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Hello, all! What-ho.

Morg tagged me with her own random list of Period Drama questions several days ago, and - well, being the nuttiest of all Period Drama nuts I am - I found it entirely irresistable and here I am, doing it. Thank you, Morg!

Michelle Dockery looking entirely scrumptious in 'Anna Karenina'
What is your favourite Austen book?
I have to go with my beloved Pride and Prejudice, everyone. I just love it. I love the little Meryton society, the Bennet lodge, the snobberish people, the glittering, calm, sprinkly feel.

One Austen movie you dislike the most?
I have watched at least one movie of all the Jane Austen books (not counting Lady Susan, which isn't out yet), except Mansfield Park. I don't want to start watching Mansfield Park because it looks so bad. I'm one of those people who likes the book - (I find it a charming, darling story and, well, yes, I just adore Edward and Fanny. They're just filled to the brim with aww-y sweetness.) It's just-- Both movie adaptations seem so wrong to me, so I haven't seen any Mansfield Park adaptations. So yeah, Mansfield Park, although I haven't seen them. Tell me strictly if this answer isn't valid.

Now, THIS is what Fanny and Ed should look like.
Favourite dresses?
Please excuse me when I rub my hands in glee, because I love this question. Also the fact that it's dressES and not just 'dress' (because if it were just 'dress' I wouldn't have been able to answer it, period.) Let me pick several millions, okay?

Gone with the Wind has some pretty amazing dresses. It's hard to pick one to represent my love for the big lush hoopdresses in the movie, but I've picked the ruffled, friffled, beautifully fun white dress Scarlett wears in the first scene. It makes Scarlett seem almost... loveable. It's possible.

As I mentioned, no doubt extremely clearly, in my review of State Fair, I am the biggest fan on earth of Marge Frake's wardrobe, and, out of all of them, this dress is my favourite. The red bow, the pin puffy sleeves, the flowery embroidery, the waist. EVERYTHING. I looooove this dress.

I'm not always a big fan of Victorian styles, but this amazingly swothy and frothy yellow lacy ball gown Victoria wears to the ball (where she dances with her beautiful prince - le sigh) has captured my heart completely. LOVE it.

While some of Cynthia's dresses are a bit over-the-top, this dress - OH MY WORD. Please, allow to catch my breath.

Basically every and ANY dress in Downton Abby has a place in my heart. Two piece costume is just one of my millions of Downton Abbey favourites. Especially Mary's wardrobe I love, and also Rose's wardrobe. MAN. Everything is amazing. Some, like the one above, are just swathed with beauty and elegance. Others are beady and glittery. SUCH eye-candy!

Least favourite hair style?
This award has to go to Lady Harriet in Wives and Daughters, nearing the end. Her shaggy pixie cut is just too awful for letters. I - oh please. It's awful. I also find Anne's greasy curlies in the 2007 adaptation of 'Persuasion' very unappealing. I priorly posted about my ten least favourite hairstyles here, just in case you're interested.

I mean. Wut.

What is your favourite film adaptation to Austen's books?
I bet you all know this. Pride and Prejudice 1995, of course! Yes, I am one of those (sorry, Hamlette!) - I'm a huge lover of this long BBC version of P&P. It's all so delightfully perfect, in my little brain of opinions. I would eat this movie if I could. And it would taste like pinky hues of elegant sugar puffs. Wow, I'm really poetical today.
I also adore - and by adore I mean ADORE - Emma 2009. Johnny Lee Miller's Mr Knightley is my favourite person ever. I'm married in my brain.

This gif may kill you. :-D
Favourite Downton Abbey character?
Dear Downton! (Oh why, blogger, why do you put a red squiggly line under 'Downton' as well as 'Bennet' and 'Austen'?!! You drive me crazy. These words are words that one must respect, not mark with an embarrassing red squiggle.) My favourite Downton Abbey character is so easy to decide, funny enough, despite there being so many I adore in there. Surprise - no, it's not Matthew (although I love him till death us do part *starts crying*), and no, it's not my dear little Daisy. It's the Dowager Countess. In other words, my third Grandma. She is THE BEST Downton character. I LOVE HER.
Apparently quite a lot of people have Violet Crawley as their favourite character - I recently discovered the pastor at our Church watched Downton Abbey and his favourite character is Violet as well. :-)

Favourite BBC show?
Is Pride and Prejudice a show? No, I don't suppose it is. Well, I've got to go with Downton Abbey. I'm just intoxicated with Downton Abbey everything.

