The Little House Series // Review

When I think of my young years I think of myself reading the Little House books. I read them so much. Ridiculously much. So here's to some mini reviews!

The Little House in the Big Woods ~ This is the first book in the Series and not my favourite. Maybe this is because it's just way to easy for me now - because I can remember really liking it. Laura is five in this book (?) and most of the book talks about the simple way of living in the woods. My favourite part in this book is definitely the dance at Grandma and Grandpa's. I love the pictures (Yes, I like pictures) and I love the way Laura looks at her aunts Docia and Ruby getting ready to dance. And love Ma's beautiful dress - the way Laura thought she was the 'best dancer' in the room. As a child though, I loved the Christmas chapter the best - I did think it unfair, though, that Laura got a doll AND a candy bar and mittens while her sister and cousins only got the candy bar and the mittens! I didn't understand why the others didn't complain. :-P
The Little House on the Prairie ~ This books has a lot of action. The Ingalls family leave the woods and travel in their carriage. We have Indians, wolves, river-crossing... yup, quite an adventure! I think this book might be one of the popular ones, but it never really 'got' me like some of the other books did. I guess I'm not an adventure-type person. My favourite parts in this book are when 1) Mr Edwards brings Laura and Mary Christmas presents 2) Mary and Laura find Indian beads and make neck-laces for Carrie 3) I used to love the part where they realised it wasn't a wolf - it was JACK!
On the Banks of Plum Creek ~ This used to be my favourite book. You should see how tattered my copy is! I love this book - from their house in a hill (how sweet does that sound?) and the bubbly Plum Creek to Nellie Oleson's party in Walnut Grove! My favourite parts in this book have always been the parts with Nellie Oleson. I don't know why I love Nellie-Oleson-bits so much (I always have.) "Country-girls!" always makes me laugh, and the Town Party and the Country Party never cease to make me grin. :-) I also really like the Christmas in this book. Walnut Grove Church has a big Christmas tree with all sorts of presents. Laura has her eye on a lovely fur coat and muff - Nellie Oleson had teased her earlier on for not being able to afford one - and then Laura gets it! I love this Christmas - it's probably my favourite Christmas in all of the books (which says a lot because there are loads of really nice ones.)
Farmer Boy ~ I used to not-really-like this book because it was about Laura's-husband-to-be's-childhood and I wasn't interested in that. But once I'd read it twice I loved it. I read this book to my younger brothers several years ago and they all really liked it - it's just a really sweet book. We like to joke about how much food the Wilder family always eat - because this book has some long lists of food. Did I say 'some'? Oops. Loads. My favourite part in this book is where Almanzo tells his annoying older sister Eliza Jane that she's not his boss! :-) I also like how Almanzo grows a really big pumpkin by 'watering' it with milk. I've always wanted to try it and see if it really works, haha. And I also love the Christmassy bits. :-)


On the Shores of Silver Lake ~ Back to the Ingalls family. Some things have changed. Mary is blind, baby Grace is born and Jack dies in the second chapter. Laura is older and more responsible. The Ingalls family move on. This is definitely one of my favourites. The title on it's own sounds delicious, no? It's something Anne Shirley would approve of. This books has so many lovely bits! When Mrs Boast makes a new-fangled cup-board with Carrie and Laura, the bit where Grace get's lost, when Reverend Alden comes on a visit, the bit where they travel by train and the scrumptious Christmas! I love this one! Definitely one of my personal favourites. :-)

The Long Winter ~ This one is nice, but not a favourite. The Ingalls family spend a long winter in their little house - trying to keep warm, satisfy their hunger and keep busy. Can you believe this? It actually snowed from October to April? What a long winter, ay? My favourite part was definitely when the winter finally ended and they celebrated with some good food and late Christmas presents!

