7 Period Drama Characters I feel so sorry for

I love millions and billions and zillions of characters, but I don't feel sorry for all of them. Of course, there are more than just ten characters I feel desperately sorry for, but here are seven. Ten characters who I want to hug, ten characters my heart goes out to in deep compassion. The poor mites.

~*~ Edith Crawley ~*~ Downton Abbey ~*~

Poor girl. Sure, she made some very bad mistakes which I do not applaud at all, but seriously - the poor girl. 

Firstly, she was in love with Patrick, who was engaged to her older sister. Patrick died in the Titanic. Okay, sure, that happend. No-one really cared about Edith, she kind of gets shoved away. Then she finds love in the elderly kind bachelor, Anthony Strallam, who warms her heart and makes a nicer person of her. She gets jilted at the altar by him because he realises he is too old for her. Okay, yeah, that had to happen. Edith is, obviously, heartbroken.
Then, all that with her next lover, Michael Gregson. As I said, I don't approve what she did, but she seemed to deeply regret it afterwards, and I felt deeply sorry for the poor thing. Michael Gregson died. All those problems with her daughter Marigold. I mean... poor girl.

Edith is really the kind of character everyone desperately wants to see happy. I once watched an interview with the Downton Abbey creator, Julian Fellowes, who said that a random lady was once following him around in town. At one point, he (Julian) said, he turned around and asked the lady what the matter was. She just said one thing. She said, 'PLEASE MAKE EDITH HAPPY!'

All that said, I hope Edith has a better time in the next season!

~*~ John Chivery ~*~ Little Dorrit ~*~

Ohhhhh. JOHN CHIVERY. *wails and cries bitter tears of compassion*

I feel so, so, so, so, so sorry for this fellow. My heart sheds tears whenever I think of the guy. My siblings are used to me sometimes (ahem - often) going, 'Oh! John Chivery! POOR him!' I did that especially often when I had just seen Little Dorrit. He is probably the character I feel the MOST sorry for in all Period Dramas.

John Chivery is an emotional, young, happy-with-simple-things, big-dream, sweet-smile, boyish young man, who has a huge, serious, and yet-almost-childish crush on Amy Dorrit. The word 'crush' is an understatement, actually. He really is deeply and utterly and dreamily in love with that childhood friend of his. He would throw himself down a cliff if she asked him to. He worships the very ground she treads on. He loves her so much that he already imagines what people will write on his gravestone about how much he loved his beloved wife, Amy.
(Are you crying yet, guys?)

Now, unlike some people (haha) I do not think of Amy and John as a couple. In more modern terms, I do not 'ship' them. Amy and Arthur BELONG to each-other. Amy doesn't love John Chivery, and hard as it is for her, can't marry him. I also feel very sorry for Amy, by the way, but we'll talk about that later. But back to darling John Chivery- John cries when Amy rejects him. He tells Arthur Amy loves him, with tears in his eyes, because he loves her and just wants her happy. And then when we see him in that blue jacket of his at Amy's wedding. 

OH JOHN LET ME HUG YOU. I just want John to be HAPPY. *cries*

~*~ Molly Gibson ~*~ Wives & Daughters ~*~

Goodness, this girl, the POOR MITE. I want to bash into the screen and give her a hug. Firstly, she gets a new mother. And not just any mother. A mother who behaves more like a peacock, who barges into her room and throws all her 'old' things away (I WOULD BE SO ANGRY if someone did that to me! Gosh!) and a mother who doesn't know the difference between an engagement and an elephant. Or whatever.

Then, the person she is in love with (this seems to be a bit of a theme in this post, right?) goes off and proposes to her rather flighty but none-the-less kind step-sister, Cynthia. And then she (Molly) goes and cries in front of the window, looking at Roger walking away in the rain. OH PLEASE.

I feel very sorry for Molly.

~*~ Amy Dorrit ~*~ Little Dorrit ~*~

In most movies, when we have a rejected proposal, one roots for one side of the match, normally. Lizzy Bennet and Mr Collins - it is Lizzy we understand. Etc. But in Little Dorrit I felt disastrously sorry for both sides. I've talked about my heart-ache for poor John, but we have to think about Amy too! Amy is a lovely humble girl with a servants heart - but she knows what she wants and she does want to be happy. It must have been very hard for her to tell John that no, she didn't love him. Amy hates, hates, hates to make people unhappy. It's her worst nightmare. So, POOR AMY, everyone.

