Do you like watching sad movies?

I love crying whilst watching movies. Well, love heh, isn't 'zactly the right word to describe it. It's just that, when a movie makes me cry, it means it has touched me inside and normally those movies are the ones I can't forget, even if I want to. Those kinds of movies kind of live inside me for a long time.

I have to admit, my favourite movies are not ones that really make me cry, though. My favourite movies are the ones that are beautiful and most-part happy and British and Jane Austen-y. They have their fluttery parts, but they aren't usually handkerchief-y. Movies such as Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Wives and Daughters and Anne of Green Gables have made me cry but they aren't, in my opinion listed under the title 'sad movies.' They are movies that make one happy. Movies that one watches to get cheered up. Cosy-hours-movies. Perfect.

But then I have seen sad movies which have managed to reach my 'favourite' list, so I do enjoy the sad ones. 

Of course, different people define different movies as sad (for instance, Little Women. Many people say it's a 'sad movie' - but I think it's rather cosy and happy-feelsy. Although OF COURSE it has a sad bit or two. I cry my eyes out at Beth's death. But I wouldn't call it a 'sad movie'. I don't know, there's more to Little Women than sadness. It's a cosy, happy family story.) And of course, there are several kinds of sad-movies I just can't watch. 

For me, sad movies must have...

1. A re-assuring ending. I need HOPE. 

It doesn't have to be all rosy and happy and sparkly and golden (although I have to admit I like those too) but it needs to have an ending with hope. Not one of those 'Oh goodness, how am I going to ever get over that' endings. Ugh.
'Testament of Youth' was a brilliant movie, but the ending didn't have as much hope and 'happy feeling' as I would have liked. Still, I just about tolerated that, and I love 'Testament of Youth' because it's so gorgeous and pretty. But I wish they would've made the ending more hopeful.
'Miss Potter,' for instance is, in my opinion, a rather sad movie, but I absolutely love it - it has a good ending. Beatrice finds another guy and you can finish the movie with a smile on your face and a happy feeling inside, despite all the sad feels and tears.

2. The sad movie has to be my kind of sad. 

I know, that might sound weird. But there is a 'my kind of sad' and a 'not my kind of sad.' Let me sit down and clear my throat and explain. (Thank you for letting me. You really are too kind.)
'Not my kind of sad' movies are the gruesomey kind of sad. Like, I can't CANNOT watch Holocaust movies. I tried once and I had nightmares even though I stopped before half of the movie. It was just too BLACK and GRUESOME. Like, I was trembling with the horrid sadness. That is so not my kind of sad. Goodness, reading books about the Holocaust make me snag for breath in anguish. Of course I can't watch Holocaust movies.

And Les Miserables is not my kind of sad either. I couldn't watch it. One sad thing after another. Endless shots of miserable, raggerdy, blood-smotched faces - so. much. vivid. misery. I just didna like it, I didn't.
The only movie with slightly 'gruesome' and 'vivid' sadness I love is 'North and South.' Oh, and I like most of the Dickens movies. But really, most sad movies with the 'scary, violent sadness' are so not for me. No thank you.

Movies that are my kind of sad can make me cry and even leave me with misery-feelings. Testament of Youth made me feel absoblumelootely miserable, but I also absoblumelootely love it. It's a vivid movie, but it not one-thing-after-another-gruesome. Miss Potter, as I mentioned earlier, is SO my kind of sad. It's quiet and twinkley sad. Umph, it's so good.

I have a question for you. Two, in fact.

1. Do you like watching sad movies?
2. Do you know some my-kind-of-sad Period Dramas you think I would like?
(Because I obviously need to lengthen my to-see list. Haha.)

By the way, isn't that picture from 'Sense and Sensibility' gorgeous?!! I have a serious love affair with pretty Period Drama pictures. Ahum, perhaps you noticed.


  1. I don't mind sad stuff but I don't want the whole movie about it. I'm okay with Les Mis. I'm not a movie crier though.
    I always figured that life is sad enough so there's no use in watching movie that makes so much sadder.

  2. Oh yes, you SO need to lengthen your to-see list. I'm so concerned you don't have enough movies you want to watch Naomi. This is a real problem.

