If Period Drama Characters had Internet Bios #2

(I might make these a little series, what do you think? Are there any Period Dramas you'd like me to cover?)


@The_Emma_Woodhouse Connoisseur of other people's hearts+aspirations. Look on the bright side and win all the arguments! #Emma
@MrKnightley Enjoy good company, live in Donwell Abbey and that's about all I wish to say about myself online.
@ChurchillboyFrank Love blonde pretty girls, london haircuts and dancing and whatever my latest fave thing is! YOLO!
@JaneFairfax "It is a common saying, and in everyone's mouth, that life is but a sojourn." - Plato
@The?_Harriet_Smith educated young lady. blonde. i love valentine cards and ship courts i think. #Emma
@Mr_Elton The painting by @The_Emma_Woodhouse of @The?_Harriet_Smith is nothing but perfection.
@Augusta_Elton I am better than all the other girls and you know what lets have a music club i'll organise EVERYTHING!
@MrsWeston Formally Miss Taylor, but now have a wonderful husband. :-)
@MrWeston @MrsWeston's husband. I smile a lot and tell people stories about my son Frank.
@MissBates i really dont know how to write one of these but my mother said i should give it a go so here i am oh i did quite well dont you think?
@Mr_Woodhouse To be ill is the worst thing there is. To be far away from loved ones is even worse.
@Isabella_K There is so much noise in the house.
@John_Knightley Attorney by trade / People are annoying / except maybe my wife and brother and kids.
@RobertMartin Just a random farmer lad trying to get the best in life.


@Miss_Matty It is the little things in life, I believe, that make one truly joyful. Oranges, beautiful profiles, and lace caps. And peas.
@Deborah_Jenkyns Tradition stands, laughing is vulgar, and I have a headache of phenomenal dimension.
@Marysmith Wearer of spectacles, reader of books, content with my life.
@ThegreatspinsterPole HAVE U HEARD ABOUT @Dr_Harrison lets chat 2gether oh my gosh.
@Mrs_Forrester PLEASE find betsy dear!!! please! i will give you my lace as a prise.
@The_Honourable_Mrs_Jamieson I love my dog / Own my private sedan chair / Survived the attack of a murderer
@Red_Caroline Feeling delicate and beautiful in my new red silk!!! (@Doc_Harrison, r u coming?)
@Augusta_sisterofC Life is interesting. My sister is my best friend.
@Mr_Holbrook "Every moment, lightly shaken, ran itself in golden sands." - Tennyson
@PeterJenkyns the coolest old person in Cranford << i'm back!
@Captain_Brown I enjoy the Pickwick Papers, the railway, and good neighbours.
@JessieBrown "By yon Bonnie Banks and by yon Bonnie Braes. I'll be in India before ye."
@Major_Gordon Redhead Scot in India. Been told I have a good baritone.
@Martha999 I looooove @Dude_Jem and I love working for @Miss_Matty but I'm sorta a control freak.
@Dude_Jem I have strong arms and I once was a bush. yolo. I luv @Martha999
@Doc_Harrison @SophieHutton. That is all. No one else. #ihopethisisclear
@SophieHutton Life is good with cherries, siblings, sunshine and @Doc_Harrison!
@Mrs_Rose Hair dye makes you look younger. (Does @Doc_Harrison agree?)
@The_Lady_Ludlow Waiting for my son Septimus / My estate is lonely
@MrCarter Be good. Be firm.
@Harry_Gregson Mr Carter said that I could have an account now I can write. Thanks, sir. #freemydada
@Miss_Gilando Cover your ears. Everyone deserves an education.
@ReverendHutton Kissing is for after marriage.
@Marshland_Jack Prank-player, sassy-eye lover, grab opportunities to have fun!
@Sir_Charles_Maulver that character that was played by Mr Whilloughby.