Favourite Austen Heroine?
Elizabeth Bennet, I suppose. She just brilliant and has a sparkling brain and eyes to match. Or Emma Woodhouse. So strong and hilarious and prone to mistakes. She reminds me painfully much of myself. (Yes, I do matchmake - but then in a dignified way in the corner of my brain.)
I also love Fanny. She's SO underrated, though. One day I'm going to make a post about defending Mansfield Park and it might be miles long. :-D

One BBC you watched which you disliked very much?
*Thinks really really really hard* Because I can't think of one, you guys. I just LOVE BBC Period Dramas, okay?
Oh wait, I suddenly thought of one. The Mill on the Floss. Although it starred the very talented Emily Watson, it was just PLAIN AWFUL. It wasn't just the weird, death-scene ending - it was everything. The love story wasn't even romantic, the characters weren't relatable, everyone annoyed me to death. Never watch it.

Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen?
Colin Firth all the way. Just to put the record straight, I'm not a huge Colin Firth fan. I only like him because he is Mr Darcy - I don't like Mr Darcy because he's Colin Firth. Also, I think Matthew MacFayden is a great actor - absoblumelutely loved him in 'Little Dorrit' - I just thought he wasn't Mr Darcy. He didn't look posh or proud enough. He was too humble and shaggy for Mr Darcy, in my opinion.

Plus, no-one can do a 'what' like Colin Firth. :-)

Jane Austen, Margaret Mitchell or Lucy Maud Montgomery?
NOW THIS (and the next question - oh dear, it's coming nigh -) IS SUCH A HARD QUESTION. Jane Austen, well, she's just Jane Austen. Amazing. A Thing. Margaret Mitchell has the BEST writing ability ever and I adore Gone with the Wind with volumnious amounts of my heart. But... Lucy Maud Montgomery - well, she's just My Favourite. I can't (ever) have enough of her. She's SUPERBOS.

Speaking of Lucy Maud Montgomery (such a flowery name, right?) - the poll has reached a fairly easy conclusion... 21 people voted - 14 wished to keep all my posts (Montgomery-related ones included) here - 6 didn't mind (awww, you peaches) and 1 wished to keep Montgomery posts at the Montgomery blog. So I deleted the Montgomery blog and all posts will be here. To that one person who voted for the Montgomery blog: Sorry, dear. I hope you understand. (As a character of mine would say: 'Dash it, I do not understand at all.')

Mr. Knightley, Mr. Darcy or Matthew Crawley?
MORG, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO MEEEE!?!!!!! How on EARTH am I supposed to choose between these three darling men! *Wails bitterly like a woebegone damsel in distress* These gentlemen are my three very top favourites. How did you KNOW?!! I can't choose! I caaaaan't.
*Thinks for three hours* (Sliiight exaggeration? Nooo.) I've decided. It's Mr Knightley. I love them all, but Mr Knightley is the one I would pick to marry. :-D

Which Charlotte- Claudie Blakley or Lucy Scott?
You know, I liked them both. I personally think Lucy Scott looks and acts more like a twenty-seven-year-old who really is not romantic - she, I think, is more like the book-Charlotte, but I liked the Charlotte in the 05 version as well. Still though, I'm going with Lucy Scott. Told ya I was a 95 fan.

By the way, does anyone know from which movie this picture comes from? I have no idea. :-)

I hope you have a lovely day!
Toodles! :-D


  1. The Mansfield Park adaptation I watched didn't really get it right, and I hadn't even read the whole book! Also, the friend I was watching it with got really weirded out by the whole cousin relationship thing!
    I actually started to read the Mill on the Floss! It was pretty good! I need to finish it though...
    Mr. Knightley all the way!
    Cool tag!

  2. Wow, you ARE poetic today! Haha. ;-)

    I called most of this. As in, I knew it already. But it was delightful fun reading through your answers, as always. ;-P

    You have a talent for finding the most adorable and heartmelting gifs in existence. I may or may not have sat staring at Emma and Mr. Knightley for an unreasonable amount of time. *melts into a puddle*

    Ewww, The Mill on the Floss. I remember you told me that was terrible. Thomas Hardy and I have never had the best relationship.

    I don't know what that picture's from, but the girls looks SO familiar! Ack. Now that's gonna bug me.


  3. This was such a fun tag! I also wonder what is going on with Lady Harriot's hair. :) I did this tag too, even though I'm a book blogger instead of a period drama blogger.

  4. I'm doing this tag today, too:D

    (Hmm, I didn't know there was a version of Anna Karenina with Michelle Dockery as Anna!)

    All the pretty dresses:D

    Yeah, Harriet's probably going to be my least favorite, too. Blehh.


