Belle 2013 // Review

I SAW BELLE 2013!!!

I rarely go to the movie theatre, so when I go it is always a big treat. But my father took me and my fifteen-year-old sister, as a kind of 'reward' for getting through all our odious exams (yes! I finished!) and, although our prior plans were to see 'Cinderella', we went and watched Belle. (The reason I changed my mind is because the cinema only played Cinderella in French, so I didn't think it worth the money. But I *do* plan to watch Cinderella as soon as possible. Just probably on DVD.)

I'm SO, so, so, so, SO glad I saw Belle. It was AMAZING.

Seriously. AMAZING.

Reasons why Belle 2013 is an amazing movie? You want reasons? Goodness, all I can say for the time being is watch the thing, for goodness' sake. I mean, just DO. You should. If you're built up like I am, you will cry, and you will laugh, and you will squeal when you recognise actors and actresses. It's just... wow. I haven't enjoyed a movie that much for a long, long time. I LOVED IT, OKAY?!!

Reason number #1 as to why 'Belle 2013' is an amazing movie.

Dido was a lovely character. The acress who played her did an immensely good job. She was so beautiful (goodness, how suitable is her third name? Belle. That's just her.) and sweet (seriously, that smile of hers) and also feisty, independant and a loyal, good friend. I loved her. She's a lovely heroine - a heroine that stays with you. Not my favourite heroine in movie history, I have to admit, but she's a lovely person. I felt for her deeply.

Reason number #2 as to why Belle is an amazing movie:

HIM. I'm so in love, readers! Of course, not as in love as I am with Matthew Crawley or Mr Knightley, but really, I'm having ISSUES. John Davinier was such a gentleman. It bugged me like anything that Dido was so harsh towards him in the beginning, but it tickled me that she changed her opinion super quickly - she realised he was a kind, humble, clever man with right moral opinions and an amazing willingness to stride to what is good, very quickly. And then couldn't get enough of him.

Reason number #3 as to why Belle is an amazing movie:

Dido and Mr Davinier were just so cute - wait, cute is a very unflattering way of describing it - what's the right adjective? Creamily darling, painfully shippable, kerfloppingly gorgeous, handsome, SWEET, good. That's better. They were that kind of couple. I melted when they (finally!) kissed (no, no, don't take that literally) and my insides creamed when they were so cosily tucked inside the golden shades of the carriage, talking together, sharing business secrets, like a real loyal couple.

Reason number #4 as to why Belle is an amazing movie:

John Davinier's words, 'Yes! I love her! I love her with every breath I breathe.' Please, don't say I was the only one who cried when he said that. Okay, maybe I was a little extra emotional because of the amazing big cinema screen and the vivid sound effects, but it just got me. I love it when heroes show their affections like that. :-D

Reason number #5 as to why Belle is an amazing movie:

The kiss. I love movies where the kiss is in the end - where the couple doesn't share several scattered throughout the movie, starting, perhaps, with the first one in the middle. There were several times before I thought they would perhaps kiss - and, while I secretly screamed 'Go on!', I'm so happy they made us viewers wait till the very end. It was beautiful. I loved that little happy tear rolling over Dido's beautiful cheek. :'-)

Reason number #6 as to why Belle is an amazing movie:

That lift-y-up hug in the end! Perhaps you didn't notice it - but at the very end of the movie, when John and Dido hug after their epic kiss (ha), John Davinier hugged her so tightly that he lifted her up from the ground. I JUST LOVED IT.

Reason number #7 as to why Belle is an amazing movie:

Elizabeth! I loooooved Elizabeth! And played by Sarah Gadon, who plays another Elizabeth in the most burning-to-watch movie on my to-see list, 'A Royal Night Out.' She was that kind of common character we have in Period Movies - an outspoken, wanting-to-marry, lively, flirty, but very, very kind pretty young girl. She was a joy to watch and I love how she just said things she thought. Characters like that are plain awesome.

Reason number #8 as to why this is an amazing movie:

Elizabeth and Dido's friendship was lovely. They reminded me a lot of Emma and myself - giggling together, crying together (don't worry, Emma and I haven't (fortunately) had any reason so far in life to have cried together) and talking to each other continually. They were lovely. I really appreciate movies and books with good girlie friendships like that. It doesn't always have to be an Anne-Diana-kind-of-thing, but it just has to be a good friendship, and Belle gave me that. Lovely.

Reason number #9 as to why this movie is amazing:

All the recognisable actors! I spotted Penelope Wilson (Downton Abbey, Wives and Daughters) immediately (actually, I knew she was going to be in it for ages already, haha), Emily Watson (War Horse, Miss Potter, A Royal Night Out), Miranda Dickinson (Young Victoria), Tom Wilkinson (Martin Chuzzlewit, Sense and Sensibility), the Mr Wickham-guy in Death Comes to Pemberly, Pastor Hutton from Cranford, and others. It was super fun. I hope my dad and I didn't annoy the other people in the theatre by often whispering about who was who.

