The last one. I promise.

*bites fingernails nervously*
So, erm, yes.
So. Yeeeah.
How do I start?
Let me start.
This is my main blog, right? I post on this one the most and I don't plan to stop - not ever. I love my lil' Wonderland Creek. It's my main blog. It's THE my blog.
But then, remember, I have some other little places. I share the Downton Abbey blog with my bestie Emma and my other dear friend Sadie.
I have the Montgomery blog, too.
I don't regret making those blogs. Oh no, not at all.
But yeah.
I made another.
*shrinks in corner*
Hehe. Yeah.
Here it is.
And it's my last one. Promise.
I personally love reading confessions. Of any sorts. And my favourites are, of course, the Period Drama ones. So yeah - You must follow that blog too, and submit some confessions now and then.
*clicks publish button nervously*


  1. I loooove the winter makeover, Naomi!!! :) Is the background just from blogspot?

  2. Heidi,
    Thank you, dear!
    No, the background is just a random seamless picture from google. Actually, it was light blue first, but I changed the colourings on Word. :-)

  3. I don't have a blog myself, but I've recently created a blogging account to be able to follow the ones I enjoy, and have muchly enjoyed following yours. So when I read the title I had a sudden (rather irrational) fear that you were announcing your intention of quitting blogging-- I'm glad that it was almost the opposite! :D

  4. Sophie,
    Oh no- perish the thought! I love blogging too much to stop. :-) Sorry for frightening you... and thank you for being frightened. That means a lot to me, you know. :D

  5. *Pokes head around corner to check blogger and gasps Naomi's quitting blogging???????!!?!? reads further and sighs happily*

    Thank gosh!! So exciting! I will definatly follow that one, it's a great idea and I have so many confessions! :D

    *dissapears in puff of smoke*

  6. Sqeeeeeep!! I checked out the other blog and submitted a confession. I love it and the idea!!!! And I'm sorry I haven't commented before - I haven't even been on the internet in three or four days! :-/

  7. Hee! I myself have started four blogs of my own, and two private shared blogs with some friends. It can get addictive. I've abandoned two of my blogs over the years, because life changes and moves on, but still, great fun!

  8. Evie,
    Thanks dear. No, I'm not leaving. :-)
    Thank you for following the other blog!

    Phew- good to know, that, heehee. Yes, blogging is great fun. :-)

    Thank you for commenting!

  9. Miss Elliot - sorry I didn't publish your comment before - It somehow landed in my spam and it got forgotten. Thanks for the enthusiasm! I love all your encouragement!


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