    Haha, NOT. ;-)

    I loooooove sad movies. Well, not as a rule, but I tend to like a movie more if it more or less breaks my heart. Little Women could be labeled as a sad movie; I mean, I don't know who doesn't cry when Hannah sprinkles those rose petals over Beth's dolls. *SOB*

    Ha, I didn't used to be a movie-crier, but now I am. Have you been influencing me, Naomi? ;-P

    Miss Potter is SO your kind of sad. My kind too, really. I was just thinking about that movie the other day and yearning to watch it again...it's been, like two years, and I miss it.

    FINDING NEVERLAND IS YOUR KIND OF SAD. Oh, Naomi, you'd love it so much. I just know it.

    I can't watch Holocaust movies either. They make me sad and I feel down in the dumps for hours afterward.

    Maybe the most tragical movie I've ever seen is Legends of the Fall. I cried a lot during that one. I also cried in Fried Green Tomatoes. And Steel Magnolias always makes me sniffle.

    I LOVE the picture from S&S!!!! It reminds me how much I love that movie. :-) (Yes, I needed reminding.)


  3. I cry EVERY time I watch Little Women because of Beth. And I've grown up watching the movie and I read the book, but that scene gets me every time! I agree though ... it's such a cozy film! Testament of Youth left me very, very, VERY sad, but the ending felt so real and I appreciate that as a history nerd. I can handle sad movies if they're in a historical context ... but you can be sure I'll be sobbing and hugging a pillow the entire time! Have you see Unbroken?! AHHH! <3

  4. I'm with you on the gritty-violent kind of sad movies. I can't make myself watch those, either. That's why I've never seen Les Mis all the way through.

    What I do, though, is watch Les Mis clips on YouTube that I know AREN'T going to be sad . . . or at least not violent and gross. Like, "Do You Hear the People Sing?" and that glorious final scene. It's the best of both worlds, 'cause you get to hear the lovely uplifting music and "feel all the feels" without getting freaked out. I especially love watching the Les Mis finale whenever I'm feeling down and need some encouragement.

    Try it sometime. And don't let anybody tell you that it's cheating because you're not watching the entire movie. It's not cheating.

    As for sad Period Dramas . . . I don't know if I have any to recommend . . . The only two movies I can think of aren't technically Period Dramas, but they are old. One is "The Bells of St. Mary's," with Bing Crosby playing Father O'Malley. It's a beautiful story, but it does make me cry, sort of, especially the end . . . I don't know whether you would consider it a "sad movie" or not. But it's really, really good and feels-y.

    The other one is "Bernadette," the 1988 movie, not the 1940s one. It happens to be my favorite movie of all time and space . . . but it IS kind of sad in parts. Not in a tragic way, though, in a peaceful way . . . kind of like, "well, this is the way life is, it's just sad sometimes, but we can deal with it with God's help." So it always leaves me feeling incredibly inspired, and that's why I love it so much. Plus, it tells the story of one of the the coolest saints of all time, St. Bernadette Soubirous--and it's a really accurate re-telling. They don't change all the details of her life to make it all Hollywood-ish and silly.

    The movie was actually shot twice, once in French and once in English, and the French version is WAAAAAY better. I just watched it in French for the first time and I vowed I would never watch the English one again. There's just no comparison.

  5. This is such an insightful post!

    I agree. A movie or tv series can have a tragic ending in one sense, as long as it is a HOPEFUL ending in another (coughBookThiefandRobinHoodcough).

    And OH MY GOODNESS YES, I'm so glad I'm not the only one to whom Les Mis is not my-kind-of-sad. I mean, it technically has a "hopeful" ending, but I think it makes me more depressed than any other musical I've seen, and I've seen a few sad ones. I think for me, it's because the POVERTY is just too gruesomely depicted. I know that sounds spoiled and first-worldly-ignorant and weak and such, but it's the truth. I tend to get extremely caught up in whichever movie I'm watching, so if it's one that is uber-depressing, I become uber-depressed and hopeless and…yeah. It ain't a good situation:-/

    (And, by the way, that phrase: cosy-hours-movies. I love it:D )

  6. I do like sad movies, in a way. I have to be prepared for it though. I've never liked Mrs. Miniver (fairly sad), and I think it's because I had a totally different idea about what it would be.
    Have you seen The Long Gray Line? I think that might be your kind of sad movie - it stars Maureen O'Hara and it's about West Point through the years. The costumes and the beginning are really pretty, and it's never really very sad, just small bits spread over the movie's length.

