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In my last post, I went through my ten favourite Period Drama hairstyles. Today, I thought it would be nice to do my ten least favourite Period Drama hairstyles. Come on, we'll have a nice time bashing them along. It'll be fun. :-)
Anne Elliot 

Sorry, people who like her hairstyle, but I don't like it. At all. It's all greasy and pulled back tightly and it has wet, clinging, wispy curls looking very fake indeed. There's this line between the curls in the front and the hair being pulled back. It's like the curls have been stuck on the forehead. Eck, no. This really is not becoming.

Jane Eyre

I haven't seen many Jane Eyre adaptions, but it only takes a search on Pintrest to find out that practically all the Jane Eyre's have rather unflattering hairstyles! Why does she never show her ears? And if she does, why with this gross flap just next to it? What is it?

 Although Victoria (in the Young Victoria)'s wardrobe is to die for, her hairstyles are not exactly my favourites! I especially loathe the one with the braid looping down, under her ears... ugh. Her hairstyles are rather similar to Jane Eyre's - it's Victorian, I suppose, but not my favourite. :-P

Elizabeth Bennet (not)

I don't care that it looks romantic and fluttery in the wind. I don't care that it's *supposed* to look *tomboyish*. I don't care. Lizzy Bennet hairstyle in P&P05 drives me c.r.a.z.y. Argh! All the hairstyles in P&P05 drive me crazy, actually. Mr Darcy looks like a beggar in his haddle-daddle cut (haddle-daddle ain't a word. I invented it.) Mr Bingley looks like a modern-day teenager with that red hair flopping up. Mr Bennet looks like a pirate with his long hair. The Bennet sisters look like they have never done their hair properly. And so does Lizzy. AND SHE SOMETIMES WEARS IT DOWN. IN PUBLIC. *Naomi bits lips in order not to burst into tears*
(Oh, and you can often see Keira Knightley's short hair under that wig. Look at the first picture - can you spot the back of her pixie cut peeping down from underneath? You never have that problem with Jennifer Ehle's wig.)

Fanny Dashwood

It's funny to see that both Fanny Dashwoods have the same sort of hairstyles, isn't it? Naturally, it's suits their personalities perfectly. Very ugly indeed! All those O's on their fore-heads... yik!

Lady Harriet Cumnor

Help me!!! What did Lady Harriet THINK when she came to the ball in that stupid short hairstyle?! It was pretty bad before she cut it, but... WHAT DID SHE THINK. I must stop. Next subject.

Mrs Gibson

A fan!?! A bunch of grapes!?! I mean, seriously? In your hair?!?  Sorry Mrs Gibson, but enough is enough. You really took it too far. Fans and grapes do not belong on your head. They belong in your hand or in your mouth. Soon you'll be putting an elephant in your hair!

 Sarah O'Brian

Dreadful. Dreadful. Ugh. O'Brian's hair suits her evil character perfectly-  what a gross, unflattering hairstyle this is! Those silly curls hanging on her forehead in a bunch... this just about makes me shudder. (This, by the way, was a wig.)

Fanny Dorrit

This is the third Fanny in this post with a grotesque hairstyle including those ridiculous o's on her forehead! How atrocious is Fanny Dorrit's hairstyle? Need I say more than: UGH?!?!

Edith Crawley (Series one)

It is pretty understandable that hairstylist-people give the annoying people the weird, atrocious hairstyles. Although Edith in Series One is pretty whiny, I think she's rather likeable... all but her hairstyle! The hairstyle she had now, the pretty wavy bob, is much better- the short, baby-ish one in Series one is not my favourite... yup, I don't like hairstyles covering the ears. :-)

What are some of your least favourite hairstyles?
Is it on this list?



  1. Aha. Ha. Ha.

    How did I know you would do this.

    You know how to make a person laugh, don't you, Alice? ;-P

    I agree, Anne Eliot's hair is disgusting. I actually don't mind Jane Eyre's that much...I've only seen the newest version (WHICH IS BRILLIANCE ITSELF), and I guess I loved the character so much I didn't care what her hair looked like.

    Victoria...yeah. Ugh. Blame the era, I say.

    We are in agreement on Lizzy-NOT Bennet. I may like the movie, but I know historical flaws when I see them.

    HARRIET! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! I will never understand why she cut her hair so short. It's hideous.

    O'Brien's hair cracks me up-- it's just so silly! *Emma falls on the floor laughing*

    Hey, I like Edith's hair! Personally I think it's cute in the first season. But I don't like Edith. That is, I do....but I don't. Downton Abbe characters confuse about whether to like them or not. You know how that is, darling. ;-P


  2. Violet,

    How did you know I would do this? How did *I* know you would know? Mysteries, dear, mysteries.

    Oh, you've seen the new Jane Eyre, have you? It's the one with Judy Dench in it, right? Oh, I'm glad you like it. I haven't seen it yet. I saw a very old (VERY BAD) version some years ago and we stopped in the middle. It was that bad.

