Favourite Railway scenes

So, following this post here (in which I show you the epic emotional 'Daddy! Daddy' scene in 'The Railways Children' (which, naturally, is The Movie to look into when one is thinking of Railway scenes)), I am going to talk about my favourite Railway scenes in Costume Dramas. I love Railway scenes. They're so romantic, with all the lace hankies fluttering and waving, and the goodbye or hello kisses, and the steam, and the last-minute stuff going on. Seriously, one day I want to have my own romantic scene at a railway. It's just so easily romantic. :-)

I'm making a list, because it's my one weakness, and I'm going to end with my favourite of all. You know, keeping the best till last, because that's what people DO.
1. North and South

This is probably one of the most gushed-over, most Squealed-with-capital-letters-over Railway scene in cinema history. I do like it, and it has given me feelsies which made me Feel Good. BUT, it's not my favourite ever. I'll take the liberty of explain why, if you don't mind.

Firstly, I think the kiss is too long. I personally prefer shorter, more simplistic and sweeter things. I like simple love scenes - I squeal more over a darling holding-hands-scene than a passionate, too private kissing scene which just doesn't seem to stop. Granted, North and South isn't that bad, but I think the kiss is a bit too much. Also, it's shown far to close. Just my opinion okay. Secondly, it drives me CRAZY that Mr Thornton has his shirt unbuttoned. I know, I know, it's a little thing of no consequence, but it Drives Me Crazy. And Thirdly, I think it's weird that they 1) Hardly talk and that 2) Margaret just goes back with him, forgetting about luggage or all that kind of thing.

But, yes, this train station scene is pretty epic and yes I DO love it. :-) It's just not the first one I would squeal over, that's all. (Also, I'm not a huge Mr Thornton fan. And also, North and South isn't my favourite Period Drama, really. But I DO love it. Don't get me wrong. ;-P (After all, I DID mention it in this post.))
2. Anne of Green Gables

Haha, this is the only railway scene in this post that does not involve a romantic couple - (Ahem, m'dear, I wonder why.) - but seriously, WHO does not love the Anne of Green Gables scene where Matthew Cuthbert meets Anne Shirley for the first time?! (Only silly people with no imagination, that's who.)

I know it's not in the book (and seriously, I actually like this scene better in the book, because Anne talks more, and oh, I frankly can't have enough of the girls tongue, I can't) but I LOVE that they did the Matthew-hides-behind-the-corner-thing. It's adorable. It's really quite hilarious. GAH I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS.

And also, in that scene later on in the movie, where Matthew and Marilla say goodbye to Anne when she leaves to The Big School, it reminds us of when we met her first and it makes me rather emotional. I love that Matthew and Marilla talk about 'the lucky mistake' as the train goes off. Gack, it's the luckiest mistake ever invented. Thank you, Montgomery.
3. Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth! Oh, how this movie makes me MOURN. It has three very very good Railway scenes, but I'm going with the second Vera and Roland one, because it's my favourite of the three, duhh. The first Vera and Roland railway scene is the one where they finally get to be alone without that chaperone, and where they kiss. (How surprised we all are.) I did really like that one. It was very well filmed, and very dramatic and epic. There's also another railway scene where Vera and her parents wave their brother/son off to war. Ugh, that scene was sad. Not that the others aren't. Haha.

In this scene, Vera and 'the Chaperone' find Roland waiting to be set off, with a fever. THE POOR BOY. He gets cared for by the ladies, and Vera tries hard to comfort him. He calms a bit, thank goodness, but the poor chap is scared to death, he is. Vera strokes and kisses him as much as she can as the train starts to move. I know it's cliché. BUT I LOVE IT. It's so sweet and romantic. *explodes in stars*

And then, together with all the other mothers, sisters, fiancés, girlfriends and wives, she waves frantically, sending last glances of encouragement. ISN'T THAT A SCENE.
4. Miss Potter

And here we have the railway scene in Miss Potter! TALK ABOUT SWEETNESS. This couple is just too stinking sweet and oh this scene is just too good and oh. (That is how my sentences end up like when I describe things I'm very fond of. You should read my review of Rilla of Ingleside. It's filled with terribly ungrammatically-incorrect sentences which would make Henry Higgins turn over in his grave. (But, as Valancy Stirling says, I dare say he would like that for a change.))

(Spoiler paragraph ahead.) Just mark how sad and romantic this all is, people. Mark the mistiness. And mark that this is their first AND last kiss ever. (YES. DON'T WORRY. THE FACT THAT YOU'RE CRYING IS NORMAL, perfectly normal.) Because this is the last time that Beatrice sees, talks to her moustache-man, ever. So when she waves him goodbye from the train, with that lovely happy smile of hers, it's a REAL goodbye, and oh, it breaks many viewers hearts.