  7. I agree that you might like Finding Neverland! From what I remember, the saddest part is at the end, so it might not fit your first requirement. It's about the author of Peter Pan and it's a cute movie, even though it's a bit sad.

    Have you ever seen a stage adaption of Les Miserables? It still has a sad story, of course, but it's easier to watch, because they are just standing there singing the whole time. And when they die, they just step to the back of the stage, so it's not quite as sad or disturbing. I've seen the 25th Anniversary stage adaption and like it. :)


  8. Oh, I love movies that make me cry. Like you say, as long as it's my kind of sad movie. As long as it's not senseless, meaningless sadness.

    By the way, I LOVE that picture from Emma. I forget how much I love that series. I love all the other pictures too, of course.:)

  9. My, what a SUPERB idea! I do love sad movies too, although I agree, they have to have some HOPE at the end of them! (Miss Potter is a wonderful kind of sad. I really enjoy that kind of sad.)
    I also agree with Little Women - it has sad parts but overall I don't consider it a sad movie. I consider it one of those "cosy-hours-movies." (What a jolly good way of describing it!)
    I am writing three stories at once, although one is my main focus - about a Christian girl, in a concentration camp during World War 2. I've never been so intense with my story writing before and I must admit, it is a very sad story. But there is DEFINITELY hope in it. :-)
    Hmm....your-kind-of-sad movies...first one that comes to mind is the "Cinderella Man." I don't know if you've seen it/heard of it. It has Russel Crowe and his wife (a main-ish character) in the movie is Renee Zellweger (and she looks almost identical to when she was in Miss Potter, she makes a nice wife by the way) and it's during the Great Depression in America. As you can imagine it is rather sad (and he's a boxer, so it's got a lot of boxing in it) but it is somewhat hopeful and I really enjoyed it. So you might like that one... :-)
    Have you seen a Little Princess? There's a particular one with Leisel Matthews and it's a bit of sad story but it has SUCH a wonderful ending - highly recommend it!
    Oh, have you seen The Little Riders with Noley Thornton (the actress who played Heidi in the Jane Seymore version of Heidi)??!! It's amazing! It's during the second world war and it's such a lovely story. Sad yes, but so much gorgeousness and a splendid ending. :-)
    Well, that's all I can think of. Lovely post, Naomi! :-D
    ~Miss Meg March
    P.S. I probably should add that the Cinderella Man does have a lot of bad language in it though. :-/ You can normally tell when it's coming, however.

    1. Oh my goodness, I had to second that about the Liesel Matthews version of A Little Princess. OH MY WORD THAT ENDING. It. Is so. Beautiful. And the MUSIC is stupendous and I just can't. (Kudos to you for remembering it, Miss Meg March! I'd plain forgotten about it...)

  10. Ooh, Naomi, that is EXACTLY how I feel! It sounds strange to say "I love sad movies that make me cry" but it's TRUE. If you cry you know that the movie touched you in such a way that you won't soon forget. It's a mark of truly good story-telling. BUT. It doesn't necessarily have to be sad. I get very teary eyed and inspirational happy moments too. Such as the end of Amazing Grace. :)

    YES! Little Women is the coziest, feel-sy movie...I cry buckets at Beth's death, at the end, whenever the music plays and it shows time going by....I love that movie so much. It just touches my heart in such a particular way.

    I did love Testament of Youth SO much. Even though it was utterly heartbreaking I felt it did have a glimmer of hope because Vera was able to move on with life. She was scarred forever but she didn't let it destroy her.
    Awww, Miss Potter. I need to watch that again. :)

    I adore North and South SO much, and I do love Les Mis....although I totally understand if someone doesn't. The ending *is* hopeful, though, in its own way. But yes. Very sad.