    PHEW. I'm glad you agree on the Lizzy-NOT-bennet hairstyle. You are a good little girl, Anne. :-)

    Haha, Harriet's hair. SO. ANNOOOOYING! I've read somewhere that they sometimes had wig-ish hair caps that looked a little like that, so she might not have cut her hair. But still, it's hideous.

    Edith's hairstyle is not so bad, but still- I don't really like it. I was thinking about a number ten and I couldn't find one, so I just did this one. Oh, and I don't like Edith either. Did I say I did? I don't like her at all. She's... so argh. And yet... I do like her, but I don't. You know what I mean. :-)

    ~ Alice

  3. So I'm not the only one who finds Lady Harriet Cumnor's hair ridiculous!? I mean, she looks like she belongs in some punk rock band, it's so spiky looking. And did ladies even cut their hair that short back then? I'm going to have to google the historical accuracy of that hairstyle(-;

  4. My dear, 'haddle-daddle' is now a word because you invented it. And I like it very much indeed. I agree with you entirely.....ugh fake Elizabeth Bennet and ugh Lady Harriet and all the rest.:-D

  5. You will hate Jane Eyre the first time you watch it. But then after you stop having nightmares you will start to like it more, and then you'll watch it again and realize how amazing it is. Trust me. ;-P


  6. I totally agree with most of these!

    Both Jane Eyre's and Victoria's hairstyles are very good for the period, and I appreciate that, but overall that early Victorian period is not one I like for it's clothes and hair...

    Yeah, even though I am totally part of the 'Don't Hate on P&P05 Club', her hair annoys me. So does anything period when girls older than maybe 10-13-ish wear their hair down all the time.

    Haha, I love O'Brien's hair! It is so funny and ridiculous! I think in a special feature the actress said she requested a stupid fringe. Or something like that.

    What film is Fanny dorrit from? She looks like a perfect doll in those first two pictures! Except for the silly fringe-curls...

    Edith is really looking good now. She suits the twenties much better than she suited war times/pre-war. Those curls on her look babyish, and make her look awkward. Finger curls look much better on her!

    Anyway, those are my opinions! :)

  7. Love this so much! Edith Crawley's hair COLOUR is lovely, but as you said, hairstyles covering the ears aren't as 'nice'. :) And oh yes! Sarah O'Brian's hair -- don't get me started...! :/ Overall very thought-provoking and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!


    Acacia x
    blog acacia rachel

  8. #1 - I'm not a big fan of Anne Elliot's hair, but I do love that Persuasion, so hence I Won't Say...Much. :) But I think her hair does pretty perfectly capture what they were trying to do.

    #2 - I love Fanny Dorrit's peacock feathers! And likewise with Mrs. Gibson. :) Yes, they're outrageous...and over-the-top...but they're so very fun!! :)

    #3 - Oh! And about Lady Harriet's chop... I don't like it at all, but my sisters and I have talked it over quite a bit -- and I think it was actually done among the English nobility at the time as a sign of sympathy for the French aristocrats. (Somewhere in there roughly anyway--enough that they could have some artistic license when making the movie.) If so, it would also serve to further highlight the Squire's stubbornness about the French--since the folk at the Towers were behaving in an opposite manner (interacting with that one professor, too...that Roger goes to see.) It would all kind of seem to fit anyway.

  9. #4 - I forgot to say I quite agree about the two S&S Fanny's!! :) *shivers*

  10. Phew! Lots of comments! Thanks all of you!

    Elizabeth Anne,
    I KNOW IT'S REDICULOUS.(!!!) Heidi (see comments above) seems to have a very interesting explanation about it...

    Heehee, thanks for the 'haddle-daddle' enthusiasm. :)

    Umm. Right. Nightmares? Err. I think I might wait for Jane Eyre. Not my kind of sad. :-P

    Phew- I'm glad you agree on the not-Lizzy Bennet hairstyle. I know- young Period Drama ladies SHOULD NOT WEAR THEIR HAIR DOWN. It's so annoying, right?
    Fanny Dorrit is from Charles Dickens' 'Little Dorrit'. I haven't seen the movie (YET), but I've heard it's really good. Indeed, she does look like a doll. Not a very pretty one, though. :-)
    I know, Edith's finger-wave curls are much prettier!

    I love Edith's hair-colour.
    Heehee, O'Brian's hair is nauseating. Don't get ME started. :-)

    I thought of you when I made the 'Anne' collage - since I know you like the movie and I hoped you wouldn't be offended. :-) I'm glad you aren't. :-)
    Yeah- they are fun, but nonetheless ridiculous.
    Wow, that's very interesting about Harriet's crop. Thanks for explaining!
    Indeed- the Fanny's hair is quite shiver-worthy. Heehee.

    ~ Naomi

  11. Hee! I was wondering if the Anne note was about me...! ;)

  12. Naomi!! I just had to comment when I saw your new header. It's gorgeous! It think it's my favorite out of all the ones you've done. So so pretty. :)

  13. Love this, haha! For the most part, I agree with you. But I must say that Fanny Dashwood's hair in the 2008 version is extremely intriguing. And I always wondered about Harriet's hair. I mean, WHY is it like that! It wouldn't have been very ladylike to have that hair back then!


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