Would You Rather - Jane Austen Tag!

I have been most honoured to be tagged again, and hence by the very lovely lady - whose name is Cordy. Short for Anne Shirley's favourite girls-name. The tag has been created most creatively by the girl herself, and I can't wait to fill it out as it 1. Is about Jane Austen (my one weakness) and 2. Looks extremely fun to fill out. So thank you to Cordy for tagging me! (Do check out her adorable blog here.)

Who would you rather have act as your matchmaker, Lady Russell (from Persuasion) or Mrs. Jennings?
Mrs Jennings, by all means. We'd have a blast. :-P By 'we'd have a blast' I mean to say, 'I would find her matchmaking skills hilarious, and I would try my hardest to avoid the extremely blush-worthy situations and find my way out of her matches by laughing it away. Or I would eat olives. (I don't like olives. The thing about olives was a quote.)
Basically I chose Mrs Jennings because I love her character. Her F-major joke and her bustling laughter and dreadfully gossipy brain. I just love watching her, and I think I'd love to meet her in person. (Also, I'm not that interested in Lady Russell. I'd seriously forgotten who she was.)

Who would you like as a pen pal from Jane Austen's works?
I'd want to penpal with Mr Darcy; is my first instinct for an answer. Because HIS HANDWRITING. And HIS STORIES. But on closer thought, I think having a girl of more intimate nature and age would be nicer, for a long notice. So maybe Catherine Moorland. I can really see her letters being supes fun to read. (Or maybe Margaret Dashwood. The girl needs an occupation or she will run mad.) (#SenseandSensibilityquote.)

Who would you rather go on a walk with, Colonel Fitzwilliam or Captain Benwick?
I'm a P&P fan. Colonel Fitzwilliam for sure. (Um, excuse me. I have a sudden headache. Do you mind if we take the short way home?) (Yes, WHY YES. Such sudden headaches DO exist. By ALL means.)

Who would you rather have to befriend, Mrs. Elton or Lucy Steele?
I love the italicised 'have.' Good use of italics. Emily Starr would approve.
Well, maybe Mrs Elton. Because she's so annoying it's not annoying. (Wow, I'm so making sense right now. It's amazing how much sense I'm making.) I just could not befriend Lucy Steele - she's like not annoying annoying - she's just annoying. And she's not hahaah-she's-soooo-annoying annoying, she's just ARGHHHH-LEAVE-ME-ALONE-ANNOYING.
Plus, Mrs Elton provides for some unique comic relief. And she does all the organising.

Who would you rather have as a sibling, John Knightley or Mary (from Persuasion, not Mary Bennet)?
JOHN KNIGHTLEY. I rather love him. He's grumpy, but perfectly lovably so.

Who would you rather dance with? (Very open book!)
VERY OPEN BOOK INDEED. Wow. Lemme think hard. My first instinct, is, of course - my favourite Jane Austen hero: the very marry-worthy Johnny-lee-Miller Mr Knightley. But then Henry Tilney, in all his curly sparkliness would be SO much fun to dance with. So I'm going to go with Henry Tilney.
(I was going to answer this with Mr Collins for an answer and then see how many people asked me whether I was being sarcastic or not, but then I thought better not.)

Who would you rather refuse, Mr. Collins or Mr. Elton?
Ewwww. Both would make for a gross scene. Mr Collins would be more humorous to refuse, and I would feel less guilty to hurt his feelings than I would for hurting Mr Elton's feelings (Mr E has a slightly human side to him) - So Mr Collins. He'd certainly be flattered by my refusing elegant female nature. And an unhappy alternative would be before me.

Who would you rather match-make for, Miss Bates or Mary Bennet?
I wanted to say MARY BENNET. Because we all think she should have married Mr Collins - you can see in P&P95 that she fancies him, you can see it.
But considering that Mr Collins marries his dear Charlotte (who, by the by, should Make Haste) - I have to say that making a match for Miss Bates would provide for a more cheerful scenario.

Who would you rather have as a best friend?
This is anyone, I assume? Well, I'd always thought being friends with Lizzy Bennet herself would be awful jolly, but me and Catherine would be in a sport of giggles together too. (And me and the Dashwood girls would get along splendidly, I'm sure.) But I'm going to go with Elizabeth. She's a brick.

