Long may she reign!

Today marks the day when Queen Elizabeth became the longest reigning British Monarch of All Time. This makes me very proud. I love Queen Elizabeth - she's probably my favourite Famous person ever. She's always been there (seriously, when was she not there), she so humble and, and - gaaack, I just love this lady. I have the highest respect for her.

She's been reigning for Sixty-three years. Or 23,226 days, if you prefer. JUST. Wow.

Of course, as an immensely huge, ginormous, biggest-fan-EVER fan, I know a lot about her life and about her love story (which will never make me not-squeal) and so on. So of course a dedication post is in order. Also, her fashion taste in the 40's and 50's was flawless, so some picture are in order.

And don't you love the new official photo's? (Up there.) It's so lovely with the pink dress and red mail box. I'M SO PROUD TO BE BRITISH AHHH.

Elisabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born on the 21 of April, 1926. 1926. That's like, Downton Abbey time period. It's crazy, right. Right. Anyway, you guys all probably know this, but she wasn't intended to be the future Queen when she was born. Watch the Kings Speech, and they you'll understand. But anyway, her dad became King instead of her Uncle, and then, BAM, she was the heir to the throne.

Margaret Rose, Elizabeth's younger sister: Does this mean you're going to be the Queen one day?
Princess Elizabeth: Yes.
Margaret Rose: Poor you.

(Apparently that's a conversation they really had.)

The books and newspapers often say that the sisters had a good childhood - Corgis and Simple family pleasures were a Thing. As the new movie 'A Royal Night out' presents, the two princesses went out in London on VE day and mingled in the crowd with some of their cousins and friends. (The movie is rather fictionalised, however, and the Queen wasn't very happy with it. Apparently. Praps it's zee gossip.)

The Queen sang very well when she was a girl, and she loved animals. Horses and Corgis were her speciality. She still loves 'em. Especially the Corgis. She now has the great-grandchildren of the Corgis she had when she was a girl.

And now I'm going to squeal about her and Prince Philip. (Who, LOOK, was seriously the handsomest man in his times. A blonde naval officer. No wonder she married him.)

So, Elizabeth met Philip first when she was thirteen. They are, after all second cousins. They have a mutual great-grandma. (No-one else than our one and only Queen Victoria, the second longest reigning monarch.) Elizabeth, it has been reported, developed a crush on his (you know, the blonde hair and the blue eyes) and she started a correspondence throughout her teenage years with him.

When Philip was seen helping Elizabeth with her coat at a wedding of a cousin, the love rumours started to spread all across the UK. People were furious, because Philip had sisters who had Nazi husbands, and he was half German. You know, what with the War going on - it caused controversy. (What doesn't cause controversy. Hehh. Nowadays something always riles someone.)

Apparently, half of the UK was against the match.

This is not the taking-off-coat incident that caused the rumours. This is a gif of them as a married couple. Awww'ness.
Elizabeth didn't give up on Prince Philip. She had a picture in her room of him, and her Nanny told her she shouldn't, because people 'would talk.' So instead of throwing the picture away, she drew a beard over it so no-one would recognise him. (Seriously, true story. Cutest story ever.)

Also, her Nanny noticed that she kept on listening and relistening to 'People will say we're in Love' (the song from the musical Oklahoma, which she went to see with Prince Philip. So they say.) Isn't it cute? It's exactly the right song for Elizabeth and Philip, that song.

Then, after a lot of fuss about changing Philip's surname and his identity to a British one, they were finally Engaged. They waited a long time - they were still in love - and then they maaaaarried. (Which caused a lot of controversy again, because it was still ration-time, so if they spent too much money on the wedding, people would be Cross. Also, Philip's sisters weren't invited because they were married to Nazis. Life is complicated.)

But ANYWAY. They married. And had two children. And then two more. And look, they're STILL IN LOVE. I know, it's so cute. Awwww.
"He is someone who doesn't take easily to compliments. But he has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and I and his whole family, in this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim or we shall ever know." 
Elizabeth with two of her children. (These are not her two first. I'm just using the cute pictures.)
Then, very unexpectedly, while Elizabeth and her husband were away in some far country, Doing Royal Stuff, her father died. She was only twenty-five. A mother of young children, and a young wife of a young naval officer.

Needless to say... yeah. Becoming a Queen is a Busy Thing.

But she did, and still continues to do, a fantastic job of it. She had hardships, as most monarchs have - her children had some rummy marriage businesses, then there was the whole Diana-death crisis (you know, when people blamed her for it. I mean, whaaat.) And so on. But she always went through with dignity and whatnot. Always looked good. Always the same hairstyle.

Being a Queen can't be easy. But she's so good, she makes it look easy. (Also, she has the sassiest eye twinkle, ever.)

Some things I like about the Queen.