But that isn't the only time I feel sorry for Amy. I basically feel sorry for the almost-too-kind, always-trying-to-please-everyone, always-doing-the-chores Amy all the time. That about sums it up. I always feel sorry for her (especially on that trip in Italy when she has to act like a posh lady. Poor girl.)

Amy just deserves so much. Arthur knew it, everyone with a good mind knows it. I was so bursting-with-joy happy when I saw her so happy and relaxed and flowery and in love on her gentleman's arm in the end.

May you live happily every after, Amy. You deserve it so much I can't even tell you.

By the way, people, did you KNOW? I have been to the Marshalsea! That 'prison' Amy lives in! It was filmed in Hampton Court Palace, which is where my Grandparents go to Church every Sunday and which is where I have been so often in my life! When I realised it was filmed in Hampton Court I literally squealed in delight. I WAS THERE.  :-) It was really cool being able to recognise Hampton Court when we went on watching it afterwards. (My Grandma says she remembers it getting filmed. Had I known I would have gone then! (Okay, I was only nine when they filmed it, but still.))

~*~ Tom Pinch ~*~ Martin Chuzzlewit ~*~

Tom Pinch! We're in the John Chivery situation again, guys. I guess Charles Dickens is good at makes us weep in compassion for dear characters such as Tom Pinch (who, by the way, is not the guy taking the ham in the picture, it's the one with the weird hair-style.)

The only thing I don't like about Tom Pinch is his awful hairstyle. The only thing. For the rest, he's an angel come down from heaven. He's a saint. Super nice, always good. A bit shy, rather quiet and keeps his thoughts generously to himself. Therefore no-one (or hardly anyone) knows, ever, that he is in love with Mary (who always tells him how much she loves Martin) - which makes it so much more... sorry for him-like.

Loads of people like him. At one point, the whole town is singing 'For he's a Jolly Good Fellow' to him (which he so deserves) - and Mary, the sweet little thing he is in love with, likes him too, and shares her heart-ache for Martin with him. It must be so hard for him, but he never ever lets Mary know his feelings for him.

In the end we see him alone on a bench, a bit further away from Martin and Mary in an embrace. Poor soul. Then he goes on whistfully saying that not all stories end well. OH NO. JUST NO.

~*~ Dr Harrison ~*~ Cranford ~*~

Why, yes, I feel sorry for him! Why would you be surprised? (No, I'm not automatically assuming that everyone of you is surprised, don't worry.)

Sure, Dr Frank Harrison (is Frank his name? I think so.) is not the first person that comes into mind when one thinks of 'pitiful' people in the period drama world, but remember that episode. REMEMBER? When he sits there, bewildered and sad. When he somehow, without realising it, got engaged to three people at the same time. When he lost darling buttercup-like Sophie Hutton and when he wasn't allowed to help her when she was deathly ill.

I felt SO sorry for Dr Harrison in the last episode. It's just not fair. It's so annoying when things like that happen in movies, isn't it? That kind of no-one-understands, YOU WANT TO EXPLAIN, and you-feel-dashed-sorry-for-everyone-story. Oh, especially Dr Harrison who everyone kinda shoved away. *clenches fists* Not fair.

And I love it when he just forgave Jack after that anyway. Dr Harrison is super kind.

I remember when we finished that episode that ends like it does in the screen-cap above. I seriously almost jumped out of my skin because I felt so sorry for that young fella. (Okay, not really that serious. I have never even 'almost' jumped out of my skin. I can't.) It was a torture to wait for the next episode, but I so desperately want to see that plot turned well. And Dr Harrison happy.

~*~ Anna Bates ~*~ Downton Abbey ~*~


*sniffles for about three hours and refuses to admit to the blogging world that I am exaggerating*

What Anna has gone through is just amazing. No person would be able to go through it like she did in real life. This proves, together with the fact that people within one house don't ever die so quickly, that Downton Abbey is, sadly, fictional. Anna is amazing. She tried to solve her Mr Bates' murder plot, she endlessly visited him in prison, she - poor thing - bore that everlasting prison-business better than us viewers did. Oh, this good girl has to be happy. I have to see her 100% happy, I HAVE TO.

Then, obviously, in the next seasons, even more cruel treatments lie await for Anna. She gets abused by a villain-y-type and ends up in prison. JUST NO GUYS. I just feel so sorry for Anna Bates, I can't even say it.

I need to see the next Christmas Special urgently, so urgently, because I'm in great need of a look at a happy Anna, I really am. She needs to be happy. So badly.