Look. HE HELPS HER IN. Too adorable, right? I actually don't remember this scene very well, because it's been awhile since I've seen this, but I remember I adored it, so I do think it fully deserves this place in my list. :-)
5. Downton Abbey

ASDFGHJKLM!!! (I recently learnt this series of letters are very matchable to unexpressable thoughts, so I thought I might use them, even though I have an AZERTY keyboard and not a QUERTY one.) SERIOUSLY GUYS. This scene is just beyond heart-breaking! It's like this. Matthew goes off to the trenches, he's dreading it, he's scared. And Mary, she's there to comfort him and to wish him good luck, trying to hide her fear of loosing him. It's simple, this scene is, but I just ADORE it.

Just look at those blue eyes. I just adore Matthew Crawley, he's so perfect. (Note for Eva: In fact, I imagine Walter from 'Rilla of Ingleside' to look just like him.) They're in such a serious situation and so quietly in love - in fact, Matthew doesn't even realise, the silly boy, that he loves Mary. Because he's engaged to Lavinia, or whatever they call her. BUT STILL. He obviously SO appreciates Mary's coming to wave him off so much and OH IT'S TOO SAD AND I MUST CRY.

And then Mary kisses him goodbye. On the cheek, like a good sister. It's all so simple and good and... perfect. But it's also horrible and not right. I CAN'T EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR THIS SCENE. I really can't. I love it to bits, that's all I can say. I love it to bits, and I will fangirl over it until I am ninety-something (because by then, I'll probably have lost my sight or something like that.)

Then she watches him leave till she can't see the train. And then only, with the steam quietly vanishing at her sides, she hides her beautiful brown-eyed face behind her leather gloves and starts to cry for her dear Matthew.

I JUST CAN'T. (And I really can't. I'm not just saying 'I just can't' because it's a cool thing to do. I really haven't said half of the things I wanted to say about this scene.)

This is Matthew in the beginning of the scene. I told you he was handsome.
What railway scenes do you love?
Have I mentioned it? (Because if I haven't, you should tell me without any futher ado.)


  1. Oh, Naomi--thank you for posting this! These are SO BEAUTIFUL!

    Would you believe I actually haven't seen ANY of these movies? I must remedy that. (Except school starts again in one week and I'm super busy and I kinda won't have time, I'm afraid. Sigh.)

    About North and South--since I haven't actually seen it, I can't really comment . . . but from what I've heard about the book and movie, Mr. Thornton and Margaret are both pretty reserved characters. So, I kind of wouldn't expect them to talk much--or at all--during a scene like that. Because they can't really express how they feel with words, so they're not going to bother, if that makes sense? Like, I'm planning a romantic scene for the end of my own novel where there's probably going to be very little talking, because, again, I'm dealing with very quiet, reserved characters. I feel like they would prefer to be silent.

    I love the Downton Abbey one--Mary is so beautiful and Matthew is just CUTE.

  2. Jessica, WHAT. DARLING YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANNE OF GREEN GABLES OR MISS POTTER OR NORTH AND SOUTH OR... Oh dear, poor soul, you! :-) Haha, just kidding. But SERIOUSLY. You really SHOULD watch these. Anne of Green Gables, at least. It's a must movie, that one is. :-) (And I start school next week too. Oh, the pain. :-P)
    Yes, That's so true! I didn't mind the not speaking that much, actually, but in the context of the story I thought that scene could've had a bit more. I like quite scenes, so your scene sounds ADORABLE.
    AND YES. MATTHEW IS SO HANDSOME. :-) (Cute is an understatement, m'dear. Haha.)

  3. I definitely have to agree with you about the North and South scene. While I love that scene there are definitely parts that make it less authentic. However, the Testament of Youth scene......how can I not LOVE it because I love Vera and Roland.....soooo heart wrenching!!! I haven not seen Miss Potter yet (really need to). And I saw that Downton Abbey scene years ago, but it is definitely a good one too. Oh, and we can't forget the sweet scene for Anne of Green Gables, because it sums up Anne and Metthew's relationship perfectly:)

  4. Oh, railway scenes are so lovely! I like that you included the scene from Anne of Green Gables, because that is a really sweet scene, and worthy of mention even if it doesn't include a romantic couple. Heehee. (I love that Matthew hides behind the building, too! He's such an adorable character.)