Who would you rather argue with? (Mrs. Bennet, Lady Catherine, Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Palmer, Mrs. Jennings, Fanny Dashwood, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Darcy, ect.) 
Of the ones you mentioned, LADY CATHERINE. WHAT FUN. WHAT FUN.
(I'd also like to argue with Mr Knightley, just because he looks so handsome doing so. But I don't actually want to argue with him. I just want to see his arguing face.)

Would you rather wander the grounds of Pemberley and risk being 'discovered' or wander over the downs surrounding Barton Cottage in the rain and twist an ankle?
PEMBERLEY. For sure. DUH PEEPS. I wouldn't mind being discovered by Mr Darcy. I mean... :-P (And I definitely do not want to twist my ankle. However literary-worthy it may sound.)

Where would you live in Austen's works?
Barton Cottage, what with the sea and the moors and the cute windows and everything. Adorable little location. (Yes, with the stuffed chimney and crooked stairs and everything.)

One more thing, people. (Let me see if you end up reading this... :-)) Today is my second blog anniversary!!! I was going to do a long post on it, and fill paragraphs with illustrious thank-you's to all you lovely followers and commenters and readers (because you totes deserve them) but then I got bombarded with lack of free time, and tags (which I love ;-P), so one little paragraph now will have to do.

Anyways, THANK YOU FOR READING WONDERLAND CREEK. (I promise this is only the second year of many more to come. I'm sticking around for good.) (Yeah, sorry 'bout that.)


  1. I have no free time either, m'dear, but here's a quick note to say I read all your posts even if I don't always comment; welcome to America when that happens and HOW FUN you get to meet Emma!; I concur on many of your Austen answers; & good luck on your exam May 2 (if I remember right. I have one that day too, so I believe that's why I remember yours is that day. You mentioned it in a prior post. I CANNOT REMEMBER WHICH ONE BECAUSE MY LIFE IS FILLED WITH HOMEWORK.) xoxo

    (And happy second anniversary! How now! I read to the end, eh?)

    1. Jillian; you don't have to comment on every post... :-) But thank you SOO much for reading my blog - that means a lot. And ehhhh, HOMEWORK. I know. It drenches our brains with useless sop. (My first exam is the 4th, actually.)

  2. Eeepers, I like this tag!! (Might just have to hop along with it somehow... somewhere... if I can possibly fit it in my schedule. I'm feeling like it's time for a good tag anyhow and I'm in an Austen mood and altogether it's making me feel Very Inspired. ;D)

    So all that to say, splendid answers and I did read all the way to the end ;) and congratulations and I'm soooo happy you're sticking round for good, m'dear!!!!

    1. Yes, you should! It's awfully fun to answer. :-)
      Thank you! (I will always be indebted towards you for being my Very First commenter. :-D)

  3. Oh my goodness! This post is just yet another reason why I love your blog. Your commentary is the best. :)
    You and I might have to fight over dancing with Henry Tilney though... just saying. ;)

    1. Awwww, thanks! :-)
      Okay. I'm in for the fight.

  4. Well done on your 2nd Blogiversary!!! Oooh, you've just reminded me it's my ELEVENTH blogiversary in just under 2weeks! Scary how time passes!!!
    I am so glad you chose Mr Tilney over the other choices to dance with. I have met the GORGEOUS JJ Feild who played him and swooned having my photo taken with him (when I get home ill try to remember to find my blog post where I met him). I would dance with him any day!! This is a brilliant tag, I shall do it!!!x

      (Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. That is all.)
      (I MUST read that blog post. I'm off to find it now.)

    2. Ha, ha, it is indeed true-here is the ancient post with my picture with him
      http://kerenzaallin-garner.blogspot.co.uk/2008/05/oh-and-heres-photo-i-promised.html?m=1 and here is the post where I said why I was there:


      He was lovely!!!!