Now, THAT's better. :-)
What characters to you greatly pity?
Have I included them?
I think, that if I were to watch les Mis, I would have millions of more characters on this list, right?


  1. Ah dear, yes, poor Edith. Fellowes is very good at laying it on thick, isn't he? I started watching Downton around the late second season, so I didn't know about Patrick. Edith though, has always been one of my favorite characters, and I do always want to help her.
    I've verbally encouraged her through the screen before :)

  2. I really enjoyed that post! (Even though it's all about sad people--but y'know what I mean.) I actually haven't seen most of these shows, although I've watched a few clips of Little Dorrit. (I didn't watch many movies as a kid/teenager and I'm kind of catching up now that I'm in college.)

    I think the person I feel most sorry for in period drama is Fanny Price, actually, because she has SUCH a horrible time with her family. She's the kind of person who wants nothing more than to always do the right thing and please everybody, and yet she's constantly being criticized and told she's doing everything wrong by her relatives--particularly that awful, awful Aunt Norris. (I cannot express in words how much I LOATHE that woman.) It really hurts me to read about because I'm actually a lot like her myself--criticism and conflict really hurt. And then so many Austen readers criticize poor Fanny for being a "doormat," etc. But what they don't ever realize is, the reason she IS so meek and shy and timid is that she's taken so much verbal abuse for years and years, ever since she was 10. That sort of thing DOES have a real psychological effect, peoples :)

    Okay, I'll stop ranting now. But I love Fanny and I feel so, so bad for her. Also, I have to admit I don't really like Edmund, so I feel bad again, there, because I wish she could've got somebody better. But that's just me.

    By the way, I have a question about Lady Edith--I've never seen Downton Abbey, but I was curious about what you said in regard to her getting jilted. Since you've seen it, what was your reaction when that happened? Did you think the guy was right that he was too old for her, or should they just have gone and gotten married anyway? I mean, I know you have to be careful about marrying anybody who's much older than you are, but it DOES sound as though Edith is the kind of person who could've handled it all right . . . What did you think?

  3. Poor Edith. She really does have a tough row to hoe, but I get annoyed by her. I'm not really sure what the right word is to describe her. Helpless? Incapable? Weak? She finally summoned the courage to take Marigold, but it seemed like it took way too long for her to decide.

    JOHN!!! Such a heart-breaking moment when he cries (during the proposal, but especially when explaining to Arthur about Amy). I don't know who would be right for John. But yes, he needs to be happy.

    Molly has such self-control when dealing with her step-mama. I doubt I would have been so polite. The room renovation - not okay at all! And Hyacinth's sharp words which she tries to cover with slightly nicer but still hurtful comments. Ugh.

    Amy, like Molly, is too nice and doesn't want to ruffle feathers (although she does sometimes). "Papa, pears, prunes, and prisms. Especially prisms." Mrs. General was awful. Is it horrible that I like Edmund Sparkler? He may not have had much between his ears, but he wasn't a conniving, plotting creep (like so many other characters in L.D.).

    I haven't seen M.C., so I don't know about Tom Pinch.

    Dr. Harrison was rather in over his head with all of his admirers, wasn't he? Cranford, despite its many deaths, has so much comedy. Miss Pole is a hoot. :)

    Anna. Although she gets Mr. Bates, she keeps almost losing him, whether to prison or distrust. I guess I don't understand the loyalty that ladies' maids have to their employers, but I think Anna should tell more to Mr. Bates than she does. Hopefully neither of the Bates will be imprisoned in the sixth season. (Did you know that the sixth season is supposed to be the last?)

  4. Mary, yeah, the poor doll. It's funny though, because in the first season Edith is actually rather whiny and a bit mean. Anthony really brings the best out of her and she has improved SO much. :)
    Oh, yes, I have verbally encouraged her too, definitely. :-)

    Jessica, Oh, you should watch Little Dorrit! It's entirely avaliable on Youtube and SOOOO good. :-D
    Oh, yes, Fanny - I thought of adding her, but, as I haven't seen the movie, I thought I wouldn't anyway. BUT you're right, I feel REALLY sorry for the dear thing. She just so kind and everyone (but Edmund) treats her so badly. UGH DON'T TALK ABOUT MRS NORRIS. Ugh.
    I loved your points. *notes them for my 'defending mansfield park' post* haha. What?!! You don't like Edmund? I love him. :-)
    Oh goodness, all us viewers were in shock when sir Anthony stopped the service short and ran off. I had heard that something was going to happen via blogs, but it was an unexpected SHOCK. Poor Edith was very much in love with him and ran home in tears, but I actually think the age difference was a little too much. Anthony was the friend of her father - he loved Edith, and only jilted her for her sake, not his (seriously, sir Anthony's a darling). I think that, because Edith was still young that marriage might have ended up a bit awkward at some times. I don't really know though, what would have happened had they married. Interesting questions!