Reason number #10 as to why this movie is amazing:

It's suitable, I would say, for all ages. There are no bedroom scenes, no major violence. Of course, slavery being an issue of the movie, things are talked of. Necklines are really low though, Dido gets (minorly) touched by someone, and there is mention of Dido's parents not being married, but apart from that, it's fine. I know my parents would feel okay with the whole family watching it and not skipping any parts.

Reason number #11 as to why 'Belle 2013' is an amazing movie:

The COSTUMES. Mannnnn. I cannot even talk right now - they were all so BEAUTIFUL. As I heard (yes, totally heard) Emma say in one of her comments in the blogging sphere, you want to EAT these dresses. They are creations of visual art - stunning pieces, cupcakes of glory. Frills, bows, textures, colours, embroidery - it was all in the finest, perfectest manner. I SANK in the beauty of those costumes. Wow. (As I did mention earlier, though, unfortunately the necklines are low. It kind of the only thing I didn't enjoy about the movie. Can't complain.)

Reason number #12 as to why this movie is amazing:

It's so BEAUTIFUL. It's the kind of screencap-able, every-shot-is-pausable-worthy, every-cap-would-be-a-treat-to-the-eye movie. It's just divine. I found it so glamorous and beautiful and gorgeous and everything. Seriously, I had such a hard time narrowing down the amount of pictures for this post!

Reason number #13 as to why this movie is amazing:

The music! Let me cry. Rachel Portman is officially my favourite soundtrack composer. Or just composer in general. This movie soundtrack was everything - tinkly, sprinkly, weaving, streaming, thrilling, soothing. HOW DID SHE DO IT?!!! It touched the inner me. I think that in the cinema, the music does ever so much more to you than music does when watching a movie at home (I sometimes don't even notice the music when I watch a movie). The music was so beautiful.

Reason number #14 as to why this is an amazing movie:

I cried. In my opinion, I cannot dislike a movie that makes me cry. And, during 'Belle' in didn't just cry. I really bawwwled. During the last ten minutes in particular - man, I had it bad. I had wipe away teas and I was able to like my palm and taste saltiness. It was bad. My dad cried as well, just in case you think it was just me. :-) I also heard some other people sniffing, especially in the end. It really GOT me. Again, I think the fact that it was on a huge big screen, with vivid and almost 3D noise affects, made it more real and emotional. I really cried a lot, let me just say that.

Reason number #15 as to why 'Belle 2013' is a movie you PLEASE must watch:

It's based on a true story! I had no idea until I saw it popping up on the screen. Based on a true story. It made the story ten times more real, ten times more vivid and beautiful and heart-wrenching. I don't know, perhaps I'm exaggerating about the goodness of this movie, but I seriously LOVED it as much as I have just stated. I hope you did, or will (because you WILL) too!

Have you seen 'Belle'?
What did you think of it?


  1. I'm SO sad about the super duper low dresses, because I want to see this movie SOOOO bad!!!! (Almost as bad as the new Far From the Madding Crowd -- which I think may very well be incredibly iffy.... But that's a different story. ;P)

    Seriously, I. So. Want. To. Watch. This!!!!!!! Maybe.....maybe.....maybe....someday. :D

  2. I've been dying to see this movie for awhile....sadly our library doesn't have it, but after reading your review I might just have to buy it. ;)
    It sounds SO SO SO beautiful!!!!

  3. I HADN'T seen it till I read this post...as soon as I was done, I watched the trailer online...and decided that I HAD to watch it! So I did!!! I LOVED it! I found the whole movie online and got to see the whole thing!! Part way through I had to go help with supper, and Dido was all I could think about! I LOVE the sisterly relationship of Elizabeth and Dido. I love how they did have a little spat, but then it turned out all right after all. Not to ruin the movie for those who haven't seen it, but you know. All through to the end, they still loved each other, no matter what other things got in the way. There are lots of other things I loved about it too, but I won't risk spoiling this lovely movie for those who haven't seen it yet! Thanks for the recommendation! I think highly of your suggestions, in case you couldn't tell by the fact that I just watched a movie you put on your blog. ;) Thanks for making my day that much more fun and inspiring!!!

  4. Heidi, yeah, the necklines were a nuisance. But is it really something that would make you not watch this(?) - I really hope you get it watch it soon! :-)
    Oh yeah, I want to see Far from the Madding Crowd as well, but then skipping several scenes (because it is a little icky, I believe!)