    Can I steal that picture of Granny? I think I'm going to;)

    Mill on the Floss sounds pretty awful :-[

    Cool answers:)

  5. I'm SO adding this to my Q&A answers.. or maybe it deserves a post of its own.. hmm
    That GIF ok bye.. *faints*

    *comes to*
    ah yes loved this as usual!

  6. Yay you did it!!!! :D Hahhahaah!! I have to pick Mr. Knightley out of the three as well.
    UGH I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT LADY HARIOT'S hair!! I was (am) soooo confused! When did that happen? or better yet, WHY did that happen?! I have never seen a pixie cut in that time era.
    I watched the Billie Piper Mansfield Park, and it was just OK. Definitely not re-watchable. The other adaptation doesn't look very good, so I haven't watched it. The book was way better.
    Thanks so much for doing this tag!!

  7. Please make a Mansfield Park post! That would be so so fun:)

    And yes the Emma gif is adorable!

  8. Mr. Kinightly is the best!! You should really watch Mansfield Park!! Do not watch the one that was made in like 1998...it was an actual movie in theaters, does not follow the book, and has a really bad scene!! However, the version is Billie Piper is fairly accurate and really good, totally not sad (trust me):)

  9. Ashley, yes, I used to be weirded out with the cousin-thing too, but, you know, it was very common indeed for cousins to marry in Jane Austen's time!
    I'm SURE the book Mill on the Floss is better than the movie. I mean, nothing can be worse than the movie. Haha.
    Thank you!

    Emma, Heehee, you noticed, did you? Well, sometimes I just am. :)
    Actually, I think the Mill on the Floss is by George Elliot. I was wrong - it isn't Thomas Hardy at all. I don't like Thomas Hardy either, though - although Under the Greenwood Tree was okay.
    I think the actress is Claire Foy - but I'm not sure! Bugs me too. :-)

    Corinne, I know RIIIGHT?! Lady Harriet's hair is so weird! I loved your answers, by the way. :-)

    Olivia, Haha, it's funny how so many of our answers were vaguely similar.
    No, Michelle Dockery isn't Anna in the movie - she's just someone in the Keira Knightley version; haven't a clue who, as I haven't seen it. But she's not Anna, I know that.
    You may. :-)
    Thank you so much! Loved your answers as well.

    Evie, aww thanks! I know right? THAT GIF.

    Morg, I know, the Harriet hair is just plain weird and ugly and confusing. Some people say these kind of hair caps existed that people put over their heads for parties (heh) - but I just don't get it. Just don't.
    Oh, I'm glad you like the book - Mansfield Park - It IS just good. People need to love it more! Thanks again for tagging me!

    Kristen, Hmm, I might. Maybe after re-reading it. Awww, yes, the Emma gif. I love how everyone comments on it. :-)

    Madison, WELLLL. Maybe I will then. I just don't like the look of it at all. I mean the 2009 Emma's Mr ELTON is Edward?!! And I don't think Billie Piper looks ANYTHING like the Fanny in my head. I think that if I would go with one, I would go with the oldest version with Nicolas Farrell. But okay, I shall consider it for your sake. :-)

    Thanks for all the comments, ladies!

    ~ Naomi

  10. By the way, I tagged you for an award. I know you'll see it, but I'm telling you anyway. ;-)

  11. In my opinion there's no great version of Mansfield Park. The 1983 (I think that's the right year) version is okay but it's old BBC and old BBC is low quality. :( I despise the 2007 version and I haven't seen the 1999 version but I think from what I've heard and read that I would despise it too if I watched it.
    I do like that picture though of your mental image of Fanny and Edmund. :)

  12. So, I saw your and Olivia's post for the period drama tag come up on my dashboard yesterday and I immediately thought-
    I am doing this. Even if nobody tagged me. heehee
    So yes, keep an eye out for my post. ;)
    Anyways, I LOVE all the pictures you included and....oooh, everything.
    That picture!!!! That IS Edmund and Fanny!!! It's so perfect. <3
    I love most of Scarlet's dresses too. I've always adore hoop skirts and whenever I watch GWTH and see all their bouncy, light, swirly, twirling hoop skirts I really really REALLY want one. :D
    Yes! Fanny is so sweet and good. I don't understand why more people don't like her. You should totally do a post defending her.

  13. I agree with you on Colin Firth!! He plays a better proud man then MacFadyen. MacFadyen is more reserved than proud.

  14. Don't apologize! P&P95 IS wonderful! I own a copy, in fact. However, I also think the '05 is wonderful -- I don't see why people think we should have to like one OR the other. I like both. So there.

    I've only seen 5 eps of Downton, but my favorite character is Bates, followed by Anna, followed by... the Dowager Countess. She's simply that awesome.

