Some blog posts to read if you're lacking writer's inspiration.

I'm often in a writer's dump. It's never excruciatingly bad, but it's often on my doorstep. What helps me get out of it, and what helps me want to write rather than spoiling time on the elusive interwebs, are 1) a very good book 2) a very good movie and, finally, 3) a very good blog post.

Today I'm linking to some blog posts that inspire me to write. If you're suffering from inspiration, or suffering from motivation, I'm here. (And no, I'm not linking to a single blog post which says that you have to follow this and that rule. Writing = creating your own style and story. Writing is not following a rule book.) (Although getting ones grammar right is disastrously important and a vital key, but we're not talking about grammar on a nice birds-singing April day like this, for Pete's sake hello.)

Amy is 'famous' for her blog 'Yet another Period Drama Blog.' I love it a lot, but I also really love her old writing blog, 'The Quest for Stories.' She hasn't (sadly) posted on it for year(s), but whenever I visit it and read through the posts, the sidebar with all the quotes and pennish pictures... I always get a rush of inspiration.

~ Beautiful People: Frances Katharine Rochester // As I said, the entire blog in general has this inspiration-giving-scent to me, but particularly this post about one of her characters, makes me give a new wind of inspiration. And I LOOOVE the quote, "The words beard and goodlooking should never appear in the same sentence unless the word 'not' is between them." I kind of want to steal this character, but I won't. 

Emma, aka-the-girl-I'm-meeting-in-a-bit-more-than-only-a-month, has recently finished a novel. Aside from being stinkin' proud of her accomplishment and telling her to pleeease send it to me, and yes, it's allowed to be unedited, I have been very inspired by her two recent blog posts:

~ Meet my girl, this is June. // Emma wrote this post to celebrate the finish of her book, 'June Darling' (give me thy book title finding skills) but her diary entries and excitement made my blood scream, 'NAOMI WRITE NOW.'

Happy Writer. // This blog post gave me such a RUSH and a YEARNING to spend a whole day writing. (No time for that, I'm afraid.) Emma's way with words; the way she describes a writer's thoughts, and the way she describes a writer's yearning to write down stranger's stories and to follow the gust of one's imagination - gah, it really caught me. Read it.

Finally, my favourite one - a post I often return to, in fact - is zee following, written by Alexandra, who used to have the most charming blog, 'Of Trims and Frims and Furbelows' (I think that's the title). To my utter dismay, the blog has now be privated for several years, but I still miss it. Alexandra's way of writing and enthusiasm always gave me inspiration. But, thank goodness, her guest posts are still lying around! Here's one she wrote on 'Yet another Period Drama Blog.'

~ Random Writing Tips and Tidbits: Guest Post by Alexandra. // This post is filled with excellent tips (not rules; tips) and just blahh, it really inspires me. (And she tells me not to be afraid of the writer's block, which is awfully comforting.)

Now, shoo. Go and write. (Unless you have unlimited amounts of schoolwork to do, as is my sorry case.) (I hope you enjoyed these little links, anyhow!)


  1. This is a terribly inspiring post. :)

    I'm sad about Alexandra's blog too. :( It used to be one of my favorites also. Ah, but I love that post of hers on Miss Dashwood's as well! I found it several years ago and I still return to it for periodic inspiration. :)

  2. I often fall into that slump of writer's block and I can not think of a thing to blog about. This is a helpful post! I usually manage to get out after a few days, but...a few days! I was just in this slump until yesterday and then I finished reading Rilla of Ingleside again and so I could write a post about that. :) Thank you for this helpful list, Naomi! I shall remember it in the future when I cannot think of what to write.

  3. I hate to be redundant, but I must quote Eowyn because it's so fitting -- this is a terribly inspiring post!

    I say, just look at that first picture of daisies and wildflowers and you should get some inspiration. ;-) And oh my goodness, you're linking to me? *turns pink* D'aaaawwwwww. I'm so flattered! Thank you!

    (And yes, I will send you zee book. Soon. Don't worry.)


  4. eeek. I needed this. XD Currently doing Camp NaNo and forcing my way through these last few days. ughhh. I love writing blogs. XD If you ever wish to be inspired, check out Katie Grace's blog: awritersfaith.blogspot.com
    It's amazing. :D

  5. Thanks, Naomi, for posting this!! I can't wait for graduation to get here so I'll have time to ACTUALLY WRITE STORIES again . . .

  6. Naomi!! You just really inspired me, in fact I got a little carried away and did something I've never done before: I WROTE A POEM. *squeak* And I'm someone who's not a big poetry fan either . . . go figure! Anyway, thanks :)

  7. Ah, I relate to you so much! Sometimes I have to FORCE myself to write, and of course, without inspiration, it's just a mess. But this surely inspired me, so thank you so much Naomi! :)
    Aaand, you changed your header! (It's okay, I'm not mad or anything ;D)
    I actually kind of like it...

    ~Felicity King~

  8. I loved this. :) I like things that inspire me to write, very much. (I like anything that inspires me to do anything.) I actually am familiar with all these blogs and posts (well what do you know!) but I love them all so much and they're so helpful. :D I totally agree with you that they're all inspiring!! (And I haven't read a whole heap of "The Quest for Stories", so I guess that's a blog that I can read, even though it's "old". ;))
    Anyways, this was great. :D
    ~Miss Meg


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