    Natalie, I personally find it very worth buying, I can tell you that! It IS very beautiful. :-D

    Kaitlyn, I can't tell you how much I loved your comment - wow, you actually went and saw it immediatly after reading my post?!! I'm super flattered that you value my movie-opinions. And Good For You for watching it! :-D
    Yes, I loved and appreciated that as well - Dido and Elizabeth *did* have their quarrlements (every pair of friends has, I think!) but they always stayed loyal and good friends anyway, right?

    Thanks for the lovely comments!

    ~ Naomi

  5. This was such a gorgeous movie! I had to wait MONTHS to get it from the library (the waiting list was over 100 people) but when I finally watched it, it was amazing! I think the soundtrack was the best part- I love listening to it over and over again! And the costumes were to die for! The one thing that bugged me a little was that Isobel from Downton Abbey was so recognizable in her character for Belle. I don't know if anyone else thinks this way, but to me it's kind of distracting to recognize an actress from another movie. But that's probably just me! :P
    P.S. Do you think you'll do a review of A Royal Night Out? I don't think that movie is coming to the US! :(

  6. Abby P.,
    Wow, the fact that over 100 people wanted to watch it states the amazingness, I guess! I KNOW RIGHT THE SOUNDTRACK MANNN. Oh really? I never thought about it that way! I personally like recognising actors and actresses, but I definitely see what you mean. :-)
    I haven't seen 'A Royal Night Out' yet, but I plan to review it when I do, yes. That's a pity it won't be playing in US! I will probably wait for a DVD too, although I MIGHT watch it when I go to England in a month.

    ~ Naomi

  7. Ahhhhhh, I'm so glad you got to see this, and that you loved it, and that you wrote a review! Naomi, I immensely enjoyed reading everything you thought. It IS a wonderful, gorgeous movie; I still don't know why I was disappointed (well, it could have been because when I watched it, I was still kind of under the influence of a few other movies I'd just watched *coughLegendsoftheFallcough*, so I wasn't in the right mood....but anyway.) Now I REALLY want to see it again -- your reviews always make me want to see movies again. ;-)

    Dido! She was excellent. AND MR. DAVINIER!!!!!!! *sobs happily* I love it that he wasn't drop-dead handsome. It made him so much easier to like for who he really was, you know.

    Speaking of handsome....that Wickham guy from Death Comes to Pemberley has a name. ;-P He also has beautiful blue, blue, blue eyes. He also needed much more screen time, but what he got was amazing and he managed to make his impression on the whole movie. HE'S SO STINKIN' GOOD. Okay, spiel over. ;-)

    Belle didn't pass the 'cry test' for me, but maybe it will the second time around. You're right, the cry test is very important.

    I love that it's a true story! That makes it so much more meaningful.

    LOVED your review! Such beautiful screencaps, I could just drink them in....*sigh*


  8. Emma, why, hello again. :-)
    I'm SO glad I went to see it! It was such a lovely treat. *Long sigh*
    No, you really have to re-see it, darling. Because it's just amazing - yes, I bet you were still with your head thinking of your other movies. *cough*
    I know, right? I love it when hero's aren't REALLY handsome - it's good. I really appreciated it.
    YOU'RE RIGHT THOUGH. That blue-eyes fellow; MY YES HE WAS REALLY - Well, Handsome. I had a rather big crush on him in the beginning (when I thought he was going to be the hero.) What was his name??? Oliver? Was that it? Oh, and he wasn't Wickham in DcP, he was Colonel Fitswilliam, I think. He's too nice to be a Wichham, I think. :-)
    I love these screencaps too. I saved tons though, much more than just these on the post. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  9. Very nice review, Naomi! I greatly enjoyed reading your thoughts on this movie. I have never seen it myself, but I have heard about it from other people's blogs. Now you have made me very curious to see it. :)

    I like movies that make me cry, too.

    ~Miss March

  10. Aaaaaahhhhh you watched it!!!!!

    Yes, yes, YES! Isn't it SUCH a gorgeous movie? I think I'm in love...

    And yes, the "I love her!" scene! We were all affected by that, I hope:D

    Lovely review!

  11. Yes, I really want to see this! It's weirdly not available on region-1 DVD, only Blu-Ray, and I don't have a Blu-Ray player, so for right now, I'm kinda out of luck :-(

  12. OH! I just found it on DVD after all! For some reason, it's a Walmart exclusive item right now? Weird. Huh. Anyway, I hope to see it soon, now that I know it's available. It looks amazing!

  13. I need to watch this, I think :) I was kinda planning to before, but never got around to it because it's not at our library. Sad. But maybe I can buy it on DVD at Walmart (thanks, Hamlette)!

    Anyway, it sounds like a beautiful, awesome movie. I love those romance stories that actually make you feel GOOD instead of just wanting to throw things at the screen 'cause the characters are being so stupid :)


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