Fake Trailers

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen (never forget the gentlemen.) The last few days I have started to make Period Drama fan videos, thanks to my lovely sister who said it was something typical me. (She was right, I love making these.) I like to call them Fake trailers. I've made four already, and I must say my little self is rather prodigiously proud of them.

Please grant me your honest opinions. I know I have a lot to learn yet, so do give me some advice (seriously, I can handle brutal facts.) (And a big thank you to Hamlette for telling me how to put up Youtube video's in a larger size!)

Well, what do you think? Which is your favourite? (I am the proudest of 'Testament of Youth's fake trailer, I flatter myself.) If you'd like to see more of these in the future, make sure to pop over to my Youtube channel now and then.

Have a lovely day! <3


  1. Naomi--these are great! I was MOST favorably impressed, and I'm not kiddin', either :) I wasn't able to watch "A Royal Night Out" because it has been "blocked in my country on copyright grounds" (GRRRRR) but I could see all the others just fine.

    My favorite is definitely the Testament of Youth trailer--I REALLY liked that you actually included some war scenes, instead of just showing scenes from the FIRST half of the movie (which is what the official trailer does). I suppose they didn't want to spoil anything, but really, the official ToY trailer gives the impression that it's going to be a happy, feel-good movie, which is definitely False Advertising. Whereas you mixed the happy scenes with an equal amount of sad/gritty scenes, which is much better.

  2. Oh my goodness. SO COOL! How do you figure out how to do all these neat things?!?

    Seriously, these are really good. I LOVED The Testament of Youth one, especially. The music was gorgeous!

  3. Wow. Naomi, these were awesome! My favorite is the Testament of Youth one. I actually think it's better than the real one! It shows more the sad flavor of the movie, instead of just the happy romantic side.

    I'm amazed. I hope you do more of these :-)

  4. Well, I was unable to watch the "A Royal's Night Out" due to "copyright problems" or some such nonsense, but I saw the other ones. My computer kept mixing all the videos up and playing them all at once so I ended up watch all of them - so I'm not sure which ones you put on your blog, because I saw every single one that was on your channel. But anyway, I giggled throughout the entire "Period Drama Accidents" video and enjoyed each and every one I saw. As I haven't seen the original trailers for these, I can't really compare but as I was interested most in the ToY trailer (I've seen S&S '95) I watched the original. As you asked for HONEST opinions, I'm going to say I thoroughly enjoyed them all! I watched your ToY trailer and then saw the original and then saw yours again. To be (brutally?) honest with you, I do prefer the original, only because I find short, snappy scenes more intriguing to longer ones and while I totally enjoy seeing the "farewell train scene", I think they wouldn't make it quite so long in the "real" ones, if you know what I mean? Also, just by watching the original, I see it go in chronological order (whereas I can see you try to flick back and forth) and in the original it shows how all the happiness was taken away in the war, how they had to remain strong and grow up fast. Whereas in yours, it was flicks of their life before war ruined it, flicks of the war, and mostly of their farewell scene. Please don't take this the wrong way - I loved them, and don't be discouraged, I just gave my honest opinion. :-)
    ~Miss Meg March
    P.S. Also, on watching Lark Rise to Candleford I noticed you used commas (which is what I would naturally do too!) but from all the movie trailers I've seen, they don't normally use commas, actually. Although don't ask me why....(I suppose to keep it short and snappy.)

  5. Jessica, thank you!! :-) Aw, that's a pity you couldn't see 'A Royal Night out's fake trailer. I can't help it, but I apologise for it anyway. :-P

    Emma, Well, Hannah explained, haha. Yes ISN'T THE TESTAMEN OF YOUH MUSIC GORGEOUS?!! Duh, everything about that movie is. :-P

    Rosie, YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT. You think my little fan trailer is better than the real one? Wow. That's very kind of you! :-)

    Miss Meg March, Eck, I'm sorry you couldn't see the 'A Royal Night out' one. :-P Oh you saw them all! And I'm glad you found the 'Period Drama accidents' one funny. I find it rather funny as well. :-)
    Goodness, I think mine are MUCH 'worse' thant the original ones. I didn't even TRY to outshine the original trailers - the original ones are too good to beat. :-) So no, your opinion didn't hurt me at all. :-P Yeah, I agree though about the commas in the Lark Rise one - it does seem a bit off. :-)

    Thank you so much for the comments!!

    ~ Naomi

  6. Urrrrgh this is bugging me! My computer is refusing to allow me to watch them! How rude. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow it'll have cleared up:)

    So, while I can't actually watch them right now, I'm sure they're lovely!


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