  5. Hahaha, I love your answers! I had fun doing this too!
    And your Emily Starr reference!!! I gasped because--YOU KNOW EMILY TOO?? So few people know Emily. (Okay, I know this is a Jane Austen post, but you mentioned a character by my favourite authour, so...) Just how many Montgomery books have you read? (And yes, I agree that it was a good use of italics and that Emily Starr would approve...but would Mr. Carpenter? :)
    But really, I loved this post and YES Lady Catherine would be so fun to argue with! I agree with several other of your answers, but...that one deserves a mention. :)

    1. Why yes!! EMILY STAR IS A SPORT. I love her so much. Oh dear - how many LMM books have I read? Just about all of them, I think. Yep, all of them. (Not all the short stories, though...) I love them ALL so much.
      Have you read them all? (Have you read The Blue Castle? Because that's like, my favourite together with Rilla of Ingleside. )
      Hahahaha, yes, Mr Carpenter would NOT agree.

      (I do love talking about LMM with people. :-D)

    2. YOU'VE READ ALL OF THEM TOO??? Wow, seriously, Naomi, I think you might be the only other person I've "met" who's read all of them. My sister and cousin I think have each read all but one or two.
      So yes, as you can tell, I've read all of them (even many of the short stories because I found them on a website and just read like a hundred of them in a week...) including The Blue Castle, which I love, but Mistress Pat is my tie for favourite with Rilla of Ingleside. I love them all, though!
      I love talking LMM with people too, because...how many people can you even talk her with? You must take the opportunity. :)

  6. This was rather fun to read! I think I would agree with many of your choices. :) Oh, and spraining your ankle is definitely not romantic. :( I should know. I've done it twice, once coming down a stairs, and the other time kicking a soccer ball barefoot in a gymnasium. Not smart. It is definitely not fun to be hopping around for several days. It irks my independent streak.

    1. Eww, I've never had a serious ankle sprain, but it definitely doesn't sound as romantic as Marianne illustrates it. :-)

  7. Hahaha! NAOMI! The whole annoying-annoying thing! You're hilarious! I'm not sure if it made sense because I wasn't quite able to follow it, but...haha...I laughed anyway. ;D

    Oh, yes! John Knightly. I love him, too. :)

    It is hard to choose who you'd like to dance with, isn't it? Mr. Knightley and Henry Tilney are excellent choices, though; and I think Henry really might be the most fun. :)

    That picture of Lizzy and Mr. Darcy! "Ugh! This is not how this works!" Haha! Poor Lizzy. ;)

    "But I don't actually want to argue with him. I just want to see his arguing face." Hahaha! Good one!! I couldn't agree more. Actually, I thought about arguing with Mr. Knightley, too, just so we could have another one of those highly entertaining scenes! He does have such a good arguing face, though, doesn't he? ;D

    Oh, that's right! It's your blog anniversary today. Happy anniversary, dear Naomi!! I'm so glad you're sticking around for good. After all, what would we do without you?? Thanks for being such a friendly and welcoming person, and for writing so many delightful posts that are always full of sunshine and smiles! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. *Snort* I'm glad it amused you, even thought you couldn't follow it. :-)
      HAHAHA; I love the Darcy-Lizzy picture. It really made me laugh.
      Awwww, Miss March - thank you for your wonderful words... your comments always make me smile, so THANKS BACK. :-D

  8. Happy Blog-iversery!!

    Oh my. Thank you for all your kind words, Naomi!! I'm flattered that you enjoyed and played the game!

    I LOVED the witty Austen quotes sprinkled throughout the post. :)

    I think Margaret Dashwood would be an excellent pen pal choice indeed! She says more than she perhaps means to so she would be a good informant. ;) That and I'm terrible at geography so hopefully she could teach my a thing or two.

    Ohh, wooow! That picture of Mrs. Elton! XD

    Arguing with Mr. Knightley for his looks! Now that is an excellent thing to take into consideration! Hahaha!

    Thanks again for playing, Naomi! I really enjoyed your answers!


    1. Thanks, Cordy!
      You're welcome - I really did love it. It was lovely to type out the answers after a long boring schoolday. :-P
      Yes, HAHA. Margaret Dashwood would have lovely letters filled with colourful gossip, that's for sure. I'd love to read those. (The book-Margaret doesn't have any interest in geography, but yeah, the movie-Margaret's can teach ME so geography too. I'm terrible at it.)
      HAHA. Right?!! Mr Knightley's arguing face is just... SO GOOD. :-)

    2. You're right of course! It's probably time for me to read Sense and Sensibility again. I have read it a few times but still, I should probably refresh my memory! I like how the movies gave Margaret some interests because I don't remember Margaret playing a large role in the book. :)
      Mr. Knightley. :D :D :D

  9. This was charming, dear.:) And that Emily reference was PERFECT. And John Knightley for sure:) he's DELICIOUS. I really enjoyed reading this! Congrats on your blogiversary!!! Thanks for always writing fun, delightful posts! And please, don't EVER stop posting. (No pressure, of course.;))

    Hope you are having a blessed Triduum! Happy almost Easter!

