In which I swoon over Scenery+Settings

I've done posts in which I've gushed nonsensically over dresses and frills. I've done about fifty of those, when it comes to that. (Well, sliiight exaggeration is allowed now and then.) I've done posts in which I've exclaimed in - oh horrors of horrors - capital letters my fondest love for certain fictional characters. (No, I did not mention Mr Knightley in every one of those posts. Hush.) I've talked about all kinda stuff. 

But I've never really gushed over that BEAUTIFUL scenery in those movies. And those often-ignored Settings. So I am to do so now.

Okay, before we talk about ANYTHING, I'm going to point out that Cinderella has the best inside settings ever. (I haven't seen this yet, but OH I KNOW IT.)

Now we can carry on.

The Sound of Music has THE most GORGEOUS Scenery EVER. Well, I never, and all that jazz. It's all so greeny blue and bluey green and free, free and melodious. It seems to chirp out music - GAH. The Sound of Music is such a pretty movie. Remember that scene where Maria sings about the Hills being Alive, and she goes and swings between the trees? That is SO pretty.

I love that the Sound of Music ends AND starts with mountains and grassy hills. And oh, the way the wind BLOWS on the grass and makes all those RIPPLES.

God really is the most amazing artist ever.

And also the gazebo scenes. Like, it's sooo gorgeous and romantic. With all the moonlight shining through the glass, and the garden all quiet around them. Also, all the inside scenes. I know it's easy to have beautiful interior settings when the movie is about a stinking rich Sea Captain with expensive dance floors, but STILL.

Ahh, you know the scene where they DAAANCE. The Laendler dance?!! That scene's BEAUTIFUL too. :-D

Yeah, I'm going to shut up.

BUT THIS MOVIE IS BEAUTIFUL. Just look. Those white-topped mountains looking so splendid and royal above all the green hills. I want to go on a hike now.

War Horse is not my favourite movie (1. Because it's too horsey. I'm not a huge horse fan. And 2. Because it's a War movie and War movies tend to make me upset.) BUT what I have always loved about War Horse, from the first time I watched it, was the scenery. Seriously, Albert's farm was situated in the prettiest place ever.

I still want to go and live there.

Lark Rise to Candleford has SUCH gorgeous scenery! All the yellow golidness of the fields, the lovely English countryside, the villages, the forest. I. NEED. TO. VISIT. THIS. PLACE. (Gah, wouldn't it be the coolest thing ever? To be able to visit all these filming areas. I'd love to visit Lark Rise and Candleford. Of course, I'd imagine all the characters to be there, but still. :-D)

Yeah, the scenery is gorgeous.

I love also that, after a while, because you see the scenery often (seeing as there are many episodes), that you soon recognise those trees and that path. I love this show like crazy.

We just finished episode five of Season three yesterday - I've witnessed some CRAZY Minnie-Alfie cuteness (shut up you two why are you so cute and please ughhhh ahh (!!!)) and I am becoming very good friends with Daniel, who I Really Like. :-)

Testament of Youth also has some Very Exclamation Point Worthy scenery. Let the pictures speak for themselves. (Besides I am very touchy when it comes to Testament of Youth. I'd rather not talk about it. One doesn't talk about Testament of Youth. One cries about it.)


And of COURSE, Downton Abbey. The show with All the actors, All the plot lines, All the quotes and All the good scenery. This show has everything and that SO includes the most perfect perfect PERFECT scenery. Possibly out of every movie, Downton Abbey has my favourite scenery.

Duh, the inside settings are wayyy to gorgeous too.

Just look. Sink in it.

I could go on and on about beautiful movie settings and beautiful movie scenery, but this shall be all for today, Jeeves. Have a lovely Sunday! :-)


  1. I LOVE it when movies take care to include beautiful scenery :) Yeah, the Sound of Music is ahmazin'. Especially the abbey scenes--the church, the crypt, the Reverend Mother's study, and All That. Did you know the Reverend Mother Abbess is my favorite character in that movie? Well, you do now :)

    My absolute favorite movie, as far as scenery is concerned, is Sense and Sensibility 08. I mean, that cottage by the seashore. THAT COTTAGE BY THE SEASHORE. And the way they do the lights and shadows in that early scene when they're going in their coach through the woods . . . boy, oh boy. It's fantastic.

