"Creativity is Intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

ɑːt/ noun
  1. 1.
    the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
    "the art of the Renaissance"
  2. 2.
    the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.
    "the visual arts"


Art, I believe, is something different for each person. (No, this is not a deep, metaphorical thingy in which I try to be poetic and steal the hearts of my readers. It is a rather shallow fact, actually, which everyone knows without my telling them. Everyone knows different people have different creative outlets. I know you're not stupid.)

Art is: expressing yourself through things. Poets use rhythms, rhymes, rhetorical devices, metaphors, similes and dancing words. Sometimes they use big spaces between lines and words to represent silence and mystical-ness. They go crazy creative in their poet and fantasy world and it annoys the no-nonsense people, like Marilla Cuthbert. Writers use long fancy words, or give value to the short dull and underappreciated ones. Their paint is the letters of this earth, as they spin tales and coil and sizzle the imagination of their readers. They use analepsis', oxymorons, and thesauruses.

Ballerinas use their arms and feet to make slender elegance, to demonstrate grace and beautiful movements. The tutus and the pointe shoes hop and bounce like in slow-motion as the black silhouettes dance in the shades of the theatre, while somewhere else, someone is creating the aching music to which she dances. Violin strings and piano keys; beautiful songs and voices like waves of the ocean and fields of marigolds. (I know, I AM BEING POETIC. I WILL STOP. It's just that my fingers are being creative. When I start I can't seem to stop!)

Then we have people who make magic with their pencil and paper; people who make abstract ideas come to life with colours and odd shapes. We have the seamstress sewing beads and sequins onto pieces of flowy fabric and we have the photographer, making one moment memorable for ever and ever through bokeh, focus and nostalgic angles.

It's funny how one picture can set ones mind on fire with a sudden idea; a sudden wave of creativity. Or how one paragraph in a book can give you the wildest Eureka! moment you've ever had. Or how one song, one piece of fabric, one walk in the woods, and one person's random piece of work can give you explosions of ideas.

I know, for me, that seeing and reading other people's works of art makes my brain pop with millions of ideas. Like sparkles zizzling on a New Years Eve fire-work-sparkle-stick, or a glass overflowing with wine. My fingers start to ache with a yearning to make beautiful things. I love to find myself lost in the world of creativity, just going wild - seeing where my pen or my story will take me. The end result might be a disappointment - the lines go wobbly and the sentences need tweaking but I don't exactly know where. But still; it always makes me insanely happy. Productivity and creativity is my jam; and I should do more of it.

Aside from Pinterest, here are some people/blogs that inspire me to be creative, every day and any day. (Basically, they make me procrastinate, boo them.)

Beth Joyce : I LOVE her drawings sooo much. She's so creative and her family/mother pictures are just adorable. I check out her Instagram way too much.
Paper Raindrops : Inna K doesn't blog on there any more (*droopy sad face*) but boyyy her blog makes my fingers sooo excited. Her creativity astounds me and I spend wayyy to much time on her blog, reading her old posts and staring at her journals. (I've stolen many journal ideas from this girl. All credit to her.)

Sugar Mountain : What do you know, dear people! My darling friend Emma has a new blog to make me wish I had all the time in the world to write, and attempting to do so as well as she can. I'm so happy she's blogging again. I love the way she writes, so much, and she continually inspires me to do more of it and to enlarge my vocabulary.
Second Star : Guyyyys I don't know what it is with this blog, but MY GOSH I GET SO INSPIRED when I read it!!! Her writing has a scent and her blog just has that ahhh-I-want-to-write-loads-thing.
Rachel Coker : I recently followed this girl and well... I spent a long time reading her old posts yesterday. Her writing is just bursting with colour and glory and creativity; I love it.
Payton Marie : I know this is a photography blog (and she does make me want to click that shutter, I can assure you!), but I also love her writing style so much. It's real and nostalgic and just plain good storytelling.

