My 4 favourite Lark Rise to Candleford characters

Sooo. My life recently has mainly been obsessing over Lark Rise to Candleford. I won't even mention that it's my one weakness, because I've said that many times before, so t'would be vastly unoriginal to repeat it again. But yes, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT.

So here's a Lark Rise-themed post then. :-)

Please bear that I haven't watched series 3 or 4 yet, so I am unaware of the new characters in there. I might put Daniel Parish on my list in the end, but I don't know yet. I might well though - I've seen pictures of the lad, and I've heard a lot about him. He does sound... em, look, rather nice (*giggle*). But for now, I have enough to choose from as it is.

Dorcas Lane

DORCAS LANE IS THE BEST. Yes, she cannot help but stick her nose into other people's businesses. Yes, she likes a bit of gossip. Yes, she can be very stubborn. Yes, she's disastrously curious. BUT I LOVE HER. She reminds me a bit of myself actually, I suddenly realise. I pry in other people's affairs constantly, I DISASTROUSLY curious, and yes, I do like a bit of gossip, I shan't lie. And I can be very stubborn if I set my mind on it, too.

I love Dorcas Lane. She's so kind. She's so wise and good and so good at solving problems. And then she's also such great fun - hilarious, with all her 'one weaknesses.' And I love how she admits her flaws. Gah, I WANT TO GO AND WORK AT HER POST-OFFICE. I want her to boss me around so badly. :-P

Dorcas Lane makes me want to be a single woman for the rest of my life, frankly. If I don't find my Mr Knightley, I shall happily go in my life as a second Dorcas Lane, and proud of it, too. :-) She's so my favourite character. :-)



First of all, if you don't like Minnie, explain that to me. I must know HOW it is possible, because I don't think it's humanly possible. She's just ADORABLE AND SWEET AND FUNNY. She's so innocent and while everything's her fault you can never really blame her and be angry with her. (Although sometimes you do need to tell her to go out of your sight. Especially when she's talking to you about your love life. (She does this often.))

Minnie is not the cleverest of people, but she's so SWEET and ADORABLE and funny and... she makes us all laugh. I love how she's so taken away by romance. 'Oh, ma'am, I've seen Laura's Ma and Pa kissin' on the road.' or when she said the following to Dorcas lane, a blushing smile on her face: 'I like watching Laura and Fisher together. And Thomas and Mrs Ellison. And you and -' 'Out of my sight, Minnie!'

I love this character. :-) (#bestcharacterever)

Alf Arless

First of all. HIS SMILE. It's the best Period Drama smile ever, I think. THOSE DIMPLES. I wish I could find a picture of his broad smile, but all the ones I found were horribly small ones of no good quality whatsoever.

Alf Arless is such a good nice lad. He's very kind. Such a good sort. I love that he's good-looking, but then a different kind of handsome. I love that he's the parental figure in his family while he's the brother. I love his relationship with his mother. I JUST LOVE HIM. :-)

And he and Minnie together... just too adorable for words asdfghjkl!!!! (No, I haven't actually seen it yet, but I've watched all the fan videos on Youtube, so there. Also, I've viewed pictures and I'm officially melted.)

Caroline Arless

I know, I know. She's a very controversial character. And yes, she has her faults - faults that I don't relate to, I'm happy to say. (I don't drink. Well, I do. But not her kind of drinks.) But she's so much fun!! She totally steals the show in every scene she's in. And I miss her now she's gone! I hope hope hope she comes back. (Does she? Tell me, people-who've-seen-all-of-Lark-Rise.)

You can really see that this character means well. She loves her kids, she loves her neighbours. And also, she's SO HILARIOUS ADMIT IT.

Who's your favourite Lark Rise character?

Tell me, and we can talk.

Before I leave, please watch this video I made of clumsy Period Drama people having accidents. It's only 50 seconds, so you can't do wrong. Plus, I'm rather pleased with it. And also, I'm going to keep on forcing my Period Drama videos on my blog before I have some more Youtube suscribers. (So, I'm going to do The Annoying Thing and ask you to suscribe. Here. Thanks. Have a hug and some pizza. :-D)

And now, without futher ado, have a lovely day. Or night. Or whatever you're about to plunge into.


