All Saints Day - (what even is it?)


Today is all saints day. Not many people know about it, which is kind of ironic because Hallowe'en is a huge thing all over the world and Hallowe'en means 'Hallows Eve.' Like Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas, Hallowe'en is the day before All Hallows Day - otherwise called All Saints Day. Now this is not a post bashing Hallowe'en. I don't celebrate it, and I do think it can be celebrated very wrongly, but I also think there are aspects of the Hallowe'en celebrations (such as dressing up as movie characters! Guys, that's fun) that are innocent. I get that it's a good excuse to have a party and to dress up and eat nice unhealthy stuff.

However, today it's All Saints Day and well, speak of underrated holidays.

Hallowe'en is often celebrated as a day of the dead. All Saints Day, you could say is the same. Although in a complete flipside! While Hallowe'en is a festival which delights in the dark, All Saints Day is a day in which we remember and look back on and respect those people who have died. It is a sort of remembrance day. I have never actually thought about it this way till I wrote it down like this, ha. Neither have I ever really 'celebrated' this day - not with parties and dressing up. It's not about that. It's about remembering the saints, and thanking God for the good things they have done.

That's not just Abraham and Noah and Sarah and the God-honouring folk in the Bible. It's also my Opa who died before I was born; my Great Grandma Winifrid; any other God-serving person we can think of - all the people who have followed God in their life time. 

I was thinking yesterday, how huge God presence is.Take the Bible and you can see how drastic the changes are that God makes within people. Rahab was a prostitute. The Apostle Peter was first called Simon - meaning listen - and then Jesus came and he got a new name, Peter - meaning rock. Just by looking at the names you can see how Jesus used Peter; I think that's funny! All the apostles were simple, young men. Levi was an unliked, perhaps unfair, taxcollector. The classic, most drastic example might be Paul - he went around killing Christian families - thousands of them and then, bam, three days later he was making Christians. Speak of a powerful God! I could go on - Esther went from being a poor girl to saving millions of Jews. Joseph went from the pit and the prison to the second highest place available in Egypt. Mary was a young girl who suddenly got the news that she was going to give birth to the Son of God!

Like I said, it's not just the Bible. God's been with us always. The Apostle John wasn't his last saint! :-) When I hear stories of my ancestors I often think about how strong their faith sounds! And people like Florence Nightingale, David Livingstone, Eric Liddle... they've all shone for God in their turn.

Let's remember these people today and to God be the glory! :-)


  1. Good job Naomi, I never thought of it this way before, and its nice to see you remembered it!

  2. I was actually talking to my mum about this VERY subject at lunch today.

    I think, originally at least, All Saints Day is a Catholic holiday, but I really liked the idea of how it can relate to us. :)
    Also, I'm so glad you pointed out how saints aren't just William Carey and Paul the apostle, but they are everyone who is a follow of Christ. Isn't it crazy to think that, because of Jesus, we are saints too?! (That word now makes me always think of Hunter Hayes' song "Saint or a Sinner". I LOOOOVE that song!) But yes, taking the focus off ourselves and appreciating all the Christians who were before us. :) Thanks for the reminder!

    ~Miss Meg


    I love this holiday!! I'm actually going to leave school early and go to an All Saints' Day Mass with Rosie and the rest of my family later on :-) It's an awesome holiday. So is Halloween :-) And so is All Souls' Day--November 2nd, that's tomorrow. (Do you guys celebrate All Souls' too, or is that just a Catholic thing? Not really sure . . .)

    Do you have a favorite saint? I'm not really sure who my favorite is--after Mary, of course, because, I mean, she's MARY :-) And my middle name is Mary, too . . .

    1. My favorite Saints are St. Therese the little flower and a new Saint, St. Mary of Jesus Crucified. I have a LOT of other favorites though too. ;) Mary is an amazing Saint to be your favorite!

    2. There are just so many!!!!! St. Benedict, St. Martin de Porres, St. John Vianney, St. Therese, St. Joan of Arc, St. Michael, St. Catherine . . . I could go on and on and on all day :-)

      Ah, I haven't heard of St. Mary of Jesus Crucified--I'll look her up!

  4. Nice post! All Saint's day is to celebrate all the wonderful followers of Christ who are in Heaven with him. As Catholics, we also have a feast tomorrow, All Souls' Day, to pray for all the souls who have gone before us who might not be in Heaven yet, but need our prayers. All Saint's day is a great reminder for us that we are not alone, we have the saints in Heaven to pray for us and guide us by the example of their lives.

    God bless you,

  5. Thank you so much for writing this post! It was so beautifully done, and I couldn't agree more! <3

  6. Nice post, Naomi.:) Sarah just said it all--basically we Catholics celebrate the Saints in Heaven today and tomorrow we commemorate and pray for the souls might not have attained it yet. Happy All Saints Day!

    ~Rilla Blythe

  7. Love this!! At school we called it All Souls Day :-) Really needed this reminder

  8. It's the first time I'm reading a post on All Saint's day. We celebrate it by attending the special mass at church and prayers followed by that. It's considered as an important day for Catholics here, at where I live. :)


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