    And . . . I know I bring this up all the time, but I really, REALLY like the scenery in "Bernadette," cause it's all in France and the mountains and valleys and meadows and villages are so GORGEOUS. And it all looks just so peaceful. It goes well with the plot and characters, because it's a very calm, contemplative kind of story :)

  2. Oh yes yes yes!! The Sound of Music! The scenery is GORGEOUS. That was one thing I missed with the Broadway version with Carrie Underwood - they couldn't do the outdoor scenes OUTDOORS. (Yes, yes, I know they were on stage, but I felt like something Really Was Missing.)

    Sense and Sensibility 08. I agree with Jessica SO HARD - I just want to live in that little cottage FOREVER. It is sooooo beautiful!

    Oh yes, and Bernadette with Sydney Penny. The scenery is BREATHTAKING!! You would love it.

    Testament of Youth. Oh my goodness. The End. *sniffs in unison*

    Annnnd I just have to say this. I LOVE the scenery in P&P 05. Seriously, is this not AWESOME?!!

    Okay, okay. You know my views :D

  3. Oh yes :) these are all terrifically gorgeous. Cinderella! It comes out on dvd in nine days :D The ballroom has to be the best part, so gold and flowery.
    And the gazebo in Sound of Music is lovely. I like how perfect it is for both the Captain and Maria's quiet scene, and then Liesl's dance. Sigh. Oh, and the trees part at the beginning is one of my favorites too.
    That picture of Lark Rise to Candleford is SO pretty! I haven't seen it at all, but your posts are convincing me I should.
    Ah, and Downton Abbey. I hope it ends well; the trailer was a little sad.
    Lovely post Naomi! I kind of take scenery for granted sometimes, but it does add so much to the finished product.

  4. I also love the scenery in Pride and Prejudice when they go to Derbyshire and PEMBERLY!!!!!! :)

  5. You haven't seen Cinderella?!?!?

    You will be overcome with the beauty and goodness and your heart will explode into glitter after you watch it...

    I didn't see the BEST scene ....the dress transformation....my younger sister had to go to the bathroom during that part ....anyway

    Yes, testament of youth!!!!!

    and sound of music, war horse!!!

    How about The Book Thief I love that one?!?!

    Naomi, I just love your blog!

  6. seriously got chills looking at these lovely scenes! Oh how magical they are and inspire a need to stop what I am doing and watch the movies or tv shows they come from for the rest of my life:)

  7. YES CINDERELLA IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOVIE EVER MADE THE END. (I have a feeling that you'll absolutely love it when you see it. ;-D)
    Yup, Sound of Music is gorgeous - those lovely chandeliers in the ballroom scenes and the huge white columns and gazebos and moonlight and mountains and rolling green hills and basically everything.
    Oh, I've only seen the first half of War Horse but I thought it looked very pretty too. :-D
    Haven't seen Lark Rise or Downtown but they DO look pretty. I think P&P '05 has pretty scenery also, and the '08 S&S and the '09 Emma. There's plenty of movies with lovely settings and scenery, because that's one of the main purposes of a movie, really, to place a picture of the story before you. :-D
    But no matter what, I firmly believe that Cinderella is the most beautiful, charming, gorgeous, scrumptious, delightful and dreamy movie that was ever made. 'Nuff said.
    ~Miss Meg March

  8. Lovely post...I love to sigh over beautiful settings.

    You haven't seen Cinderella? You will love it! It's one of the prettiest movies I have ever seen!

    And Sound of Music *sigh* I had forgotten how many beautiful scenes it had, but it is set in Austria and I have a weakness for Austrian sceneries.


    Lovely post, m'dear! The pictures were swoon-worthy. I can't decide whether or not to watch ToY, ya know? I'm sure it's AMAZING, but at the same time...it'll rip my heart out, will it not? Sigh. I just don't know.

    The outdoor scenery is SoM is STUNNING. Mah gash. Haha, the gazebo scenes...it IS a pretty awesome gazebo, that's true, but...for some reason I've never been able to like the g. scene with Maria and Georg XD I don't know why! It just seems...odd...to me. But I love the picture you posted of it Because:)

    That picture of Mary and Rose in DA...love it!

    Lark Rise. Amen;)

    And YES, I can't wait 'til you watch Cinderella and tell us what you think!!!!:D


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