Swooning over Costumes.

Hello, dearest people. If you've stuck around me for a time, you'll have noticed that I like (um, perhaps I should change that word to 'love', because the word 'like' is a bit of an understatement) to swoon over costumes in Period Dramas. I pin endless pins of Period Dramas and I see endless pictures of Period Dramas in my life, so I always have several costumes to swoon over at the same time. So now and then I devote a post to my favourites. People think those posts are a bit boring, because it's always the same. You know, 'LOOK AT THAT' and 'JUST LOOK' and 'WOW ISN'T IT GORGEOUS' and 'I WANT IT' and very often, 'I NEED IT.' That's boring. So apologies in advance, folks.

Today I'm going to swoon over some costumes. (I just happen to be very good in pointing out stuff everyone is already aware of. It's not hard, you know.)

Our family watched 'Summer Magic' recently, and I thought the dresses the girls wore to the party were absolutely gorgeous. They remind me a bit of something Liesl von Trapp would wear, strangely enough.

(Actually, that's not so strange, because Liesl's outfits are gorgeous too. So it's pretty obvious these gorgeous dresses remind me of Liesl's gorgeous dresses.) (I'll stop rambling.)

As long as I live, I will NEVER get tired of the Downton Abbey costumes. Never, and I repeat it again, Never. Lady Mary's wardrobe used to be my favourite, but now, in the later series, I've started eyeing Lady Rose's wardrobe somewhat more. Her wardrobe is just to DIE for. (Not really, though. Because of what benefit is a lucious sparkly, girly, perfect wardrobe when one is dead? None.)

This outfit of Rose's is also gorgeous. Just sayin'.

I need to see 'Somewhere in Time' so badly. Reason number one: Because Emma, my dear friend, has been wishing me to do so ever since we bumped into each other. Reason number two: Because Eliza's wardrobe is seriously the STUNNIEST thing ever. The outfit pictured above is my favourite one of hers. (Sink me, she's on the header.)

The lace, people. Matched with the pearls and the light pink. *fails*

My siblings, my father and I are watching 'Singing in the Rain' at the moment. I LOVE IT. It's just such a fun, squeeful, jolly, toe-tappy, one-gets-tumbled-inside-the-story musical. I have always adored Kathy's wardrobe, but this time watching it I only realise how much. It's just so adorable. Of course, it helps that Kathy is acted by the most adorable actress of all time, but seriously - her dresses, HER DRESSES!!!! 

My favourite so far is this sheeny, cloudy dress. It looks like it's as light as a fluffy feather (especially in this picture). Isn't it a coincidence that it matches with the backing scenery? I don't think so. :-P

Anna in 'The King and I' has the most PERFECT hoop-skirts ever made. Just LOOK. (Ha, I told you was going to tell you to look sooner or later.) Is that not the most PERFECT shape? I'm obsessed with Anna's dresses.

One day I shall wear such a perfect hoop. I need to so badly.

You know, I'm not a very big fan of Victorian Styles. Admit it, some of them can be pretty weird. 

But (you were waiting for that 'but', weren't you?) the dresses Victoria wears in 'The Young Victoria' are AMAZING. Really. Her yellow ball gown is my favourite, because it's draped in endless lace (lace is always a good idea) but, because I'm sure I've swooned over that one already, I'll show you my second-favourite Young-Victoria-gown. This lavender one.

THE FLOWERS. I knowww. It's not fair.

Cosette's wedding gown is beautiful, by the way. Give me those puffs. 

(I have a question for the Les Mis experts. Does this gif actually come from the movie? It's HAPPY! Because that's pretty darn adorable, that he twirls her around. I might have to watch Les Mis. (Or at least the wedding scene. It's surprisingly HAPPY, for Les Mis.))

What are some costumes you've been adoring lately?
Be honest - do these post bore you?


  1. LOVE these posts. I'm the same... I could spend forever just saving these pictures. Which is why Pinterest is such a blessing, haha.

    Les Mis experts needed? *rubs hands*
    That gif does indeed come from the movie. Marius and Cosette were originally meant to dance together, but Eddie Redmayne (the Marius actor) was too clumsy to learn the moves and the spin was the replacement. Isn't it cute? :)

  2. If I remember right, the wedding scene in the Les Mis movie is kinda weird. It's weird in the musical too -- it's actually my least favorite scene in the show, because I don't like how the stupid Thenardiers come and ruin Marius and Cosette's happy wedding. But before they come it's happy -- and that gif certainly is adorable! :-)

    In Somewhere in Time, Jane Seymour's name is Elise, not Eliza. (You're welcome.)

    The other day when I was reading your post about older sisters Sadie looked over my shoulder and said, "You know, we've seen Summer Magic." And I was like, "What? Really? When?" But then, slowly, I remembered....it must have been a LONG time ago, because I don't remember anything about the movie except for the house the family stayed in, and Burl Ives singing a song, and...isn't there something about monkeys in the movie? Or am I totally mixed up? ;-P Anyway, I HAVE watched it. And those dresses are adorable.


  3. Well, *cough* *I* think these posts are jolly fun, what! Sometimes you just have to write up a post to showcase beautiful pictures you've been loving lately! In fact, I think I might do that today...

    Awwwwwwww Kathy's dress! You're watching Singin' in the Rain! Is it your first time through? I think I've only watched it twice. But isn't it happy-go-lucky and fun and everything?! I love watching Lina. She can be annoying as heck but she's also really amusing XD

    The dresses in The Young Victoria are gorgeous. Yes.

    Yep, that gif is from the movie! But as Emma said, the wedding scene is a little weird and confusing...a bit difficult to follow.