The Little Town on the Prairie ~ Definitely my absolute favourite of the whole series! You should see my copy - it's literally broken into pieces. There so many things I love about this book: I could really fill a whole post with it. But some of my favourite parts are 1) All the school parts- seriously, those parts are so fun. Laura's school-adventures! Nellie Oleson comes back - that girlish-enemy tension between those two, oh I just love reading it. Eliza Jane Wilder (Almanzo's older sister!)'s bad teaching skills make me snicker. The birthday party a boy in school holds... there are so many fun school-scenes and I love them so much. 2) The name cards. I love the part where Laura buys pretty, fashionable pink name-cards! 3) Ma's poem. Ma writes a beautiful poem in Laura's album. Read the book - it's lovely. I normally don't like poems, but I like that one. :-) 4) I love the part where Laura, Carrie and Grace spend three days at home without Pa and Ma and do the spring cleaning as a surprise! Can you hear I love this book? :-D

Those Happy Golden Years ~ Ahhhh. Those Happy Golden Years. I LOVE THE TITLE. And I love this book so much! It's probably my favourite after 'The little Town on the Prairie'. In this book Laura is fifteen and she goes to teach in a little school several miles away from her house. She spends the days with a horrible, grumpy family and gets terribly homesick. I can't imagine teaching a school at my age! Gosh! Almanzo takes her home for the weekends, in snowstorms and everything - Tada! The start of a romance! Once Laura stops teaching in the horrible far-away-from-home place Almanzo takes her on regular buggy rides. Nellie Oleson pries for Almanzo's attention too, but it's Laura who Almanzo really likes (of course!) My favourite part in this book is when Almanzo puts one of his arms on the seat behind Laura's shoulders, while driving the buggy with his other hand. Laura doesn't like it and pulls the reins so the horses start to run and so Almanzo needs both his hands to ride! What I also love about this book is the fact that Laura gets lots of nice new bonnets and dresses and she describes them all with great detail!

The First Four years ~ I have to admit this one never really got me. Before their marriage Laura told Almanzo she didn't want to marry a farmer. Almanzo said he would try farming for four years and if she wasn't happy after that, he'd do something else. This book is about those first four years. Loads of problems (a fire, storms and all that jazz) but loads of happiness too. For example, they get their first  (and only) child, Rose!
Have you read these books?
Which one was your favourite? 


  1. These books are my childhood. *happy sigh* :-)

    Actually, I haven't read all of them-- just the first seven, I think, and that was years and YEARS ago. Mama read them to us girls when we were little. Sadie's favorite is Farmer Boy-- she likes all the parts about their food. I quote: "Sugar, sugar, sugar. Fat, fat, fat. Carbs, carbs, carbs." ;-P
    Little Town on the Prairie is my favorite too!!!!! Sadie and I read that one last year and I absolutely LOVED it. I had forgotten how much I love Almonzo in the books (in the tv series I didn't really care for him). In the book he's SO romantic and thoughtful. I love the part where he puts Laura's coat on for her. Yes, I'm extremely sentimental.

    This was a joy to read through! :-)


  2. Emma,

    I didn't know you love these books as much as I did! See? There WAS something I didn't know about you.

    Little Town on the Prairie is the best ever. I think I might read it again. It's just so sweet. :-)

    Oh, I hate Almanzo in the movie. I don't really care much for the TV-series, actually. It's NOTHING like the books. Seriously, nothing is the same apart from the names. It's like Becoming Jane, haha.

    Ohhh yes. The part where he puts on her coat. *melts*
    I guess I'm extremely sentimental too. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  3. Oh, you haven't read 'Those happy Golden Years'?!!!

    You should! Almanzo's in it loads of times. You'd love that one. :-)

  4. I love the Little House on the Prairie books! I haven't read all of them, but I think most of them. My favorite is probably Farmer Boy, and I also love Little Town on the Prairie. I also love On the Banks of Plum Creek. Well, I love them all.:)

  5. I've read/looked through these books so many times! They are wonderful! I'm rereading them next summer!

    I always loved Little House in the Big Woods because of the descriptions (basically why I love this series!). This book is really sweet!

    On the Banks of Plum Creek is another of my favorites. I would love to visit a sod house!

    Famer Boy was also one I liked. And the food!! The doughnuts, popcorn, Christmas feast... Lots and lots of food!!

