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Good morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone! Isn't it weird to know that, as I am typing this, some of you may be dreaming in their beds, or eating breakfast, or quarrelling talking with their siblings, or sighing in the classroom, or - like me - typing a blog post, or... yeah - it's weird. It's weird to imagine.
Anyway, today I'm going to show you my ten favourite Period Drama Hairstyles. Stay prepared for a lot of '!'s and 'I love this one's and the normal Naomi gush-ness. I'm sorry if you're tired of my gushing, but it's what I like doing - talking about things I really like. :-)
Oh, and one more thing. This list is in no particular order. I'm bad at putting things into a particular order, especially when I love them all. I'm sure you can relate. :-P
Elizabeth Bennet
*Sigh* If only I knew how to make this charming Regency up-do in my own hair! It's absolutely charming and sooo elegant. It's beautiful! I love those two gentle curly wings at the sides, and the up do at the back - so pretty! Elizabeth Bennet always looks amazing in this hairstyle - definitely one of my favourites! There's a very good tutorial for experienced people (not me, I'm afraid) on this hairstyle here. One day I'm going to find the courage to try it.

Emma Woodhouse
 Ah this is a darling one! A curly, almost-messy bun with a braid around it - adorable, no? Sadie made a very good tutorial of this hairstyle some time ago (here), which is dashed useful. I've made this bun on myself three times - once all the pins fell out, once it stayed up for several hours and once - *proud face* - it managed to stay tolerable the whole day. It's a very sweet hairstyle, and I wish I was good enough to do it on me every day!

Sophie Hutton

The one (but not only) word to describe Sophie Hutton (from Cranford)'s hairstyle is SWEET. This is just one of the sweetest hairstyles! I wish I could have found some better pictures, but unfortunately I only found hatted ones. (Is 'hatted' a word, actually? Oh well, Emma can tell me. She knows those sort of things.) Basically this hairstyle has a little bun at the back, and some girlish locks of curls down - such a sweet, innocent, girlish look!

Lady Sybil Crawley

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Seriously, there's so much beauty here. Lady Sybil's hairstyle is just awesome - so pretty, no! I think it's a pity she had it the bob-style in Series Three - it looks nicer like this! A low, tumbling, yet mature-looking style. (Sadie, please post a tutorial. Just kidding, dear. ;P)

Barbara Spooner

... because no list is complete without this one. No list just is. This is known as one of 'the most well-loved' hairstyles, here in the blogging world. Or I have this feeling. I must admit I wouldn't go out walking in this 'wig', but I can tell you I do admire this hairstyle. A great deal. It's amazing, no?
And isn't it a pity how she changed it for the other, later scenes in the movie? Her wedding hairstyle and the other one in the last scene are no way as good.

Jenny Lee

Although I haven't see 'Call the Midwife', I've fallen in love with Jenny Lee's simple but pretty hairstyle! Shorter, curly hair makes one look so darling, no? ;-P

Marge Frake

 Why is everything about Marge Frake (in State Fair) so absolutely, absurdly beautiful? Her wardrobe is my favourite wardrobe ever, and her hair is adorable! It's so crunchy and full and glorious and... oh, she's a lovely lady with perfect hair!

Elize McKenna

I adore the Edwardian era, so I knew I'd have to put a nice pompadour style into this list. I thought of all the pompadours in movies, and I decided Elize McKenna's one in Somewhere in Time is the most perfect one. It's a perfect, neat, even, delicious pompadour. Absolutely lovely!

Margaret Hale

Wow. Margaret hale does not have servants to do her hair (unless Dixon does it, but I can't see that, to be honest) and yet she always walks around with the most charming up do ever - isn't it amazing? All those curls and... just. Perfection.

Jane Austen (not)

I do not like this movie and Jane Austen was not at all really how they portrayed her here. Shidder-shudder. But having said that, I can safely tell you that I adore many (not all) of her clothes (especially the goldy-greeny ball gown up there) and I really like the hairstyle she wore at the ball, too! Those beads make it look so elegant and Grecian and Regency! Stunning!

What are some of your favourite hairstyles?
Is your favourite on this list?


  1. According to Webster's dictionary, 'hatted' is not a word. But then, when I just typed it here no red squiggly showed up underneath the word, so I don't know what's up with that. I say you can use it if you want to. ;-P

    What a delightful post this is! Don't we all just love mooning over hairstyles. :-) These are all some of my favorites as well, ESPECIALY Barbara Spooner. BEST. EVER. And I would totally leave the house with my hair looking like that. Now, Margurite St. Just, that might be a biiiiiit of a stretch.

    Actually, her name is 'EliSe' McKenna. That picture in the middle is from a miniseries called The Four Feathers, but I can see how you thought it was from Somewhere in Time (lots of people do, believe me. The only way I know is because I've seen JS's biography and know almost everything she's ever been in. It's what happens wen you're a crazy fan).

    I LOVE Jenny Lee's hairstyle! Actually, I love her whole outfit/look. I want to look like that. ;-P

    This made me smile! :-)


  2. Thanks for letting me use 'hatted', dear :-P Actually, I invent quite a lot of words like that when I write.

    Haha, yes - I knew you loved Barbara Spooner's hairstyle! I can imagine you'd be the sort of person who'd walk out with that style.
    Oh yes- Elise. Sorry, Violet - and about that middle picture? I just did that to see if you would notice. Heehee. (Just kidding - I really thought it was from Somewhere in Time. :)

    Have you seen Call the Midwifes? Yep -Jenny Lee's look is lovely. Actually, I think you look a bit like her. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  3. I have always love Lizzy Bennet's hair. I found this tutorial on Pinterest. I know it is a wig, but I imagine it could be modified and imitated (I have not watched it yet). I found a whole bunch of tutorials for For the Beauty of the Earth's Period Drama Fashion Week, but this one looks like the best Lizzy one.