    I've never seen North and South, but I'd like to sometime. From what I've heard of it, I don't think it would be one of my all time favorites, but I'd at least like to give it a try. Haha! Yeah. I don't particularly like long drawn-out kisses, either. Short and sweet is better.

    I really want to see Testament of Youth. It sounds so lovely. Though at the same time, I'm very much annoyed that it has such a sad ending. Ahhh! Why????

    Oh! Miss Potter! I just recently watched that movie. That train scene is really sweet. So sad, though, to think that that was the last time they saw each other! AHHHH! Sad movies! Why? Why? Why???

    Matthew and Mary! I find myself very torn over those two. Sometimes I really rooted for them, but other times I almost wanted Matthew to just go and marry Lavinia. *Ducks head in shame!* I know, that's not the way one is supposed to look at it. It was obviously Mary and Matthew from the beginning, but I confess I was a little disappointed in Matthew sometimes because he was engaged to Lavinia and I wanted him to show a little more commitment to her. I mean, why did he get engaged to her in the beginning if he didn't truly like her? Anyway, don't mean to say anything mean about Matthew. I've only seen the show once and might end up liking him better the second time through...I don't know. (Mary was definitely a whole lot better when he was around. That's for sure.)

    Excellent post, Naomi! Oh, and I totally understand how hard it is to express your love for certain scenes! Some are just too beautiful for words! :)

    ~Miss March

  5. I love Anne of Green Gables! That scene is so emotional. *sniff* There are two sad/bittersweet railroad scenes I enjoy in the Chronicles of Narnia and a really good one in the movie Hugo. It's not your typical "goodbye" scene; instead one of the characters nearly gets hit by a train but(if I remember correctly) the man who later adopts him, pulls him out of the way, just in time. It's perfect:)

  6. All of these I love! I'm rewatching Downton Abbey right now & just watched that Matthew/Mary railway scene. I feel like I might like Matthew even more than Tom. He's so HONORABLE.

    Okay, here's a train scene: when Scarlett is at the train station with Melly, & Ashley arrives and so clearly loves Melly, and they make a Melly/Ashley cocoon, and the camera moves to Scarlett, & she looks like someone is standing on her toe.


    Also, I adore that Anne of Green Gables scene. Well both. I also cried at the second one.

  7. Ok...I wasn't crying till that Miss Potter scene and now I'm reaching for the tissues...

    *grabs box*
    *sniffles* That Downton Abbey scene too!!!
    Beautiful post but now I have red eyes before school :P


    (Because then we got Walter. ;))

    I can see Dan Stevens playing Walter! I so wish 'they' would make a movie of RoI. 'Twould be fantastic (if done properly).

  9. Well, I thought the end scene in North and South finished it off nicely, although I do remember squirming uncomfortably when the kiss kind of dragged on. That movie is one I need to watch again.
    Oh yes, Anne of Green Gables! I love that scene! Matthew is kind of taking a big breath before he steps up. He's so sweet. :-)
    I always ALMOST CRY when I watch the second railway scene in AoGG. But then when Marilla says, "All this foolishness....you must as well hug him too!" I can't help but smile. Marilla is so funny. :-D
    Aww, I wish we had Testament of Youth but our library computer said there was no such thing. I was like, "THERE IS TOO!" >:-/ Oh well, I'll just have to keep an eye out for it!
    Okay. Miss Potter is definitely the one I'd pick. It's one I always cry at.....it's so sad and bittersweet and adorable. Norman is such a gentleman. When they'll never see each other again. Oh, it's awful! (On a side note, I found out this adorable, sentimental piece of news when I was researching about Beatrix Potter. After she had been married to William Heelis, she was going through these boxes and found a box with all his old things. She found her engagement ring and from then on, she forever wore the engagement ring on her right hand, just to remember him. Aww, I'm so sentimental, but if you don't tear up at that..... *wipes eyes*)
    Yes that annoys me when the hero can't see that he's in love with the Right Girl for him. (Like when Roger loved Cynthia and all the time us viewers were screaming MOLLY!) But Dan Stevens is very good looking. Those blue eyes, yes. Do you prefer him as Matthew or Edward? I think he'll only ever be Edward to me. :-)
    My favourite railways scene has to be the Miss Potter one. But there are two other railways scenes from movies I love. One, from the Narnia (now don't groan, Naomi! ;-P). There's one in the first movie (you may remember it) when they say goodbye to their mother. And then the rest of the ride on the train and all the funny looks they exchange with one another. But particularly in the second movie, Prince Caspian, it begins and ends in a train station and I love those scenes so much - they're so thrilling and hilarious!
    The other one I know of, is from a movie called, "The Inn of Sixth Happiness" (made in 1958) about Gladys Aylward, and she says goodbye to all her friends at the train station before she leaves for China. (In fact, I don't think she ever sees them again. From what I can remember, she never went back to England.) All her friends give her bits of food and clothing and it's very sweet. :-)
    Anyways, I really enjoyed all this! :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