@NurseJennyLee Let us not forget these days, when we were busy, young, in love, and free.
@TRIXIE79 babycham, cigarettes, marilyn monroe songs are the spice of lyfe! embrace your body + be confident! #blondeshavefun
@Cynthia_Miller An old soul trapped into a small stature.
@CallmeChummy I say, what-ho old bean! Jolly spiffing to have you here. I'm big as an elephant and rather enjoy sewing. Toodlepip.
@BernadetteShelagh Married to Dr Turner and loving every moment. My fashion taste has evolved except my glasses.
@Doctor_Turner Love my wife and my boy. #smokingisgood
@TimothyTurner #smokingisnotgood I like long trousers and i wish I was a doctor. I hate my mum's choir, sorry mum.
@Sister_Julienne To be sensible, to be godly, to be good - these are all excellent goals.
@SisterMonicaJoan Cakes in the larder, wonderful as they are, are small in their worth when one compares them with the galaxies of Mercury!
@Sister_Evangelina Shocked to find my fellow sisters online! There is work to be done!!! #Mercuryindeed
@Jimmy My life went downhill.
@Constable_Noakes I love @CallmeChummy and our little man, Freddie. Police helmets are more comfortable than they look.
@Fredthechap the best deals here, contact me for info about candy apples on sticks and my fair lady tickets. #scooterlessonsattwo


  1. Yay!! Another one!! :D
    As I'm not so familiar with Cranford or Call the Midwife, I'm afraid I can't comment so much on them, but Emma was very funny. ;D My favourites were Emma's, Mr. Knightley's ("and that's all I wish to say about myself onlinle", ahaha), and Robert Martin's, but believe me, they were all really good!!

    As for other suggestions, I could name a few that I think would be really fun (but, just as a suggestion - you don't have to do them ;)):
    My Fair Lady
    Les Miserables
    The Sound of Music
    The Scarlet Pimpernel
    Little Women
    Anne of Green Gables

    Not sure how workable those are, but anyways, just some that came to my head. :D

    Bravo, Naomi!
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Aw, thanks dear. :-)
      Ohhhh, excellent suggestions! I had AoGG in my mind, but Les Mis and MFL sound so much fun to do, as do the others! I can't wait to write down the third segment already, but I must go because a schoolday is beckoning me. BLECH.

    2. Les Mis and The Scarlet Pimpernel and Little Women and AoGG and The Sound of Music-- YES. I concur. :)

  2. O, I love these posts! They're so funny!
    Let's see...Maybe these?
    Lark Rise To Candleford
    North and South
    They're not much and I don't know if it's any use or if you even know them, they are just suggestions.

    1. Thanks, Ruth! :-)
      Lark Rise and N&S are very good ideas. ;-) Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. Oh, I also was going to suggest N&S! ;)

  3. I love these series, they are all very funny! This made my day :-)

    Perhaps it's an idea to do The little house on the prairie? I think you can write very funny internet bios about all the characters! I look forward to read the bios in this serie! (and for now, I enjoy rereading this post :-))


    1. Little House on the Prairie would be so much fun! What a good idea!

  4. I just adore this. You are a genius. :) These are perfection! (I especially loved Robert Martin's; I'm not really sure why...)
    (Little Dorrit would be another fun one to do.)

    1. Thank you, dear.
      Yes, I thought of LD. It has been a while since I saw it though.

  5. I love Mr. John Knightley. Robert Martin's is so sweet its sad! Do make this a series, it's hilarious.

    1. I love John too; he's hilarious. And relateable. And Robert Martin... poor chap. :-(
      Thank you for your encouragement, I'm glad you're liking it. :-)

  6. Yay, you did more, how marvelous!
    I think all the other commenters already mentioned very good period dramas for you to taken on next, but I was also thinking, maybe Northanger Abbey? (Internet bios seems to fit with Catherine and Henry Tilney quite well somehow)

    1. Yes, Catharine and Henry would make for excellent bios, haha. Good idea!:-)

  7. Okay, I definitely vote to make this a series!!!! Other ones to do . . . Hmmm, maybe North and South, Anne of Green Gables, and/or Persuasion? :) I love these posts :)

  8. This was HILARIOUS!!! You NEED to do morrrrrreee!!! XD I'd adore a Downtown Abbey one. ;) Or The Paradise, or Jane Eyre! <3

    1. I did Downton Abbey in my first segment! http://naomiblog15.blogspot.be/2016/10/if-period-drama-characters-had-internet.html :-)
      (Jane Eyre! Yes!)