  4. No, I haven't seen Call the Midwife. I don't know much about it but I think it looks cute, and I love this girl's look. Why, I shall take that as a great compliment! :-) Maybe I'll look like that when I'm older....of course, my teeth will never be that perfect. ;-P


  5. Good Morning Naomi! :D
    What a delight this post is, I'm tempted to do one of these too, although we have very similar taste in this area! :)

    Elizabeh Bennet, so pretty! That tutorial is clear but very adventurous.. I'm not good with my hair I just chuck it in a bun...

    Ah, Emma's this one this one I could do! By The Way, I finally saw some of this adaptation and it is BRILLIANT! XD Thanks for the tutorial I might just have to give it a try on my last day of holidays..

    Sybil!! My favourite Crawley sister! and the one I am most like too.. I am now completely caught up even into series 5. I rewatched Series 3's special and it was so great and then the thing that happend which never happend occured and now I am a teary mess... I LOVE this hairstyle! I will be doing it for my graduation for sure! simple yet classy. I agree with you about Series 3.. I think this suited her much more to be honest :) If only her bob was as simple but adorable bob like in Call the midwife!

    Oh what do you know! we think alike m'dear! I just LOVE this hairstyle.. If I had the guts to cut my hair again, I would style it like this it's so adorable!

    Oh this one is pretty too! and the Edwardian one! and This one! WOOOOOW

    I wish I could have thought of these ones.. You have inspired me.. look forward to a post coming soon! and about the costumes too! Yipee!

    ~Mrs Brandon wife of Colonel Brandon (in the 08 version.. I'm sorry Alan!)
    Mistress of Delaford.

  6. What a darling post, as usual! Such pretty hairstyles!
    I love pompadours! Out of all old-fashioned hairstyles pompadours are my favourites! But I haven't seen 'Somewhere in Time' yet. It looks as though I would enjoy it! Have you ever tried a pompadour? Whenever I do it doesn't work very well, because my hair is straighter than a ruler!
    Fourties and fifties hairstyles are always so sweet! I like trying to use bits from them in my own everyday styles. 'Call the MIdwife' is pretty good, from what I've seen. One of these holidays I will need to get my hands on a box set!

  7. P.S. That quote that you used as your title, what is it from? I feel like I know it, but where from I simply can't recall... :)

  8. Livia Rachelle,
    Thanks for the link - it looks very useful, but still rather complicated. Elizabeth Bennet's hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous! And yes, I found some very useful links during Emma Jane's fashion week at your blog... so thanks for that!

    Oh, you and your poor teeth - haha, that made me laugh though.:-P No seriously, you do look some like her - both very pretty, of course. :-)

    Mrs Brandon wife of Colonel Brandon in the 08 version, Mistress of Delaford,
    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this post and got inspired to do one of your own!
    Yay! You managed to watch the 2009 Emma version! Isn't it THE BEST! Please review it. :-)
    Oh, and you're watching Downton Abbey series FIVE?! Yayy!
    I was thinking of doing my ten-top favourite wardrobes soon, too.

    Pompadours are BEAUTIFUL. Yes, I once managed to make a pretty tolerable one, but really- I'm not that good at it. My hair is rather frizzy, and often looks unprofessional.
    I haven't seen Somewhere in Time either, but it looks so good! My best friend Emma keeps on telling me it's amazing.:-)
    Oh, the quote is from Downton Abbey - Sir Anthony Strallan says it to Edith in the third Series.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone... they mean so much to me. :-)
    ~ Naomi

  9. Hahah thanks ever so much for your lovely mentioning of my ever so long title Miss Naomi,

    Yes, that will happen soon.. working on it now :D I will try and write a review on Emma.

    I am about to become busy so I can put it on my to do list for next holidays if you don't mind waiting of course.

    I LOVE D.A! do they have series five where you are?

    Oh yes! That quote! I remember that! XD I really liked those two!
    ~Mrs Brandon (and Christopher too!)
    (Evie and her friend Stu)

  10. Ooh, how cute!! I love Barbara Spooner's hairstyle and Emma's. Of course. Romola Garai seems to get all the pretty hairstyles. *pout* Just kidding! :-)
    Hahaha about Margaret Hale's hair. No, I don't think Dixon does it. Margaret just spends hours in front of the mirror every morning (which is why there are no morning scenes in the movie I can think of). Okay, that's a little far-fatched. Heehee.
    Oh, is that Jane Seymour in Somewhere in Time? Lovely lady! :-) I really love some of Jane S's hairstyles in The Scarlet Pimpernel. So curly and... amazingly huge. :-p

  11. Oh, my... I LOVE just about every one of these, Naomi dear!! ;)

    And gorgeous collages! My favorite is very definitely On The List. Can I please use your Margaret collage to print off for a bookmark??!!

  12. Oh oh! I'm so glad I found this post! I know, haha, I've been commenting all over the place on this blog but I'm a new reader so I have to catch up! :) But hair is my absolute favoritest favorite of all! I've always thought that Kitty's hair in the 95 P&P was adorable, and I also really love Cathrine's hair from Northanger Abbey. But yes, yes, and yes. I love all of these! :D


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