    I would recommend "The Greatest Game Ever Played". It's a period drama about a boy who wants to play golf...now, I don't care for golf AT ALL, but I loved the movie because it was all about the characters...and the characters were brilliant and so sweet. I was crying buckets on the end--in a sentimental overwhelmingly happy way. Do try it!

  11. Yes. I love sad movies! A sad movie has to make me cry at least three times to be one of my favorites. The first time I watch a movie I will cry buckets. If I watch the movie again, I usually do not cry, so it's pretty hard to make me cry more than twice. A movie has to be really we done to make me cry again, but if it does, that usually means that it's a really good film.
    I think you might like Goodbye Mr. Chips. There have been three movies made, but I have only seen the 1939 and 1969 version. They have the same storyline, but other than that they are very different. The 1939 movie is black and white and has a beauty that only the original version can have. The 1969 one is colored musical with Peter O'Toole. The music in the movie reminds me of the music in Fiddler on the Roof, as in the music flows with the movie and becomes part of it.
    My interest in Miss Potter is peaked. I've heard people mention it several times, but I have never seen it. By the things I've heard of it, I think I will like it. :)

  12. Lois, yeah that's a point. That's why my favourite movies remain the happier ones. :-)

    Emma, *SNORT* I adore you when you're sarcastic.
    I KNOW. WHEN HANNAH SPRINKLES ROSES OVER BETHS DOLLS. :'-( Oh dear, I might have been influencing you. Who knows. ;-P
    Ohhhh, I really, really, REALLY want to watch 'Finding Neverland' now!!! I watched a few scenes several days ago (in fact I spoilt quite a lot of time. Ugh.) and it MADE ME CRY. Really, and it's so my kind of sad, too. I love it already. And the boy who plays Peter is SO DARN CUTE.
    We should watch S&S together. I want to see it too. Haven't watched it in quite some time.

    Emily, I know, in one way it's good that Testament of Youth had a sad ending, because it SO makes one think about the realness of that war.
    No, I haven't heard of unbroken. It sounds sad. :-O

    Jessica, Haha! I've done just that. 'Do your hear the People sing' gave me chills all over. So I DO understand why people love Les Mis.
    Thank you very much for your recommendations. 'Bernadette' sounds amazing. T'would be good to watch for my French too. :-)

    Olivia, I STILL want to watch the Book Thief, though. I just need to. ALTHOUGH I CAN'T STAND THE END. Let's not talk about it.
    And yaysies! You understand me about Les Mis. It made me uber-depressed as well. GOODNESS.

    Mary, no, I haven't seen 'Long Gray Line.' It doesn't sound like it's too sad for me to handle. :-) Thanks for the comment!

    Emily, I think I can handle Finding Neverland. In fact, I think I would LOOOOVE it. :-)
    Yes! I agree completely - the stage version of Les Mis is so much better. I saw one - my best friend Emma played Eponine in it - she sent me the dvd's of her stage version. I loved that much better. :-)

    Sadie, exactly. Senselessly sad is so not allowed.
    I love that picture from Emma too! I squealed when I found it. :-P Need to see it again as well. :-)

    Miss Meg March, Precisely. HOPE at the end is SO important.
    Oh yes, I've seen A version of 'A Little Princess.' That was nice. Although in the version I saw the dad comes back again, so it's not that sad. It's not my favourite movie though - but maybe other versions are better. The version you and Olivia are talking about sounds PERFECT. :-)
    The Little Riders sounds lovely! Another movie with Noley Thornton! How lovely. Didn't know that movie existed. :-)

    Natalie, Ohhh YES! I get so teary-eyed at happy endings too. Like in 'Belle.' GOODNESS, was I crying. :-)
    I know, TESTAMENT OF YOUTH IS AMAZING. I'm sooo glad you got to watch it, by the way! I forgot to congratulate you for that. And I'm elated that you love as much as I. :-)
    'The Greatest Game ever Played' sounds amazing. Really. (Although I don't care for golf either. Heh.)

    Ekaterina, I LOVE GOODBYE MR CHIPS!!! I totally forgot to mention it in this post. It's SO good. :-) I've seen the version with Victoria Hamilton. It SO made me cry, both times I watched it. :-)
    Oh, Miss Potter! I hugely recommend it.

