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New Movie Alert!!!

My dear! Mr Bennet! WONDERFUL news! 
Are you ready for this? T'is exciting news.

As you all know of late, I'm a huge fan of Queen Elizabeth and I'm an ENORMOUS fan of Elizabeth and Philip's love story. I talked about it in a recent post of mine, for the celebration of Queen Elizabeth being the longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, and all that jazz. SO.

WHEN I HEARD THEY ARE MAKING A MOVIE OF IT I SERIOUSLY FREAKED OUT. And it's going to be a 10-episode mini-series. I'm so freaking excited I can't stand it.

(*Cringes about the capital letters. Not classy, Naomi.*)

Of course, as soon as I heard, I googled it and saved all the pictures and read all the info. I'm still in such a shock and surprise, seriously! Because, after the movie A Royal Night Out, which has just gone out, I'm so surprised that BOOM, they're making another Queen Elizabeth movie! (Shows how amazing she is, I suppose.)

But then... I got some disappointments. My main disappointment is that it will be airing on Netflix, and we don't have a Netflix account in our family, sooo. I'm hoping they'll release it on DVD too, though. They MUST do that. Really.

My second disappointment is the casting of Prince Philip. Dr Who fans will be thrilled and excited to hear that it will be Matt Smith, but I don't think he looks like Prince Philip at allll and I'm a bit hesitant. And I'm prejudging. :-) It's just that Prince Philip was taller and blonder and - dare I say it? Dare I? With all the Dr Who fans around? - handsomer.

But maybe Matt Smith will surprise me. After all, make-up and dashing naval costumes do wonders. (There are no real pictures yet of Matt Smith in costumes. Only some snaps of him doodling around on set. We must all wait in anguish.)

I'm rather pleased about the casting choice of Elizabeth herself, though. It's no-one else than our own little Amy Dorrit! (Or, Claire Foy, for all you normal people out there.) Again, she doesn't look THAT much like Elizabeth, but I can see a little English resemblance. 

Also, she looks absolutely gorgeous in that wedding dress replica. (And I can already see her drawing a beard on the Prince Philip picture. Awwww.)

And look! Fanny Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility is playing Queen Mary! Apart from the fact that she's obviously wearing a wig in that picture and the fact that I can't imagine her in such a sweet, darling role, I'm excited for that part of the casting!

I also read that there might be three different actresses playing Queen Elizabeth, as the 10 episodes cover several years - starting from her love-story and ending somewhere in her reign. So maybe there will be other actors playing Prince Philip too. Mmm... that might end up weird. Anyway, there isn't a lot of further detail. I won't do too much prejudging. This could well be good. I just have some doubts, that's all. :-P

Ohhh! Look! Look! The gorgeous bridesmaids dresses!!!! Yes, t'is official. I AM EXCITED. This will be brilliant. Look at the khaki-clad men. And the blue dress. I love the 40's fashion, so I'm staying tuned for a lot of costume eye-candy. I bet the wedding will be stunning to watch.

We will have to wait some time, though - it's airing on Netflix next year! So I'm no way close to getting the dvd's, aren't I? (Life is hard. Oh la la.) The mini-series is called 'The Crown' and, while I have my doubts on some apartments, I'm super pumped. :-)

Are you excited about 'The Crown'?
Did you know of this before this post?

(And no, there aren't any trailers or sneak-peaks yet. We must bear the trial of patience together.)


  1. ...............


    I'm so so so excited for this!! =D I didn't even know it was happening! *opens countless tabs*
    Matt! Ooooooh I love him so much as the Doctor and I think he will do a good job with the role but I thought maybe Dan Stevens .. :P
    That dress is simply GORGEOUS!
    Yipeeeee great new film!

  2. This looks like FUN. I loooooove Claire Foy . . . so yeah. This will be cool. I can feel it in me bones :)

    Do you think Matt doesn't look like Philip? I kind of think he does--although, it can be really hard to tell from just a few stills. We need to watch the character in action first before we can really know.

    They'll probably release it on DVD at some point--they usually do. Especially if it's popular.


    ...okay yeah. She looks so pretty though. :D SQUEEP PERIOD DRAMA PEEPS. Haha.

    I wonder how Queen Elizabeth feels with all these movies being made about her, haha. Although it wouldn't be as weird as for Kate and William I suppose as they were having movies made when their story was practically current. ;)

    And nope, I hadn't heard about this movie yet!

  4. Wow wow wow I am so excited!! I didn't know they were going to do this!

    Look, it's Amy! I think that's a great choice. And I guess Matt looks a little like Prince Philip . . . with him it is a wait-and-see.

