Daddy-Long-Legs // Review (well, what *I* call a Review, anyway.)

I started writing this review before I had even finished the book. I just knew I had to review it. Because, yeah, it's one of the nicest books I've ever read. Swellagus. Completely, clickety swellagus. Spenkalonkly lovely. (Ahhhem. I should stop inventing words. It's become a bad habit of mine. Do you like my invented words? Spenkalonkly. Not bad, eh?)
I first intended to start this review like this: I loved this book. The end. Oh no, it's not the end.
But then I decided I wouldn't, as I believe I've written that phrase at least three times before on my blog. One is not allowed to appear saggy. Saggy IS a real word. Don't say I invented that too. Yes, it IS a real word. Is it?
So, so, so! Where to start? This book really touched me. It's going to be at my bedside for many years yet to come. I feel it's going to go in my list-of-books-I-read-twice-every-year. It totally deserves to be in that list.

The Story:
It starts with Jerusha leading a rather 'eww' life at the orphanage. Now, I know what you're thinking. I thought exactly the same. 'Not another story about a miserable orphan,' I first groaned.
But it gets really nice. A man - he calls himself Mr John Smith - gives Jerusha the money to go to college on the advantage that she sends him a letter every month. Jerusha doesn't know the man's name, age or looks. She only knows three things about him. 1) He is tall 2) He is rich 3) He hates girls (or so she heard). So, due to his tall-ness, she nicknames him Daddy-Long-Legs.
The majority of the book is her letters. And no, don't say that 'just' letters are boring to read. She writes in a lovely, girlish, witty, almost impish style which is just a delight to read.
In the end she meets her Daddy-Long-Legs, and he turns out to be a lovely man she already knew. How sweet it that? It's a very Montgomery-like plot, don't you think? I approve. Such a sweet love story!
I read the Kindle version (it's a free Kindle book) which was without the pictures. The 'real' book has these charming, squealful pictures drawn by Jean Webster - apparently very funny. But still, the book is lovely even without them pictures.
(You can read this book online, here.)
I've decided to make a list of the things I liked about this book, and a list of the things I didn't really like. Just because the authoress of this lovely little blog (I flatter myself) feels like lists. Okay. Ear we go:
The things I liked:
~Jerusha Abbot. Otherwise named Judy.
You know, blogs and their popular posts? Sometimes there's this one new post that hits the top first place with such speed - in like, several hours it goes from zero views to the most-viewed post in your blog. You know what I mean? Well, it was the same with the heroine of this novel. I went from not even knowing she existed to putting her as my top-favourite heroines.
The thing I love about dear old Jerusha is the fact that I have finally found the heroine that resembles me most. Jerusha and I are ridiculously similar. Outroareously so. It was spenkalonkly fun for me to read it. I have her writing style, her same nonsensical witty-ness (I would, like her, say it was raining cats and dogs and that 'a puppy and a kitten have just landed on my windowsill'), her same life attitude, sense of fashion, love for writing and all that. She's the heroine that clicked me. She and I. Like the same person. Seriously. We're so alike.
Well, let's not exaggerate. We're not totally alike. I'm scared of animals - she ain't. In that sense, still, I am more Alice Grace Ripley in Lynn Austin's fabulous 'Wonderland Creek.'
But still - I could write a post entitled: '50 things Jerusha and I have in common.' It was delightful for me to read.
So yes, I finally found the my heroine. I never really had a protagonist that was so much like me. :-)
~Jean Webster has Montgomery's writing style
 Just seriously. This could be mistake for Montgomery. And guess what? I love that.
~Clothing descriptions
I told you Jerusha was like me. If I wrote letters to an Anonymous person I would describe my newly purchased clothing items with as much gusto as she did. Lovely clothes descriptions there, people.

~You want to read the ending.
This books makes you read fast. Because you want to know how it's going to end. It was so funny - When I was reading it I had just reached the ending I had been so impatiently waiting for when it was time for dinner, or something. Uh, no. It wasn't funny.
At first I thought that the Daddy-Long-Legs was going to be Jerusha's real father. And then, when Jerusha wrote in one of her letters:
Did you ever have a sweet baby girl who was stolen from the cradle in infancy?
Maybe I am she! If we were in a novel, that would be the denouement, wouldn't it?
It's really awfully queer not to know what one is—sort of exciting and romantic. There are such a lot of possibilities. Maybe I'm not American; lots of people aren't...
It really tickled me, because I was thinking just that. And the 'maybe I'm not American - lot's of people aren't,' bit made me giggle.

As you might have guessed by now. Very funny book. Made me snicker a load.

~A simple story
Now and then, I like a simple story. While I like dense plots with loads of things happening all at the same time (aka: Wonderland Creek and other Lynn Austin books) now and then, a sweet, simple and straight-forward book is up to my liking. DLL is perfect in that way.

~So many other things
The fact that she (Judy/Jerusha) was a writer.
The fact that she makes everything fun.
The fact that the book makes you happy.
The fact that literature gets mentioned.
And so many other things...

Read it, and you'll see what I mean. If you have a Kindle, you can do it right now, cos as I said, it's free. *In salesman voice*: Buy your e-book right now for a free price and instant download.

What I didn't like:
~ The fact that Jane Austen was never mentioned.
Duh. Lame. I just had to think of something.

Have you read this book?
Liked it as much as I do?



  1. I am reading this book for the first time RIGHT NOW! So I'll respond to this later a whole lot, I'm betting :-D

  2. A while back I put this on my "to-read" list, after hearing fabulous things about it. After this wonderful review, I'm putting it on the top of my list. In fact, I just downloaded it to my Kindle!

  3. I've read this before and liked it a lot. I need to read it again though because I kind of forget about all the details. :) Have you read Dear Enemy by Jean Webster as well? I LOVED that one!

  4. I actually have this book in it's original serialized form in a 1912 Ladie's home journal. I am missing the rest of the story though so this was nice to fill me in. :)

  5. Hamlette,
    Wow! That's a coincidence! I hope you enjoy(ed) it as much as I.

    It's totally worth the read - I'm glad this post pushed you to read it!

    Yes, I'm reading 'Dear Enemy' now - although it's very sweet, I personally preferred Daddy-Long-Legs.

    Hannah Batchelder,
    Thank you for all your comments both on this blog, my Montgomery blog and my Period Drama confessions blog! I appreciate you taking the time to leave them!
    Aw, that Ladies home journal sounds so cute. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  6. Loved it. Loved it. LOVED IT!!! Posting my review this morning, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.


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