  9. This made my day.:) Please do continue these!! Frank Churchill's YOLO is simply perfect, Naomi. He would TOTALLY say that. And my but his username is cute.XD

    I would suggest:

    Northanger Abbey
    The Inheritance (Have you seen it?)
    Wives and Daughters
    And yes I'm biased and it's not a movie but Rilla of Ingleside is great, hehe.;)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  10. Please do Gone with the Wind. And I second Little House! Also, Rilla of Ingleside. Sincerely, a fan. :)

    1. GONE WITH THE WIND would be so much fun to do!! :-)

  11. Love it,definitely make it a series. u should do Lark rise to Candleford, and Anne of Green Gables.

  12. Oh, and road to avonlea, It's one of my favorites

  13. Absolutely splendiferous!!!!
    And what about Bertie and Wooster? Or The Importance of Being Earnest (if you know that one).
    -The Friendly Ghost

  14. I about squealed when I saw you did ANOTHER one. YAHOOO!

    so. I LOVE EMMA. And Cranford. Girl, how do you do this so well?!? I mean, isn't it hard enough to do one for yourself?! haha!!

    totally to AOGG and North and South!! how about Little House on the Prairie? haha! That one could be really fun. lol! Or even Fiddler on the Roof!

  15. Oh, yes. We could definitely use more of these! This would make an awesome series! Do you want to know which ones were my favorites this time?? ;)

    Emma's bio literally made me laugh. "Look on the bright side and win all the arguments!" Haha. That's her to a T! And JOHN KNIGHTLEY'S! "People are annoying / except maybe my wife and brother and kids." Mwahahaha! Oh, John. You're such an adorable sour puss. ;)

    It's been a while since I've seen Cranford, and I've never seen Call the Midwife so unfortunately I wasn't able to enjoy these as much as I could have, but...I still laughed at Sister Evangelina's bio, despite the fact that I have no idea who she is. "Shocked to find my fellow sisters online! There is work to be done!!!" Haha! And you know, I'm rather curious to know what is up (or rather down) with Jimmy now. Sounds like he's had a bad time of it. ;)

    Other period dramas you should do bios for...oh goody! Let me think. I definitely second the suggestions of Anne of Green Gables, Lark Rise to Candleford, and Little Women! Yes! Those would be awesome. Also you could do...hey! How about Pride and Prejudice 2005? That might be fun! Or Wives and Daughters, or North and South, or Miss Potter... (Yeah. That's probably enough ideas for right now.) :)

    Thanks for another fun post, Naomi!! :D

    1. Sorry to add to my already long comment, but I had another idea. (Like you needed more ideas, right? Haha!) How about Saving Mr. Banks? I think you could come up with some really fun bios for that movie. Just sayin'. :)

  16. "i love valentine cards and ship courts i think." hahaha! This is great! =)

  17. Oh my word the Call the Midwife one was priceless xD Still laughing! You made such good choices for this one. Ah, thanks for making me smile :D

  18. These are so funny, Naomi! My suggestion is Masterpiece's current series, Poldark.

    Miranda Jo

  19. I can't even begin to highlight all the ones I loved!!! THIS IS BRILLIANT, NAOMI! I laughed aloud several times. Yes, please make this a series! Could you possibly do "Belle" or "Cinderella" or "Lark Rise"?

  20. What might be fun as well could be Seven Brides for Seven Brothers--but I'm not sure the brides besides Milly have enough character.:) But Adam would be fun.XD

    ~Rilla Blythe

  21. Guys... thank you so much for all your lovely thoughts and messages... I mean, GAH. *hugs*

  22. I love reading this!!! How do you come op this!!! IT'S BRILLIANT!!!!

    Other suggestions, The Sound of Music, Cinderella (2015), The Paradise, The Young Victoria and Little Women (1994)

  23. Unfortunately, I'm only familiar with Emma out of all of these, but that one made me LAUGH SO HARD! :) I want mooorree!!!


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