The Imagination of Period Drama Lovers (by Naomi)

(This is a very silly slash embarrassing slash hopefully slightly humorous 'poem' I created the other day, on a whim. I took the decision to post it. Because apparently that's a good decision.)

The Imagination of Period Drama Lovers 
(by Naomi Sarah)

There on the table, a plain white candle, unselfconsciously quivering,
At night, under the covers, winter evening shivering.
The former; I pretend I'm Mr Darcy, snuffing candles under the weather.
The latter; I'm Elinor or Marianne, snuggling for warmth together.

When dressed in anything remotely black, I'm that evil maid in Downton Abbey
But when wearing ten-thousand pound jewels, I aristocratically cry, 'Mmm, not to shabby.'
While wearing anything soft that sort of hides my neck, I exclaim, 'Sink me, odd fish m'sieur!'
(Whether or not you got that reference I am not entirely sure.)

I pretend I'm Sister Monica Joan when the kitchen suspiciously smells of cake,
And whenever I am running through public streets, I might as well cry, 'There's lace at stake!'
Wearing sleeves with a hint of puff automatically makes me the next Anne Shirley,
(Even though I talk very little and my hair's dark-brown and un-Anne-ish-ly curly.)

Remember that one time when I was Lady Cora, when Mama bought me breakfast on a tray?
And then I lost a glove - how ironic, just like Meg March after that game of croquet!
Oh, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, didn't see you there, sorry! I'm Mr Collins, all at your disposal.
Look, it's snowing, how gorgeous! Where's my Matthew Crawley and his ridiculously romantic proposal?

Posting letters, receiving them; handing over packages of white and brown,
Dusty air is rather pretty (and well, so am I) but of course that's no reason not to frown!
The former - why, I'm Dorcas Lane of course - what did you expect?
The latter is me as Mr Thornton (and if you've never heard of him you must be of an Amish sect.)

'What-ho!' is what I cry when my oddly-named friends come into town,
But all that annoying judge who's against our zoo needs, is an angry, 'Pipe down!'
Look out of the window, a visitor arriving! - It's Mr-what's-his-name, that rich, tall fellow.
(Oh and on a sidenote, just in case you wanted to know - Queen Victoria is who I am whenever I'm wearing yellow.)

To you this poem might seem odd (duh) - but didn't the guy in Testament of Youth write poems too?
I love my characters; I love these movies - and I really have to make that known to you.
Plus - pretending to be those different people really does put one in a good mood,
So yeah, all in all, my final word: I highly recommend the attitude.


  1. This was great, Naomi!! So fun, unique, and cute...and highly enjoyable! Well done! :D

    Thanks for sharing it with us. It was indeed a good decision. :)

  2. Really nice, Naomi :) between, who is Sister Monica Jane? I don't recognize her...

    1. She's a nun in Call the Midwife (who always eats cake, ha.)

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    This really brightened my Monday morning :-) "Sink me, odd fish m'sieur!"

  4. I LOVE this!!!!! It's so fun and creative! Awesome job.

  5. https://m.popkey.co/3e9834/lxkV0.gif
    (Gilbert clapping) (It is Anne of Green Gables week, after all. :)
    LOVE IT! Very amusing. I tried to picture you (or anyone; it's not like I know what you look like :) running through the public streets crying, "there is lace at stake!" and it made me laugh. :) Other parts made me laugh, too, but that might have been my favourite. Well done, Naomi!!! I love it!

  6. Awww, love it!! Wish I could write poetry. No, scratch that. There just might be a fairy godmother lurking around somewhere ... just in case, I wish I had more TIME. I really do need it. Got loads of homework to finish :D

  7. I love this. :D I really do pretend to be period drama characters to romanticize boring, 21st century life. Wearing nice necklaces= Mary Crawley. Wearing my hair in a bun= Anne Shirley. Getting up early to work on chores or cooking= Daisy. Inwardly laughing at people's funny personalities when I'm conversing with them(in a nice way of course)= Lizzy Bennet.

    "Where's my Matthew Crawley and his ridiculously romantic proposal?" This is going to be me next time it snows. ;)

    Well done, I say! :D

  8. Well, that brightened my evening. : )


    "Where's my Matthew Crawley and his ridiculously romantic proposal?" Hahahaha

  10. So fun!

    ~Rilla Blythe

  11. Wow, guys! Thank you!! :-) (Hadn't expected these lovely comments. ;-)

  12. Hahaha! This is so GLORIOUS and FUNNY!!! Naomi, you are a genius.


  13. You never cease to make me laugh. XD By the way, do you use the expression "chuffed" at all? That was random. Sorry.

    And apologies for the radio silence, I was off on vacation. Though you probably enjoyed being relieved of my terrible comments....
    -A Friendly Ghost

    1. Aw, thanks!! I love the word 'chuffed' but I don't use it often - I probably should because it's my kinda word. :-)
      And of course your comments are not terrible. (!)

  14. This was a cute poem and I UNDERSTOOD ALL THOSE REFERENCES!!! Even though I've never watched Downton Abbey or Testament of Youth. I'm so proud of myself. Two years ago I barely knew what a period drama was and now I get all the references. Aw yiss. *self-righteously pats self on back*

  15. (And...by the way...I've nominated you for the Blogger Recognition award: http://raesdropofgoldensun.blogspot.com/2016/10/blogger-recognition-award.html )

    1. Oh drat! Rae beat me to it! I nominated you too, Naomi!

      Haha, I guess that means you are DOUBLY awesome!

  16. I can't believe you are embarrassed by this? It's just perfect! Definitely made me smile :)

    1. Aw, thank you! I suppose I am my own harshest critique. :-P

  17. It was a good decision tot post this! I love it!! And also the beautiful pictures :) Thanks for posting!

  18. Ahaha, I love it!!! (Seriously, you've got a good brain for poetry. Just a bit of help with the rhythm and it'll be a grand old poem!! :D)

    Speaking from one poet to another, I think you have a talent. ;)

    ~Miss Meg

  19. You constantly amaze me, m'dear girl. <3

    SERIOUSLY THAT POEM WAS SO GOOD. And I don't say that lightly because most poetry annoys and/or bores me. :P So, awesome job!


  20. That is pretty good :D You managed to fit a lot of different movies / TV series in there!
    I tagged you in a tag which you may or may not want to do - completely up to you, I just obediently tagged people like the question ordered me to do ;) You can find it here: https://willawa.blogspot.com.au/2016/10/blogger-recognition-award.html


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