    I think On the Shores of Silver Lake is my favorite because Laura is growing up and doing stuff on her own. I love when she runs ahead to see the new house!! I always seem to forget about Grace though when I think of this series...

    Little Town on the Prairie is wonderful because there are so many stories!!

    I haven't read through Those Happy Golden Years in order (I look through these books a lot), but I think Laura's relationship is sweet.

    The First Four Years is really, really sad!! It makes me feel so bad!!

    Have you read the other series about the family? Like the Caroline books, the Martha books (my favorite), and the Rose books?

  6. Sadie,
    Yes, it's a lovely series. :-) I'm glad you like them too!

    Yes, the descriptions in LH in the big woods are very interesting - It's fascinating to know how they did things with so little!
    I know! The food in Farmer Boy just makes your mouth water!
    Yes, you told me once you liked on the Shores of Silver Lake the best - I understand why. It's the first book where Laura is more 'grown-up.'
    Oh you should read 'Those Happy Golden Years'! I love that one.
    Oh goodness yes! I've read all the Martha books, all the Charlotte books, all the Caroline books and all the Rose books millions of times. I might review those too.

    ~ Naomi

  7. Naomi,
    Well, you were right, I don't like them quite as much as you do, but still I'm very fond of them. :-)
    My mama read These Happy Golden Years not too long ago and she said she liked it. I'll have to read that one soon.


  8. Wait, no, I take that back; it was The First Four Years that Mama read. I have read some of THGY, but I don't remember much of it. Sometimes I get the books mixed up-- can you tell? ;-P

  9. Oh, I looooove these books!!! My favourites are 'Plum Creek', 'Little House in the Big Woods', 'Little Town', and 'Farmer Boy', but I've never read 'The First Four Years'. I think that one was published after Laura died, so it hadn't really been properly edited or anything.

    What do you think of the way Almanzo proposes? I think it is absolutely perfect!

  10. Danielle,
    I knew you liked these books!

    Oh yes! The way he proposes!
    "How would you like to have a ring?"
    "It would depend on who gave it to me."
    "And if it was me?"
    "Then it would depend on the ring."

    So sweet. :-)
    ~ Naomi

  11. I was really fond of those as a kid as well. They made quite an impression on me as over 15 years ago I still remember many specific scenes. It might be time for a reread of a few of these!

  12. Wow, your review was EXACTLY the same as mine would be, if I ever wrote a review!!! I love Little Town on the Prairie and These Happy Golden Years!!! Your review makes me want to go back and read them again! I did really enjoy the second book, though, because I love action and adventure. :)
    Haha, and I love how Almanzo proposes too. :D

  13. My mom read these aloud to us over and over and over when I was a kid. My favorites are Little House in the Big Woods and Farmer Boy because I love their scenes of every-day life.

    Your note about The Long Winter made me chuckle, though, because we always had snow from October to April in Michigan when I was a kid. We usually had to wear winter coats over our Halloween costumes, and sometimes snow pants too. There were years when we had fresh snow for my birthday, which is April 23, and we had to play all party games indoors. Snow on Easter was pretty normal there.

    We also generally got snow around Halloween in both WI and MN when I lived there as an adult, and it lingered through March and often into April. How I miss having lots and lots of snow!!!!!!!

  14. Birdie,
    Oh you should! Any age can read them, I think. Rereads is a great idea. :-)

    Wow, that's awesome that we share so many Little House opinions.
    Oh I *did* enjoy the second book, very much - but just not *as* much as some of the others.

    Oh my goodness! I can't imagine Snow from Oct to April! On one hand, it sounds freezing, but on the other hand it sounds like a lot of twinkly fun!
    I hope it snows where you live now soon, so you don't miss it too much! :-)
    I live in Belgium and there's no snow yet - we didn't have *any* last year, so I really hope we'll get some soon. :-)

  15. We live in Virginia now, and usually get snow a few times in the winter, but it rarely lasts more than a day or two. They've been predicting a really snowy winter this year, though, so I'm super excited :-D

    When I was 12, we moved to North Carolina and didn't have any snow quite a few winters. I found that very depressing. I hope you get snow this year!


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