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Thanks, Rilla! <3 I promise I'll always try to post. :-D I'm glad you got the Emily reference. Or should I say: I'm glad you got the Emily reference? ;-P

  10. Happy anniversary! I will have to fill out this tag, it looks fun. But guys. It's PEMBERLEY. With three e's. ;)

    1. Ohh, the shame and the grief. I'M SORRY. T'won't ever happen again. :-P

    2. Melody,
      Oh dear! It's not Naomi's fault. I remember when I was jotting down my thoughts for the tag I spelled out "Pemberly" and it looked wrong but I got interrupted before I could look it up. Once I came back I must have forgotten to correct myself. How dreadful of me! Thank you for pointing out my error! You should know that I have corrected the spelling in the tag on my blog. Thank you for the clarification! And to think, I call myself an Austen fan. Pfft! ;P

    3. Hahaha! I am only teasing, of course. It's really NOT a big deal, and if it makes you feel better, I did the exact same thing in my early Janeite days. ;)

  11. M'kay, finally getting around to commenting (I've been meaning to for the whole day. It's now bedtime. Funny, that.)

    These questions are SO fun! :D (So are your answers. Of cooourse.)
    That picture of Marianne... hehe. It's as if she's saying, "See, I'm SO happy, that you can KISS my HAND!" ;P (And Elinor is inwardly thinking, in the background, "I can foresee this not turning out well...") (Also, speaking by experience, dancing with long, past-the-elbow length gloves is VERY hard. Because I did. And was inelegantly pulling up my gloves after the end of every dance. *sigh* I shall never be very elegant. But oh well. I try.)

    Oh, well *I* got the olives quote. Of course, m'dear. (And I despise olives. *shudder*) Her F-major joke... *snort*

    Yes, poor Margaret Dashwood needs a pen pal who can write to her frequently. Margaret needs a little more than stringing up shells, feeding her goldfish and memorizing 'kings and queens' to occupy her time.

    Oh, Mrs. Elton! That lady entertains me like no other. ;P ("Oh! BISCUITS DARLING!" I often say that during morning tea, to my little sister, when I get really bored during school. ;P Also, "Oh I dote on it! DOTE. As I said to Mr. E,"Don't give me two carriages, don't give me enormous houses, but I could not live without music." No! Life would be a BLANK to me.")

    DANCING WITH MR. KNIGHTLEY....WOOOOWWW. But I haven't met Mr. Tilney yet, and I have a feeling he's really going to be 'my kind of guy', so I shan't make my decision yet. ;D

    Goodness, I always imagined 'refusing a guy' to be ALMOST slightly poetic and romantic and who-knows-what-else but if it were Mr. Elton or Mr. Collins... eww. :P

    Haha, good luck with matchmaking for Miss Bates. ;D

    I'd pick to argue with Mr. Knightley. Because I find arguing (not mean, nasty kinds - more like 'debates about trivial stuff') to be really quite fun. ;) I've done it before, even with guys... I'm afraid I'm a little hotheaded and tend to keep up my side of the argument continuously... honestly, I think I'm prone to argue very much like Emma Woodhouse. :P

    Haha, exactly! Who WOULDN'T want to be discovered by Mr. Darcy! ;D Although admittedly, I'd be willing to twist my ankle if I met my hero (NOT a Willoughby, thankyouverymuch) in the process. I've never gone to hospital, or broken a bone, and I have always imagined what it'd be like, and kind of wished I knew what it was like. (Yeah, that is probably really senseless. I can be like that, I'm afraid.)