    Kerry, well, I think that Edith does have the kind of 'helpless' feel to her because she IS kind of helpless - no-one was really rooting for her. I really loved her in the last season I watched.
    Haha, I have no clue either - who would John want aside from Amy? No idea. If I were to write a sequel, I would make him very happy though. :-)
    I KNOW. Molly had to stand more firm with her stepmother. I would never allow anyone to refurnish my bedroom. Gasp! The idea!
    I actually think Amy is not, as some people say it, a 'doormat.' She does know what she wants.
    AND OH KERRY, I LOVE SPARKLER. He's one of my favouritest characters ever in Period Dramas. Mmm, I should write a post about 'stupid' characters I love. Edmund would be the very first, I'm sure. :-)
    Yes, that's what I love about Cranford. It's super sad, but it's also super, super funny. Especially any scene with Mrs Pole, of COURSE. :-)
    Yeah, I totally, 100 percent agree. Anna and Bates have to communicate more. I hate it when there are husband-and-wife-secrets in movies. It annoys me a lot. Yes, I know the 6th season will be the last. AND THERE WON'T BE ANY PRISON THINGS. If there will be, I'm going to go crazy. :-P

    Thank you for the lovely long comments!
    ~ Naomi

  5. Edith. Oh my! I do feel sorry for her and I wish she could find someone who would love her very, very much. The only one who seemed to truly care about her (except for her parents and grandmother) was Branson. And now, of course, he's left the show. (I wish they'd bring him back!) I liked how he and Edith were just beginning to be better friends by the end of the fifth season. She could confide in him, and he genuinely cared about her troubles. Arggh! Why can't Edith have friends?

    John Chivery and Amy! Yes! You have to pity both of them. It was horrible for John when Amy refused him but just think what it was like for Amy! She truly, truly cared about him and didn't want to hurt him, but how could she marry him if she didn't love him? It's just an impossible situation all around.

    Speaking of Little Dorrit, you missed a couple others who are worthy of being pitied. Fanny for one. "Why is everyone bothering about Amy? Why doesn't anyone think of ME?" Ha ha! Just kidding. She is not on my "feel sorry for" list. Actually, I was really thinking of Sparkler. He's one that I feel sorry for sometimes. First of all, he's got a very obnoxious mother, and secondly the girl he adores is forever stringing him along and pushing him away and saying biting things to him. And then there's that scene at the party where Mr. Meagles goes at him and the poor fellow is just so confused. I really feel sorry for him there. But of course, he never feels sorry for himself, so that helps me not to feel SO bad for him. :)

    It's been a while since I've watched Wives and Daughters, but I can see why you would include Molly on this list. She definitely has a hard life of it. Her step mother is horrible!

    I've read the book Martin Chuzzlewit, but I've never seen the movie. But if the movie is like the book then, yes, Tom Pinch is so to be pitied! He was such a sweet man. (And I didn't always like Martin that much. He had a bit of an attitude problem if I remember correctly.) I wish Dickens could have brought another nice girl along for Tom Pinch to marry, because it's annoying to end the story on such a sad note.

    Cranford. I never could see very much in that movie. Personally the characters seemed flat to me, and I never really got into them. But the scene you mentioned where he somehow gets engaged to three different ladies...that was one of the first scenes in the movie where my emotions actually got involved and I thought, "wow, now we're getting somewhere! This movie is getting interesting." I totally felt sorry for him during that scene. He was so confused! Poor guy.

    The whole Bates story is so ridiculous! I do feel sorry for Anna...especially so in the fourth season, but their lack of communication and endless revamping of the same themes kind of makes me bored of their story after a while. Sometimes I like Mr. Bates and Anna, sometimes I don't. I know they're supposed to be the most loving and devoted couple ever, but I've not always been impressed with how they go about things. It would be nice to just make them happy and move on already! :)

    Fun post, Naomi! Very interesting. You come up with so many creative ideas!

    Have a lovely day!

