Gripping story opening!

Here I am once again (this time slightly more on time than I was in May) for Heidi's monthly Inkling Explorations. For June, us bookish folks are required to paste a 'gripping story opening' from Literature. Heidi also added that by 'gripping' she just meant something that kept me reading.

I still had to think rather hardly about this one. But then I remembered it, as a flash. ZOOM. Candle in the Darkness, one of my favourite books ever (by Lynn Austin) has an amazing - rather sad - but very gripping start:

The first scream jolted me awake. The second one chilled my soul. 
I sat up in bed, searching for Tessie in the darkened room, but the pallet where my Negro mammy usually slept was empty. 
"Tessie?" My voice trembled with fear. "Tessie, where are you?" 
Rain drummed against the windowpane, keeping time with my heart. Beyond the shuttered windows, the day had dawned dark and dismal. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Then the heartrending cries broke the silence once again. 
"No... please!' 
The tumult came from outside, just below my room. 
"Please don't take him, please don't take my boy from me, please!' 
The voice, barely recognizable in its anguish, was Tessie's.

I KNOW right? How can you not want to buy this book now?!! It's an amazing, amazing book - I highly, hugely and everlastingly recommend it. :-D

Do join in with Heidi's fun here!

And you're welcome about the tea gif.


  1. Oh, wow....you've piqued my interest, Naomi!!!! ;)

    (And what.....oh what....is that lovely screencap from?!?!?! Am I totally missing or forgetting something? I do hope you know -- as I'm aching to find out.... PLEASE! ;D)

  2. Heidi, you should definitely read the book. :-)

    Now, the screencap - I recently discovered the movie and I'm CRAZY to see it, heehee - is from a movie which has just gone out called 'Testament of Youth.' It's about a writer, as you might have guessed. Doesn't it look GORGEOUS?!!!

    ~ Naomi

  3. I had seen the trailer to Testament of Youth a few months back and just recently wanted to watch it but totally forgot the name!! Thank you for posting the picture I could find out the name :)

  4. Oh that section was gripping. I really want to read the book now. And I love that gif of tea being poured. :)

  5. Hey, I remember officially dubbing Candle in the Darkness my favorite book after I had read only the prologue! I love the way it jumps into the story here too. Great choice!

    I saw the soundtrack for Testament of Youth on Youtube and immediately thought WHAT IS THIS MOVIE IT LOOKS SO AMAZING, but I still don't know much about it. You say it's about a writer? Hm, interesting. :-)


    P.S. Oh, and thanks for the tea gif. When I first glanced at it I thought, "Is that MOVING?" It messed with me for a second before I realized it actually WAS moving. ;-P

  6. Wow, that IS a beautiful screencap! And even though I skimmed your introduction to the quote at first, I knew right away what book it was from! I actually read that whole series after I saw how much you liked them, and I really enjoyed them too, especially the one with Julia who becomes a nurse! And that is a most satisfying gif indeed; it makes me wish for a cup of tea myself! ;)

  7. I'm loving that gif so much!!!

  8. i so want to read the book!!! the tea would look even better with "cweam and shugar?"!

  9. Kristalyn, doesn't the movie look absolutely lovely? :-) I'm glad I reminded you of the title! :-D

    Patricia, Well, I highly recommend it, as I said! Thank you for commenting on Wonderland Creek. :-)

    Emma, Is this not from the prologue? I love how Lynn Austin's book plunge into the story immediately. Something I should work on. :-/
    I had the EXACT same reaction when I saw the trailer. About a writer? About the 1WW war?!!! GAH. I hope it's 'suitable' though.
    Heehee, I had to look twice, too, when I saw that tea gif. It's so charming.

    Abby, It makes me so happy to read that you read the Refiners Fire books after you read my recommendations! Oh, book #2 is my favourite of the three, too. I love how Julia changes from a snobbish belle to a kind nurse. <3
    Heehee, same - I feel like tea!

    Lois, well, that was the point of the gif, m'dear. :-)

    Ainsley, you shoooouuuulld. :-D And true, any gif can improve with some cream and sugar next to it. :-P

    ~ Naomi

  10. I will definitely pick up this book soon! I've read two of Lynn Austin's books (mostly because of you heehee) and I really enjoyed them! This one looks so exciting!
    And yeeesss, thank you for that tea gif! It's so beautiful and now I want some tea!! :D

  11. Great opening section! And gripping in the extreme, huh? I'm still trying to decide between a couple openers for my entry... it's a tough choice! I have two I reeeeeally want to share. Hmm. Maybe I'll share both! I should ask Heidi if that's allowed.

  12. This opening definitely made me lean forward & hurry to the next page. I remember when I read this novel thinking -- "YES! This will be good!" :)


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