    ~ Naomi

  13. I cry over movies even when they're not sad. Like when I showed the 1994 Little Women to my kids recently -- it was the first time I'd seen it since college, and I cried basically through the whole thing because I loved it so much. I know that Anne of Green Gables will be the same when I show it to them some time. Sometimes I cry from happiness.

    Anyway, period dramas you might like that make me tear up, but not in an anguishy way:

    The Journey of Natty Gann. Depression story, girl's dad leaves to find work, she's stuck in a sort of orphanage place, and she runs off to find him. WONDERFUL MOVIE.

    Middlemarch. FULL of feels, my friend. FULL.

    Brigadoon. Vanishing Scottish village, people falling in love in a single day and then doomed to be parted (or are they?!) -- delicious.

    Saving Mr. Banks. All about how Mary Poppins got made, and the author's sad childhood in Australia. Made me cry a bunch.

    Meet Me in St. Louis makes me cry when Judy Garland sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" because she is NOT having a merry Christmas at all.

    Shadow on the Mesa made me tear up and get goosebumpy several times. Young man goes searching for the father he has never known and who doesn't know he exists.

    The Patriot makes me cry a lot. Mel Gibson movie about the American Revolution. Rated R for violence, though.

    The new live-action Cinderella made me cry, tho that's probably on your to-watch list already.

  14. Yeah, one of the best things about "Bernadette" is that it was actually shot in France, with a French director and mostly French actors, so you just get totally immersed in a French atmosphere, if you know what I mean. Which is especially cool for me, because I've never been to France or any other European country . . . The lead actress was American, but she totally makes you BELIEVE that she's French--at least she did for me--and I loved her.

  15. Oh yes, I'm with you-- there must always be hope! (We've talked about this before actually, the last time I commented. xD)
    If a movie is my kind of sad, has at least an optimistic ending, and I'm in the *mood* to sit and watch it, I can appreciate the beauty and depth and even the sadness of it all.

    Les Mis-- ohh, the first time I saw it was in the theatres, and I HATED it. It was so brutal and shocking and I didn't understand the point of a movie where all the good characters die. Of course, part of that is because I knew nothing about the story or characters going in, so I had no earthly idea what was going on. But then last summer, I randomly grew interested in it, seeing as it was all 1830's historical goodness and the fandom was so PASSIONATE about it, which had me rather curious. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I actually *gasp* really REALLY liked Les Mis, its characters and music and some of the themes (grace vs law, "to love another person is to see the face of God", etc). Just, y'know, not all the death and stuff. I sort of pretend that never happened, just like the rest of the fandom. (I'm even writing a story where everybody lives. Loopholes are lovely things. Me, in denial? Psh, no...)
    So, yes. The movie isn't the *best*-- I don't watch it for fun, that's for sure-- but I love the musical, and the book is lovely as well if you can get past Hugo's pages of ramblings about the Parisian sewer system (yes, this is a thing). It's actually a rather jolly fandom to be in, considering the amount of sheer optimism we have to uphold...

    Also, have you ever seen the Little Women musical? You can find it on YouTube, and it is LOVELY. Especially Sutton Foster as Jo. Now, if you loved the movie and book Bhaer as I did, you won't like this version of him at all-- he seems awfully stuffy. But the music is so fun and grand, and Jo is a riot, and there's this one song between Jo and Beth that will bring you to tears. BUT IT'S AMAZING.

    And-- I watched Testament of Youth! Or, er, tried to. My internet wouldn't let me watch more than an hour of it, and after several attempts I gave up. But what I saw was SO GOOD and I'm definitely going to see the rest of it one day! I LOVE VERA OH MY GOODNESS. She's like a writerly Sybil Crawley and I love that. Plus, her CLOTHES. It seems a bit silly to love them so much but they're absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for recommending this loveliness ^-^

    Anyway, yes. Sorry for this crazy long comment!

  16. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN "FINDING NEVERLAND"? Okay, go watch it before I freak out. Then we'll chat. :)

    ~ Mary


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