    I'd LOVE to live at Hartfield! (Wait... that IS Emma's house, right? I'm afraid I get the houses mixed up sometimes... I haven't read the books, you see. ;))

    WAHOO!!!! IT'S YOUR BLOG ANNIVERSARY!!! :D :D :D You know, I've read every. single. one. of your posts since the very first post you ever wrote? Did you KNOW that? Well, it's true. ;) The first impression I got, that I can remember was that, "Wow, this girl writes quickly!" I found it really hard, at first, to keep up with all your posts, hehe. ;) I can also honestly say your posts have REALLY improved (not saying they were never good! It has to prove SOME point, to say I've been reading 'em for two years, right?) and you are a swell writer. *high-five* Keep on writing. Words are incredible things, and the way you use them is fascinating. I confess I've learnt a lot from you. ;)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! :-)

      Ew, I dispise Olives too. They're so slimyyy. :-P (And HAHA about Marianne and you can KISS my HAND. :-)) (I'm not very elegant either. Help me.)
      NOPE. Life would be a BLANK to me. :-P Hahaha. (I love Mrs Elton sometimes.)

      You will LOVE Mr Tilney. I FEEL it. :-)

      Haha, saaaame. I can be a real Emma Woodhouse when it comes to putting 'my opinion on the matter.' :-) I like discussing-arguing (sometimes) but I think Cordy meant arguing-arguing with that question. As in, being in bad terms with the person. (And I do not want to be in bad terms with my darling Mr Knightley.)

      Yes, Emma's house is Hartfield. I thiiink.

      REALLY?!!! You've read every single post? THANKS. I know... yeah - I used to post wayyyyy too much. I really honestly TRIED to not write a post a day, but I was sooo excited and I just HAD to write them. :-P I still think I might post a bit too much, but at least not as much as I used to.

      And thank you so much. I'm enormously flattered that you like the way I write (now.) :-)

      ~ Naomi

  12. Oh look, Jane Austen! I remember her. Haha.

    You know what? *puts hands on hips* This has made me realize it's been far too long since I watched a JA movie. It's been over a year. That is just not okay. When you come over (EEEEP EEEP EEEEP) we're going to have to watch us some Jane Austen. (Oooh, we could watch Austenland! HAHAHA. No really, it might be amusing to poke fun at.)

    I would rather be friends with Mrs. Elton than Lucy Steele. Lucy Steele is the kind of person who annoys me MOST, whereas Mrs. Elton and I could probably come to some sort of armistice and get along pretty well. (I THINK.) I think I'd most like to be friends with Elizabeth too -- she is such a brick. ('Brick', by the way, is the highest compliment a person can get. Sadie and I established this.)

    Ohh, and I'd like to live in Barton Cottage too! Hey, we could live there together! And watch movies and write books in our collaborative writing office. :-) Yes, with the crooked staircase and the chimney that smokes. I love that chimney.

    And OOOOOH YAY IT'S YOUR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Congratulations, dearest friend! I don't need to tell you how happy I am you started this lil' ol' blog....or how much I've enjoyed all your posts....or how proud I am of you in general....so I'll just say, happy anniversary. :-)


    P.S. Looking back over this comment, it looks a bit discombobulated.....but I'm too tired to go back and try to be coherent. Make of it what you will. You know I have the best of intentions.

    1. Yes! We could watch Austenland!! :-) I would like to poke fun at it. (Although seriously, Sadie's right. We should do things other than watching movies. BUT WE'LL SEE.)

      Brick is a compliment. :-)

      Let's live in Barton Cottage then. It's settled. I shall close with the attourney directly. (P&P95 quote. Sorry.)

      Thank you, Emma!!! (And discombobulated??? What a word!)

    2. Don't people say that in Europe??? Discombobulated? IT'S LIKE THE MOST IMPORTANT WORD IN THE ENTIRE DICTIONARY. You NEED it. I couldn't live without it.


  13. La! I did this tag on Cordy's blog!! I LOVED YOUR ANSWERS :) And that Darcy-Elizabeth picture is wonderful! And so HILARIOUS!!!

    The blogging world would be missing some of its sparkle and fun and witty humor (not to mention gorgeous blog designs) if it wasn't for "Wonderland Creek." Here's to many more years! :D

    I loved reading your answers!
    Lady Catherine WOULD be very fun to argue with!
    And "I wouldn't mind being discovered by Mr Darcy." Heehee! ;)

    I'll be doing this tag very soon of my own blog. :)

  15. Well I think that I would feel more sorry for Mr. Collins if I had to refuse him then for Mr. Elton. I think Elton a stuck up, revengeful pig who needs all the kicks in the rear that he can get!!!

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