The Kings Speech ~ Review

I've seen 'The Kings Speech' three times and it's definitely in my top-ten list. It's one of those movies that you want to watch every year. I absolutely love this movie. Not as much as P&P and Emma and Downton, but really, surprisingly close. It's made me cry and laugh... a lot. As you know, I like finding myself crying a little during movies and (especially) laugh.

The only major negative issue in this movie was the swearing. Seriously - there was too much swearing. I don't know what you think, but I'd say that, because of all the bad words, this movie would not be suitable for younger people. It's rated 12 - because of that. There's one really, exceptionally bad scene, which we skipped. We skipped two scenes, actually, because of the swearing. It's a pity, that. :(

Basically, the story is based on the real story of King George VI, the father of our current Queen Elizabeth. As he (King George) had an older brother he never expected to be king, but, because his brother married a divorced woman and abdicated, the throne was handed over to the shy, stammering Albert (crowned "George", nicknamed "Bertie"). Prince/King Albert hates making speeches, or talking in general, as he suffers greatly from speech-problems. His dear, loving wife, Elizabeth, takes him to an Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue. Lionel and Bertie become great friends, and together they manage to find a spark of hope between a hard life. (Okay, that sounded sentimental.) 
I understand some of the movie is invented, or exaggerated (isn't that always the case in movies?), but it's no way as bad as 'Becoming Jane' - and rather well done. Queen Elizabeth, the daughter of the king, watched it and said it was very moving. One thing I know they really overdid was the way the speech therapist talked to the Prince. In real life, he would have never called him Bertie and said those cheeky things he did in the movie.
But I love the way they portrayed Lionel Logue. He's my favourite character in the movie, without doubt.

See what I mean? He's hilarious and kind and just plain fun. I'm jolly glad they exaggerated him. Lionel Logue is the sort of person I wouldn't mind as a father. He speaks his mind, plays boyishly with his sons, jokes a lot, but has a soft, tender spot in his heart. And he has a very nice family. His wife, to start with, is acted by Jennifer Ehle (more about her later) and he has three boys. There aren't very many Logue-family-scenes but the few they did show were probably my favourites. Yep. I like Lionel Logue and I'm glad they portrayed him how they did. :D

Anyway, moving on.

Colin Firth did an excellent job portraying Prince Albert - an emotional, almost sweet role with occasional (ahem- lots) of angry bursts. He was brilliant. I am not a person who fangirls over actors - I fangirl over the characters they play but not over  the actors - but I un-shamefully say that, again, Colin Firth did superbly in his role. He doesn't look exactly like the real Prince Albert, but it doesn't matter. They did really well and I can't complain. At all. Colin Firth did splendidly!

I must add that I think they should have given Geoffrey Rush the Oscar thing as well as Colin Firth. I think they both did as well. Yes, I know - I really loved Geoffrey Rush in this movie. He was amazing.

Queen Elizabeth was Adorable with a capital A. She was the perfect support, help and encouragement to her husband (who needs a lot of it) and she was absolutely sweet. Plus, she wears some darling outfits - lots of furs and chic hats with netting things. I loved her- she was brilliant. This was, believe it or not, my first Helena-Bonham-Carter movie. It was funny, because I heard how she always played weird roles and Queen Elizabeth is not a weird role at all.
And plus, she resembles the real Elizabeth. A little.
 Oh, and the princesses were sweet. They never seemed to grow up during the movie, which is 'longer' than we seem to realise, but for the rest Naomi does not complain. :-P Princess Margaret was hilarious, while Elizabeth was more sensible and earnest. They remind me a bit of how Elinor and Marianne Dashwood would be when they were little girls.

Haha. Their conversations were priceless. I loved the family scenes. I also really like the reactions of the princesses after their father finally does is final bit speech. Elizabeth, with a lovely serene smile: "It went better as you went on." (I can't remember her exact words, but it was something like that.) And Margaret, with an adorable serious look on her face: SPLENDID, father. Suuuweet.