    Fanny Dashwood is Queen Mary? *goes away laughing* Okay, I hope that she'll act so well that I forget that she played Fanny, but - um. I don't know :D

    Ohhhhh dear, we have to wait a year? And we don't have Netflix, so I will have to wait even longer *sighs*


    P.P.S. Okay. Calming down :P

  5. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Tis quite exciting news......I can't wait to watch this. I have to agree I don't know about Matt Smith as Prince Philip, but that is quite interesting and exciting to see Amy Doritt as Queen Elizabeth! I can't wait for this to come out as I am a HUGE fan of British/royalty movies:) Thanks for sharing!!

  6. This looks like such a cool movie! And Claire Foy as Elizabeth looks simply beautiful. I love her as Amy Dorrit, but have never seen her in any other role, so it would be really neat to see her play a different character.

    As for your opinon on the casting of Prince Philip, I'm rather inclinced to agree with you. He doesn't look quite right to me, either. But like you said, he might surprise us. Seeing someone actually playing the part can be very different from seeing them in a photo.

    Nope. I didn't hear about this movie before your post. Thanks for sharing the information! :) It's fun to hear about new movies, even if I never get the chance to watch them!

    ~Miss March

  7. I've been waiting forever for a movie about Elizabeth and Philip to be made! I'm a little wary about Matt Smith playing Philip too. I think Dan Stevens would be a better choice.

  8. No I didn't know about it before!!!!!! But it sounds really cool and we DO have Netflix so maybe I can convince Mom and Mel to watch it!!!! It sounds SOOO cool!! Mel might be easier to convince because Matt Smith is in it. Matt is her favorite Doctor.

  9. This sounds interesting! As a Doctor Who fan, I'm not sure how I feel about Matt Smith playing Prince Phillip.

  10. Eeekk, Naomi, thank you for sharing this!!!!!!!
    I am so excited. This looks beautiful!!! Amy Dorrit as Elizabeth!!
    Oh my wordy, it looks so lovely. Yes! The bridemaids' dresses...Amy in red lipstick...her wedding dress...
    I have not seen Dr. Who, but I actually think Matt Smith might work well as Prince Philip. He doesn't look exactly like him, but as you said, neither does Amy, so.... :)
    Yes! They MUST put it on dvd! I don't have Netflix either. :(
    I wish they'd release A Royal Night Out in the U.S. We like British movies, too!! haha

  11. Evie, Dan Stevens? Well, he doesn't look much like Philip either. :-P I don't know who *I* would cast. AND YES I'M SOOO EXCITED TOO.

    Jessica, it does, doesn't it? I love Claire Foy too. I can see a biiiit of resemblance between Matt and Philip - but I think Matt has all his worser features and lacks some of his better ones. (That sounded really mean - I do apologise.) But yes, we need to wait. :-)

    Melody, ME TOOOO. I've actually only seen her in Little Dorrit - have you seen any other movies with her which you could recommend? She's a lovely actress. :-)
    Actually, there HAVE been (really cheap/ bad) movies made about Kate and William. I bet they must have thought it hilaaarious (if they watched it in the first place.) :-P

    Rosie, Yeah, we'll have to wait and see about Matt. :-P I know, I'm not sure about Queen Mary, either. Fanny Dashwood lies rooted in my head. :-D

    Madison, I knew you'd like this!! I know right?! Amy Dorrit as Elizabeth! I can't wait to watch this either. :-P

    Miss March, Yeah, me too - I really want to see Claire Foy in another role. And now so rich and posh! :-) Yeah, we think the same about Matt Smith as Philip. But we'll see. :-)

    Ivy Miranda, You know, I've been waiting for AGES too! Dan Stevens COULD have pulled it off, yeah, but he doesn't exactly look like Philip either. :-)

    Erudessa, Yeah, Dr Who fans could be convinced. :-D I'm glad you're excited too!!!

    Lois, I share your doubt. Although I'm not a Dr Who fan. :-D

    Natalie, YAYY YOU'rE EXCITED TOO!! :-D I know! Amy in lipstick and pearls! QUITE A SIGHT RIGHT. :-) Yeah, maybe Matt won't be a disappointment. I still need to see him act. :-)
    Yeah, THEY MUST Realise that Everyone wants to see these movies!!! A Royal Night Out hasn't been released in Belgium either, I don't think. But I'm waiting for the dvd. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  12. Oooohhhh! Happies! This looks like it's going to be wonderful:)

  13. I'm so excited for this new series!!!!!!!!! I love Claire Foy so I think it was a smart move to have her as Queen Elizabeth. I even think she looks remarkably similar.

    I'm not so sure what I think of the actor choice for Prince Phillip (I still think he should be King :) ). I think Prince Phillip is waaaaay handsomer. But I've never seen the actor in a movie so I shouldn't judge a book by its cover :)


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