1. Her husband calls her 'Sausage.' (My father calls all his children 'sausage' too, so I know what it feels like to be called 'Sausage.' Haha.)
2. She makes such good Christmas speeches.
3. The Queen is very witty.
4. I love This conversation between her and... some other important person. They are talking about her diary.
Elizabeth: My diary is not as detailed as Queen Victoria's.
Man: But it is written in your own hand.
Elizabeth: Oh yes. (after a while) I can't write in any other!
5. That she wrote in one of her letters to her parents as a newlywed, 'Philip is an angel - he is so kind and thoughtful.' I just find them the cutest couple EVER.
6. Her nickname. 'Lilibet.'
7. That she went to work in the army.
8. Her hairstyle.
9. The speech her son, Prince Charles gave in the honour of her. "Your Majesty. Mummy.' :-D
10. That Prince William and Prince Harry describe her as a 'very normal, fun grandma.' I WANT TO HAVE TEA WITH HER. :-)

Congratulations, Your Majesty on beating Queen Victoria. I love you for it. Bravo.

As we like to say, she's un-die-able.

And as the whole of London is saying, 'Long may she reign!'


  1. Hehe, I laughed when I saw this. After just walking past the TV when the news was playing (and being reminded it was recently the Queen's Special Day) I literally thought to myself, "I wonder if Naomi will be writing about the Queen. She loves her so much, I wouldn't doubt it!" Then I checked your blog, saw the title, and laughed. ;-D True story.
    I love, love, love all of this!! I didn't know lots of these things so I found it Very Interesting. Queen Elisabeth rocks absolutely everything she wears. And her hair is amazing. :-D (AND THAT CROWN IS GORGEOUS.) Aw, she met him when she was 13? That's so cute. I know, I absolutely love it when older couples are still 'so in love'! It's SO CUTE! :-D All these gifs are so pretty. :-) And pictures, too (duh). Haha, I get called sausage too. (My Daddy calls all the little kids that, hehe. Well, everyone got called that when they were little. Although, normally it was 'silly sausage.' :-P) I know, she is SO witty! Haha, oh, that conversation is hilarious! :-D "Your Majesty. Mummy." Naww, that's so cute!! A very normal, fun grandma. Haha, I bet she'd be a pretty fun grandma. :-)
    I loved this post. Muchly.
    ~Miss Meg March

  2. Love your post...I'm a fan of the queen to.
    O yes I love her nickname to.....so cute.
    She is defiantly a good model as a wife, mother and Queen.

  3. Naomi, this is so sweet :-) Thanks SO much for posting it--you just made my day!
    Longest-reigning monarch in British history, ever. Wow.

    I know exactly what you mean, too--she's an amazing person, and even though I'm an American, I still LOVE her. (You'd be kinda surprised how much interest there is in the Royal Family over here, even though they ain't technically OUR royal family. When Will and Kate got married, people just about went nuts.)

    I think their love story is fantastic, too. I like a girl who knows her own mind--and Elizabeth certainly knew her own mind :)

    I'm not surprised she's annoyed over "A Royal Night Out," actually, since it does imply that she went out and Fell in Love with Some Other Dude that night . . . Which, since we all know she was actually in love with PHILIP, and had been for the past five years, is Quite Inaccurate. I'm not saying it's not a good movie--I just mean, I think if I were her I'd be pretty mad too.

  4. Ohhhh, this is so DARLING. :-) I've never had a special attachment to Queen Elizabeth because, well, I'm not British and I never learned that much about her, but she sounds like an absolutely FABBO lady. What a sweet tribute to her!

    That love story is precious. Thanks for sharing it. Otherwise I still wouldn't know! ;-)

    (By the way, did you know Queen Elizabeth came to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia back in 2007 for some huge celebration thing? It was a big deal. I read about it in the Colonial Williamsburg magazine. So SEE? I do know some about the queen.) ;-D


  5. Annnnd I was also going to say that I LOVE that song from Oklahoma!!!! :-)

  6. This is an exciting day then, isn't it!
    Such a beautiful post, and so many sweet stories. I mostly hear about William and Kate, but this made me like Elizabeth more; and Prince Phillip! I always did think he was very handsome :)
    Such a happily historic day! :)

  7. YES!!!!!!! 'Long Live the QUEEN!!!!!!!!' Although I am American I nave always adored Queen Elizabeth. She is such and amazing person!!

  8. LOVE this post and Queen Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing these great photos:)

  9. Proud to be British too. High five! Or handshake, rather. Haha.

    Anyways, I love the Queen too. A lot. And I'm SO excited today. It's, like, once in a blue moon that I'm actually squealing over the news. Have you seen the Google thing? It says "Congratulations Ma'am" under the word. :D :D

    Also your tribute is lovely. :)

  10. Hello Naomi, My name is Jennifer. I'm Eva's mom. She knows how much I love the Queen and said you had done a lovely post celebrating her so, of course, I had to read it. I'm an American who has become a Canadian so I'm thrilled to call her "my" queen.
    She is everything you claimed for her. You mentioned that she wasn't in line for the throne. I wonder if you know that her grandparents always wished that she could be queen but didn't see how that could happen. So even though Queen May was disappointed in her son, I'm sure seeing her wish come true helped.
    I wonder if "sausage" as a nickname is a British thing. My husband is British and has called all of our children "sausage" at one time or another. Usually it's "silly, soapy sausage" - no idea where the soapy part comes in. :)
    Thanks for writing such a beautiful post about a beautiful lady.