    (It's true that no one can do a "what?" like Colin Firth. However... I like my Mr. Darcy's not particularly polished or posh, so... I like MM better. Unless I'm watching the '95, then I like CF best cuz there he is in all his CFyness.)

  15. Yes! That IS what Fanny and Edmund should look like! Where did you get the photo? I don't recognize it. It's awesome, though!

    I personally think P&P95 is good, but not great, because even though CF was an awesome Darcy, I really didn't think any of the Bennet sisters were very good--especially Elizabeth. I know that sounds crazy, but I feel very strongly that Jennifer Ehle was too sedate, mature, and sweet-tempered to be a good Lizzy. And since the story is really more about Lizzy than anybody else, Jennifer Ehle's performance kind of turned me off for the whole thing, in spite of CF and his awesome CFyness. Which, I will freely admit, is supremely sublime.

    Please, please, PLEASE write a very, very long post defending Mansfield Park. I will read every word of it and squeal (inwardly) with delight.

  16. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Hamlette, Oh, I agree! There's no need at all for a person to just like ONE P&P version, but I, I just don't GET the 05 version. I try to like it, but, ah, I just can't. Sometimes I feel very bad about it.
    I don't really like MM's Darcy because he's just too humble and more solemn than 'proud.' Mr Darcy is a proud, tall, standing-upright, not-letting-his-feelings-show guy. I just think CF did a better job portraying the Mr Darcy Jane Austen created.

    Jessica, Actually that picture of my idea of Fanny and Edmund is from 'Death Comes to Pemberley.' The girl is Georgiana. :-) I am definitely planning on doing a post defending Mansfield Park, but only after I read the book again. But stay tuned!
    Well, everyone is allowed to have their own opinions and that, but I LOVE Jennifer's Lizzy to BITS. I'm glad you like GF's Darcy, though. At least we agree on THAT. :-D Thank you for your lovely comments - I'm enjoying them a lot! :-)

    ~ Naomi

  17. Oh--thanks, I'm really glad you are enjoying them! I just love being able to read people's blogs and comment on them. It's so much fun, and your posts in particular are really cool :)

    Yes. I definitely agree that CF is a lot closer to the "real" Mr. Darcy--I feel like Mr. Darcy is supposed to be shy, INSIDE, but he hides it under a show of pride, and MM made him just plain shy, OUTSIDE. Not correct.

    Actually, I really do love JE's Lizzy, as a character--she's so sweet and kind and cheery. She just doesn't seem, to my mind, enough like the book-Lizzy. My idea of the book-Lizzy is somebody a lot more brash and hot-tempered. However, I totally understand that people can interpret the same book very differently, and maybe your idea of Lizzy IS more like what Jane Austen intended :)

    As a side note, you know who JE's Lizzy reminds me of? Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother. Have you ever read her official biography by William Shawcross? I highly recommend it--it's a beautiful book and I think you would enjoy it very much. Also, lots of lovely photographs :)

  18. Sorry, I'm a bit late to this post...it was a delight to read though! (And I agreed with you on many points!)

    I did just want to explain one thing. And this is my opinion mind, I'm not trying to be a snob or correct in that kind of manner...do you understand?

    Anyway, what I have to say concerns Lady Harriet. I don't know if you were honestly wondering what she had done to her hair or if you just wished she hadn't done something so drastic to make her point. Whatever the case I want to do my best to explain what I think.
    (Lady Harriet is one of my favorite literary characters and I love it when I come across someone who actually knows who she is!)
    As I just said, Lady Harriet is one of my favs because not only is she clever but she always watches out for Molly. (Someone does because Molly doesn't!) So when Harriet invites Molly up for a day at the towers I don't believe that her hair looked like that because of some mishap at the hairdressers. Molly's hair is gorgeously done and her gown matches, Lady Harriet on the other hand looks, with little effort, as unlike Molly's equal in looks as she possibly could. This is no chance, it is all part of Lady Harriet's scheme, as she explains briefly to Lord Hollingford as they stroll the garden. At which point Molly hears and is mortified! But I digress. I believe that like the time that Lady Harriet made herself seen with the then shamed Molly Gibson, after the Mr. Preston 'affair', you remember, the lady was again looking after Molly's interest by making herself as unappealing as possible when Roger came back. A job well done as her hair and appearance is never seen as appealing for the remainder of the movie. Therefore, though her appearance is shabby through the last part of Wives and Daughters it speaks greatly to Lady Harriet's character. Thank heavens for her vibrant red riding suit, don't you agree?!
    I love reading your blog by the way. I just happened on this post because of the suggestions that are made at the bottom of each of your posts.
    Enjoy your week!

  19. I'm doing this on my new Period Drama blog! :D


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