  1. I subscribed--thanks for the pizza :) (Did you know my family actually has pizza AND pasta for lunch every Sunday after Mass? Yep, my mom's awesome like that :)

    And I LOVE your video--both of them, that is! The "accidents" one was HILARIOUS and the 1940s one has inspired me to go tackle my WWII novel with fresh vigor :) You're really good at making these--please keep it up!

  2. Hi Naomi, this was cool. I've never seen Lark Rise to Candleford, so I'm 'fraid I can't comment :-(

    BUT I watched your Period Drama accidents video. You know, it's really weird to see people back then, you know, wearing different clothes and all, having such ridiculous accidents.

    And I subscribed to your Youtube channel. *huge grin* Thanks for the pizza, m'dear :D *hugs back*

  3. Alright, I can't really comment on these characters because I don't know the show....BUT THAT VIDEO!!! Oh my goodness! I am shaking with laughter. Vewy clever. :-D I especially love the parts from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers -- I forgot how hilarious that barn-building part is!

  4. My favorite characters are Dorcas Lane, Alf Arless, Minnie, Pearl and Ruby. (The last 3 make me laugh). Thomas Brown got on my nerves after a few episodes and I am not a huge fan of Daniel Parish. I did like Fisher Bloom but I'm glad that things didn't work out between him and Laura. I personally can't stand Laura!!


  5. I have not yet seen series three of four yet either. I really love all those characters, added to them though are Laura, Queeny, Twister, and Fisher. I wish Fisher had stayed on longer though, or have you yet seen that part?

  6. I was waiting for this post! :) I noticed Laura isn't one of your favorite characters...why does that not surprise me? ;) Oh, she's very nice in her own way, but I think most of the other characters top her pretty easily.

    Miss Lane. Oh yes, she is such a cool character. So poised and sure of herself and content (for the most part) with her lot in life. And so full of good advice and meddling ways. :) She does make a very good single lady...which is why it gets a tad bit a annoying that she falls in love so many times. It doesn't always seem consistent with her character, somehow. By the way, what DO you think of James Dowland?

    MINNIE!!!!! Exactly! How can you NOT like her! She's the sweetest most loveable little person ever! (Don't you just love how she chooses to confide in Alfie about the "baby"? And how concerned and worried he is for her? Oooh! They're just so adorable!)

    And speaking of Alfie...I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said about him! He's at the top of my list of favorites from this show, too! His smile?! Oh my yes! I love dimples! (Too bad you couldn't find a good picture!) And yes the way he cares for his siblings is just...oh! Words can't describe it! The way he steps up to the plate and does the responsible thing without feeling sorry for himself is amazing. (Actually he does have some moments of feeling discouraged and discontent, but they're only passing and in the end you know he loves his life despite the hardship of it. Which I think is admirable.)

    Haha! Mrs. Arlis! Yes, she is an extremely fun character. And perfectly hilarious. "...or my eyes ain't blue. Oh! My eyes ain't blue!" Haha! (Can't remember what the beginning of that quote was...but I believe it was from the first season.) :) She has lots of faults but she means so well that it's hard to be angry with her. And yes, to answer your question, she does come into the show again. In the fourth season, I think.

    Thomas Brown certainly does give us lots of laughs, though I have to admit he annoys me sometimes. He's a little too pompous and the whole "devout Christian" thing was very aggravating at times. I liked his and Miss Ellison's relationship at the beginning but they both kind of irked me after awhile. They become a bit too caricatured and unbelievable as the series goes on. (At least, that's how it appeared to me.)