  11. This was so cool, Naomi, thanks for doing this.

    I am a big British royalty nut, even though I am American (but not as serious as my sister about it:)) So I was very excited to see that Queen Elizabeth is now the longest-reigning British monarch ever - wow. SO AWESOME.

    Awwwww, I love that gif of Philip taking off her coat :) And she does have lovely eyes.

    That is so sweet about her listening to "People will say we're in Love" . . . My dear Naomi I will now conclude. Your love-sick Pickwick.

    Just kidding :D

  12. Oh yeah, and if you go to tea with HRH, can I come? Pleeeeeeeeeeease? And Jessica too? :)

  13. I remember a couple years ago I was thinking "ooh, this is going to happen soon!" and when you think about it, it's more impressive than with Queen Victoria, because Victoria started 8 years earlier in life! ;)

  14. Nawwwwww! I love this post and our Queen! *Blares Rule Brittania* I finnished an assignment on Queen Victoria and submitted it yesterday! Perfect timing huh?
    This post is uber sweet and I didn't know some of the facts. That Oklahoma one is beautiful xD
    Ooooh God Save Our Queen!
    I'm feeling very patriotic right now
    Toodle pip old bean!

  15. Awwww, this was SO sweet!! I hope somehow, somewhere, someone shares your post with the Queen. It deserves to be read by her!
    Thanks for giving us that little story of her life! And awww my word, she and Prince Philip are so cute! I need to get a biography on her...I'm afraid I don't know that much about her-I'd like to know more! Are there any you would recommend?

  16. Miss Meg March, Haha! That's so funny! You know me very well, then. :-D I KNOW HER HAIR AND HER CROWN.
    My dad used to call me silly sausage too! (Now my younger siblings get the title.) What's up with people calling people sausage?! :-) She's so witty. I love her so much. :-) Thanks for the comment!

    Jessica van der Zwaag, nice to meet a Royal-family fan! She is a very good role model indeed. :-)

    Jessica (Prescott), I'm glad you liked this post! Yes, I knew people all over the world were crazy about Kate and William's wedding. DUH NO WONDER. They're so perfect. :-P
    Yeah, I'm not surprised she wasn't very happy with a Royal Night Out either. The whole dude-business wasn't that... um, needed. :-P

    Emma, MY QUEEN WENT TO WILLIAMSBURG?! (I looked it up and saw all the pictures. That's so cool!)
    Thanks for the comment, dear Violetta.

    Mary, I love William and Kate too - but Elizabeth and Philip will ALWAYS be my favourites. They are just so... great. (Yeah, not the best adjective.)

    Erudessa and Madison, Yes! Thank you so much. :-)

    Sophie, Oh yes - a handshake, old thing, a handshake. High-fives? Vulgar things. :-P
    NO! I didn't see the 'Congratulation's Ma'am' thing! Because I live in Belgium, I suppose. OH I WISH I SAW IT. :-ç

    Jennifer, Ah, you're Eva mum! Nice to 'meet' you. :-)
    Wow, I didn't know that about Queen Mary wanting Elizabeth to be the heir to the throne! I guess she got what she secretly wanted in the end! That's fascinating - thanks for telling me. :-)
    My father calls me 'Silly sausage' - yeah, probably something for cool British men. :-P

    Rosie, I love it that Americans are such British Royal Family fans too! It's SO cool about Queen Elizabeth! Ah, it makes me very happy Indeed. :-)
    Haha. :-) I DO like my romantic stories. :-)
    Aaaand, I don't even imagine having tea with the Queen, because I have no hope of ever doing that. Nope, it's a dream Not Bound To Come True. Let's cry together.

    Melody, Yeah! I KNOW. Elizabeth is much more impressive! I forgot to mention that in the post. :-P

    Evie, I thought you'd like the Oklahoma fact. ;-P And yes, I'm feeling so PATRIOTIC TOOO. :-) (And WHY am I suddenly into red and dark blue?)

    Natalie, No - that's not going to happen. T'would be AMAZING if it did, because I bet MILLIONS of people have written blog posts dedicated to the Queen these last days. :-P
    Actually, I've never read any biographies! I've read old magazines and all the stories I could get hold of on the Internet, though - oh, and there's some very good Youtube things about her life, too, which I saw. :-)

    Thanks for allllll the comments! I feel 'tremely honoured.



    ~ Naomi

  17. Thanks so much for posting this, what an interesting read! So many things that I never knew! The story of her and Prince Philip is so sweet, and the photos and gifs of them together are adorable! <3
    Also, I just discovered your blog, and I love it already! :)

    -Molly, themollymouseblog.blogspot.com

  18. Aww! This is such a sweet commemorative post!
    I love it <3


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