    Anyway, again, I love these kinds of posts!:D

  4. Costumes are seriously one of the best parts of Period Dramas. (Note I said *one of* the best--naturally there are others :) )
    One of my personal favorites is Emma's wedding dress in the 09 version. I don't actually care too much for the little white jacket--don't know why--but the short-sleeved yellow dress itself is just GORGEOUS. You know, in the scene where she says good-bye to her father and she's just wearing the dress without the jacket? I LOVED it. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, so maybe that's why . . . And it suits her so well.

  5. What stunning costumes! Costumes are definitely one of the best parts of watching Period Dramas. If only I could own so many luscious gowns. . . ;-)

    Oh my, I love Singing in the Rain! Debbie Reynolds always wears the sweetest outfits in her films. ♥

    And I know I might shock a lot of Period Drama fans, but I have never seen Downton Abbey (although the costumes and characters are absolutely gorgeous!). '~' However, might I ask you how the series is? That's probably a silly question since I know you adore the series. But, I'm only curious because I've read about a few suggestive scenes in the reviews and wasn't quite sure how bad it really is. One specific one I remember was a homosexual scene in the first episode (I think?).
    So I'd just like to get your input on the morality of the series, because if it's not as bad as I hear I'd love to start watching them! Believe it or not, my husband loves to watch Period Dramas with me (yay!), so we're always looking for new films to watch together.

    Anyway. . . darling post, Naomi!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Sophie, Thanks. :-) That's SUCH a cool behind-the-scenes-fact. Haha - Eddie Redmayne didn't want to learn how to dance? Well, he was lucky that 'they' allowed him to replace it with a spin. :-)

    Emma, I went to see the wedding scene on Youtube - you're right. It IS weird. Helena Bonham Carter is SO CREEPY, too. Like, wut.
    Elise. I KNEW I had it wrong. :-)
    Oh! So you HAVE seen Summer Magic! I have that too, sometimes, that I can remember a few TINY bits. (I can't remember monkeys, though. Although they TALK about monkeys, I think. :-))

    Olivia, I'd LOVE to read your pretty-dresses-post. :-)
    No, I've seen Singin' in the Rain before. Just a rewatch. But it's still so much fun. (Although I don't like that long part about the dueling Cavilier. Bores me to Death.)
    Thank you! :-)

    Jessica, oh, costumes are most DEFINITELY one of the best things about Period Dramas. :-)
    Ohhh! Yes! Emma's wedding dress! I LOVE HER SHORT SLEEVED JACKET! And the yellow dress is gorgeous. (And ha, I knew you liked yellow. You're a cornfield yellow, remember? :-P)

    Cryslyn, thank you for commenting! Debbie Reynolds is just so ADORABLE in anything. :-)
    DOWNTON ABBEY IS AMAZING. But yes, it DOES have content - it annoys us to bits. (We only watch it with the older ones in our family.)
    Series One - There is a homosexual scene in the first episode - we were very shocked, but if you know there is one you can see it coming, I think, and skip it - and there is also an icky bedroom-incident in the first series.
    Series two (my favourite) - The second series has one let's-call-it-'bedroom-incident' (which is very short) and also has a pregnant-unmarried-girl-plot. There MIGHT have been something else, but I can't remember. Season two is SO the best. I also LOOOVE series one. The first two are BRILLIANT. SO BRILLIANT. I can't even. :-P
    Series three - It has a few icky stuff, I guess (oh dear), but I can't remember any in particular, because it's been such a long time and I can't remember which season is which. There are homosexual-things vaguely going on, because of Thomas, the footman.
    Series four and five (ESPECIALLY five) get really tiring because there are seriously FAR too many bedroom scenes. One gets sick, but get one wants to watch on. We have skipped quite some scenes, but we think it's worth the skipping, because without the scenes, it's SERIOUSLY AMAAAAAZING. I HUGELY recommend it - I'm a big, big fan, as you know. Oh, it's a great show.
    I think you and your husband (GREAT that he loves it!) would enjoy it!

    ~ Naomi

    1. Thanks for the reply, Naomi!

      Yes, she most certainly is! I especially love her in "I Love Melvin". That film is just darling. ♡

      Wow, I appreciate your in-depth response to my Downton questions! I might just have to try watching it sometime. The series truly sounds delectable. It's just unfortunate that today's film makers always try to slip one or more inappropriate scene in there. I'm just appreciative that I've been warned beforehand. So thank you, dear!

  7. I do so LOVE the costumes from The Young Victoria!! I actually reproduced her blue dress from the end of the movie...one of may faves!

  8. No way, Madison! You couldn't have done! Please show it on one of your blog posts. PLEEEEASE. :-)

  9. I agree! Period drama clothing is gorgeous. :-) I especially like all the lovely hats.
    Oh, and Lady Mary's clothes are stunning! My favorites is her light blue summer dress with matching hat.

  10. Indeed, yes, I AM cornfield yellow. No, I haven't forgotten :)

  11. The Les Mis gif is one of the best parts! I love that gif - isn't it so cute and gorgeous?!

  12. ooh! gorgeous pics! yes that amazing gif is from the movie!
    (i tend o think of myself as a les mis expert!) XD

  13. I don't think I can even get bored of looking at costumes. It's probably a good thing I don't have pinterest because if I did, I would never get any school done.

    I don't think I will ever get tired of the Downton Abbey costumes either. Lady Rose's dresses are so beautiful! I especially love the one outfit in the first picture with the hat. Lily James seems to wear the most beautiful costumes, first in Downton Abbey and then in Cinderella.

    I haven't seen Somewhere in Time either, but Jane Seymour really looks stunning in all the pictures I've seen.

    I don't think you can go wrong with Victorian styles. There is always a pretty dress to look at and swoon over. :)

    I loved looking at the pictures!


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