    Good job on your video! It's so funny to see people falling down all over the place! I recognized most of those films, too, so it was fun to watch. Oh, and I never got around to commenting on your trailers, but I wanted to say "good job" there, too! I liked your Testament of Youth one best. It definitely made me want to see the movie even more than I already do. :)

    Thank you for this delightful post! You're putting me in a Lark Rise to Candleford mood! :D

    ~Miss March

  7. Unfortunately I have never watched Lark Rise...but now I will have to see if I can't find it somewhere!! :D And oh my -- your Period Drama Accidents!!!!!! I love it. And the music is so spunky. Very well done. ;)

  8. Hi Naomi! Just a random question here: Have you ever watched the movie LORNA DOONE?

  9. Jessica, YOU HAVE PIZZA EVERY SUNDAY. Well apparently I am jealous. :-) Thank you so much for your encouragements on my videos - can't tell you how much that means to me, dear.

    Rosie, Thank you so much for suscribing! And you and Jessica MUST WATCH LARK RISE. :-)

    Emma, Haha! I'm glad you found it amusing. (Although it's actually filled with people getting hurt, which, I suppose, means you're an awful person.) :-P
    Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust kidding. ;-/

    Kristalyn, We seem to have quite a lot of characters in common! Actually, Thomas Brown is getting on my nerves too. But I do like him. (Although praps I should have swapped him for Ruby, cos she's a lot of fun. :-))
    I don't like Laura that much, either. :-)

    Clara, Yes! Fisher! I loved him! He'S SO HANDSOME. :-D And I heard he is coming back in one of the later series. I'm looking forward to that! :-)

    Miss March, AHHHH A LOVELY LONG COMMENT. Thank you so much. :D
    Yeah, Laura isn't really my favourite. You know it. :-) I know, I think Dorcas has far too many love affairs. And nope, I'm not a big James Dowland fan. He's too droopy and ... something I can't explain. I just don't like him.
    AND ALFIE OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE HIM. :-) Haha! That's Mrs Arless quote about blue eyes made me laugh. Her laughter is pretty contagious, isn't it! (Or in't it, haha.)
    Yes, Thomas annoys me too. Quite a lot actually. I was a bit in a thinking-he-was-very-funny-mood when I wrote this post, but I now actually wish I replaced him with someone else. I've realised he doesn't QUITE deserve a fifth place on my list. :-) But anyways, he gives me laughs. :-)
    Thank you so much, Miss March! :-)

    Kaitlyn, yes! You should! :-) And thanks so much, dear. :-D

    Ruth Elizabeth, Random questions, my one weakness! No, I haven't! One of my blogger friends has recommended it to me, though, and we have the dvd somewhere nearby, so maybe soon! (After Lark Rise, that is, which is for some time yet.) I'm looking forward to it! Is it very good? (You seem to be Quite a fan, heehee.)

    ~ Naomi

  10. Oh it's a lovely movie! I love it so much!! I think there's more than one adaption but the one I'm meaning is from 2000. You really should watch it! I've actually just started the first episode of Lark Rise. And also just because I have to say something I've also just finished watching GT1 for the first time since I was like 9 or something. I really liked the costumes but just about all of the characters were just so annoying.

  11. I subscribed! And I love your videos :)

  12. *scrolls down the list to see if Daaaaniel is mentioned*
    *is surprised when he isn't*
    *scrolls back to top to see if this is explained*
    *smiles and laughs inside and is satisfied temporarily*

    Dorcas and Minnie are two of my favorites too! Although I cannot understand why you would have Caroline on this list. She drives. Me. Craaaaazy. And not in a good way. I'm so glad when she's not in the show for a while, heh. One of the main reasons I don't like season one nearly as well as the others...

  13. Ruth Elizabeth, It's the version of your new profile picture, right? Yup, that's the one we've got. I'm looking forward to watching it! (And what do you mean with GT1? I have not the pleasure of understanding. :-))

    Emily, THANK YOU! :-)

    Melody, Haha. I'm going to LOVE Daniel, I feel it, I feeeel it.
    WHAT?!!! M'dear! You don't like Caroline. Well, I DO understand, of course. She's not a character for everyone, but I personally find her most amusing and jolly. :-) Well, well, all for their own, I suppose. :-) (Actually, I knew you weren't a Caroline Arless fan. I've read your reviews. :-P)

    ~ Naomi

  14. Oh I'm sorry I meant Gone with the Wind. I was on my tablet and my spell check does that all the time. Yeah that's the right version.