    ~Miss March

  6. Miss March, thank you for your lovely comment! I love how yours are always so long. :)
    Right?! Why can't Edith have friends? She has a friend - he or she either goes away or dies. And then Mary keeps on bashing her - I feel so sorry for her when Mary keeps on bashing her!!!! *clenches fists a little* :-P I loved it when Edith told Atticus in the fifth season, 'You might as well see how we are in real life' when Mary was bickering with Edith. :-P
    Yeah, the John-Amy situation is very unfortunate. Feel very sorry for both sides.
    Haha, true - I do feel sorry for Sparkler in some sense. But not enough for me to add him on the list. I do LOVE Sparkler, though, he's just GREAT. No nonsense about him! :-P
    Oh, I completely agree! I don't like the young Martin at all! I really don't understand why Mary is so in love with him. He's so rebellious and, well, rather whiny. Not very humble, unlike Pinch. :-)
    Oh, you sound like my dad - he never could get into Cranford either. I loved it from the start, but I see what you mean. And I agree, it only starts getting REALLY good with that Harrison plot.
    I like Bates and Anna a lot, but not as much as some people. Their lack of communication annoys me too. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  7. Ha ha! Yeah, that was rather a long comment, wasn't it? Looks longer once it's published. I'm afraid I have a rather hard time saying things concisely. :)

    Oh Mary! She drives me nuts! I cannot understand how she can continue to be SO mean to Edith after so many years. What's her problem? I forgot about that little scene with Atticus, but wow! Edith has such a good attitude. She's a lot nicer to Mary than Mary is to her. She's wanted to be friends for a long time. I don't know why Mary won't let her.

    Ha ha! Sparkler! I understand why you didn't put him on the list. I feel sorry for him but it's not the same kind of sorry that I feel for the other people on your list. Sparkler's just different... ;)

    Does Martin Chuzzlewit ever get better in the movie? I remember he was spoiled at the beginning of the book, but I thought he improved by the end. Still, he was never one of my favorite Dickens' heroes.

    ~Miss March

  8. Yes, yes, yes. TOM PINCH! My poor darling! Oh, hey, and I would have added Branson to this list. But that's cause I'm slightly obsessed. ;-P

    Hmm, some characters I feel sorry for...Eponine, Jean Valjean, Fantine, Cosette, Marius...shall I go on? ;-)


  9. Actually, neither Mansfield Park movie is very good--I haven't seen the first (with Frances O'Connor), but I've heard enough about it to know it's very unfaithful to the book. And the second one (with Billie Piper) I have watched, and I pretty much hated it. Fanny runs around laughing and shouting, basically. No. Just NO. NOT what Jane Austen had in mind. And the guy they have play Edmund reminds me very strongly of a basset hound :) He has sad dark eyes and shaggy dark hair. Annoys me no end. The Crawfords are quite good, though, I have to admit. So, I personally think you aren't missing much by not watching either movie :)

    Yes--I don't want to be unfair to Edmund Bertram, I know he has a good heart and sincerely tries to do the right thing. But he really annoys me, personally, by allowing himself to be taken advantage so shamefully by Mary Crawford. I cannot understand why he couldn't SEE how awful she was. And I always get really, really mad at him when he's trying to persuade Fanny to marry Henry against her better judgment. Again, he ought to have been able to see through Henry, if Fanny could. But I don't want to criticize him too much if he's somebody you like a lot . . . Do you want to hear a crazy idea I have? I think that Fanny Price would get along really, really well with Captain America/Steve Rogers. He could protect and support her, and she could be sweet and kind and understanding to him. The only problem is, they belong to different fictional universes--MCU v. the World of Austen. Sigh. But I really think they could be a great couple, if such things were possible.

  10. Couldn't agree more! I love that I knew all of these characters (except the ones from Downtown Abbey of course... someday I will watch it!). Poor Chivery! I feel dreadfully sorry for him too. He's such a sweetheart. :)

  11. Great post! I didn't like Edith until season 5. She bugged me, but I felt sorry for her. She's actually my favorite character in season 5.
    I feel sorry for Elinor, from Sense and Sensibility. She had to wait with little hope for a long time for Edward. Then, this chick who befriends her, tells her she's engaged to him.

