Sailor Suits in Period Dramas

This might be a weird idea for a post in some of your opinions, but, as I think sailor suits are the most adorable things on earth (seriously, take any kid, put him or her in a sailor suit, ét voila, you have a kid cute as gold. I don't know what sailor suits do, but they do a lot. (Am I talking a lot of nonsense?)) I thought it would be rather nice to devote a post to sailor suits in Period Dramas. 

Why not, and all that.

Downton Abbey

Dear little George Crawley in a sailor suit! I knew he was cute but this really... awwness, everyone. I love the dark navy blue sailor suits most for little boys. Once we had a baptism at our Church where the brothers and sister and cousins of baby getting baptised all wore navy blue sailor suits like this - it was TOO cute for words. Everyone was distracted.

And Rose's adorable sailor look in her teenagery years! Isn't it beautiful! She looks so young and youthful in it.


My siblings and I watched the Hayley Mills version of Pollyanna several days ago and I immediatly fell in love with the costumes! Especially Aunt Polly wears some most delicious Edwardian things. This sweet sailor-suit dress was ADORABLE (*snort* I feel like I'm over-using that word already. Please do accept the pardon I beg.) on Pollyanna.

I still much prefer 'my' Pollyanna version, though. The Hayley Mills version was very nice, but they changed so doggoned MUCH from the book! Like, even the names? Mr Pendleton is called PendleTON, everyone, not PendeGAST. And the whole bazaar thing... not in the book, that. But it was a lot of fun, though. I really like Hayley Mills - she has the cutest little voice.

The Sound of Music

Of course these classic sailor suits were the first that came to my mind when I prepared this post. Captain von Trapp and all his sailors. I think these suits are lovely, but I've always pitied the children for having to wear exactly the same. I would rather Hate to wear the same as all my siblings, even if what we wore were as darling as sailor suits.

Berkeley Square

*Strokes Berkeley Square over the head* This is a such a poor, neglected series! I so wish they had made a second one because there are so many things not yet wrapped up. Unfair. T'is MOST unfair.

Anyway, about the sailor suit. There are a few in Berkeley Square. I especially like Thomas' one. And the STRAW-HAT. Just toooooo adorable. I wish boys still wanted to wear straw hats. I would have a lot more respect for them if they did.

The Secret Garden

I'm not the Secret Garden's biggest fan (no reason in particular, I'm not just that one biggest fan, that's all) but I DO love Mary's sailor-ish outfit.

By the way, dear people reading this, did you know that the actress who played Mary, a certain Kate Maberly, is the sister of the actress Polly Maberly, who played Kitty Bennet in Pride and Prejudice '95? Just a little nice fact to pass your day.

The Railway Children

The Railway Children has two spot-on sailor suits, but I only found one picture - this one of Peter's. Peter's such a nice, fun chap, isn't he? He looks like an absolute SPORT decked in the white sailor suit.

The other sailor suit (here's a tiiiiny picture) belongs to Bobby. She looks very profesh in it. Also very sailor-y, which is a pretty useless thing to say considering the fact that she's wearing a sailor suit. (Because, yeah, sailor suits are supposed to be sailor-y. I'll stop blabbering.)

What are your opinions on sailor suits, people? (That is if you have one (an opinion, not a sailor suit) to start with. One might not have an opinion.)
Can you think of any other sailor suits in movies?


  1. Oooh I love these! I think when it works it works but when it doesn't .. I don't really like it.. I was going to suggest The Sound Of Music but you already did and now I'm thinking of more hmm I will get back to you.. School has started up again as of today and I am already swamped with work #seniorlife.
    By the way.. how was England? I was meaning to email you about it.. please do! :-)
    I'll be reading all your posts if I don't comment know I have read it but am just too busy for words. :-)

  2. So I just discovered Berkley Square thanks to your blog and Period Drama Confessions and I must confess.....I watched the entire season in one day! Boy is that a splendidly lovely series....new FAN!!!

  3. Welllll...Nellie Forbush in South Pacific wears a sailor suit, and she's pretty darn cute in it. :-)

  4. I think sailor suits are fabulous--seriously, I have never seen a kid in a sailor suit that I didn't like. My little sister used to wear a dark-blue sailor dress that looked too ADORABLE for words, and I really wished I had gotten to wear it myself as a child--but I didn't. Sigh.

  5. Oooh sailor suits! I was just thinking about how handsome the American Navy guys look in theirs!
    Didn't Prince George wear a sailor suit? Or maybe that first picture reminded me of Prince George so I inserted him...
    Oh the Hayley Mills Pollyanna.. I like most of Hayley Mills's movies, but not really this one. But because I grew up on it, this is the definitive version. I do like "your" version too though! And I like that sailor suit!
    Ewww the Sound of Music sailor suits were not pretty! I actually think the ones in the LIVE version with Carrie Underwood were slightly better. Just slightly! And yes, I hate to match my siblings...
    I must see The Railroad Children! It's one of my favorite books!! Peter looks like he's planning mischief in that picture :D
    So yeah, sailor suits are cool. I prefer the dark blue ones to the white ones. And the little sailor hat always looks nice.

  6. Nice post, Naomi. And no, it was not weird. :) (I like the gif of Shirley Temple at the top. So cute.)

    I agree, sailor suits are really cool looking. And absolutely adorable on little kids.

    Kitty Bennett's sister? That's so neat. I love discovering those kind of movie facts. :)

    Bobby's sailor suit is lovely. Would you wear a sailor suit like that if you had one?

    ~Miss March

  7. Awwwwww, that gif is adorable!;)

    Sailor suits are pretty cute--the nautical theme is such a nice one:D

  8. I can't say sailor suits are my absolute favorite, but they are adorable! Especially on children.....awwwwwww. <3
    But oh!! You forgot one!! The one that Anne wears in Anne of Avonlea:
    How could you forget that one, Naomi?? ;) (I'm just teasing, haha)

  9. Aww, Shirley Temple is SO ADORABLE! (Is that gif off Captain January?)
    Hehe, now that's *my* Pollyanna. I was brought up watching this one, and we have always stuck with this one. I don't think it is very much like the book (although I haven't read that for years!) but she is such a cute personality. And it's rather sentimental to us. :-)
    I quite like the Sound of Music outfits, but I don't think I would want to wear gray everyday, or wear identical clothes to my siblings.
    Oh, yes, we used to watch that version of The Secret Garden all the time!! Actually, I did know she was Kitty Bennet's sister! :-D I found that out last time I watched TSG. 'Twas an exciting day, that.
    Yes, The Railway Children has a couple of those suits...Peter looks so mischievous and smirky in that picture. :-P
    I love sailor suits. I love gorgeous sailor suit dresses for teenage girls and if I saw one in a shop I would buy it AND wear it. :-D I used to wear them when I was 7-8, because my grandma made some for us. They were some of my favourites.
    No, but (as Natalie said) Anne's sailor dress is scrumptious!
    ~Miss Meg March

  10. I don't think anyone can go wrong with a sailor suit. They really do make you look better including cute. :)
    I'm not sure, but I think Anne of Green Gables in the second movie wears a sailor suit. I'm not sure but I remember the colors of the suit being nautical.

  11. Oh, those darling, darling sailor suits!! They are SOO cute! Actually, I can't think of any other movies that I've seen sailor suits, you've named all the ones that I know of!

    I tagged you for the Sisterhood Award. I think you may have been tagged already, but hey! would you mind terrible if you did it again? :) You can check it out here: http://countingyourblessingsonebyone.blogspot.ca/2015/07/sisterhood-award.html


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