  10. Madison, Yeah, I see ya on North and South. :-) And YES THE VERA & ROLAND SCENE. Exactly, how can you not like it? :-D I know, that scene really described Anne and Matthew's relationship perfectly. :-)

    Miss March, Matthew is SUPER adorable. He's not really 'adorable' in the book, but I love how they made him all sweet in the movie. It's perfect. :-)
    North and South is VERY good, but no, it's not my favourite either. It's a bit too dark for me. :-) Yeah, I can't say Testament of Youth is a happy movie. it's AGGRAVATING; But then it's a true story, so yeah. :-/
    Don't worry, I won't throw tomatoes at your head. Haha. But really MATTHEW AND LAVINIA DO NOT FIT. My brother thinks Matthew and Lavinia should've ended together, but I don't. (But yes, it's annoys me that Matthew got engaged to her in the first place. I get your point. :-))

    Meredith, Oh yes, the trainscenes in Narnia! I DO like those. :-) Yeah, I basically like any trainscenes. :-) Wow, the movie 'Hugo' sounds good. I should look it up! :-) Thanks for commenting (and following!)

    Jillian, yes Matthew is very honourable. Pefect word. :-) I have personally always loved him more than Tom (although I WUV TOM TOO.) :-)
    Haha. :-)

    Evie, I KNOW. IT'S SAAAAAD. :'-( Sorry for giving you red eyes, dear. :-)

    Eva, Yes, it IS. :-) I know, Rilla of Ingleside is just ACCCHING for a good movie! I MUST see one before I die. :-) And I hope Dan Stevens plays either Walter or Jem. (I think I'd make a good Jem too.)

    Miss Meg March, I do like the ending of N&S, it just was a bit... much. :-P
    Oh, I've definitely cried in that second railway scene in AoGG. I LOVE Marilla. She's simply hilarious and wooden and kind at the same time. :-)
    Oh, your library doesn't know the existance of ToY! Well, what a silly computer. :-P
    REALLY. BEATRICE POTTER DID THAT. Shut uuup. You're making me emotional.
    Um, as much as I LOVE LOVELOVE Dan Stevens as Edward, I have to say I prefer him as Matthew. Matthew is seriously one of my favouritest fictional heros. :-)
    Oh, you know, I DID really like the train station scenes in Narnia. Because those aren't actually IN Narnia, you know. So I'm not groaning, don't worry. :-) Oh, I read a book about Gladys once! I had no idea there was a movie!

    Thanks for all the comments, people. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  11. Yes, I've read a couple books on Gladys - she has a very inspiring story! The movie is actually quite good, it's got it's accuracies and it's also got its faults but altogether very enjoyable (and very long). We bought it and have owned it for a long time. Ingrid Bergman plays her, and though she looks the complete opposite of the real Gladys, she played her beautifully. There was a sniff of romance thrown in there because movie makers just can't restrain themselves but it didn't take away the theme of the story or such. It's quite a sad movie, but it's ending makes me cry with happiness. So yes, I would recommend it. :-) (It's an old movie, and I'm quite sure it's rated G, although there is one scene that would scare little children, as it implies a public execution to one man, but they don't show anything. As in, it's tamer than the scarlet pimpernel guillotine scenes. Sorry if I'm not making any sense. :-P)
    Anyways, thanks for replying back. (And yes BEATRIX POTTER DID DO THAT. ISN'T IT THE MOST SWEETEST THING EVER?!)
    ~Miss Meg March

  12. I know, right? It's awful--but I didn't get to watch nearly as many movies as I wanted to this summer 'cause of my laptop breaking. Now I have it back, but it's almost time for school to start and I probably only have time for one more movie. I think I'll go with "Amazing Grace" if I can find it on Flixster.

    I'm actually kind of looking forward to college starting again, even though it'll be a LOT of work (I'm a senior! Yikes!), because I have a ton of friends there and I really want to see them all again . . . The only thing is, I didn't get to finish my novel this summer like I wanted to. So I kind of wish vacation could've lasted longer for that reason.

    Except, I haven't seen DA, but I'm sure I'd love that scene. :)
    I can only leave a quick comment, but that's how you picture Walter?!? I picture someone sort of similar looking! I picture him as Albert from War Horse. :) But a little older, sort of.
    Anyways, lovely post!!! So many sweet and tear jerking scenes. :)


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