  12. Ooooh, what an interesting idea! I don't know how you come up with them all. :-)
    As I haven't seen Downtown Abbey (I got the impression there were unsuitable parts, as it is rated M etc, and from the adds I've seen on TV?) but I do know most of the other characters. :-D
    Like, John Chivery. He was one of my favourite Little Dorrit characters, and I think the actor really did play him wonderfully, (although he was no less sweet in the book)! When he felt SO sure Amy would say yes, and then he got so shocked when she didn't. And how he told Arthur she loved him - oh, it was so sad! I really REALLY want a nice ending for him. :-(
    I know, I felt sorry for Molly, too! She has such a hard time of it! At least she gets a happy ending. :-D
    Oh, Amy, Amy....poor dear. I'm so glad Arthur and her had each other, it made it So Much Better. (And that is SO squealingly delightful that you have been there! Jealousy levels are rising. ;-D)
    Hmmm....haven't read Martin Chuzzlewit yet, nor seen it. I can easily find a copy, but I have others already in line and I didn't think it looked quite as interesting. (I've actually read 7 Dickens books with 2 more on the shelf I have waiting. I am a big fan of Dickens. :-D)
    I haven't seen Cranford either! Dear me, I haven't seen much, have I? :-P Well, I suppose it's because no one else in my family share that interest. Oh well. At least we own 6 Jane Austen movies. :-)
    Yes, yes and yes! Les Miserables leaves so many feel-sorry-for characters. I'd say, Fantine, Cosette, Marius, EPONINE (sorry, I have to write it with capitals), Jean Valjean, Gavroche....there's a long list. But it's still a darling story - well, in my opinion. ;-)
    I feel sorry for Freddy, off My Fair Lady, too. Poor, stupid Freddy. He really didn't deserve what he got. He seemed to have something a little 'wrong in his upper-story', though. :-P
    I feel sorry for Elinor and Marianne a good deal, they go through a lot. Especially Elinor, poor girl. :-(
    I'm sure there are plenty of people, but anyway, I agree with you on all the characters I know. :-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  13. Oh my wooordd, I LOVE John to itty-bits!!!! I feel sooooooooooo bad for him, but I agree 100% about Amy and Arthur...Amy was just meant for Arthur. I'm so sorry, John. I still love you. :( -sob-

    I'm not the only one who gets so mad at that part???? I can't believe Mrs. Gibson just got rid of Molly's things. That part makes me SO MAD when we watch the movie and yet they take less than a minute to dwell on it. Poor Molly.....they were her mother's things!!! :"(

    You are one lucky girl Naomi Bennet. I can't believe you have been there. And that your grandparents remember it being filmed!!
    Oh my my. That is just so amazing.

  14. Wow. Okay, so, my mom showed me the first 3 eps of Downton when we were visiting her last month, and the only characters I liked were Mr. Bates and Anna. And she spoilered me by telling me that yay! The only two characters I liked got married! But now that I see all the dreadfulness in store -- I'm so not watching any more Downton Abbey. Do not need to go there. I will keep my happy-Mr.-and-Mrs.-Bates image and that's all there is to it.

    Anyway, I just finished watching Cranford for the first time, and yes! Poor Dr. Harrison! He was just so kind to absolutely everyone, and his stupid friend and the meddlesome gossipers screwed everything up, and I felt a very great desire to reach through the screen and slap several people.

    Have you seen Middlemarch? I feel unbelievably sad for several characters in it. Dorothea the idealist, Mr. Farebrother (who your Tom Pinch sounds rather like), and poor Will Ladislaw. (However, everything turns out all right in the end.)

  15. Mary, Yes, Edith's attitude towards Mary is perfect. :-) I really hate how they drag on the Mary-Edith relationship, even in the saddest situations. Remember when Sybil died? (Well, m'afraid so, ha) Remember Mary said, when she had just died, to Edith, 'I know we've never been the best of friends, but now we have to say goodbye together.'? I mean, WHY Mary, talk about you and Edith being 'enemies' at a time like THAT?! She said the same kind of thing before Edith's wedding, but it was kinda funny then. :-P
    welll, yes, I do suppost Martin improves a tad by the end of the story. But he's always a bit kinda - cold. Not my favourite hero.