Jess Mc Ghie : I'm not that into photography (I don't even own a camera... so slight dilemma, right?) but whenever I go over to Jess' blog space I WISH I WAS AS GOOD AS HER. One day I will pursue my secret longing to photograph beautifully, justcha you wait.
Allix Ruby : Basically her post 'in which I share my favourite wedding images of 2015' (her last post) is sure to make the inner photographer in all of us go nuts with inspiration.

Okay. Now go. And use thine hands well. Try to spill out your ideas on paper. If it ends up looking or sounding terrible; don't worry. Nowadays even red boxes and rubbish heaps are considered art (there must be an abstract, philosophical metaphor behind this thing... :-P), so you're good to go.

(Unless, you have things to do in your busy life... which of course is always the case. GO AWAY, LACK OF TIME.)


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  2. Hmm, I think saying "Naomi and her blog" would sum up pretty much everything that I get most of my inspiration from...


    That said, all the people you linked to are crazy talented! I knew almost all of them, (some I kind of 're-discovered')

    Two, I don't think I knew were Paper Raindrops and Allix Ruby.
    Wow, they're both so amazing! The girl from Paper Raindrops is pretty much as artsy as you can get, when it comes to craft/drawing/painting etc!! And that photo post from Allix Ruby. I think that's one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my entire life. Amen. (Seriously, though, I just LOVE weddings ssoooo much!!!! <3 I could look at them forever. And those photos where the dad of the bride, or the groom cry... it gets me EVERY. TIME. I was choking back tears a few times there. *sniffles*)

    Thanks for the inspiration, Naomi! I know I needed it! ;) (I am one of those people that still am not quite sure HOW I'm creative. I used to think I wasn't, but I guess I am, in my own funny little way.)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. (This comment made me smiiiiile.)

      I know, Allix Ruby's wedding post IS THE BEST AND IT'S SO LONG AND BEAUTIFUL and I just droooowwn in the prettiness of it. (I love the picture with all the different kinds of old chairs. I want that at my wedding. :-P) Emotional grooms melt my heart too, gosh. :'-(

      And don't be ridiculous, you ARE creative! Never stop pursuing your little outlets of creativity... master your arts. :-)

      ~ Naomi

    2. YOU make me smile. :)


      ~Miss Meg

  3. So much love for this post.. this has reminded me why I am a member of the creative arts (us musicians count right?)
    really though, well done Naomi!

    1. Thanks, Evie! And yep, music is DEFinately a form of art. Duh!

  4. That feeling you get when love/agree with a blogpost so much that your heart might burst and you can't find words to say what you feel......

    -A Friendly Ghost

    1. *you love/agree with
      -A Friendly Ghost

  5. Oh, this post was perfection. You have a wonderful creative talent with words, Naomi!
    (I have a dreadful problem with getting inspiration and not doing anything about it too. :)

  6. blogging is my artistic outlet - that and DIYs haha! Oh, and probably baking.. but I wish I could do REAL art. Like painting..sigh :P

  7. I loved this post! I now follow almost everybody on your list as well too! ;)

  8. This is a SCRUMPTIOUS post, Naomi! The pictures, the colors, the words! All of it. :D And wait!! Emma has another blog?? That's wonderful! I'll be checking it out for sure. Thanks for the link. :)

  9. This was LOVELY, dear. I've said it before, but your writing is a joy to read. I hope you'll post more story snippets in the future! (I love Tom--he seems a dear and I am worrying about his fate;))

    ~Rilla Blythe

  10. Oh, your blog has changed so much Naomi! Or at least since my last visit :)
    But it's good to move on, and grow ;)

    ~ Felicity

  11. I love this post. Every bit of it.

    Allix Ruby is my favorite photographer. I want her to photograph my wedding someday. That's my dream, anyhow. :P (Did you know she's going to have a baby? I -ahem- stalk her instagram a little too much....I just love her posts, though, and she and her husband are so adorable!)

    1. I came across Allix Ruby's blog through you, haha. Oh, is she?!? That's so cool. Now I need to find her instagram.

    2. Haha, really? That makes me happy. :D Here's the link in case you couldn't find it:

  12. This was beautiful Naomi! (I am a bit late in reading it, but I am simply inspired.)


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