  15. Eeeeep! Naomi, old sport, I just finished this series last night (a review should be coming fairly soonish) and *sigh* I really like it. A lot:D

    Dorcas is pretty awesome. Like you've said before, I like how nobody in this show is perfect. There are moments when every character irks you, but then they mend it and you love them again.

    MINNIE AND ALF ASDFLAHJSDIGKHLALAKSHDGIOAJBVIAOSGIABSDLGAL!!!!! They're awesome enough separately, but TOGETHER they take adorable to a whole new level;) Alfie is so sweet. I love how responsible he is, but how you can see that he doesn't just do it willingly all the time.

    Caroline…Caroline is…ehh, for me. I mean, I like her eternal optimism, but at the same time, she is SO unknowingly self-absorbed and SO irresponsible that she just….urgggh. I don't really like her all the time. (But yes, she does come back in the very last episode of season four, wherein she does change, so your wishes are fulfilled:D)

    Thomas *snort* He is hilarious:D And it's nice that they do give us glimpses of his genuinely sweet side too:) But the stereotyping of Christians bothered me, too, until I realized that yes, they do make people who are sold out for God look ridiculous, but they don't make them unlikeable, and there are some characters, like Queenie, who obviously have some measure of faith and trust in God, and are thoroughly sensible. So yeah. I dunno.

    My favorite character…probably Queenie Turrill. (Minus her weird tea-reading/astrology thing.) She's so kind, helpful without being meddlesome, and tranquil. I want to be like her when I'm older:D

    I also *sniffle* love Daniel Parrish. I sniffle because I have a History about him: when he first came on the show, I was Very Suspicious of him. It took a number of episodes for me to warm up to him, but then I finally had to admit that he was one in a million (and PERFECT for Laura). BUT then a certain drama happened, and then I was rrrreeeaaaallly afraid that Something would happen (I was excessively frustrated with Laura at that time), but then all became well again, and…siiigh. I really like Daniel. He's a great guy:)

    Lovely post, Naomi!:D

  16. Oh, and I would watch your video, but my computer is being ridiculous and refusing to let me. Grr.

  17. I haven't had pizza in days, so I subscribed. Will there be pepperoni involved? :-D

    Seriously, that was a cute video! I'm going to have to show it to my kids in the morning.

  18. I don't have time to comment on all of these characters, but I had to tell you that I am totally with you about Alfie. HE IS THE BEST SWEETEST MOST WONDERFUL CHARACTER IN THE WHOLE SHOW. I love him so much. He's funny, sweet, and he gives up SO much for his family!!

  19. Alf, Dorcas, Fisher and Laura are my favorite characters ;) I think after watching this show so many times, Laura has grown on me a lot more, and she actually reminds me a lot of myself in a few ways. I also love how she romanticizes the little things in life. Alf is such a sweet and kind hearted boy/man. You can't help but love him. Fisher.. Oh, what can I say? I like Irish guys! (Even though I haven't met one). I liked Fisher's romantic-ness too. Also I love his name ;) Dorcas.... Need I say more? I like Minnie a lot too. Oh, and Laura's mom. She's not my favorite, but I like a lot of her lines- as well as Twister and Quuenie's. I want to write down some of Queenie's lines.

  20. Such a lovely list! But I echo sever other people's sentiments.. just you wait until Daniel makes an appearance. ;) I find him quite a pleasing sort of person. :)

  21. I have a question...The baby that Emma carries around all the time never ages a day in the 4 years the series is supposed to be going on. What is wrong with these people who made the show, couldn't they see this? And Laura, she looks like she has Parkinson's Disease with that shaking head - geeeeez. I love the series, but there are those who do drive me crazy, and yep, Thomas is one of them.


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