    Emma, TOM PINCH. Poor soul.
    Oh yes, I thought of Branson. But then, I already had two Downton people on my list, and I can't add them ALL, can I? :-)
    Haha. Les Mis characters. What a miserable bunch. (That's a reference from Emma, by the way. Frank Churchill said it.) :-P

    Jessica, I know, I don't think either Mansfield version looks very good. I still want to watch them though, just because, but I really hope 'they' make a truer adaptation with a Fanny like she was written. :-) I KNOW RIGHT? Fanny shouldn't be rough and loud!!! NO. Not right.
    That's true. It annoys me too, that Edmund took to Mary, but I like it when heros make mistakes and then realise it. It's like Roger Hamley in Wives and Daughters - a very very similar situation - and I just looove Roger. He does that??!! Edmund tells Fanny to go with Henry? I forgot about that. Well, that makes me angry too. But I STILL like Edmund. Soary. He's just a darling, with mistakes, but he realises it in the end, and I love him a lot. :-)
    Haha, I have actually never seen Captain America, but it sounds good! :-)

  16. Lois, John is SUCH a sweetheart. :-) And oh, you should see Downton. Jst in case no-one has EVER told you THAT before. Haha. Thanks for the comment!

    Morg, oh me too, Edith is quite a whiner in the first series. I started to like her in the second one, though, when she was so kind to the soldiers. :)
    Oh, YES, I feel SO sorry for Elinor! I definitely thought of her, poor girl, but then I didn't because I already had my list and I wanted to get over with the post and publish it. *snort* Ha.

    Miss Meg March, Yes, Downton Abbey does, I'm afraid, have it's majorly unsuitable parts. We definitely don't watch it with the whole family and have to skip some scenes. BUT - with the scenes skipped, it's SO. MUCH. CRAZY. FUN. I promise. :-)
    Yes, John needs a good ending. Really you thought Amy was going to accept his proposal? I didn't. I was already shipping Amy and Arthur too hard by then. :-) Yeah, sorry about your jealousy levels, dear. :-P
    I'm actually not a huge fan of Dickens, and I find some of his books rather challenging (others, however, I am very fond of.)
    That's okay, I know how you feel! I still feel like I've just catched up on more of the Period Dramas, and I remember feeling SO behind on all the movies everyone was talking about in the blogging world! But do watch Cranford once you have the chance! All my siblings like it. :-)
    Heh, yes, Les Mis. It's just a punch of people who you pity with your whole strength, the whole time. Tiring to watch, in my opinion. :-/
    Elinor! I really should've added her. :-)

    Natalie, We've talked about John before, haven't we? In fact I was thinking about our conversation we had several months ago in the comments and it gave me the idea for this post. So thank you. :-) Yes, POOR JOHN. I can't say it enough. :-((
    I KNOW!!! WHY is no-one super shocked about that? Mrs Gibson just GOT RID (rid!) of Molly's mother's things. I would be in tears for years. :-P
    YES. I HAVE. I discovered it way back in November when I saw Little Dorrit for the first time, and I WAS SO EXCITED THAT I HAD BEEN THERE. Really, SO EXCITED. I don't know why I've never told you till now! I'm very lucky indeed. :-)
    Yes, my Grandma remembers seeing all the crew and the filming props, but she doesn't remember seeing any of the actors. I wish I'd been there. :-)

    Hamlette, Oh but Anna and Bates always end up happy together in every Season. They are the truest couple so far. :-) You should give up on Downton!!! I know you're not that fond of it, but once you really get into it... :-P But yeah, the Bates DO go through a ton of unhappiness, I can tell you that. (But then so does Margaret Hale and you've seen North and SOuth three times in a short time, soo. :-P Heehee, just teasing.)
    I was really angry with Dr Harrison's stupid friend, Jack. I don't like him at all. (I'm so glad you saw it! Are you planning to review it? I'd love to hear your thoughts!)
    No, I haven't seen Middlemarch. I might, but George Elliot isn't really a favourite author of mine, so I'm in doubt. Lucky everything turns out all right for the poor characters, though, that's a consolation. :-)

    Thank you for all the lovely comments!

    ~ Naomi

  17. Yes, I plan to do a review of Cranford and Return to Cranford once I've finished the latter :-)

    I'm relieved to hear Anna and Bates remain happy together, at least! But the show overall did not pull me in, and I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things on my TBW list as it is. (Hmm, I should do a blog post about that list, that would be fun!)

    Middlemarch is quite long (not as long as the book, though!), but I liked it enough to buy a copy and also make my mom watch it over Christmas. She was, oddly enough, not a fan. But I introduced DKoren to it, and she digs it too :-) In fact, we've been reading the book together. It's so rich and deep! I'd only read one thing by George Eliot before (Silas Marner, many years ago), but I find I am really enjoying her writing. What have you read by her that you didn't care for as much?