Which brings me to the best bit.

The last speech. THE Kings Speech. It. Was. Epic. He does it. He finally succeeds in making a speech with the speech therapist "directing" in front of him in a little room. He talks in the microphone. Cello's dimly start to play. We see people waiting, holding their breaths, for the king to start the emotional speech announcing the Second World War. We see his wife and daughters, clasping hands, praying for all to go fine. We see the radio-people wondering why it doesn't start immediately.
Then- he starts. Hesitates at first, but he's guided by Lionel, his good friend, who stays as calm and as cool as can be. The music becomes more powerful as he strides on doing what he hates-  making speeches. We see soldiers in the rain, crowing around a radio, catching bits of the encouraging speech. We see the Queen closing her eyes and still holding her breath, the Princesses silent, other famous Brits solemn. We see Myrtle Logue (more about her later) and the Logue boys in their simple living room with the nice walls, cosily and emotionally listing to the radio. Oh... and I'm crying now. This is just too epic and too emotional. I love that last, triumphant speech. It's amazing.


So, what else to say? This movie is amazing. The scenery was good, the costumes were sweet, the interior designs were darling (especially the famous wall in Lionel Logue's room (for the ones who don't know what I'm talking about: Look at the picture at the top of this post)) the music is fantastic and it was a very "quotable" movie, which a movie should be when it can afford to :-D. As I said, there's a lot of swearing, so this movie is not for younger viewers. For those who are old enough, however, I'd definitely, definitely recommend it!


We're not quite done yet. I've kept the best bit for last. This bit about Jennifer Ehle. Myrtle Longue. Elizabeth Bennet. Meets. Mr Darcy.

You can watch the scene here. Please do it- because it's the best scene in the movie, after the last epic kings speech, that is.

This is how it goes:
Myrtle, who never knew her husband taught the king, suddenly comes home, and sees that the QUEEN of all people is having tea at her table. Yes, in her hat and furs. Lionel, scared, confesses to the King that he's never told his wife about them. This is good stuff, people. Love this.

Queen Elizabeth: I understand that your husband calls my husband Bertie. And my husband calls your husband Lionel. I trust you won't call me Liz?
Myrtle *aghast/shocked/does not understand*: You may call me Mrs Logue, ma'am *curtsies*
Queen Elizabeth: Very nice to meet you.
In the next room:
King George: Logue, we can't stay here all day.
Lionel *whispers*: Yes we can. Look, I need to wait for the right moment.
King George: Logue, you're being a coward.
Lionel: You're right.
King George *opens door*: Get out there now!
Lionel walks out, kisses Myrtle: Hello Myrtle, darling. You're early. I believe you two have met, but I don't think you know - King George the Sixth.
King George *holds out hand*: It's very nice to meet you.
Myrtle shakes it, without words, not understanding, completely taken back in surprise
Myrtle: Will their Majesties be staying for dinner?


"I don't believe you know..." Lionel says. BUT THEY DO. They are LIZZY AND DARCY!!! They are REUNITED!!! *Naomi does a happy dance*



  1. This sounds like a great movie!!! I hate it when a movie is reallllly good, but there is swearing! I can't wait to watch this :D

  2. What a lovely review! :-)
    The King's Speech is on my to-watch list - and the only reason we haven't watched it yet is because of the swearing. But I've heard/read/seen a lot about it, and I can't wait to watch it!
    Oh, I love the Mr. Darcy-meets-Lizzy-again scene!!! My mom and I watched it on YouTube and I at least squealed through the whole thing! :-)

  3. This Film is One of My Favourites!! The End!

    But really this film is SO amazing! I often find myself laughing and crying too (especially in that last scene, and the one where the King breaks down- great acting Colin!)
    Really though I agree they should have given Geoffry the Oscar too, he was superb.
    Darcy and Lizzy!!! XD That scene always has me laughing then sobering quickly, as I realise but ah well!
    LOVED this!!

