes, it is rare to see a Victorian photograph of a smiling person. I love to see pictures of Victorian people smiling and looking happy (and 'alive' as you mentioned), especially young girls like me. :-P These photographs are all so charming. Thank you for sharing this, dear!


  3. Hello :) I am new to the blogging world as well and I must say I loved this post! :) Thank you for sharing


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