  18. Hamlette, well, it was 'The Mill on the Floss' that kinda made me not really like George Elliot. I bet you've heard about my feelings on the movie (which was wayyyy worse than the book, trust me.) But I started the book Middlemarch once and didn't find it too bad, so I might give it (the movie) a try! :-)

    Looking forward to your Cranford review! :-)

    ~ Naomi

  19. I've never read nor seen TMOTF -- was there... ickyness? There's no ickyness in Middlemarch, just people being people, sadness and happiness, joy and grief, unfulfilled hopes and almost-given-up-on dreams that come true. Splendid.

  20. Yes. We need a really good Mansfield Park movie (AND a really good Persuasion movie) RIGHT NOW. (Are you listening, BBC? You better be.) What do you think of Claire Foy playing Fanny Price? (She could also be a great Anne Elliot, IMHO.)

    Yeah, I'm not really into superhero movies as a general thing, but I do recommend the first Captain America movie because Captain America (Steve) is just so adorable. He's a real gentleman, and he's so brave and so unselfish and so caring and so FUNNY that I just love him. I wish I could marry him, myself, but sadly he's not real. :-)

    Oh, of course you can like Edmund if you want to! Obviously, all real people make mistakes. It's just that the particular kind of mistakes he makes happen to annoy ME a little too much. That doesn't mean he wouldn't make a good husband for SOMEBODY. My personal favorite Austen hero, in case you were wondering, is Colonel Brandon (particularly the David Morrissey portrayal in the '08 movie). And, obviously, he's really different from Edmund. It all comes down to personal taste, I think. Like, some girls really love Mr. Darcy, whereas I think he's cool but definitely not my favorite.

  21. Hamlette, no, not really any ickness. The plot was just ridiculous, and it ended with nothing but dead people or sad people. Maggie o'Sullivan, the 'heroine' went from one man to another and then ended up drowning with her brother. It's just absurd. :-P

    Jessica, Claire Foy would be an AMAZING Fanny, although she's perhaps too old now. Fanny must be very young and sweet. Claire Foy would be perfect, yes, if she were the right age.
    Of course! You're totally right about the Jane Austen heroes. I don't really like Colonel Brandon that much, so...
    My favourite JA hero is Mr Knightley, forever and ever. (As portrayed by Johnny Lee Miller.)

    ~ Naomi

  22. Naomi,
    Oh, I see. Well, I will think about it, but I may leave that movie till I'm older. :-) But I am a huge fan of Dan Stevens, nonetheless. ;-) (Sense and Sensibility, although I'm sure I've seen him elsewhere...)
    Oh, no, I didn't mean that (I don't think I said that - perhaps you read it wrong :-)) I DID know he would be refused, as I had read the book before watching it, and you could see it coming. I mean, since when does a heroine accept a proposal at the beginning of a book? ;-P And Amy and Arthur are perfect, no matter how much John needs someone.
    I understand about Dickens - I must say, I had a rather difficult read with A Tale of Two Cities as I did not know the story one bit and it was so Sad and Deep. (Although I definitely want to re-read it, as I now have a firmer grip on the story.) But David Coppperfield and Little Dorrit are among my favourite books!
    Haha, that's a lot of siblings to like Cranford. ;-) My sisters despise it after seeing about 5 scenes at my cousins place, so if I do get my hands on a copy, I shall have to watch it without them. :-P But my Mummy enjoys those things, (although she never has the time *sigh*) so that's one point to my side. ;-D
    On a side note, the Re-enactment is on tonight! (I'm feeling excited for my brother!) I'm hoping to see something of it on the news, at least.
    ~Miss Meg March

  23. Yeah, I just watched Emma 2009 for the first time this week. Johnny Lee Miller was amazing. The End. Although I still like David Morrissey's Colonel Brandon better--again, personal preference. As in, I would want to marry him if he were real. BUT I would definitely want JLM's Mr. Knightley for my friend, because he's a super-cool guy.

  24. What a great post! I missed a lot the past few weeks, haha! I missed a game! Oh no! D: But you made the perfect list. I think Mr. Dorrit should be added to this list. His storyline is so incredibly sad! How he feels he has let his family down, and wants the best for them, but doesn't really know how to do that. How he tries to keep his pride in the midst of a humiliating situation. His devotion to Amy even though he shows it in ways that sometimes hurt her. But the most heart-wrenching of all: that moment when he tells Amy, "How could you do this to me? My favorite child!" with the background of that heartbreakingly stunning music. And, of course, his death scene where he is reduced to his pitiful marshalsea self through memory loss. I definitely cried. Hard.


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