  4. Ashley,
    Yes despite the swearing, this movie is amazing. Let me know when you watch it!

    Miss Elliot,
    The Mr Darcy meets Lizzy scene is SOOOOO... ahhh. I don't. I can't. explain. I understand totally why you squealed. :-)

    I agree! It's SO good, no?
    Brilliant actors, brilliant everything. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the review!

    ~ Naomi

  5. BRILLIANT review darling. I am more convinced now that ever that I MUST watch this film!

    I think I would really like Helena Bonham-Carter in this movie-- she usually plays high-strung and sometimes even crazy characters, but she looks very sweet in this role.

    I loved your description of his speech. I could just picture the scene in my head....

    Loved this!


  6. Naomi,
    As Sir William would say "Capital! Capital!" :D

  7. Emma,
    Oh yes dear, you MUST. I know - Helena always seems to play crazy characters (with crazy hair-styles!) but she has proved that she's perfect in a very sweet role too. She's so good in here. :-)
    Heehee, I must admit I'm rather proud of my description of the speech... did you watch it's youtube clip?

    Good, Good,
    Splendid, Splendid,
    Capital, Capital!
    *claps hands twice*

    ~ Naomi

  8. I love your review! This is a VERY good film, and I adore it! You're probably going to think I'll awfully wicked, but the swearing makes me laugh (only in this film, not normally.). I am also a fan of Helena Bonham Carter, so I loved seeing her in a different role.

    Another very charming review from our own dear Naomi! :)

  9. Danielle,
    I'm SO glad you're back into the blogging world! I've missed you!
    I'm glad you liked my review... Helena Bonham Carter was amazing. :-)
    The swearing is just ridiculous, I agree. Personally I can't laugh about it though. :-)
    I'm enjoying all your comments, dear! :-)

    ~ Naomi

  10. Oh thanks Naomi! Gosh gee I didn't realise I would be missed! *Blushing*

  11. I love like how you put the point about actors/characters! Likewise here! Exactly how I view the issue/feel comfortable... It may be appear highly inconsistent--(to rave about a character instead of the actor), but there ‘tis. There is a difference! :)

    And yay for Darcy and Lizzy! I'd really like to see this sometime, but I've worried it might be a little 'odd' due to that fact, but since you say it's great in that regard, I'll go with that. :) And the big skip-able scene... Is it a bedroom type scene or a violent episode? Can you tell it's coming??

  12. Oh dear, I had a typo at the beginning of my last comment...but I know you'll most kindly overlook it, Naomi dear! ;)

  13. Heidi,
    Yes, I don't gush over actors - but I most definitely DO gush over the characters they play! I'm glad you think the same way. :-) Oh no, it's not odd at all, to see Darcy and Lizzy - well, it's *odd* but nice odd. I wouldn't not watch it because of that, anyway... it's really fun to watch them together again! :-)

    No there are not 'bedroom' scenes, thank goodness! There scene we skipped is one filled with swearing - the Kind basically shouts and shouts on... yes, it's VERY easy to see when it's coming. We just put the noise off and didn't look at the subtitles. There's also another scene with quite a bit of swearing, and again, it's easy to see when it comes up. I'd highly recommend it to you!

    Thanks for the comment, Heidi! :-)
    ~ Naomi

  14. Aaaah! Yes, this MOVIE THOUGH!!!!

    I just watched this movie recently, and adored it. It was so sweet and inspirational.

    Haha, yes, the short-tailed albatross line was probably my favorite of the entire movie (yes, I know, not a terribly "deep" favorite, but still).

    And YES JENNIFER EHLE!!! I absolutely LOVE it when actors who have worked together before are reunited! It makes me so happy;)

    Great review!

    ~ Arwen

  15. Great review of a great movie :) Yes, that final speech is pure awesomeness. Gave me the feels so bad.
    I especially loved the shot of his mom, Queen Mary, listening on HER radio. She has good reason to be proud of her little boy :)


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