You might be in a Period Drama if...

... You had a cow, you would call it Bessie, and often add a 'dearest' at the end.
... The only reason you're scared to have kids is because your husband might die when he drives to tell your family the good news of the birth. Or, if you're male...
... The only reason you're scared to have kids is because your wife might die of childbirth all because your parents-in-law chose the wrong doctor.
... Mothers usually have nerves.
... You talk about the fine weather when awkward silences arise.
... You have many, many one weaknesses. (But 'food' is the most frequent one weakness.)
... If your cat swallowed lace, you would not only make him vomit it, but you'd wear it afterwards.
... Songs played in F-major are big, hooty jokes.
... Valets with a limp somehow remind you of endless prison visits.
... You think the best cardrivers are Irish.
... You once told Sparkler to be quiet when he said there was no nonsense about you.
... You wonder how you could exist without a piano. (Life would just be a blank to you.)
... You decide to start up a music club.
... Mauves are more becoming than blacks.
... You've always wanted a wooden coal shovel.
... The Wind Do Blow when it's Christmas time.
... The guy you don't like just happens to ask you - and nobody else but you - to dance at a ball, and you just have to, and then it's awkward.
... You've spotted exchanging notes with the previous love interest of your stepsister. (Plots are complicated.)
... You know someone who thinks puffed sleeves are so ridiculous because you have to turn sideways to go through the door.
... Using big words means that you've swallowed a dictionary.
... An old man once jilted you at the altar.
... Railways are romantic places.
... Romances always get second chances, and the second chance always works out perfectly well.
... You're engaged to someone you don't love.
... Your older sister will always be ten times prettier than you will ever be.
... You have a younger sister who walks about in the hallway without being properly dressed.
... Shells are strung up on strings.
... Engagements and Elephants are two very different things.
... You have a friend who can't figure out what love riddles mean. (Maybe Shipcourt? Is that a word?)
... Chicken thieves are annoying.
... You get told on your wedding that, "She is VEE-RR-EEE Beeauuutiful. Veerrreee Beautiful."
... You can't ride a bike, but you can ride a horse and that's pretty much the same, right?

(By the way, thank you SO SO much for all your lovely comments on my last post. The fact that you are excited for us makes us even MORE excited and gah, I love you alllll.)


  1. Hahaha! Poor Sparkler! :) Which drama are the chicken thieves and veerrree beautiful quotes from? And congratulations on your upcoming trip! :) Almost makes me want to jump in my car and join y'all. :)

    1. The chicken thieves one is from the 1997-Kate-Beckinsale version of Emma , and the 'veerreee beautiful' one is from Little Dorrit . (Someone goes, 'She is veeereee beautiful' at Amy's wedding. He's trying to learn English.)
      Aw, thanks!

  2. Well, the best car drivers ARE Irish. It's an established fact.

    This really was very funny. :-) Especially the shells one. That made me laugh for some reason...

    (YES, people, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS!!!!! It seriously makes it even more real! Because Naomi and I are still haven't trouble believing our good fortune.) ;-P

  3. Oh my goodness this post is brilliant. :)
    Although "... The only reason you're scared to have kids is because your husband might die when he drives to tell your family the good news of the birth.".... Too soon... Still too soon...

  4. Ohhhhh--another Period Drama post! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

    Are #2 and #3 from Downton Abbey, by any chance . . . ? They sound vaguely familiar ;-)

    (Seriously, though, that was a horrible way for Matthew to die. Badly done, Julian Fellowes. BADLY DONE.)

    Shells are strung up on strings. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. :-)

    1. Yep, 2 and 3 are Downton. SADLY. :-P (Have you seen DA?)

    2. I have not actually watched the show . . . just heard about it a lot. But still, it gets on my nerves to think about ALL the tragedy and drama that seems to go on in that family. Why can't the screenwriters just cool it a bit? (Soary. Rant over. ;-) )

  5. Ha, ha. I caught a lot of these, but not all of them. I guess that means I haven't watched enough period dramas!

  6. I knew I was in a period drama! ;)

  7. A wonderful list, Naomi!
    Based on this I don't think I'm in a period drama, though I often talk about the weather to break the silence;)

  8. Shells ARE strung up on strings :P

    And "Romances always get second chances, and the second chance always works out perfectly well" is very true with period dramas . . . I wonder, would the audience feel totally cheated if things didn't work out this way??

  9. This was great. :) I recognised many of these things, and the last one sounds very, very familiar like I've just read/seen what it's from recently...but I can't place it. What is the last one a reference to?

    1. Ah, the last one is from Call the Midwife! It's a show I literally JUST started + I'm REALLY enjoying. (Chummy says it.)

    2. Okay, I haven't seen it. I have no idea why it sounded familiar. Hmm...

  10. I love this!

    That second one, though. *cries* But actually, the third one might be worse.

    "You think the best cardrivers are Irish." Of course!!

    Haha, the puffed sleeves one...

    "An old man once jilted you at the altar." Naomi, have no compassion for my poor nerves?

    Good job! I liked all of the P&P and DA references. :D

    1. *cringes* Grrr, I just saw the typo where I left out the word "you" in my Mrs. Bennet reference. But I'm sure you got it anyways. :)

    2. Ha, yes - I definitely got the quote. :-D (And SORRY. I know. DA breaks my heart, too. My POOR POOR nerves.)

    Yes thank you for this post i needed the chuckle :-)

  12. I flatter myself that I 'got' most of these. :D Well, quite a few, anyway! Although the first one, of all, is tripping me up... Bessie... is that what Anne Shirley calls her cow?! The one she THOUGHT she was chasing around the fields? ;) That wretched cow, haha...
    And the Wind Do Blow at Christmas time? *shivers* I certainly got that one. ;P
    ~Miss Meg

    1. No, the first is from Cranford . Mrs Forrester has a cow she calls Bessie. :-D

  13. Love the Chummy quote! Not sure talking about fine weather in the awkward silences is just a period drama thing though (or a Meg Dashwood thing!) Think that's an English people problem... :P

  14. This was a fun post! And I recognized most of the references, so that made it even better. :)

    "... Valets with a limp somehow remind you of endless prison visits." HA! So true!

    "... The Wind Do Blow when it's Christmas time." Heehee. That one made me smile. :)

    Good post, Naomi!

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